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If you have any wealth then this is an important book. It presents the thesis that The Age of Capital has ended. It’s over and finished, the System known as Capitalism is presently defunct. This thesis was reviewed by my network of Capitalists and then sent to a top level network in January, 2017. In April their reply was that the thesis is true. The reader is invited to make up his own mind. This has profound implications for all accumulated wealth on the planet.

All content is Systematized by Cathal. All chapters were authored by numerous subject experts. For example, content pertaining to Nuclear destruction of Russia is authored by those with knowledge of such. The reader should understand content is not theoretical, actual power factions are presently and actively pursuing this proven solution, as they believe such a war is winnable. That also highlights the level of desperation at the Top.

You see, the alternative is The Reset which is just as dangerous. How to change the System Framework within which the economy operates, alongside operational and legal changes to ownership, without System and social disintegration? Think of all the dumbasses you know, and how they’ll react. The Reset is dangerous and that’s why ‘the can’ has been kicked for ten years. I’d like to personally thank the FED and other public officers for keeping the System stable for so long. It is popular to criticize such public servants, but as you’ll come to understand, such criticism is, at best, misdirected. Of course they’re responsible for building the biggest Ponzi scam in human history which is on the brink of collapse; but as you’ll see, they had no choice. Capitalism is a Usury driven system of growth which demands that future production is always greater than past production. If it isn’t ‘growth’ must by synthesized by magic money; and before you complain contemplate the alternative: Collapse of the System which keeps you alive.  It is assumed that the reader has read volume 1 and 2, without which, universal understanding is not possible.

The situation is grave. I do not exaggerate when I say your very survival depends on understanding the contents of this book. If you have any wealth, you are about to compete head to head with the most knowledgeable, most powerful and most evil humans on the planet. In an event called The Reset.

Reader, I wish you the very best of luck.

The reader’s first instinct will be to protect himself and his family which is well, though unlike ‘interesting times’ of earlier epochs there is now an extinction risk. So going it alone won’t necessarily work, either you find a way to cooperate or you will most likely die together.

My personal opinion is that the true elites should tell the children the truth, and I don’t think the usual propaganda channels will work—via economists or politicians. The Fathers of the Religion should speak. My reasoning is that it’s very difficult to war game three or four moves past The Reset. The sheep may go insane. The populations of the civilised nations must remain oriented toward sustaining the nation and market. If they understand what’s happening they’ll be able to behave and react logically and get their expectations in line with reality. Which is why the concluding volume of The Philosophy of Capitalism has now been made available to the public.

Volume 1:  The Bullshit Machine

Volume 2:  Before the Collapse

Volume 3:  The Reset

Reader, please read the comments below or read the ‘book information’ page to get the general idea. This series is authored by the Dominant Class, the goal is to define reality.

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  1. thank you. I just got your first 2 books today. It is mind-blowing. I at least know some of what I can do now and am looking forward to book 3 for more insight. Rickards has been mentioning what you said in book 2. it is very sobering. hopefully, this summer will be enough time. July-October seems to be the time period to really see how the ball gets rolling. I’m guessing the roller coaster starts getting faster then and faster closer to 2018. again, thank you. I’ll try to use this to help myself and my friends.


    1. The mean people are angry and they want blood. So the most important factor is location and not just in the immediate sense; contemplate the political structure which shall form post-Reset. Which is analysed in Volume 1.


      1. It’s amazing to see the fighting and attacking that don’t really lead to a joint consensus that would help everyone. Why should people have a living wage? Why should that even be a question? The more division, the less unity. And it’s working. Almost finished with Vol 2. Going to continue with Vol 1. Already ordered Vol 3. Left a review for Vol 2.


      2. So you blame Capitalism for everything that the Elites at the top and all the greedy people out there have done. Do you realise that no matter what economic system is tried the greed always gets the best of us. You are a communist at heart but the kind that thinks “it can work in its truest form with the right people”. Im sorry but you are wrong and Capitalism is actually the greatest form of economic structure for any nation state. Just look at what is has done for the rest of the world. I didnt see any other forms of economic structure bring food and water to Africa or advance technologically so fast in the past 60 years that we are now literally doubling knowledge and advancements every couple years. The “people” who run our systems and nations will always be greedy but one thing is for sure. In Capitalism atleast everyone has a chance to get rich.


    2. The best sex I ever had made my whole body ache the next day, and at the same time, wanting to do it all over again. “The Bullshit Machine” is just like that. It will make your brain hurt in truly delicious ways and leave you wanting more. If you are reading this review, somewhere along the way you must have chosen to swallow the “red pill”, searching for a way to clearly understand the Matrix that we find ourselves in. We both know that something is not right with the world around us and it is not just you and I who feel this way. Look around and you will see your friends, neighbors and complete strangers exhibiting signs of stress and anxiety unseen just a couple of years ago. For some of us on a conscious level and for the others on a subconscious level, we know the system is not working and great changes are on the very near horizon. The authorities assure us with “bullshit”, that everything is just fine, but then again, isn’t that what the crew of the Titanic told the passengers after the ship had rammed the iceberg and already began to take on water? The passengers in first class had their positions in the life boat secured while those in steerage ( you and I) were left to fend for themselves. This is the first in a series of three ingenious books that will help you to understand that the boat is going down and there is nothing you can do about it. The next two books lead you to the lifeboats and help you to find one that has room for you and your family. Time is very short and water is pouring over the bulkheads. I strongly suggest that unless you like the idea of seeing how long you can stay afloat in ice cold water that y purchase this book and its two companions. Then again you could just swallow the blue pill and enjoy a nice delicious steak. My deepest thanks to Cathal for making the effort to write these books as well as to the “Old Farts” who contributed to the endeavor. Pray for peace and prepare for war.

      Love, Secret.


  2. I doubt it will be possible to manage a Reset. If “they” will be able to implement a new system, I doubt it wll be worth living in it, because of the victory of the “mean” people and the damage to the invironment.
    Economies of scale disable a smaller solution. Problably: BAU or nothing. But I don´t know like anybody!

    I am reading Volume 1 and 2 at the moment and value them outstanding. Later I will “try” the Reset”.

    I hope we have some more years with BAU. But fuses are burning at every corner.

    Putrid, what do you think about the timing?

    As long as BAU continues this is my magic dozen:

    1. be friendly and in good spirits
    2. Self-criticize, be peaceful but fortified
    3. think small, live small, slowdown, meditate
    4. buy local, save resources,
    5. study everything in depth
    6. grow own food
    7. learn some skilled manual work
    8. cooperate with like-minded people, barter and help each other
    9. reject ideology – hang on to your intuition, avoid pied pipers
    10. avoid mass consumption and stimulus satiation
    11. fight the powers that be – but in an indirect aikido way
    12. help others to awaken from the cultural trance


    el mar

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    1. Lord Rothschild,

      If you’re gonna kill A LOT OF PEOPLE, would you please kill the mean people first. Elmar and I would appreciate a break from all the mean assholes before we die.

      As for timing Elmar, you may write me, I like nice people. All I do is drink wine and hang out with nice people these days.

      Love you Lord (I’ll give you half my gold if you kill the mean people first) Rothschild



  3. (Finished The Reset) I’m simply lost for words. It truly is too much for ordinary people to stomach.

    The peasants can’t accept it and will continue to be mean.. and there are a lot of mean peasants who think they are elites, and are due for a very rude awakening.

    Thank you… I also thank myself for having the guts to stomach all the info – most people will have the ‘rejection syndrome’ towards info like this.


    1. Hello Paul,

      Yeah, it’s amazing. Truly amazing when you understand everything. You read the news and you know what it actually signifies.

      I don’t read the “news” anymore, there’s no point. A complete waste of time.

      What’s strange is the differing reactions by readers to “the heads up.” Depression usually. It must be tough on the older guys that have kids, you see I understood the system well enough in 2008 to anticipate the GFC AND not get married. As I had some idea of the end result. And think, now that you’ve read volume 1 and 3, what will the political system be after The Reset?

      Volume 3 was delayed because the editor fell off the radar. I’m not kidding. I haven’t heard from him for months, I hope he hasn’t topped himself. But he’s probably just busy getting his assets in order and relocating. But if you can just get over that hump you can knuckle down and protect your family.

      The older men, the smartest, told me that the public aren’t ready for the truth. They’re incapable of dealing with it. So these books are harmless as “no one will ever read them.”



  4. Just about everything I’m seeing is a result of net energy decline imo. Right now it’s burning around the peripheral of society. At some point it’ll start eating its way into critical infrastructure whether through rot or war. As resources get tighter people will become more violent. So my prediction will be war and not rot bc politicians love to point their finger at someone else. Based what I’m seeing in the oil industry the early 2020’s should be quite interesting in a really bad way.


    1. I’d love to read your feedback on the chapter by Sapere Aude. He’s an oil man as well.

      What’s amazing is that he knew that US authorities would need to declare sales from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and predicted this explicitly in his chapter.

      And then, viola! Trump last week declares the sale of half of the SPR! That amazed me, Sapere Aude actually knew what the US President would do before he did it.


      I’m so happy I decided he was the best. Do you know what ‘Sapere Aude’ means?

      It’s Latin for ‘Dare to Know’


  5. There is nothing more ugly than a mean person who has been empowered by wealth.

    It’s my birthday so I am indulging myself with a day without Bull$hat.

    Some people are mean but they don’t know why. I enjoy talking them around to seeing that and then finding out what it is they really want, which they think they can get by being mean, but they can’t. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised and they come round. Occasionally it comes to fisticuffs but I have grown out of that.

    We all need a future that we can project ourselves into. Most want to conjure up a dreamy future with no limitations. A few can handle a realistic future scenario to project themselves into. Truth is that the future is unknown and that is the definition of fear. If we knew, or at least have as educated an idea of what the future might bring, which is what your trilogy is attempting to do, that goes a long way in removing the unknown and thus the fear.

    Truth is we can never really know enough so to a certain degree it is probably a good idea to become familiar with, become somewhat comfortable with, FEAR! Its how we respond to fear that will matter. For me as for many others fear drives me to delve into deep research as understanding is the only thing that alleviates fear but what if (when) the internet goes out? Thats when the power of the assholes takes over AHhhhhhhhh!


  6. Putrid,

    First, thank you for the link to volume 3. The past few weeks have been hectic with hardly a moment to spare for matters of personal interest. Now that I have a bit of time I intend to order the book and get started as soon as it arrives. I have begun to compose some thoughts on the previous volumes but to be honest I have been waiting to get to the third act and denouement in order to have a gestalt perspective on the project. I feel like any interpretation or analysis offered on my part would be incomplete without it.

    That said, your descriptions, by email and the Amazon summary, have further piqued my interest, and I feel impelled to type out some thoughts regarding the ills currently plaguing humanity while I have the time. I don’t know if you will find this useful at all, but following the Divine impulse is relevant to what I have to say, which is this:

    All of humanity’s woes can be accounted for by two conditions; fear and self-interest. In that regard, we are no different than any other animal on the planet, and our inevitable extinction is simply the logical outcome of acting in accordance with our nature. Except we are different. We, uniquely among the global fauna, are self-aware, which carries with it the burden of justification. How do we justify our existence? In other words, why are we here? What purpose do we serve? What good are we? What use? Nothing on this planet or elsewhere has materially benefited from human existence since at least the rise of civilization, except humans themselves. The purpose of our existence, it seems, is merely to perpetuate our existence at any cost. Our ingenuity has allowed this to happen on an unprecedented scale, which makes us not only animals, but a particular kind of animal: a parasite. We are sentient parasites, and no one – or nearly so – is immune to this. You suggested (somewhere) that the noble families should come forward with the Truth about our fate and misfortune. My question is, why haven’t they? Is it a sociopathic bent that prevents them from caring? Maybe. More likely it is the threat of the retaliation, wholly justified, from those that have long suffered under their mendacity, greed, and opportunism. So it is fear, for their wellbeing, the wellbeing of their families, their fortunes, etc. Fear. Self-interest. There is nothing noble about the elite. They are simply a higher caste of parasite.

    But the problem is not the dominant class, nor is it the complacent herd, nor money, nor power, nor technology nor machine intelligence that threatens to plunge us into obsolescence. These are not problems, they are not even symptoms of a problem because there is no problem. These are simply the inevitable outcome of humanity being what it is, parasitic. And we will continue to act according to our nature until we kill the host that sustains us and annihilate ourselves, ending the cycle, or we reduce ourselves to a few roving bands and the cycle begins again. Either way, there is no escaping the cycle, no escaping our nature, our fate… unless… unless…

    Unless someone can articulate a need for humanity, a purpose, an essential humanbeingness, that rises above our own debased, parasitic nature. A reason for the ongoing existence of humanity that doesn’t circle back on human existence, merely. Unless someone can answer those questions above that have daunted us since the dawn of conscious awareness. It would mean aligning ourselves with a more exalted impulse, in opposition to our base natures. For an organism to act in contradiction to its own self-interest by approaching – not fleeing from – fear, or forgoing personal need and desire, requires something extraordinary; a purpose beyond itself and its kind. Service to a greater master. We could call this thing God or pleroma or nous or cosmos or whatever, but naming a thing brings us no closer to actualizing it. Even describing it, if such a thing could be done, is insufficient. Words are cheap. It must be lived, embodied, executed. Otherwise it is meaningless. Up until nearly this moment our attempts to articulate this thing have been blessed with the luxury of time, but time (I hear) is running out. And far from getting closer to an answer we are moving further and further away, to the point now where the average human is too diminished, too fearful, to even pose the question to themselves, knowing instinctively it will collapse their lives into chaos and crisis. And yet our ability, or failure, to come up with some satisfactory answer, and act on it, is nothing less than the difference between extinction and evolution.

    And so, when I hear an argument for preserving humans on a personal, familial, tribal, cultural or species level, my question is, why? Why preserve the existence of a thing that has no purpose beyond its own existence? Unless we can answer that question we have no choice (literally, no other option) than to let human nature run its course. People will continue to try to save their lives but it will not alter their fate.


      1. At one time, the “gods” did benefit from humans existence. Now the controllers are simply attempting to emulate aspects of a previous model.


    1. David – A typical blame the human species rant. You point out humans bad behavior then offer zero thoughts on what elicits said behavior other than to say thats just how they are, its in there nature.

      Dogs nature is to chase down something reasonable in size, tear it apart and eat it. The vast majority of them don’t, why is that do you suppose? Should we proclaim the species bad and violent and do away with them?

      We treat humans worse than dogs. We have structured so called civilization in such a way as to elicit the worst possible behavior then we point out that behavior and say people are just bad, let them die off.

      We need to restructure ourselves based on what we know will elicit the best behavior and yes we have examples of this through out history. Then along comes the assholes who fuck it all up for their own benefit.
      Kill the assholes!


      1. Jef,

        We’ll see what David had to say after The Reset. It’s not commonly known that prior to Capitalism, human society and economy, was sustainable. It’s just that a small fraction of the population, who are greedy bastards, took power.

        They created a System that’s not sustainable and is going to kill every single one of us.

        And especially since Globalization of the Monetary and Real Economy systems in the 70s, there’s no safe way to exit the System Framework of Capitalism.

        The spotlight is on Lord Rothschild right now. It’s your time to shine bro. All eyes are on You.


        1. “It’s not commonly known that prior to Capitalism, human society and economy, was sustainable.”

          Karl Polanyi’s book “The Great Transformation” (1944) seemed to say just that…that farming village societies did not even have famine.


      2. Yup, blaming human nature is exactly what TPTB want us to do. It’s one of the foundational tricks and if you don’t understand that then you haven’t got very far. Human nature is naturally kind, loving and giving but we are kept in a state of permanent need because the abundance of this planet has been stolen by a tiny tranche of people who only surrender any of it so that they can keep us in a state of perpetual servitude.


  7. The sheep MAY go insane?

    Consider the trends since WW2 as policy.

    1. Massive population growth

    2. Increase in energy usage neccessary to have a “normal” 1st world lifestyle.

    3. Increasingly effective automation increasingly obviating the need for workers.

    4. Constricting, ever-decreasing spaces, metaphorical or actual, free of pollution or polluted methods of maintaining business as usual (roundup free food, places to live not affected by hidden industrial or other waste or accidents etc)

    5. Massive dumbing down of the general population – not only making them ignorant but also irrational, so that if they had all the objectively correct information they cannot process it meaningfully.

    The above 5 points create a particular type of society. Imagine a pyramid that, instead of forming an equilateral triangle, tapers from bottom to top, ending in a narrow spire at the top. Everything in the above 5 points creates a civilization in which.

    1. Everyone, literally everyone is under tremendous pressure to desperately try to get to the next rung up or at least not fall back a rung.

    2. Playing by the rules – not actual laws, I mean just the real factors involved – to the exclusion of all else is the key to rising up or falling down through the tapered pyramid.

    Naturally, the spire at the top will eventually contain only those best at the internal game and are through a combination of nature and nurture, totally fucked in the head.

    The system of forced scarcity and dependence both creates and distills a certain kind of humanity, desperate, ignorant, without scruples, principles, dignity, reason. One that is so abjectly sycophantic that the elites can put the lifestyle of Caligula to shame.

    It is the civilizational equivalent of watching a single human say “muhahaha. Now I shall achieve Full Spectrum Dominance” right before they stab themselves in the eye with an icepick, collapse, and die.

    Yes, the subroutines we would label “elite” may have a short time to gloat, having disabled all parts of the organism that would limit them with their Home Lobotomy.

    This is probably why a lot of us are theorizing a “big reveal” where there is a huge dramatic twist and the 5 points above turn out to be leading up to either a supergenious goal or total collapse.

    Sorry, but Occam’s Razor says just draw a trendline and follow it forward in time – and assume TPTB are doing likewise. Jack London’s Iron Heel stamping on a human face forever.

    Harden all the vital points in your civilization, ratchet up your internal security, ratchet up rationing, make the rungs increasingly defined and obvious so people concentrate on trying to survive within the pyramid. Block all the exits while expanding the pyramid to encompass everything.

    Maybe what we are watching is not a crisis but a goal. Just because it is insane doesn’t mean it can’t be kept stable yet increasingly shitty for a long time.

    We’ll probably get there along a sort of “punctuated equilibrium” timeline, where a series of crises and emergencies both acheive and excuse the approach to this “ideal” society.

    Personally I scratch my head and wonder is true stability possible. Yes, Ubiquitous Security can and will prevent any human agency from altering our civilizational course. I would say at this stage, that’s already true. I strongly recommend anyone considering active “resistance” ala French Revolution to NOT consider it.

    But as Radical Marijuana might put it over on Zerohedge, all they’re really doing is preventing anyone from responding rationally to reality by a combination of lies, threats, and force. It is hard to imagine that this can’t have consequences.

    I am just a peasant at the bottom of the galley rowing an oar, so I don’t know shit of course. I don’t assume any of the above is a correct outlook. Just a thought experiment with the premise what if current trends and forces are there on purpose.


    1. The sheep are gonna get a Brain Reset, so yeah, sheep may become insane. I wonder who’ll stick round and talk to ’em. You know, explain things.

      Oh it’s all deliberate all right. Very meticulous planners there are.

      Joe, Hegel wondered about the “excess of the guillotine” when he witnessed the extreme violence during the French Revolution. He called it “the slaughter bench of progress.”

      The violence was payback, the release of so much pent up aggression. That’s what the elite are truly fearful of. Mass violence directed at them.

      So foreign bodies are brought in so they’ll be the soft target.

      Here’s what I know: The FED chairs are terrified. And they should be.

      If it weren’t for the nukes there’d be massive land wars and famines right now.

      Those at the TOP have no limits. No morality results in no limits. Think Hannibal Lecter, the recent TV series. And they produce bullshit, really good bullshit, about why this is necessary “for the world we live in.”

      Well, the ultimate result of a no limit approach to living, is extinction. Those races with intelligence produced high caliber arsenals, of thermonuclear bombs, capable of killing all life on Earth.

      I’m told the Chinese prefer the 3 mega tonne warhead, they have a few hundred of those.

      They don’t bother with variety.

      I think I know why. Because each one creates a crator half a kilometer deep and one and a half kilometers in diameter. They could nuke themselves and still kill all life on Earth.

      So David’s answer is interesting, why don’t the Fathers speak to the Children? Because they’re scared.

      Yeah, maybe David is right. The FED chairs are scared so they’re probably scared too.

      This may help you to war game the future. It makes me think they’ll opt for a Hard Reset. Reset plus Depopulation. And it won’t work because the scale of the Solution is insane.

      I blame them, actually. They’re at the Top. They get the blame. They’re fucking nuts. No limits. That’s a sick philosophy, for sick psychopaths.

      “We’re running out of oil? Ok, let’s go for unlimited debt! And unlimited war! And unlimited robbery! And unlimited bullshit!”

      When The Reset happens, expect mass death.

      And I think it’ll fail, because to keep the market moving the economy requires Framework changes AND operational and legal changes at the level of the company. Do the Bankers realize this? Does the Deep State comprehend this?

      I see no evidence of such understanding.

      Who explains such changes to the population after The Reset? How, after The Reset had destroyed all faith and belief in Society?

      And this is why there was no reform possible since the beginning. There’s no safe way, and there never was a safe way, to exit the System Framework.

      So you see why the World War option is so tempting. It solves all problems. So neatly.

      The older generation are terrified, they know what’s going to happen. And then the political economy which follows??? Can the population of consumers, used to choice, accept Feudalism?


      1. The western roman empire shows a pretty good example from nature – almost certainly not purposely directed. The evacuation of Dacia. The abandonment of Britain. The loss of Noricum.

        Rome collapsed over a very long time period and that collapse was punctuated in time and space – local collapse, temporary partial collapse, etc.

        The key is going to be to consciously replicate the example for advantage instead of letting things slide. Firewalling off sections of our civilization and then engaging in planned demand destruction is going to be the way to go.

        Keep as many as possible accepting the new lowered living standard and working for the system. If that’s happening, I think collapses will be consistent, contained (happening in regional, demographic, or other chunks), and be of two types – total abandonment/destruction or (sometimes barely) acceptable drop in living standards.

        Obviously if you look around and see firewalls going up around you, you’re in a bad neighborhood.

        When scarcity is a feature, not a bug, if hubbert’s curve starts to impede, stability consists in pushing however many it requires outside the firewall where they lay little to no claim to resources. You want to die out there, want to live in a mud hut dying occasionally of cholera, you figure that out. But if that’s what’s happening, it’s just a matter of dialing in the right amout of scarcity for the right people.

        Long ago, someone asked me what I’d do if I were one of those stuck on the Raft of the Medusa. I said I’d jump off and swim away, preferably with a chunk of raft for floatation. At least I’d die swimming for shore and be neither a victim nor a monster.


        1. Brilliant Bob,

          It’s almost like you’ve read volume 3 already. BUT BUT there are very important differences between now and then. As you’ll see when you read The Reset. The present System Framework of Capitalism does not allow for such. Sheep like to dream that Capitalism is just a set of ideas and values, which is false.

          Capitalism is a Philosophy of Life for Banking Capitalists. (See Volume 1) Capitalism is also a Religion so I could have just as easily called my series The Philosophy of Religion. There is a Framework to Capitalism and that Framework is not that malleable. It only works if certain conditions can be met. The Banking Families know this; as they designed the Framework long ago.

          The economic profession is a complete sham; it was created by the Bankers for the purpose of crowd control. So the sheep would listen to the priests of their choosing; the sheep actually began to BELIEVE IN Krugman after they gave him their made-up and fake Nobel Prize. And more importantly, Krugman, the nut, began to BELIEVE IN himself as well.

          My only point is that the Banking Families are very patient and organised; their understanding of crowd control is very deep.

          The Reset is an actual event, it will be global, and will effect everyone immediately. We can’t do a staggered collapse of the West because Russia is not interested in such. Some people want to talk to me about SDR drawing rights blah blah blah blah …as if …grow up… Post Reset America will be like Mad Max meets Apocalypse Now!

          Russia wants Revenge and Revenge is a Right.


    1. Kindle? I’m Not bothered. There’s not much time left. I’m just enjoying my End of World Party.

      Tell the guys on the Hedge, a bunch of them got into the concluding volume. The very very smartest.


      1. LOL depending on JUST how long we have left, the difference between download and waiting for UPS may be the difference between being doomed and being doomed plus a smidgeon of understanding our doom.

        C’mon man. You go to all the trouble of creating the book and putting it up on Amazon, writing your blog and so on… click the friggin button that allows a download fer chrissake. You expect me to lug YOUR books plus all of Will Durant and Toynbee’s work AND 8,000 rounds of 45 acp through the post-apocolyptic landscape listening to Root Down on repeat? There’s kindles for a reason eh.


        1. Here’s what I just know is going to happen. There I’ll be, trudging through the postapocalyptic wasteland, the bushels of books on my back going way above my head like some goddamn Chinese peasant hauling hay, my face in a rictus of pain because my eyes are horribly burning from the ubiquitous post-apocalyptic duststorm – because I remembered Alexander to Actium and forgot fucking goggles – my lips mostly emitting painful grunts and moans to the Beastie Boys but occasionally matching a few syllables of the lyrics.

          I’l find temporary safety with one of those new pedophilic cannibal christian biker gangs that have been popping up everywhere lately. They’ll nod in silent, attentive sympathy as I tell my tale of woe.

          Their eyes will glisten with heartfelt empathy as I explain that I wouldn’t have had a horribly excruciating ruptured disc had it not been for an author names Cathal who insisted on physical publishing only.

          They’ll say to me “Dude, that’s messed up.” Right before they chop my leg off with a machete and start eating. Gosh darn it!

          I won’t shake my fist at you because by this time my hands will be tied behind my back – oh, or eaten – and I won’t curse your name because they will have already gagged me but…. actually it doesn’t appear to be a but there, that’s just some things I won’t be doing.

          If I can work the gag off, I want to have some pithy, defiant thing to yell out. I was thinking maybe “Gold, Bitchez!” Or for the well-informed, maybe “Brooksley Born, Bitchez!!!” That’d be a better-shared insider joke but you don’t want your head chopped off only partway through your quip, so brevity is important. Geez. This post is longer than I thought it would be.


          1. Bob,

            If you’re lucky you’ll bump into my pedophilic cannibal christian biker gang…

            And if you have a copy of my book I won’t gag you. I’ll want to know your thoughts on the post Reset economy. As I gnaw on you femur bone. “Any thoughts on the Repitilian brained fucks that caused The Reset Bob?” I’ll mutter. So no fear… spit out the longer “Brooksley Born, Bitchez!!!”


        2. Hi Someone,

          I respect you, it takes courage to finish Volume 1. But an electronic version of volume 2+3 is not suitable. One guy told me he read The Reset 6 times in one day.

          You’ll need to take notes. Your very life depends on understanding everything.


  8. joe-bob henry-bob – Don’t forget that toilet paper will be hard to come by so maybe you want to carry around a few extra printed versions. No offense Cathal.

    My post reset plan is to open a Babyback Ribs Joint, maybe franchise.


    1. I hear you can get a bad infection on the crack of your ass if you wipe with Dollar bills. That’s the rumor anyway. Puss and everything.

      I’d rather wipe my ass with a rock than with a dollar note.


  9. This is a private message.

    I read your comments in Gail Tverberg’s blog. Some people are sarcastic but that’s because they are in denial.

    In my opinion, Iceland is not a food producing nation so it is not a great place to run. Growing food in Iceland is next to impossible without fertilizer imports, and it has no infrastructure whatsoever to build factories for that. When food gets scarce the Icelanders will show their Viking self.

    Anne Frank’s father thought it was wise to run but he stopped at Holland, and we know what happened to his family. It is better to go to an island where food could be grown. I think that Ireland itself is not a bad choice, although the offshore islands of Ireland, where not too many tourists visit and are not rich enough for invaders to covet, would be better. Complete with a boat to run to the sea if things get too hot.


  10. Sarcastic. And very funny. Fast Eddy is a comic genius.

    My friends and I will study this issue now. I’ll keep you abreast of developments.
    Of course, and as you know, I take a Network approach to solving these hard problems.


  11. I got a good laugh when I read, “I’d like to personally thank the FED and other public officers for keeping the System stable for so long. It is popular to criticize such PUBLIC SERVANTS,”. No offense, but The Federal Reserve and public service should never be used in the same sentence in support of each other. They are the one and only reason for the coming hell to pay. Think if the 5% they, being private entities, take by law from the currency they make from nothing and then issue to OUR government, was instead used by the government to operate? I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded of the burden of the service of public debt, especially when it reaches the amounts we have been at for the last 20 years. Capitalism ceases to exist when the power of honest MONEY has been taken away. You do know who wrote the Federal Reserve Act, right? With a statement like the one quoted above, i can only suppose you do not. Also, when you have Fabian Socialists in charge of Breton Woods, combined with The Fed, I guess it is a wonder they have kept it stable for so long. Then again, they couldn’t have done it without dumbing down entire generations of Americans until we have the drooling hot mess that we have today. Anyways, oh well…


    1. hahahhaha

      So funny!

      Look, I’m a young guy so I do appreciate the last ten years of calm. Anyone presently working at the FED is not responsible, they’ve kept the host alive and I appreciate that. They’re just old folks doing their level best.

      Anyway, it’s the future we must contend with..

      As for ‘With a statement like the one quoted above, i can only suppose you do not’

      Peasants and their opinions. Less opining child, more study.


  12. Greetings from Houston, Texas. I read somewhere (your book?) that history is a pendulum that swings back and forth and that when the pendulum decides to reverse directions there is little that can be done but to stand aside and enjoy the movement. I have frequently wondered what drives the pendulum and after reading The Reset I think maybe it is the mass of sociopathy within the civilization at the relative point of time in the arc of the pendulum. Sociopaths seem to be a normal variant within the framework of human evolution and arguments can be made that they serve a purpose in the advancement of a civilization. I think the “problems” occur when the sociopaths have risen to the top of the pyramid and pushed all of the “normies” out of power backfilling the vacancies with like minded defectives. Like a bell siphon, the system is able to handle the load of psychopathy until a certain point and then the system totally empties out and the slowly begins to refill again. Any future solution to forming a new “system” after the reset will need to include a way of identifying sociopaths and then placing them on a very strong and measured length of chain. Sociopathy is like fire. Useful to society when contained but highly destructive when out of control, to the point that the flames even extinguish themselves once everything around them has been consumed, parasite killing host and then itself. Many thanks for your insights as to our past, present and future. Your books make my brain hurt in a very good way. Wishing you and your family the best, always. S.W.


    1. Hi Secret Weapon,

      My take on the Pendulum is that it is driven by addiction, encouraged and then administered by, the sociopaths. The examples are limitless; cigarettes, alcohol, sex, porn, bullshit, what have you.

      I’ve known this for some time and it has influenced my lifestyle profoundly. I know addiction is a necessary precursor to pleasure: once you satisfy the addiction you experience pleasure—so I only develop those addictions which I can control, and treat, easily.

      With respect to controlling sociopathy in the population, that is hard.

      First, the masses would have to admit that those they currently worship, or have worshiped, are sociopaths. They move around and make allies easily, detach then move to better hunting grounds. So are not spotted till it’s too late, since they’re surrounded by likeness.

      Then, there’s the problem of Religion. It’s an evolved power structure. How do you reform something that’s natural?

      NO, there’s no controlling the pendulum. Learn from the ancient Families my friend. Don’t get attached to a landscape or race. When you see around you a nation infested and about to collapse, you pack up your titles and wealth, and leave for more moral company.

      I can promise you, you can move to Ireland anytime. Or we’ll meet some other place. And those places are being prepared. My life has been uninterrupted pleasure so far and will remain so. But every line must eventually fall and that is life. Yes, we both know there’s now extinction risk, so a little extra effort and risk is required by everyone. Hopefully some fall and not all.

      If the corporations go down, we all die.



  13. As promised, I have completed a review on Amazon. It should post shortly. I wrote It from the heart (and a little bit from my head). Hope the review helps others. Warmest Regards, S.W.


  14. So I bought all 3. I am a thorough conspiracist ( sp). If there is some earth ending event coming soon does do anything matter other than live these last days with peace and make amends with people you wrong and forgive those who wronged you. I have prepped for years. Not much more I can do. Can sell everything and move like this author. I have kids and I will fight til the end for them if it surely is the end. Be right with God or who ever your maker is. This world has always and will always been under control of EVIL. But some people say Evil is relative. Depends on perspective. Well, we all know what is right and wrong. You cant change the world. But you can change yourself and affect the people around you. Good luck all. Ill see you on the other side if we dont make. But like hell will I allow evil to take me down without a fight. I will not succumb like the German Jews or the Egyptian Jews to be slaughter. If you die , at least die with dignity. Death is only step to a different world. I just hope there is now hell. Don’t like burning for eternity for a life that lasted for 44 years. The whole concept of hell makes no sense for us humans who life span on earth is max 80 years but spirit is a plus 10000000000000 trillions years.


    1. just be glad you know. it helps. very peaceful now. but we are in uncharted territory still. imagine all of the people around you panicking. my best friend may be coming to visit. he knows some Italian and is learning it for personal reasons. he overheard some people visiting from Italy saying they are doing it while they have the chance. people are aware, but do not want to believe it. my best friend is the one who encouraged me to make my home secure in case crap hits the fan so we can have food and water and one more safe spot. yet he says this could go on another 10 years. it could, but we have putrid to let us know it won’t go on like this much longer. it’s a relief to not be crazy, but still stressful to have others say something is coming but think it will still be a ways off. yes, make a network and make peace. it will be much easier then on you and you may just have another teammate for the coming reset.


  15. Sorry,

    You lost me when you stated “To thank the Fed for keeping the system stable for so long” Are you serious? Thanks to that criminal cabal the dollar has lost 90-95% of it’s purchasing power since it’s inception. Nice try though.


    1. Quite serious. You do know Capitalism has a System Framework?

      Did you just imagine it was just a set of ideas and concepts? No, wrong. It’s much more than that. The economy operates within the System Framework. And the Framework is redundant. It was also redundant in the 1930s but exceptional and once-off conditions allowed the economy to regrow.

      Now I’ve had a good time since 2008, and without the extraordinary measures of the Central Banks I’d be fucked. So thanks Bernanke 😉


      1. Extraordinary measures by Central banks? If You call throwing trillions of dollars at financial institutions extraordinary and then keeping the spigot of free money flowing with QE, Operation Twist etc. and buying up all the banks bad debt and foisting it upon the tax payers, then I agree, it was quite extraordinary As for the Fed they’re about as Federal as Federal express and I could provide you with more links then you could shake a stick at explaining how over the years how they have enslaved and systematically destroyed our economy by inflating and reinflating bubbles and clearly acting in they’re own interest, all the while heavily lobbying congress not to be audited. You are clearly extremely naïve if not outright ignorant about the Federal Reserve. As for Bernanke: He should be in Gitmo as far as I’m concerned


        1. If Krupps can survive WW2 then he, Bernanke, should survive The Reset.

          But to be honest, there’s a chance none of us will make it. As for my naïveté, you do make me smile.

          Links, I don’t need links. Joe Plummer is a good historian and I’d recommend his output. You need his email?
          But once again, he’s an historian and a nationalist, not a System Level freak like me.
          The System had internal contradictions from the get go—and all those wars and revolutions, coups and currency collapses—resulted directly from those contradictions. The Fed was created to prolong the System—called Capitalism. So what’s your problem? Are you a Communist or what?

          There’s the cave waiting for you…called Zero Hedge or links or whatever makes you right.



  16. What did the Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Medea Persian, Grecian, and Roman Empires all have in common? They all suffered the same fate this final global empire will in the 2020’s with one huge caveat.

    Yes the final phase of its demise will most likely begin this fall with said RESET but TPTB have been planning this “RESET” for years and revealed so much in “The Economist” in 1988 for the year 2018. This plan required centralization so four primary 10 year phase ins were planned with engineered ebb and floes that bring the desired outcomes to shore.

    Being conditioned to accept this next phase has been so well engineered that the masses do not see their full blown allegiance to it. What does the inter~net, i~phone(cell), and block~chain have in common? It is going to be used to “chain” in a virtual “cell” “block” “inter”nally those who exalt the “I” as the “net” closes:

    “Then shall two be in the field; one is taken along, and one is left.”

    “The field is the world…”

    There is a reason it is referred to as the “world wide web.” ~ www.

    I often marvel that most do not see this whole grand plan for what it is. Nothing we can touch in this life does not boast of a creator whether it is a house, car, or the husbandman who planted a seed that became the vine in a field in hopes of picking the fruit of his labor:

    “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.”

    To a mere human who skips along in this temporal life seeking only his immediate pleasure and sustenance; the concept that a “Creator” planted a seed called “the first Adam” that produced 7 billion from which He plans to only take the crème of His crop that mirrors his “last Adam” is blissfully ignorant:

    “The first man Adam became a living soul. The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.”

    But to the souls such as “Luke Tran” who questions, in his comment above, these things and seeks to overcome the human nature please seek the “hidden manna” that will redeem ones soul through His Spirit:

    “To him that overcometh, to him will I give of the hidden manna.”

    Just remember there is a reason people such as Christine LaGarde are all caught up in the number “7”. The tares look like the wheat but do not produce the fruit.

    Hopefully the moderator of this site will allow you to contact me for free understandings about such things at rlm4765 at yahoo dot com that will help in seeking the precepts such I have shared thus far that are found “here a little, there a little”:

    “Whom will he teach knowledge? and whom will he make to understand the message? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts? For it is precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, there a little.”


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