Extinction is the System Result


What a spectacle the peasants make, like children at their first circus, they cheered for Trump. A very entertaining pageant of manipulation, and then to watch the republicans realize they were fooled once more. “Perhaps the snowflakes were right,” they mutter darkly.

And this thought-piece is not a complaint on my part, the mass manipulation, and then the Reality dawning to crush the hope of countless millions—“Are you not entertained!?”

Sure I am, this is the best entertainment ever, and it’s free. You don’t even have to pay into the Colosseum, just turn on the TV.

Now we should be clear in our thinking—just because the price is free doesn’t mean it’s cost free—I’m just hoping to be dead before the butcher’s bill is paid. My Capitalistic friends share many things in common, certainly mutual respect for one another, but there are other qualities and attributes that they share which I’ll share with you.

First, they always mention their age in private correspondence, and they’re all far older than me. They express implied happiness at being almost dead, at being at the end of their life cycle, that they won’t have to live too much further into the Future. That they’re almost dead is source of personal comfort after they read, and some have written, The Philosophy of Capitalism.

Back to the Colosseum, where the predators are on stage and the prey is the audience. It’s easy to become upset, though it’s best not to be, there really is consolation in understanding—would you prefer false hope over entertainment? I think entertainment is the right answer.

Though the peasant doesn’t choose hope over understanding; the predators are naturally manipulative while the prey have brains that are desperate—projecting their love and hope toward a messiah who’ll deliver an imagined place. A place healed of depression, separatism, riots and war. Wouldn’t you be desperate if your nation was dug into multiple wars? 16 years of war, going on 17, with no hope of resolution.

Hope only serves to prolong suffering’ was Nietzsche’s warning to tomorrow’s peasant. Read my warning to Zero Hedgers in October: ‘My contacts with The Families said Trump was being protected, that was months ago. It was a warning that went unheeded too. Whereas Hegel was more concerned with the past, which revealed fear as the agent that drove progress toward self awareness—whereby self and self-image became the same—whereby Thought would govern the World via Reason—And so on.

Actually, I’ve come to realize that the limit placed upon self awareness is the absence of virtue, namely the absence of Courage. It takes Courage to deal with Reality. To see it for what it is, in its naked form.

The System is a living thing; the Natural System gives it life. And so it will seek the means to defend itself. It will develop an immune system so to speak; to reject burdens and critiques. Of course it also has instruments to defend itself; the System was designed to serve the Dominant Class who protect it consciously. And then there is Instinct—Any individual who depends upon the System for his survival will defend it instinctively.

Now this Instinct is shared by all insiders so it operates as a force at the System Level—this force is exclusive and seeks to ostracize and make powerless any threats to continuity, e.g. the unemployed, or any nation that favours Gold over the FIAT, that prefers publicly to privately owned banks.

The insiders’ thinking will is aborted as the power of belief, and conformity of thought is required to oppress and demoralize outsiders. The power to suppress any doubt about sustainability or the fairness of outcomes is called for. Those people are homeless due to their weak character” so to speak, or “The Middle East is a mess because they’re inbred.” Pat Buchanan rails against immigrants, after his friends spent decades making money from desperate labour—demoralised first and then displaced by death squads sent by us, the Dominant Class—to kill anyone trying to make Central America a livable place. Duplicity and delusion are the handmaidens of success in the business of peasant-debt-slave manipulation, right? And that’s not a critique, the status quo has served me well, so thanks Pat.

So there’s no critical thinking at the System Level by those benefiting from the System—though there is feeling; Liberals are prone to guilt for example, and now the republicans are ashamed for falling for the appearance of nationalism—This protective Instinct drives the evolution of myth, fantasy, belief and social peer pressure that serves to prolong the System.

Another thing I’ve noted about my friends is that they don’t care about other people, they’re respectively capital- or empire-centric, and anyone who’s not human-centric is ultimately anti-human. I came to this realisation after publishing a post entitled ‘Capitalism Causes us to be Mentally Ill’ and no one read it. Visitors to my site are almost all capitalists, I know this since I can track what site they’ve come from—FT, Zero Hedge mostly—and they also write me. And they refuse to write reviews about our books because they don’t care about society or other readers. It’s almost funny for me; but you need to be mean to remain Dominant, right? So no hard feelings between me and my friends.

Not so much fun for the masses who assumed Trump cared about them. Trump is a Capitalist so he is Capital-centric, thus he doesn’t care about people. But try explaining that to a peasant.

The Fed’s sole mandate is not to help Americans (people) but to protect and preserve the System, which is demonstrably true given recent behaviour. What about the Bank of England? How many Billions is it printing every day? Does any insider care to count? Or check? Or dare to question?

As Marx realised from his studies; it’s hard to change the System. He realised the need for Revolution—the wholesale transformation of society by killing those at the Top who benefit from the System.

His fantasy failed; and interestingly, we also know why. (See Volume 1.)

The System is profit and consumer-centric. But if you can’t consume then you don’t exist, do you?

During a recent debate about the carrying capacity of the planet I mentioned to an American capitalist that there are 7 billion people and he corrected me, correctly. He was leery of the 7 billion figure since many Africans don’t really consume, and so they don’t really exist within the System.

Capitalists live in their own fantasy but my friends chose to deal with Reality. That’s why I respect them, they have Courage.

So what does Reality look like?

There’s no one in control. The System will continue until it kills everyone. Extinction is the System Result.

You want facts to explicitly substantiate that statement? Sure, that’s easy for me. The System framework requires incremental growth in commodity inputs and consumption—both serve to validate the creation of interest bearing debt; the interest is profit—which becomes income for my friends at the top of the Dominant Class.

Incremental Growth in commodity inputs—the result is Depletion. Which calls for wars of aggression, and annihilation. The nukes keep the peace, for now, but they also mean the next big war carries risk of extinction.

So how to change the System? How to manufacture mass desire for a change of the System framework? And such change, is it worthwhile?

At the very minimum; change would require pain on a biblical scale. It takes pain to de-condition the brain, it’s what Pavlov taught us.

One of the often unstated benefits of a First Strike against Russia is that 3 to 4 billion would die from crop failure alone. That’s a lot of pain. And then there’s the Reset—the other option—it can be managed in such a way as to depopulate entire regions. That also carries the risk of extinction (See volume 3).

If the Reset happens and cosmic numbers start starving—then I can guarantee you this—it’s not an accident.

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  1. How does the system manage the spread of information that its own networks – the media and the internet, for example – enable?

    This seems to be the fatal flaw within the system. The system can only work with ignorance, but it also needs to produce mass information to more people, which is also part of its profitability. The system has to simultaneously integrate people within it, but also keep them poor and controlled. Not an easy task.

    Too many contradictions at this point to see clearly. I just don’t know what they can get away with. They can kill off billions perhaps, and the game can continue for another 5-10 years, but then profitability will begin to decline anyways.

    So sad, isn’t it. So many opportunities to reverse course, but nobody will take them. Count me as someone who has absolutely no sympathy for humanity anymore. I’m not a heartless capitalist, but the people who I don’t care about are, even the lowliest worker.

    Screw em.

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    1. Putrid,

      You are the real deal.

      I appreciate the guidance. Truly. Volume 1 has not been without insights for me. I anticipate more and greater insights to come as the narrative thread wends deeper into the woods.

      To wax philosophic, and speculative, for a moment; my sense is that humanity has passed beyond the boundary of a long epoch, and into a liminality marked by chaos and no small amount of suffering. What, if anything, lies beyond this wilderness is undetermined, though I would not be surprised to know that the power elite are brimming with the confidence of their prediction – extinction, if anything can be gleaned from the description of volume 3.

      If so, it would be an extraordinarily short-sighted one. And oddly self-serving. This book alone proves the point. Why, after all, write, promote, and for the love of God contribute to it (if one happens to be among its subject class) given that doing so offers no conceivable material benefit and would only impede any presumed agenda, however minimally?

      So here comes the speculation. It is my belief that the dominant class, generally, having arrived at the apparent apogee of humanity’s greatest achievement, have turned to survey their long endeavor… and found it wanting.

      Woe, the perils of totalism… no more worlds to conquer; the abysmal banner of nihilistic emptiness unfurling its blank extent upon the soul. One can only imbibe so much rare vintage, acquire so much privilege, impose so much subjugation before meeting the limit of a life bereft of authenticity and transcendent purpose. Small wonder, then, this yearning for annihilation, if that is what it is.

      Beneath the stoic posturing must needs lie a sea of existential dread, for every man longs for a legacy, and the greater the man the greater the longing. I suppose, given the limits of perception, vacating the world as titans of the realm is suitable enough for the purpose, even if all that is left behind is a realm of ghosts. There are, however, some that know better. And see further. I would hazard not an insignificant portion of those reside amongst the ranks of the damned themselves. More’s the pity. Their legacy may yet survive them, but it will be a legacy of great tragedy and pathos.

      We’ll see if my analysis pans out, but I’m always up for grandiose and speculative debate. It is one of life’s rare pleasures. I will pass along my recommendation for this book. All in all, it is a worthy endeavor. And if it aids in preventing some unnecessary suffering then it will not have been in vain.

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      1. It’s fear that drives the development of this book. To contribute you’d need to be a genius that, at the minimum, administers the System.

        They all know, deep down, that extinction is a real danger now. Or, at the very least, some of their family members will be killed. I take it as a given that I’ll lose some dear ones, and I’ve taken the steps to protect them. I understood the system well enough in 2008 that I anticipated the crash in 2008. But I also knew not to get married or have children; you see prescience has material and psychological benefits.

        Though it must be very hard on the older guys with children. I’d hate that fear. I get some angry emails these days, written by intellectual friends but directed at other members of my network. So there is anger. Around August last year I understood the System so well that I knew the future; it became crystal clear at that point; a lot of people are going to die when the pendulum stops, and then gravity pulls it back to lay waste to the System.

        For example, the FED chairs are TERRIFIED, and have been for some time, so they know. Actually, unlike the old farts you see on TV, I personally don’t criticize anyone, I think the FED chairs have done a good job. They prolonged a System that wasn’t designed to be permanent. And the people who criticize them, for lying, are being a little disingenuous. If they told the truth there’d be a panic and then billions would suffer.

        You’ll note the critics always have a plan for that part of the System which they think is broken, but in general, you’ll note no specifics. You’ll note they are unable to criticize my output, look around, where’s the criticism? How many guys have read this article, thousands. And no criticism? Because they can’t imagine at the System Level. No way to get from Here to their Fantasy. And they know it.

        In order to avoid extinction we need understanding. With understanding comes a degree of control. And what do we understand? We understand that the System is completely dead and defunct. I spent January putting together the thesis that the Age of Capital had ended and it was sent to the very TOP, word return in late April, and they had agreed this Age is dead. That was probably the hardest argument I’ve ever written, to write it I had to understand everything. What will the next Age be like? Or is this the last Age? These questions are intriguing. Why is it that we’re now aware of what’s gone wrong, before the collapse, and also why we can do nothing about it?

        All this makes me wonder about God (the Absolute) and von Hartmann’s output in the 19th century:

        According to von Hartmann the unconscious Absolute (God) is both will and idea, which respectively account for the existence of the world and its orderly nature. Will appears in suffering, idea in order and consciousness. Thus there are grounds for both pessimism and optimism, and, since the Absolute is one, these must be reconciled. As the cosmic process advances, whereby the Mind comes to know itself via knowledge accumulation, idea prevails over will, making possible aesthetic and intellectual pleasures.

        But intellectual development increases our capacity for pain, and material progress suppresses spiritual values. Hence ultimate happiness is not attainable in this world, in heaven, or by endless progress towards an earthly paradise.

        The illusions of progress are ruses employed by the Absolute to induce mankind to propagate itself. To keep having children. We will eventually shed illusions and commit collective suicide–the final, redeeming triumph of idea over will, of reason over lust, of knowledge over hope.

        The idea has created thermonuclear weapons which increasingly hinders the will to kill, rob and rape. Though only temporarily, eventually, the will will act.

        With respect to Religion, it is evil. Its first function and reason for existence is to create unequal power relations between humans–Inequality. The evil ones want power, to satisfy sadistic urges in the unconscious e.g. pedophilia, torture or sex slavery. Religion is held together by pure will to power and co-dependency. See the dynamic between Margaret Thatcher, Pinochet and Jimmy Saville for illumination.

        I believe the Mind knows Itself as well as it ever will.

        After much thought I think the idea will be triumphant in our lifetime. Essentially because the idea of continued suffering for the sake of continued treatment of biological addictions (sex) is nonsensical. No one is willing to suffer, in extremis, to keep this freak show on the road.

        Sure, most people even lack the will to study the System that’s about to kill them, Volume 1 takes 5 hours to read, I mean, it’s amusing. Most still think they’re going to get a pension! They’re planning that far head 🙂 Completely deluded. The system has demoralized them so badly they have no survival instinct… I stopped working last June, I’ve had a hell of a time since 2008, because I knew the ultimate result was going to be awful, and the sheep will trudge into work on Monday morning and serve me coffee.

        It’s amazing.

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    2. Dolph – I believe your contempt is misplaced. You observe bad behavior and ignore what it is that elicits that behavior. Most people simply have to go to work in the morning and are therefor not able to do anything about anything, as if there were anything they could do.

      If you see a dog bite someone should we condemn all dogs as vicious?


  2. I think a lot of people feel like there is something wrong but they don’t know what that something really is and what it means for them. The system is eating itself alive right now so it can continue to function and maintain the status quo but this can only last for so long. The global central banks are buying securities in the trillions and I believe it’s their way of masking net energy decline. At some point this bending of the laws of thermodynamics will come to end and so will society as we know it. An M.I.T professor is predicting 1 out 2 children will be diagnosed with “autism” people can debate what’s causing it but that in itself would be a collapse. Half the population in diapers isn’t good.

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  3. Hello Putrid,

    Here is my review of your latest output.

    As a former peasant, I had a faint, albeit not that sincere, hope on trump although his past history suggested otherwise. And his past history prevailed.

    The elites, plus today’s political, economic, financial, education, technology and whatnot systems are all tied with the System, and the Dominant class has never spent a day outside of it. They cannot even imagine that there are alternatives available, so have never given a thought about it.

    They tend to be very selfish, and care only about their own profit – that’s how they are programed to think and act all the time.

    As resources dwindle, the Dominant Class will try to ‘triage’ the system by reducing the population in a ‘manageable’ way since they have the power to do so. That will create other problems, but the System is not designed to deal with it – it is only to deal with short-term issues.

    Personally I do not think changing the system is possible. There is no alternatives. Every thinking person on earth has been conditioned with the System, and the survival of about 99% of the world’s population, including those in the most isolated areas, depend on it. Some natives in Papua New Guinea, or the Sentinelese who have refused to see people from outside , might be safe but they are too weak and insignificant to provide alternatives.

    So, without a cosmic change, we are headed toward extinction.

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    1. Trump is the rock that the american left will be smashed upon, as planned–or at least, as I would have done were I a social planner.

      He has in his entourage, a VP who is a former military man, and Matis himself. It is true that for every president people speak of assassination, but the fervor is at a fever pitch this time–and if not that, his opponents would see him ousted over his mental or physical health.

      The last time these conditions were true, the american media was busily whirring and churning out bullshit about how the “Business Plot” was the ruse of a man out of his depth and league–they seemed all to eager to address the matter, their determination to denounce it as nothing more than so-much-talk was at the time, and even today, way too on-the-nose. The Business Plot was real then, and now.

      So we have the idiocy and divide on both sides of the aisle, but the important difference is this: one side is outraged in proportion to their ignorance, and the other side is patient–and owns a lot of guns.

      Now, if I was a business man, and the only game in town was oligarchy, what would be my ‘grand plan’?
      I can’t disarm a whole nation, but I could sure create a defenseless and ‘inhuman’ enemy that attacks old people, pregnant women, and even children, deeming know one ‘off limits’..and so it goes, all these things have come to pass.

      And the right, the ones that are armed and ‘patient’? After their patience has worn thin, they resort to fighting fire with fire, after all, people often become the things they fight. Where there is war, the longer it goes on, the less the rules, and ethics seem to apply–and of all the wars fought in the last two, maybe three decades, the culture war is the longest fought.

      So the dominos are set to fall, the house of cards built to topple, the hammers cocked, ready for the next shot to be heard around the world.

      The Business plot continues. Orwell wrote that ‘war is peace’, and before every great change it always seems the world is turned on its head. I think we could say, if he were alive today to hear it, that Orwell would agree– ‘Peace is war’.

      Or at the very least, peace must end with war.

      With all the rights guns, however patient, or vindicated they may be, in response to demoralization–the war is gonna be a short one..the consequences on the other-hand are going to be a hangover for the century, or worse.


      1. The truth is a lot of people ‘in the know’ aren’t looking past their own nose. I’ve seen what the experts, and the ‘real’ insiders think, and they only think they know what they ‘know’, including the ‘smiling while encircling russia’ bit, same as the experts have always thought long before the u.s, russia, or nuclear weapons even existed. That they’ll either go on forever in power, that they can win, or else that it will all end anyway. To hell with the experts and insiders. Heres what I know. Long after the sassinad empire collapsed. Long after kubla khan bit the dust, long after the british empire fell apart, and before that the roman empire collapse, and before that the greek city states, and on backwards to the beginning of things–civilization went on.

        Bet on civilization to continue.

        Because history is the best predictor of the future. And yes, there is extinction risks, and all sorts of bad things can happen in between like global nuclear war (and the radioactive dust of a billion pakistanis and indonesians choking the entire earth). A comet could fall from the sky. A pandemic could kill five or six billion people. Probably will..all these things could or will happen given enough time. Point is, we already faced extinction once, and while thats no guarantee we will survive it again, theres a lot of species that didn’t survive their first encounter, so thats saying something.

        Civilization is a process, and it has a direction, and that direction is up..forever, if we’re cunning and greedy enough. This is not the blind delusion of another zealot on a finite planet. The inevitable conclusion of someone that sees the big picture is that, if we make it long enough, we have to escape the gravity well, and then a lot of the problems we face in terms of resources are solved.

        In any case the ‘elites’ are victims of their own group think and a product of their times as much as anyone, and think they are insulated from the fallout of civilizations uncontrollable processes because they have always been insulated by money before. They are not protected. Neither delusion or its source, wealth, protects us from reality. You’ll get more exposure from radon in a concrete bunker in the first year you are down there, than you will if you only stayed in there 90 days.

        In that regard their chances are only marginally better than anyone elses–and the beautiful thing is, the guys pulling the strings, the ones in charge of the people pushing the big red button–they are smart enough to know this..do know this. Their only recourse is to solve the worlds problems as they are, hope to mercifully die, or try and ride it out. Neither dying or riding it out for the wealthiest, and most powerful are really much of anything as options go. So only one thing remains: get to work.

        It may seem impossible to solves the worlds problems, but what is more probable: that the problems we face can’t be solved because our belief of such happens to match a complete lack of a billion possibilities and solutions of which we are completely unaware of…or that there is an answer that we haven’t stumbled on, and will likely miss if we continue to blindly believe that it can’t be found and thus don’t even bother to find it in our urgent whirrings and meaningless preparations? The Unknown Unknowns of the situation are much larger, and much more numerous, infinitely so, than the the known knowns and known unknowns–and this is only because we have evolved in limited circumstances, on a finite world. We live in an age where what determines your success is not your smarts or what you know, but what you are willing to try, and how many times you are willing to try–and damn the ones that won’t think outside the box. Einstein, despite the popular belief that he was the ‘epitome of intellect’ did have one salient point: The problems we have created cannot be solved with the same level of thinking with which they were created.

        As the romans would say “pugnatum est sicut inceperat.”

        The mandarins have a curse, which has been popular for a thousand years. “May you always live in interesting times.”

        When has this curse never been true?

        If there is anything worth counting on, it is the basic desire to keep living, if not among the elite, than by all that would replace them, that will, like greed, see us through. Some of them want to avoid WWIII, some of them think it is inevitable, both camps are probably right to some extent. MAD isn’t stable long term, despite sociopaths just being an extension of that doctrine. The problem is bigger than any one person, so yeah, I’d buy a bunker as a hedge, but I wouldn’t bet on them finding another way to resolve what otherwise means an end to everything they have built, an end to the circus or profit.

        In short, you don’t build a mansion to burn it down. Complete Annihilation is poverty. The wealthy don’t think or operate from a position of poverty. An enemy that is known, in a position where it means total annihilation of both parties, is no real option at all. It is all smoke, and leverage. WWIII is a figment of a weapon held like a bargaining chip, or a sharp damn axe, dangling over us all, made of terror to ply everyone and everything into compliance. Could it blow up in everyones face? Yeah sure. Are your 0.1% and 0.01% way smarter than the average bear, let alone the average person suspects?

        You fucking bet on it.

        No one is in control, but then, the ship of state, let alone the world, can’t be controlled, only, like any ship, ‘steered’.
        And if they weren’t captaining the world, we’d just be smashed on the rocks all the sooner.

        Best of all worlds eh?


  4. Putrid:
    Seems to me that the assets that work in favor of some peasants/prey are satiation and exhaustion in the DomClass/predators. Some peasants remain simply bc there are not enough predators so at some point they fill up or get tired. It’s during their rest that we peasants have to hide in our pre-planned hideouts. Isn’t that what natural instinct with your guidance is suggesting we do?
    I’m starting to live life with a pair of lenses as an exercise to consider that I live in a prison camp of their design so clever that it feels like freedom. This Virtue can be taught more easily to my kids than to myself. But I am reviewing my Augustine teachings just to see. Some others are also doing this.

    My main idea which I am eager to discuss regards the less-referenced “third part” of the biological cycle- decomposition. Perhaps you are referencing it here. Producers-consumers-decomposers. Part of life. What if we protect others by suggesting we decompose the System?

    I can’t think all straight about this yet.


    1. Yeah, maybe you’re right. There just aren’t enough predators 😉

      The dumbasses are multiplying! Actually, you have hit the nail on the head, the more dumbasses the more profit for the predators 😉

      Our predators just aren’t killing them off … yet.


  5. Hello Cathal!

    I have read many of your comments and I was always impressed that you are able to put together coherent line of thought.

    You are correct that current system leads to extinction. The essence of it is not really the crony capitalism, but Marxism (nihilism, feminism, LGTB, glorification of multiculturalism, equality, tolerance). It is abomination against nature and nature quickly wipes out anything that goes against its laws. But Marxism is merely a wrecking ball to destroy current world order, so that they can get their new world order.

    “Any individual who depends upon the System for his survival will defend it instinctively.” Quite ironic, you are Asian woman pretending to be Irish and appear to be intimate with European man. System considers you to be its soldier and that you will fight for it, for the (false?) orthodoxy of equality. No offense intended, our actions make no difference, at this late stage of the “game”, nobody can really change the outcome. All we can do is to observe and document mass psychology events as they take place. Im glad you find it entertaining.

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    1. I am reminded a great deal of..

      “The Gods of The Copybook Headings”. (posted for everyone to enjoy)
      AS I PASS through my incarnations in every age and race,
      I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.
      Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,
      And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.

      We were living in trees when they met us. They showed us each in turn
      That Water would certainly wet us, as Fire would certainly burn:
      But we found them lacking in Uplift, Vision and Breadth of Mind,
      So we left them to teach the Gorillas while we followed the March of Mankind.

      We moved as the Spirit listed. They never altered their pace,
      Being neither cloud nor wind-borne like the Gods of the Market Place,
      But they always caught up with our progress, and presently word would come
      That a tribe had been wiped off its icefield, or the lights had gone out in Rome.

      With the Hopes that our World is built on they were utterly out of touch,
      They denied that the Moon was Stilton; they denied she was even Dutch;
      They denied that Wishes were Horses; they denied that a Pig had Wings;
      So we worshipped the Gods of the Market Who promised these beautiful things.

      When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
      They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
      But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
      And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “Stick to the Devil you know.”

      On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
      (Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
      Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
      And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”

      In the Carboniferous Epoch we were promised abundance for all,
      By robbing selected Peter to pay for collective Paul;
      But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy,
      And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “If you don’t work you die.”

      Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued wizards withdrew
      And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true
      That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four
      And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

      As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
      There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
      That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
      And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

      And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
      When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
      As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
      The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!


  6. Thank you Cathal for the clarity and sharpness of your posts. Things may of turned out different if we evolved from a more noble creature. Hopefully the octopodes have a planet to evolve on.

    There are billions of galaxies in the Universe. The Universe will continue.

    Looking forward to reading Vol 1 and 2.


  7. What you are describing is called

    “The Pendulum”

    It swings one way, and then, without mercy, it swings back. And it goes on like this–forever.

    It cannot be reasoned with, stopped, or reversed.

    When a group of people come together for a common interest, how is it that the force and actions of
    these individuals combine in such a way as to manifest an entity with a will all its own?

    A CEO only thinks they are in charge, just as a ship captain only *plots* the course of a ship. It takes great effort (rowing) where there is no wind. And where there is wind no amount of rowing can do anything except hope, at the very least, with the greatest of work, to mitigate a bad wind. Any competent captain will tell you, that wherever the wind blows, you cannot navigate, you may only try to steer in your general desired direction.

    It is a complex problem. Yes, we should be weary of simple solutions to complex problems, if only because simplicity can be deceiving. Lets not forget though, Alexander cut the knot–that being Alexander the Great, and the Gordian Knot. Impossible problem meets simple solution.

    I often like to study symbols, not for the aesthetic, or for the absurdist superstitions of past millennial, but for what a symbol can sometimes reveal through analysis. No one can deny the many famous strategists who spoke of timing, waiting for the right moment to strike. This is the very essence of the pendulum. As the phrase goes “There is a tide in the affairs of man.”

    And we must be diligent to remember that every tide has its turning.

    All of this isn’t to serve as some rambling aside but to illustrate a series of ground truths: You are right. No one is in control, and it is hard to predict what can happen in the future, what with there being a very short supply of oracles that could be called ‘accurate’. What this says to me is that we should not strive with some messiah complex to save the world, or fix it. Every empire has its “day of doom” fixed from its birth, as readily as human nature is fixed, set in the conditions that created it. That is the pendulum in action. The advantage is knowing this is all inevitable and can be prepared for. Complex problem, meet simple solution: if you stop trying to fix what isn’t broken and was always going to happen, you’ll have more time to invest in everything that matters to you, growth, prosperity, happiness, and security. That’s what it means to cut the knot.

    Know the difference between the things that are important, and everything else.


  8. John Huizinga’s beautiful book ‘Waning of the Middle Ages’ is no longer fashionable but it has something, I believe, to tell us about our dying age. He also talked about the system (in 1919!) albeit in a slightly different way; and specifically described the impossibility of seeing the signs of system transition as anything other than entropic – except with hindsight. He also describes the circling of the drain that is currently drawing ever more of us in, and the way that socio-political attempts to stop the decay actively accelerate it. I haven’t read your books yet, and maybe you cite Huizinga; but if you are not yet aware of him, this quiet Dutch historian provides a potentially more positive thesis, namely that many of the signs of breakdown may also be signs of the emergence of a new order which we do not yet have the tools to understand. Decentralization in its many forms – from networks to blockchain – may well set some of the parameters of the next pseudo-stable state, should we ever get there, and may even render elites partially redundant.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. ‘Actually, I’ve come to realize that the limit placed upon self awareness is the absence of virtue, namely the absence of Courage. It takes Courage to deal with Reality. To see it for what it is, in its naked form.’

    You are the only person that I have heard say this. It is a fascinating concept that I have wondered about for years. I believe the beatitude says something like the pure in heart shall see God. People prefer illusion.


    1. ‘Greece…Where the Dream is infinitely better and more real than Reality.’

      The Philosophy of Capitalism, Vol 2, Before The Collapse

      And the Banking Capitalists who wrote Volume 1, they stressed that human ‘choice’ is decided by addiction.

      Anything that causes pleasure is addictive, including hope.

      What’s hope? It’s real, it exists—as a possibility—within the Dream, the Dream is real. Hope is more like yearning within a Dream that’s infinitely better and more real than Reality.

      But Reality continually contradicts the Dream their self resides within; so frustration builds up over time, and then the peasants get angrier and meaner.

      That’s why there are way more meaner people than nice people, that’s especially true of older humans, especially men. The frustration builds up. Women are slightly different, even a woman who has reason to be mean is nice and kind to her own children. And women appear to fantasize about their own children.

      Personally, I avoid mean people like the plague; they actually annoy me. That’s why I only send Vol 3 to people I think are nice, if I figure someone is mean I frustrate the hell out of them. And vol 3 is really important; especially if you’re wealthy or a capitalist, since it’s about the future.


  10. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee, I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you 7wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.



      1. wow. I see you are posting on zh. doom gospel there? well, they can’t say no one tried. I see the fed is trying to sell their balance sheet. you weren’t kidding. so 3 months till the reset? or three months until the last rube goldberg machine kicks in to fascinate us peasants until it begins? since I’m on the menu can I at least choose how I am marinated? I got the coupon today for the ultimate rock salt shiatzu and vegetable broth jacuzzi celebration in a few months. or can I apply for early involuntary servitude? you’ll pick me, I know it. and you’ll keep my water container full so I can run in my wheel. just need a purple and blue jester costume. lol.


          1. seriously though, thank you. hopefully, more people pay attention. at least I’m trying to. my friends and I have a network ready, but my best friend says it could just be delaying us being in the same position as other people. still, more courageous to face reality, right? well, these 3 months and after will be interesting. O_O;


    1. Bleak but liberating video. Takes real courage to set optimism aside and explore the true nature of our experience. Now.. I just cant decide if we’re living in an open-air prison or a slave camp!

      Having said that.. i myself, cannot discount the astounding beauty in those moments when we connect with our love ones, or our pets, the majesty and beauty of the natural world, the power in compassion, kindness, gentleness and humility.

      With the darkness now in plain sight, permeating every corner of our earthly existence..

      It’s natural antithesis (the light side of our existance) is far far more subtle. Something worth ‘fighting’ for.

      Great insight in the comments and articles. Just ordered all three volumes, ready to dive deep deep



  11. yes, the Machine is essentially a living thing, and yes, it has gotten bigger than even those people who still believe they own it or control it. Yes, it’s sputtering out right now these past few decades, and certainly the last decade or two it’s been increasingly dysfunctional and thrashing about almost at random like any mortally injured beast. It’s not been healthy for a long time- it started hitting some resource limits and developing big internal imbalances many decades back – and for twenty or thirty years it mostly hid the symptoms from the majority of the population as well as from itself, by doing ever greater doses of ever harder drugs. Finance is one of the major components of the Machine’s nervous system, and the monkey-business finance that has been growing and growing until now theres almost no real finance left anywhere to mention… that’s a drug habit way out of control.
    Whether the Machine dies of a finance overdose as some believe it might, or whether it dies because its thrashing around ends up causing so much extra injury that it just kills istelf on the spot, or whether it struggles and gasps and chokes and shudders and finally goes all to pieces in terminal shutdown of some, then many, then most, then all critical functions just from what you’d call bad health.. it’s hard to say exactly how it goes down. A little bit of everything all at once, and the fact that the Machine can’t heal from distruptions and get on growing stronger anymore, is the general sign of the downward slope of decrepitude that leads to the death of any organism.


  12. Everything moves in cycles. To deny this fact is to deny reality. It takes courage to face reality, so…….here goes:

    The acceptance of cycles brings forth the realization that past is prologue. Events which have happened before will happen again. It only takes someone with a vision for the big picture to bring it into focus.

    For example: The Earth is in a current warm cycle, and it cannot be denied. However, this fact has been used by the Elite to push for massive restrictions on CO2 which benefit them financially. But they are lying to you. The current warm cycle is ending. A much colder cycle is approaching. It has happened before and it resulted in the death of millions, massive starvation, pestilence, massive displacement of people, and war. The approaching cycle is called the Maunder Minimum. It occurs because of dramatically decreasing sunspot activity. You see, it is the sun which is the agent of climate on the Earth, it is not humans, no matter how destructive they become. So, the Earth is about to cool dramatically bring a mini-ice age.

    This approaching mini-ice age will bring about a complete reset. Let me say that again, so that it sinks in…….
    the mini-ice age will bring about a complete reset. Noting will be as it has been, and there will only be pockets of survivors who will need to embrace old school technologies to survive.

    So, there is no need to worry about the major issues of the day. Mother earth in all her glorious cycles is about to clean house.


    1. @John Roberts, I like the fact that you brought-up the cyclicality of nature and everything inside it. Of course, the transition from one phase to another will very likely be rough, but no where near the extinction level predictions being made here. It WILL be an extinction level event to the individual(s) that perish but not to the human race. ONLY exception is an all out nuclear war. But, its not likely to happen. About 4 generations of adults that held “power” on both sides did not succumb to the urge to push the button. The media might paint them as nut-jobs – they are NOT.

      I have come across two assumptions made in the blogpost above to realize that the overall predictions being made may not be accurate. 1) Is the idea that commodities will be “depleted” because of an every growing consumption. 2) This is almost a corollary of #1 – the assumption that population will keep growing forever. Nope, nada, will not happen. A basic understanding of biology and eco-systems says it will not happen. BTW commodities are never depleted – they are constantly replenished (oil is constantly forming in the earth) or recycled (metals), the rest of them are dealt by the market forces – worse we adapt and find alternatives.

      The last part is the key. Humans have an amazing capacity to adapt to their environment. So, I am fairly confident we will survive.

      Will try to read at least one of the books if I could lay my hands on it. But I am getting a sense that a lot of doom guys like to participate in orgies of gloom porn, jerking off in circles.


      1. Avi: Think what you wish. I make my living by making accurate predictions. Furthermore, I have only briefly described what is coming. My perspective is not pessimism, or “doom and gloom” as some would wish to characterize. My perspective is both realty and a warning for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.


  13. Pessimism without end! Only the certainty of death remains. Well i don’t believe we’ve all come this way to give in to negativity and roll over. Ask yourselves what has been built in all these millennia by us, the great humanoid rulers of matter in this small realm, that endures. Maybe only consciousness has any meaning seek a non-quantitative path, as has long been said.


  14. Feelings of guilt and hopelessness appear to be a feature of the system, for good reasons. The system has robbed most of their dignity and self esteem. This has affected our minds. People grow up thinking they’ve learned to take care of themselves, but that’s not true. We’ve been socialized to function as an agent of the system, in return being taken care of by that system. Has anyone here read “Industrial society and it’s future”, a very relevant 1994 classic? (Freely available, as should any important book)
    I do have hope, albeit not for any specific solution. I’ve disconnected from the web of indignifying care the system offers and ceased to be an agent of that system.
    This has allowed me to think freely and believe in myself, which is reason enough to have hope, no matter what will be the outcome and how the rest of my life may unfold.
    Thanks everyone, for sharing your insights.


  15. Cathal-
    can you explain your comment here in detail? Each part but particular in regards to the timeline for gold and the ponzi (i.e. reset?)?

    From Zhedge link in article:

    “My contacts with The Families said Trump was being protected, that was months ago. Correspondence implied the Ponzi would be unplugged if the neocon candidate won in November. They’d do it before world war 3 kicked off. I even mentioned it in the latest edition of Before The Collapse that was published a few months ago, last chapter.

    Well, a Trump presidency will probably change the time line for gold and the ponzi. Thank God.”


    1. Well first,

      You must understand that The Reset began as research into the Ponzi timeline—what is the physical limit? How much time do we have?

      All those old Doomers have been proclaiming the End for a decade now, but you’ll note they never were able to explain why and how the collapse would happen at the operational level. They would always reference abstract causes like a “loss of confidence” blah blah Bullshit etc.

      I never listened to those lazy old farts. I modeled, quite patiently, the entire System. So I was never worried.

      With the election you had two competing factions, the Clinton/Soros/CIA Intel faction versus The Families.

      Now if The Families had lost, then BOOM!!! They’d have been forced to act before The War Kings made their move.


      1. interesting. So your view is that the Clitino/Soros/CIA faction is not aligned with the interests of the Families? Or that they were aligned but have had a falling out and are now at war with each other?

        I would love for you to elaborate here and break this down further in terms of which visible side the elites are on, in terms of what the peasants can see.

        Also, does this imply that Trump was always being supported by the families or did they decide to support him along the way because doing so served one sides agenda? Will they destroy Trump once it fits their interest?

        Where does Putin fit into all of this?


      2. Hello Cathal!

        I just stumbled over your web site… as it sometimes happened… and from the bit I have read here I am impressed about your insights and coherent thoughts. Great work!
        For me… I am still a peasant of the developed but living somewhere else on the globe… in the process of liberating myself. Many of your points are not new to me since I were active reader of “The Oildrum” and follow many other similar sites.

        Anyhow, to your last comment that this kicks off my attention…
        I never doubted the Clintonia – CIA connection… but thought that the Clintonias are a part of the Family block… but just another family.

        Also it wonders me that – since expansion is the only way the system can go – the families have spend so little efforts to go in to Africa… almost offering this to China (as a bait?). The Clintonias have a number of connections there… but it seems majorly for private benefit.


        1. This is just speculation, but if Clinton had won then something similar to the plan mentioned at the end of the second volume would have been executed.

          Now the best option is the plan discussed at the end of The Reset, Sixth Edition.

          Do I think it can be implemented? Not sure, a lot hangs on Putin and the American centric Families.

          Also, I’m not sure these guys have the mental powers to appreciate the System. I’m not connected to everyone, but from my exposure to Top Capitalists, they all lack the mental powers to see The System in its entirety.

          So I fear we have important decision makers flying blind.

          And that’ll get us all killed.

          Religion institutionalizes ignorance, and it’s a hard institution to bypass.


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