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This book defines the underlying nature of reality, pertaining to capitalism and capitalistic society. And how the Capitalistic system relates to other systems that shape the human life world: Imperialism and the Natural System. If you’re a news editor and would like to commission an article then please write me, I usually publish an article every few months, f.e.,
Capitalism Requires World War
Why we need to beat Russia
The Panic will start with Property

There are two volumes:

The second volume was produced by a strict darwinian process: CEOs, Money managers, and connected intellectuals competed to add entries. Smarter or deeper insights kicked out the less competitive. This volume was completed on 30th, August 2016. Only one Nobel Laureate made it into the 19th and Final edition. Connected intellectuals, in the final edition, spell out plans for Gold, the Ponzi, and the future monetary system. Connected to the BIS and The Families. Expect chaos. Not for me … I’ll be laughing at the dumbasses.

We’ve explicitly substantiated that the present system result is World War. The changes formulated should help to avoid that disaster. The plan – will result in extraordinary losses for the great mass of humanity and have other destabilizing effects. The reader should understand that this plan had already begun to alter the Gold market in early 2016.

‘Putrid Shittgenstein and The Bullshit Machine’ is Volume 1.

Putrid explores the psychology of Capitalism. It’s U.S.A. centric. It was written by senior US bankers of the TBTF kind. 

a) It details, in exactitude, the system of population control in the USA
b) How there is no possibility of peaceful or gradual reform
c) How there’s no opt out of the system, which explains the gold price
d) Explores the thinking of the US elite pertaining to late stage Capitalism

If any contributor would like to change his entry, or if any reader has suggested improvements please write me: Please note that some contributors just send me their notes and I work with those, which is fine.

19 thoughts on “Book Information

    1. Hi Dr. Tim, I had a look at your website and you’re going to love reading my chapter entitled ‘What Caused the Great Financial Crisis?’ Actually, my book only cares about the nature of Capitalism. So I’ll leave the technical side of the economy to you. I need to email you a chapter that shall be included in the 11th edition and it has one comment accredited to you.


        1. Hi Tim,
          So you’ve gotten into the 11th edition of The Philosophy of Capitalism.
          Congratulations! The standard is quite high.
          Please get in touch if you’d like any changes made.

          Of course, I’m aware of your output concerning manipulation of data.
          See if you can spot any errors where I touch on that topic.
          Have a Merry Christmas,


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