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People think they’re well informed because they read the news every day … Sheep grazing in the meadow are less complacent.

This book was authored by the Dominant Class. It began quite informally, but is updated and improved in a methodical manner as smarter and more well informed capitalists contribute. It is not publicized or promoted (because, to be honest, social change would not benefit me) but several chapters or excerpts have been published by popular media outlets.
Capitalism Requires World War
Why we need to beat Russia
The Panic will start with Property

The main author of the first volume runs one of the TBTF banks in the USA. He is clearly brilliant and tells us how the USA is being run — the FED, the Ponzi and the psychology of their society.  

The second volume is a complex operational analysis of Capitalism and associated systems — e.g. Imperialism. It’s recently attracted the attention of intellectuals associated to dynastic families. Their output is quite timeless and profound, and as each contributor obviously focuses on his area of expertise they focus on Gold and Monetary System. The reader should note that there is a plan for the Ponzi. Volume 2 is in its 19th edition, Volume 1 is in its 4th edition. 

Volume 1: Putrid Shittgenstein and The Bullshit Machine 
Volume 2: Before the Collapse
Volume 3: The Peasants have no Clothes
(Unpublished, not available to the general population.)

If any contributor would like to change his entry, or if any reader has suggested improvements please write me: Please note that some contributors just send me their notes and I systematize those, which is fine. I don’t do interviews and never meet with anyone about my writing.

23 thoughts on “Book Information

    1. Hi Dr. Tim, I had a look at your website and you’re going to love reading my chapter entitled ‘What Caused the Great Financial Crisis?’ Actually, my book only cares about the nature of Capitalism. So I’ll leave the technical side of the economy to you. I need to email you a chapter that shall be included in the 11th edition and it has one comment accredited to you.


        1. Hi Tim,
          So you’ve gotten into the 11th edition of The Philosophy of Capitalism.
          Congratulations! The standard is quite high.
          Please get in touch if you’d like any changes made.

          Of course, I’m aware of your output concerning manipulation of data.
          See if you can spot any errors where I touch on that topic.
          Have a Merry Christmas,


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  2. So just to be clear the author of volume is currently the CEO of a tbtf bank? Did he write it? I guess I’m a little confused about how this book structured.


    1. 😉 Confused?
      We live in interesting times so that’s not surprising. And that’s why these books are published, they help to systematize thinking.

      I was sent notes, dated 2008-2015 in May 2016. Millions of words, but I have a powerful memory and reduced them to their core in 70,000 words.

      Clearly, this guy’s a genius. But he is godless and is offensive to moral people.

      These books are essentially produced by an informal network of Capitalists. They’re not promoted, at all. No reviews.


      1. Ok thank you for the reply. I was unclear if you knew this person and collaborated on this book with him. Perhaps he was just sharing his thoughts or at least his colleagues view of the peasant class and he was willing to share for whatever reason. I’ll buy the book should be an interesting read. Thank you


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