Extinction is the System Result


What a spectacle the peasants make, like children at their first circus, they cheered for Trump. A very entertaining pageant of manipulation, and then to watch the retards realize they were fooled once more. “Perhaps the snowflakes were right,” they mutter darkly.

And this thought-piece is not a complaint on my part, the mass manipulation, and then the Reality dawning to crush the hope of countless millions—“Are you not entertained!?”

Sure I am, this is the best entertainment ever, and it’s free. You don’t even have to pay into the Colosseum, just turn on the TV.

Now we should be clear in our thinking—just because the price is free doesn’t mean it’s cost free—I’m just hoping to be dead before the butcher’s bill is paid. My Capitalistic friends share many things in common, certainly mutual respect for one another, but there are other qualities and attributes that they share which I’ll share with you.

First, they always mention their age in private correspondence, and they’re all far older than me. They express implied happiness at being almost dead, at being at the end of their life cycle, that they won’t have to live too much further into the Future. That they’re almost dead is source of personal comfort after they read, and some have written, The Philosophy of Capitalism.

Back to the Colosseum, where the predators are on stage and the prey is the audience. It’s easy to become upset, though it’s best not to be, there really is consolation in understanding—would you prefer false hope over entertainment? I think entertainment is the right answer.

Though the peasant doesn’t choose hope over understanding; the predators are naturally manipulative while the prey have brains that are desperate—projecting their love and hope toward a messiah who’ll deliver an imagined place. A place healed of depression, separatism, riots and war. Wouldn’t you be desperate if your nation was dug into multiple wars? 16 years of war, going on 17, with no hope of resolution.

Hope only serves to prolong suffering’ was Nietzsche’s warning to tomorrow’s peasant. Read my warning to Zero Hedgers in October: ‘My contacts with The Families said Trump was being protected, that was months ago. It was a warning that went unheeded too. Whereas Hegel was more concerned with the past, which revealed fear as the agent that drove progress toward self awareness—whereby self and self-image became the same—whereby Thought would govern the world via Reason—And so on.

Actually, I’ve come to realize that the limit placed upon self awareness is the absence of virtue, namely the absence of Courage. It takes courage to deal with Reality. To see it for what it is, in its naked form.

The System is a living thing; the Natural System gives it life. And so it will seek the means to defend itself. It will develop an immune system so to speak; to reject burdens and critiques. Of course it also has instruments to defend itself; the System was designed to serve the Dominant Class who protect it consciously. And then there is Instinct—Any individual who depends upon the System for his survival will defend it instinctively.

Now this Instinct is shared by all insiders so it operates as a force at the System Level—this force is exclusive and seeks to ostracize and make powerless any threats to continuity, e.g. the unemployed, or any nation that favours Gold over the FIAT, that prefers publicly to privately owned banks.

The insiders’ thinking will is aborted as the power of belief, and conformity of thought is required to oppress and demoralize outsiders. The power to suppress any doubt about sustainability or the fairness of outcomes is called for. Those people are homeless due to their weak character” so to speak, or “The Middle East is a mess because they’re inbred.” Pat Buchanan rails against immigrants, after his friends spent decades making money from desperate labour—demoralised first and then displaced by death squads sent by us, the Dominant Class—to kill anyone trying to make Central America a livable place. Duplicity and delusion are the handmaidens of success in the business of peasant-debt-slave manipulation, right? And that’s not a critique, the status quo has served me well, so thanks Pat.

So there’s no critical thinking at the System Level by those benefiting from the System—though there is feeling; Liberals are prone to guilt for example, and now the retards are ashamed for falling for the appearance of nationalism—This protective Instinct drives the evolution of myth, fantasy, belief and social peer pressure that serves to prolong the System.

Another thing I’ve noted about my friends is that they don’t care about other people, they’re respectively capital- or empire-centric, and anyone who’s not human-centric is ultimately anti-human. I came to this realisation after publishing a post entitled ‘Capitalism Causes us to be Mentally Ill’ and no one read it. Visitors to my site are almost all capitalists, I know this since I can track what site they’ve come from—FT, Zero Hedge mostly—and they also write me. And they refuse to write reviews about our books because they don’t care about society or other readers. It’s almost funny for me; but you need to be mean to remain Dominant, right? So no hard feelings between me and my friends.

Not so much fun for the masses who assumed Trump cared about them. Trump is a Capitalist so he is Capital-centric, thus he doesn’t care about people. But try explaining that to a peasant.

The Fed’s sole mandate is not to help Americans (people) but to protect and preserve the System, which is demonstrably true given recent behaviour. What about the Bank of England? How many Billions is it printing every day? Does any insider care to count? Or check? Or dare to question?

As Marx realised from his studies; it’s hard to change the System. He realised the need for Revolution—the wholesale transformation of society by killing those at the Top who benefit from the System.

His fantasy failed; and interestingly, we also know why. (See Volume 1.)

The System is profit and consumer-centric. But if you can’t consume then you don’t exist, do you?

During a recent debate about the carrying capacity of the planet I mentioned to an American capitalist that there are 7 billion people and he corrected me, correctly. He was leery of the 7 billion figure since many Africans don’t really consume, and so they don’t really exist within the System.

Capitalists live in their own fantasy but my friends chose to deal with Reality. That’s why I respect them, they have Courage.

So what does Reality look like?

There’s no one in control. The System will continue until it kills everyone. Extinction is the System Result.

You want facts to explicitly substantiate that statement? Sure, that’s easy for me. The System framework requires incremental growth in commodity inputs and consumption—both serve to validate the creation of interest bearing debt; the interest is profit—which becomes income for my friends at the top of the Dominant Class.

Incremental Growth in commodity inputs—the result is Depletion. Which calls for wars of aggression, and annihilation. The nukes keep the peace, for now, but they also mean the next big war carries risk of extinction.

So how to change the System? How to manufacture mass desire for a change of the System framework? And such change, is it worthwhile?

At the very minimum; change would require pain on a biblical scale. It takes pain to de-condition the brain, it’s what Pavlov taught us.

One of the often unstated benefits of a First Strike against Russia is that 3 to 4 billion would die from crop failure alone. That’s a lot of pain. And then there’s the Reset—the other option—it can be managed in such a way as to depopulate entire regions. That also carries the risk of extinction (See volume 3).

If the Reset happens and cosmic numbers start starving—then I can guarantee you this—it’s not an accident.

7 thoughts on “Extinction is the System Result

  1. How does the system manage the spread of information that its own networks – the media and the internet, for example – enable?

    This seems to be the fatal flaw within the system. The system can only work with ignorance, but it also needs to produce mass information to more people, which is also part of its profitability. The system has to simultaneously integrate people within it, but also keep them poor and controlled. Not an easy task.

    Too many contradictions at this point to see clearly. I just don’t know what they can get away with. They can kill off billions perhaps, and the game can continue for another 5-10 years, but then profitability will begin to decline anyways.

    So sad, isn’t it. So many opportunities to reverse course, but nobody will take them. Count me as someone who has absolutely no sympathy for humanity anymore. I’m not a heartless capitalist, but the people who I don’t care about are, even the lowliest worker. Screw em.

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  2. I think a lot of people feel like there is something wrong but they don’t know what that something really is and what it means for them. The system is eating itself alive right now so it can continue to function and maintain the status quo but this can only last for so long. The global central banks are buying securities in the trillions and I believe it’s their way of masking net energy decline. At some point this bending of the laws of thermodynamics will come to end and so will society as we know it. An M.I.T professor is predicting 1 out 2 children will be diagnosed with “autism” people can debate what’s causing it but that in itself would be a collapse. Half the population in diapers isn’t good.

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  3. Hello Putrid,

    Here is my review for your latest article.

    As a former peasant, I had a faint, albeit not that sincere, hope on trump although his past history suggested otherwise. And his past history prevailed.

    The elites, plus today’s political, economic, financial, education, technology and whatnot systems are all tied with the System, and the Dominant class has never spent a day outside of it. They cannot even imagine that there are alternatives available, so have never given a thought about it.

    They tend to be very selfish, and care only about their own profit – that’s how they are programed to think and act all the time.

    As resources dwindle, the Dominant Class will try to ‘triage’ the system by reducing the population in a ‘manageable’ way since they have the power to do so. That will create other problems, but the System is not designed to deal with it – it is only to deal with short-term issues.

    Personally I do not think changing the system is possible. There is no alternatives. Every thinking person on earth has been conditioned with the System, and the survival of about 99% of the world’s population, including those in the most isolated areas, depend on it. Some natives in Papua New Guinea, or the Sentinelese who have refused to see people from outside , might be safe but they are too weak and insignificant to provide alternatives.

    So, without a cosmic change, we are headed toward extinction.

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  4. Hello Cathal!

    I have read many of your comments and I was always impressed that you are able to put together coherent line of thought.

    You are correct that current system leads to extinction. The essence of it is not really the crony capitalism, but Marxism (nihilism, feminism, LGTB, glorification of multiculturalism, equality, tolerance). It is abomination against nature and nature quickly wipes out anything that goes against its laws. But Marxism is merely a wrecking ball to destroy current world order, so that they can get their new world order.

    “Any individual who depends upon the System for his survival will defend it instinctively.” Quite ironic, you are Asian woman pretending to be Irish and appear to be intimate with European man. System considers you to be its soldier and that you will fight for it, for the (false?) orthodoxy of equality. No offense intended, our actions make no difference, at this late stage of the “game”, nobody can really change the outcome. All we can do is to observe and document mass psychology events as they take place. Im glad you find it entertaining.

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  5. Thank you Cathal for the clarity and sharpness of your posts. Things may of turned out different if we evolved from a more noble creature. Hopefully the octopodes have a planet to evolve on.

    There are billions of galaxies in the Universe. The Universe will continue.

    Looking forward to reading Vol 1 and 2.


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