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  1. Stunning.
    Part of me wants to doubt this was him but I know the doubts are mine.
    Such a generational mindlessness to the harm caused by his point of view is incredible.
    There is a carnal mind inside religion and there is a God-led mind inside religion.
    I feel inadequate!


      1. Harldly possible to convince friends in denial!
        At last they will reach out for your preperations as soon a shtf!


        1. What people want is power. They don’t want the truth.

          You know, I used to wonder why no one writes reviews for my books and then I saw this photo of Trump after Obama gave him the low-down. Trump desired power. He received the truth. And it’s not just Trump, when I figured out the time-line I was blown away.

          Soon, reader, you will witness the omnipresence of the sociopaths. You may want to write me after you finish The Reset, I have detailed notes pertaining to the time-line.


              1. I think it benefits society…. One less asshole.

                “And if you refer to page 9 of the employment contact, you’ll note the stipulation to drink baby’s blood and be suicided if you grow a conscience.

                If you require any further clarification please don’t hesitate to ask.

                Yours Faithfully,

                HR Dept.
                New York Federal Reserve.”

                Edit: I love how these assholes put “Federal” in the name of their private bank. If I were to change my name to Federal Shittgenstein, I’m sure the dumbasses would think I work for da people, ya know, thru the government.


  2. You did not place my first comment! Are you afraid? Here is another one.

    Israel is a bully & decoy (useful idiots country)

    USA is a bully & decoy (useful idiots country)

    As long as American men & women are prepared to fight over Israel you can not defeat Israel. As long as American men and women are prepared to pay taxes and debts for Israel you can not defeat Israel. You can only defeat Israel if you NUKE London & Paris first. The masters of Israel are there and have their clubhouses there (Rothschild’s and other banking dynasty families and their “useful idiots” royals, Jesuits, freemasons, illuminati, and other “useful idiots” from secret boys clubs).

    “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.”

    – Bible, Deuteronomy 30:19

    There is also a reason out of HUMAN progress (evolution) why I make a case of NUKING London and Paris. I recently came to this conclusion. There are a lot of women and children there with the genes of these “bankers”. Attractive women that selected men for their “money”. Women that never ever cared about the children in Syria, the women in Syria. If these women that have traveled to London & Paris to get offspring from “bankers” get wiped out it would MORALLY improve humanity.

    “For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy.”

    – Bible, James 2:13


  3. The London/Paris bankers families are NO match for the power of the dark side. I have 6 ideas to kill 50.000 people, wound 250.000 and do 1-5 billion damages. I can WRITE DOWN these ideas 1 time. And your world will be on FIRE for 10.000 years. Since each of the 7 billion people can do it! 7 billion people with the power of an atomic bomb.

    If I wanted POWER like you claim. Why am I not destroying your world? The Survivors will curse my name in 100.000 years from today. They will struggle for 10.000 years because they have evolved into something “livable”.

    Power is not important to me. I can take the power and destroy your tiny little world if you keep misbehaving, humanity. You get a REAL “war of all against all” (Bellum omnium contra omnes). All I see is dumbasses. Momentary rules of a spec of the blue pale dot. I will release my 6 demons 1 by 1 on humanity. The Six Demon bag. The first Demon the secret services already know, it a nasty abundant molecule. The last demon is a biological weapon (I still hope to take him in my grave).

    “Ideas are more powerful than guns (or nuclear bombs). We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”

    – Joseph Stalin

    P.S. You NOT going to place this because you are 1) psyops operation, 2) coward, 3) working for the Rothschild-Zionists-Illuminati directly. The “international” bankers are NO match for the power of the dark side!


  4. The “international” bankers dynasty families (Rothschild’s are one) have hit a road block. The internet + thermonuclear weapons. If they continue with their foolishness HUMANITY will go extinct. And the sea otters will travel to the stars. Good luck with your blog/book!


  5. Breathtaking….yet, here we are.

    I thank you for sharing with us such a cogent view of reality. Being a true Spenglerian by nature, I am in agreement that there’s no morality at the System Level. Spengler predicted as much 99 years ago, as well as our entrance into the pre-death emergency that will result in Caesarism, if not annihilation.

    I do feel this is imminent.
    Please, do share more of your thoughts pertaining to the future….for a system level organism like myself.
    Much gratitude and good wishes.

    Optimism is cowardice
    -Oswald Spengler


    1. This is NOT my blog. I promised to only make 2 posts. But if you want to read more I post for 3 years on Syrian Perspective now. Sith Lord + propaganda grandmaster. Most dangerous on the planet according to the Dutch secret service. I think they are right.


  6. People react and respond based solely on the information available to them.
    When all the information available is wrong, misleading, lies, disinformation, etc, people react and respond incorrectly.
    Given the truth people will react and respond correctly, even if it hurts.
    People just don’t want to suffer and die or watch those they love suffer and die.
    The power people desire is to have control over this, thats all.


  7. Anyone who has really read the three books will understand how the world really works and will understand the Rothschild position. I am re-reading book 1 again, and it plainly says how the economy is fundamentally different from whatever the talking heads might say. Just read them as many times as needed till an understanding is gained.


        1. Rothschild,

          I am a Capitalist. I have benefited from a system I did not create. So yes, I must thank you.

          Ironically, I was at my most effective as a “true believer” when I actually thought the game was fairly constructed. I raked it in in China (off the backs of the Chinese worker). I was able to do so because in my industry (special steel) I was the first person in the world (circa 1987) to recognize and realize that a nuclear power must, by definition, be able to produce high quality tool and stainless steels, and knew no one in the US was importing such and all thought China was a backward Communist country incapable of doing so. I proved them wrong. Since central planning has no idea of cost, they had no idea of price. We taught them that, too. Lol.

          The twin towers woke me up. Sat in my bathrobe in L.A. and watched them fall, realizing it was all over. False flag, future police state, conspiracy, you name it. Once I was no longer a true believer, I lost my effectiveness as a capitalist. I’m too honest. I don’t understand how those at the top can continue to game the system knowing its false and corrupting. I exploited globalism, but I didn’t sign up for facilitating future mass murder. I stopped wanting to “achieve” since success in this system only perpetuates it.

          The Capitalist,
          August, 2017


        2. Anonymous,

          Don’t nag like a nay-saying commie defeatist homo, man-up to Reality and prep. If you don’t know what the monetary phrase “The Reset” refers to, then you’re to blame for your ignorance. Not me. Educate yourself.

          The only question is how long before the disintegration triggers a panic.

          Edit: I’ve nothing against homos, just not fond of the nay-saying commie defeatist type.


        1. I sent one too, got a not delivered message, saying it was seen as spam.

          Got all 3 books now and devouring….


          1. Try again, just don’t attach anything. I’ve got a small network modelling the future, so we’re focused on that. And write a review before writing me!

            The number of slimy people that promise, and then refuse to review my books is astounding!!! O_O I’m looking at you… !



  8. Fascinating stuff….. but the timeline?

    Is the existence of the still rather largely orderly systems processing their humans like they have for decades now merely the simulacrum?

    Is virtual reality the trap or the release? Or both?

    I need to read your books, will see if Amazon India sells them (sometimes we cannot get US books here).

    While the shift of the ages makes a reset of some sort inevitable, there are so many ways to ease the transition….

    We shall see..

    ORI via the hedge


    1. …but the timeline?

      Ha! That’s what you guys don’t get. It’s … but the location?

      When I get the signal, it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing—-could be in the middle of a meeting or on a date with my girlfriend—-I’m standing up, putting on my sunglasses and walking out that proverbial door.

      My first sentence shall be “Airport please.”


      1. Well, I know the destination airport won’t be JFK. Or Chicago’s O’hare. Or Ft. Lauderdale / Hollywood. Or LAX. My guess would be to head to the East or maybe Southern Hemisphere. Could you throw me a bone here? I am the Green Hornet. Kato & I need a clue. We are willing to buy a vowel, and all three books of course.


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