The War Kings


The War Kings

Putrid: That is the tragedy of necessary evil—it is we who know the evil that is needed.

Rothschild: Why is that tragic?

Putrid: Given what we know it’s difficult to justify the continuing existence: For the Mind Itself becomes conscious and ordered evil… 

Rothschild: All the devils are here.

Putrid: They are here and we are them.

Rothschild: Knowledge, understanding and then prescience, yes, it is a burden. If you know what must happen, what needs to happen, then you must organize for such.

Putrid: Easy to be detached at the System Level, the problem is that some people have an emotional attachment to certain places and names, to certain myths and Religions.

Rothschild: Nationalism.

Putrid: Yes.

Rothschild: The Religion of the War Kings.

Putrid: Their priests have recently called it Responsible Nationalism.

Rothschild: Though they’re being quite irresponsible.

Putrid: They don’t care about the System, they only care about their nation and the power and importance their nation gives them.

Rothschild: Do they understand the stakes?

Putrid: Probably not. Religions are sustained by institutionalized ignorance at every level. Does the average CIA employee understand the System? Nope. Such companies don’t allow employees to move between departments easily, making sure the average employee cannot attain universal Understanding.

It’s the same for Capitalism, financial capitalists have no idea how the monetary system works and vice versa.

Rothschild: Is this institutionalized ignorance the mark of all Religions?

Putrid: Yes.

Rothschild: Then it must be an evolved phenomenon.

Putrid: True.

Rothschild: This ignorance, organised by instinct, must provide a collective advantage.

Putrid: The True Believer is more effective.

The most effective Capitalist is the True Believer in Capitalism. The most effective killer is the True Believer in Islamic Fascism and Nationalism.

Problems only arise with this arrangement when the True Believer wakes up and becomes disillusioned; and then they become the most bitter and vocal critics of the Religion.

Rothschild: We’re dealing with an evolved structure.

Putrid: Nationalism was one of the first Religions so it has evolved to be quite stable. And certainly the War Kings have far more True Believers than you do. The War Kings have another advantage though.

Rothschild: Which is?

Putrid: The sociopathic War Kings target entire societies while the psychopaths prefer particular victims, these attributes complement one another nicely. The best sociopaths rise to the top and manipulate the entire society—they are The War Kings and work at the CIA and other companies and associated institutions—the best psychopaths join the military and kill those that oppose and doubt the Religion.

Rothschild: A symbiotic bond forged by the ancient fires of change. What do they believe in?

Putrid: I don’t know. I don’t believe in anything. I suspect they have an accurate, though emotionally shallow, read of Reality. It’s simply a competition which they should win. Trump is an atypical sociopath—emotionally shallow and manipulative with gaping insecurities and ignorance—that believes in winning.

If he’d known the bigger picture he’d never have run for president, so once again, ignorance plays an important motivational role.

Rothschild: The War Kings have no insecurities and no ignorance.

Putrid: Maybe.

Rothschild: Moving forward?

Putrid: The balancing act becomes more and more difficult and dangerous as The Reset progresses. The key is to keep the core stable as the periphery is destroyed one by one–Venezuela is finished, India needs more work, Turkey is being baked and Spain is now on The Menu. And that’s just this year. The War Kings though, have several issues that handicap them. My take is that they are really pissed off.

First, the Russians have spoofed the US Navy’s GPS system so they’re back using a compass and pencil for navigation. This weakness may also affect other systems for force projection.

Second, the War Kings started killing Russian diplomats which then resulted in embarrassing and deadly Naval collisions.

Third, they lost the Treasury to none other than the Rothschild Family—the pre-eminent Banker Kings. Now they can only be sure of financing from resource looting and illicit trafficking as the Treasury Secretary is in charge of the Exchange Stabilization Fund that historically finances the War Kings. 

Looking back, I think they were completely confident that their candidate—Soros and Clinton—would win the Oval Office. Without that office they can’t take the warpath so easily.

Rothschild: Vegas?

Putrid: Similar tactics to the Mumbai terror attacks. That was a G7 operation to keep India out of Afghanistan, one which worked. So on a surface level analysis Vegas appears geopolitical.

Rothschild: Though we both know there are deeper and darker undercurrents.

Putrid: Syria.

In late September the War Kings killed their first Russian General in Dier Ezzor. Almost instant retaliation by the Russians killed two dozen special operations guys and God knows what that number is now. Some of those corpses showed up in Niger this week. The Russian war machine just has far more depth and capabilities on the ground.

My thinking is that the War Kings banked on Trump protecting them from Russian counter attack and were furious when he let them be turned into hamburger.

Rothschild: Though Isis has claimed responsibility.

Putrid: Is the CIA and ISIS the same object? Probably not, but they have the same War King and share the same territory. Vegas may well be payback for abandoning the men of that King. So if ISIS claimed responsibility, then those wily War Kings may be smarting and want revenge against Trump and Company.

Rothschild: And if this is confirmed?

Putrid: Then every kind of evil is possible. And the Mind becomes conscious of, and begins to organize, that Evil.

Excerpt from The Philosophy of Capitalism.

Authored by the Dominant Class.

34 thoughts on “The War Kings

  1. Monks of the Priesthood with a license to kill. At times I almost wish the Evil Queen (Hitlery Clitoon) won the day as things would certainly get a lot more interesting a lot faster. But then again thats not really something to wish for.

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    1. Now that we’ve modeled the entire System deeper questions have been asked.

      The Top minds out there have wondered, given where we are and what’s happened to bring us here, about God and evil.

      The above analysis is really about this.

      My Network says the gunman was historically a gunrunner to ISIS for the CIA, so a typical psychopath for the War Kings.

      The bigger picture, remains unclear.

      Take Care Farmer,



      1. One can’t help but wonder if we simply wrote our own history, beginning with the bible. The powerful stories became self fulfilling prophecies (Huxley, Orwell, etc). The War Kings have just been capitalizing on our creativity.

        More to your point though. The actions of the War Kings suggest (at least to this onlooker) that pure evil exists (thus Satan and God do as well). The absence of a soul or holy spirit within these animals is truly unsettling.

        Disclaimer: Recognizes spirituality, never religion.


        1. The first five lines (above article) is just pointing out something special: there are guys that fully understand what needs to happen to protect the survival of the species, and these guys are actively planning the death of A LOT OF people. So they’re essentially organizing pure evil. How to do this without blowing your brains out?

          And this individual urge may manifest as “collective suicide” at some point. Volume one also ties into this: if you’re a genius that understands we’re headed toward collective suicide then the smartest and only thing to do is prolong the System, by whatever means necessary, so you can live out and enjoy your life. Why worry about a bunch of scummy humans walking down a Darwinian cul de sac?

          Are these guys soulless evil?

          Well, they’re definitely anti-human. They only care about the System, or capital and power. You can always tell if someone is part of a Religion if they want power. Rickards wants power. Soros wants power. Summers wants power. Alex Jones wants power. Feminists want power. Then there are those that actually have the power to shape The System. And are burdened by what they must plan for.

          The way I see human history is that the soulless assholes are an apex parasitic caste which uses superior manipulation and cunning; and extreme violence if required, to get their way. They want to replicate their DNA and have some fun. This set of behaviors has killed off various sub-species of intelligent life. The Neanderthal went away and anthropologists tell us various other branches of humanity has succumbed to our group behavior.

          Which branch is next?

          The varying races and tribes out there are essentially subspecies.

          Is The Reset going to remove the less adaptable branches? Or kill everyone?

          We shall see. All I know is that this collective history and group behavior has produced a small number of brains capable of dealing with and defining Reality. Somehow this small group have evolved brains that don’t blow their brains out. My everyday life is completely normal and happy–I think the trick is to be centered on something other than humanity–so “the sons of bitches” don’t matter.

          As for the masses, this is strange, because people say humans are self aware. Ok, I get this, they’re aware they are existing. But they’re not conscious of the Reality. Their “self” is existing within a Dream, produced by their brain so they can calmly chew whatever grass or gruel is put in front of them (by the predators).

          So what is this “self” composed of? It’s composed of pure bullshit fed to them by predators.

          Thus, most humans are full of shit.




          1. The biggest oxymoronic thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life is the human race. Think about this for a second, the cattle are 90%+ assholes, who think everyone else is an asshole, they label political leaders, other heads right behind prostitutes in profession rankings.

            YET…..Mind bogglingly yet they have this sense of TRUST, ohh no they don’t want to plan my demise or hurt me, everything will be fine, coming from a mouth of pure asshole scum. At least the psychotic sociopaths running shit mostly know that they are fucked up and evil, and choose to do it, they accept reality.

            The sheep are a special kind of stupid living in complete denial, against any logic or reason.

            Regarding this:

            “Then there are those that actually have the power to shape The System. And are burdened by what they must plan for” Can you list names of whom you believe has the power to shape The System? The only names I can think of are Rothschilds, Rockerfeller’s, other fucked up bloodlines, and I highly doubt that the Rothschilds are fucking burdened by what they must do.

            Because quite frankly just using common logic and natural observation, these scumbags have Trillions if they haven’t hit a Zillion dollars in wealth, to literally invest that money in sustainable food, robotics, space exploration, energy instead of fucking brutal wars, so I can’t accept the reality that they are burdened from natural observations.

            Unless they are a special kind of retard who actually believes doing evil fucked up shit is really helping people.


            1. There are some very smart guys who have genuinely tried to reform the System. There have been Top intellectuals planning The Reset since long ago… the 80s at least. They don’t want Extinction. They’re smart, shy and patient planners. They protect Trump.

              One such example is Kennedy, the first and only Catholic president, who tried to address the evil and check the corruption unleashed by the World Wars.

              He had his head blown off for his good intentions—my point is, he was a good guy who had no protection.


              1. Ohh yeah dude of course, but even Kennedy came from a fucked up bloodline. How he broke his control is divine intervention. I’m sure there are people like him within the system no doubt, But they are still completely and utterly powerless. Kennedy was as high up the chain as we are ever going to get in having anyone try to help, and look at what happened to him…

                Don’t see a Rothschild Sorros scum coming to the aid of humanity any time soon, my point was the real people who have complete power at the highest level of the system aren’t planning anything but chaos.

                And if any try too are quickly eradicated.


              2. Yeah,

                After Kennedy got liquidated, alongside his brother, the War Kings took complete control of the USA population.

                And that is why, when The Lord of Gold took the Oval Office from them, they had a hissy fit, on CNN, just like the repressed assholes that they are.

                Warburg: … You know, only assholes with something to hide (shame) are attracted to secret societies …

                Putrid: Yeah, especially so when initiates are all sexually immature males, then the with power attained, the shame is turned against that which caused the shame … in this case, society. Many ‘celibate’ priesthoods, skull and bones type societies, and then of course the CIA, become, with time and power, profoundly antisocial.

                Am I right?

                Warburg: Of course you’re right. I hear “initiation” involves more than one penis … You know… They submit to the other penis.

                Putrid: A group of young assholes in a dark room pissing on each other, what could go wrong? … Just young maladjusted males seeking approval wherever they can find it. I guess that’s how they got started: “I’ll piss on you and then you can piss on me and then we can piss on everybody.”

                Any news?

                Warburg: All eyes are on Lord Rothschild now, with luck he will usher in the next Age.

                And eh…

                Putrid: “Don’t kill all life on Earth!”


  2. I think that either way the Reset is coming. A massive reduction of mouths is unavoidable one way or another.

    For now, Russia’s military is worth something. However as time goes on, the technology of the West (the deep state or whatever) will be insurmountable, and Russia’s nukes will become useless as the new tech would disintegrate anything Russia might fire off.

    I think that it is unavoidable that something will happen before Russia’s weapons become obsolete, around the year 2025.


    1. Actual battles are now being fought between the Deep State and Russia.

      Both sides need to secure the territory of the Ukraine so I anticipate escalation in that region.

      The physical limit of the present currency system ensures we won’t get past 2020, anyway, the Russians can bring the System down right now if they wished; so the Deep State needs to make a decision … they keep trying to escalate tensions. If they fail to produce a major military war, I wonder how they’ll lock down the US population?

      The European Population are armed to the teeth and rural …… I think they’ll stay put and try to hold on.

      As for the rest ….


  3. ” I wonder how they’ll lock down the US population?”

    They will wait for winter…………..

    Winter is right around the corner here in the US and along with it comes well below freezing and snow ass deep……
    3 Days into a “Grid Down Scenario” and the unprepared will get on the buses without any resistance. They have been putting into our heads for the last 4 or 5 years… emp, grid attack, solar flare,………. all they have to do is “Pull the Switch” and no one would have a clue……

    The “Deagle.Com” prediction of a 260 million, population reduction in the US is not unrealistic, especially in the brutal months of january thru march . A couple weeks of 20 to 30 below will thin the herd pretty quick. 30 to 40 years ago not so much, today, nobody can fend for themselves

    “The European Population are armed to the teeth and rural …… I think they’ll stay put and try to hold on.”

    I guess you have never been to the US……. The most heavily armed population in the world. And Rural…? The state I live in has 6 million acres of “State Owned” land, 3 million acres in the north country alone.. There are areas in Upstate NY that would put the 1930’s Appalachin’ s to shame

    It’s going to be Interesting.


    1. Your point is very true. Winter is coming.

      Back to the bigger picture, globally, we have two factions: the Fiat War Faction and the Gold Faction. Sadly, for Americans, the US is home to the Fiat War Faction.

      Very Interesting 😉


  4. “What’s your take on Trump and the North Koreans? Are they really gonna take this thing nuclear or is this all bluster and posturing?”

    It’s all bluster. I suspect the Chinese are helping him with nuclear tech, and they’ll definitely back him in a hot war with the US. By the way, those guns the Chinese infantry use are specifically designed to pierce the armour of Nato troops.

    The War Kings are good at destabilizing poor isolated divided countries, but war with China or Russia will be all out. Every satellite in the heavens would be taken out almost instantly. How does the US military fight without modern comms? Every aircraft carrier would be sunk almost instantly. How to wage a land war in Asia without troop transport?

    The War Kings need to destroy all of Eurasia: their goal is to be the last standing hegemon.

    And yes, The Bullshit Machine is so important because I use it to deconstruct Religion, and how the varying power levels function.
    Recently, I was wondering about the relationship between psychopaths and sociopaths, and how the psychopaths always intimidate and kill the poor dumbass sheep that doubt and critique the Religion. History is replete with such examples, in every nation and race:

    Mass religious murders in Portugal and Spain of heretics, via burning to death.
    Mass murder of Christians and Jews in North Africa by Islamic pogroms in Libya after WW2.
    “Necklacing” was used by the black community to punish its members who were perceived as collaborators with the apartheid government.
    These included black policemen, town councilors and others, as well as their relatives and associates.

    Only those creatures at the end of the psychopathic spectrum can commit such horrific and evil violence against peaceful humans, and victims often includes humans of the same race and family who are killed and mutilated.

    So, yes, that’s how human society actually functions and only a few, sober humans, can catch the reality. And this is of utmost importance, because it tells us what the post Reset political economy will look like. And gives us clues as to how to survive it.


    P.S. A good few readers, especially Americans, have informed me they only have Silver, if this is the case then you may want to write me, as elite opinion advises against such an approach.


    1. Compared to sociopaths, psychopaths have vastly better impulse control.

      Sociopaths can be dangerous to any random person, but psychopaths are infinitely more dangerous if and when he makes *you* the enemy.


  5. As far as Silver goes, if Weimar’s example is anything it performed petty well, but gold outperformed it, but wouldn’t make much of a difference.

    If China, Russia, the US go at it, you are literally inside the Chapters of the “Book of Revelations”, which has 2/3rds of the world population destroyed, followed by Anti-Christ ruling through a totalitarian dictatorship, which he again starts religious persecution of anyone denying his claims of deity.

    Than after followed by total genocide of everyone left including his folowers, I think we can get a pretty clear picture of what the reset will be like, total utter genocide of every race, color, religion, human nature fully left to it’s own devices without god’s restraining hand.

    “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”


    1. This is also very interesting regarding gold and silver, it will only be able to do so much, probably during after the Reset it will be worthless, and you will have more important things to worry about.

      “They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.”


      1. The problem with that verse it doesn’t account that only .03% of the population in this country actually own physical pm’s. I assure you I won’t be seeing my neighbors despite the fact I live in a wealthy neighborhood casting their coins out into the street bc they don’t own any. It’s pensions and 401k’s and some have their private brokerage accounts but no pm’s.


        1. Depending on how you take the verse it could be talking about the elite rich that would own good and silver, and not the rest of the bottom 80%. Seems to have undertones of that. Or it could be speaking generally about money and the love of it, kinda like trying to plan for basically the collapse and genocide of humanity, our gold and silver might be useless during those times.

          I’ve also read explanations that if nukes are detonated gold and other PM metals would soak up radioactivity and you can’t physically hold on to it.

          Pretty sure we can think of another hundred sceneries with end of the world type of stuff where money would become useless.


  6. A good portion of the wealthy have Gold and Silver jewelry. Even poor families have Gold jewelry, particularly in the East.

    It’s a fact not lost on the elites.

    By the way;

    I was always worried my siblings, I’m from Ireland so there’s loads of them, would demand my precious after The Reset. I’m prepped but I got a big family … so I was a little worried.

    So I sent them a free copy of The Reset in the post, now it’s a quick read so they all give it a go, and to my great pleasure they’re all stackers now!!

    And Doomers 😉

    Even my nephews and nieces, and they’re children, have they’re own stack 🙂




    1. WTF, I wish my family all listened like that haha, Been trying to convert them into stackers and doomers in like forever. After my crypto buys this month, going to start stacking again probably in like a singapore vault, and transfer it physically wherever I make my final destination.


      1. Eck,

        I tried warning them verbally, and it was successful to a point, but many people don’t like being told what to do. That’s just their nature.

        And then one day, I was reading a CIA analysis of population control and it said something like “unlike any other instrument, a book can change a persons worldview completely and forever.”

        So they began to manipulate the book publishing industry.

        But I guessed they may be right, and I simply sent a copy of The Reset in the post.

        And last night, my siblings were arranging my nephews birthday gift on whatsapp, and to my great surprise and astonishment they were buying him a bar of gold.

        I couldn’t believe it, and the other kids have happily turned their piggy banks into gold coins.

        Doomer Kids!! They saw Rickards on TV the other week and said:

        “Hey Daddy, inflation is going to destroy your pension.

        Get your own Gold.”

        They actually said that. Eight year old Preppers!

        (My work here is done.)



        1. It’s nice to remember that peak oil will likely coincide with peak gold. Even if monetary collapse in a reset misses the expected uptick, I’d still be banking on an exponentially increasing cost of resource extraction. Low grade ore mining will not be viable in my thinking. Peak gold would probably not bode well for mining stocks, however. Gotta have the real deal.


          1. Idk thing is though the extraction rate for current mines, if it’s going to take them 100 years to get all the gold out of the ground I think they might do fairly well, even slow down on extraction to drive price parabolic, but with the reset, or even war contagion in the middle east, russia, saudi arabia there will be serious oil shortages and will sky rocket price.

            Reminding me of Atlas Shrugged, loved watching those shitty movies that Hollywood so purposely boycotted from hitting theaters, Oil price in that movie was parabolic, not to mention the rest of the book/movie played out like the fucking reset.


            1. Ayn Rand never understood people. She thought the smarties would join power to f’k the plebs out. The thing is, the smarties would rather kill each other first before they see the plebs destroying themselves.


              1. I keep some bling in China.


                Because they have millions upon millions of plebs that will fight to the death to protect my bling.

                I love the plebs that protect my bling, and I appreciate the leadership that arrange that protection.

                Understand this and you understand China. Understand this and you understand society.


              2. Well if you remember some of the powerful didn’t join and tried to continue doing what they did, but I’m sure some were coerced, or when everything collapses because majority leave, you aren’t going to make much money in a complete non functioning economy. Nobody is going to buy your iShit anymore. She was supposedly a mistress of Rothschild, and the whole book was actually a blueprint. Maybe Putrid can confirm.


              3. Yes, the Religion here is ethnic Nationalism and it’s very stable—for now.

                I anticipate a break out of tribalism as the economic turbulence arrives. But it’s all good so far.

                Way better option than Spain, which will be destroyed now.


        2. Ha, I have a four year old grandson who often greets me with “got any shiny coins for me ?”, (i,m in the habit of giving him cleaned up pre 1920 sixpences, shillings and half crowns). If any readers want to do the same for their kids (or themselves) ,I have a secondary market silver stall in Brighton UK on Saturdays at Upper Gardner St street market . The old pre 1920 coins are the cheapest deal by the kilo , 10% above spot but say the magic words “Putrid Scum” and I,ll do you 5% or similar discount on Eagles , Maples , Britannias, English hallmarked tableware, cig cases, watch chains ,rings ,charms, bracelets , you name it . As for you , Putrid , if you ever cross my stall , I,ll cross your palm with a shiny Britannia or two and dinner and a warm crib for you and Chen Feini is on me. I like your work ! (I,m the guy with the more than slightly jooish nose dressed 30,s style with the Maori Shrek like minder/assistant half way point in the street )


  7. China has made a whole hog bet on Nationalist War Kings by making Xi Jinping a virtual Emperor.

    Xi has become the most powerful person in China since Mao Tse-tung; he controls 4(including himself) of the 7 votes of the major council, and the other 3 are not people who would be able to challenge him. In other words, he has become an absolute ruler.

    It seems the higher-ups of China won’t go along with the Narrative, and will fight for their own survival.


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