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  1. Love you like a Younger Brother, Your blogs are always a good way to start the day.

    Why are only less than 5 % of the population aware of what is going on ?. (I believe Aristotle said the same thing)

    Still believe they are waiting for the “dead” of winter to do their deed (i’ve had visions of this)

    Stay safe and hang in there , We need you.



    1. 5 %? to much.There are hardly 0,5% “aware!
      Most peaople are in denial: The gifts from the past = stored energy from the sun (oil etc. you called it “candies”) and the gifts from the future (dept and printing) can no longer support the lifestyle of “civilization”. There will be a big change. Could be war, implosion of money (deflation) or explosion of money (inflation). The laws of nature claim a price. We cannot stem the tide!

      Inflation is most likely. The outcome is the same: Short term collapse!

      There will be no place to hide, except with the “primitiv people”. I cannot survive this kind of existing.


      1. the other day I looked at a dollar and saw paper…you can’t unsee that after reading the bs machine…you start to realize how indoctrinated, dulled, and desensitized we are…if it’s for a good cause with actual knowledge with a plan for the future, it can protect you to surround yourself with continued familiarity…when it is used to not make you think of anything except what you are told, you better have some good stuff to dull people with…not only is it wearing off, it’s running out…at least I get my vacay and gonna buy gold soon…thanks again, putrid…waking up is painful, but better than being in the dark…seeing others wake up gives some comfort and makes you start to think and plan again…critical thinking is in short supply as well…coincidence?…


  2. I so enjoy the socratic method. Plato would be proud.

    I’ll bite. I raise you the following.

    iras-araki-alcock six comets of concern were discovered. five of them are mentioned at various places online I have never seen a name or designation for the sixth No information exists for the sixth. No details of the sixth comet can be found. Only that there were six.

    what does musk know that we don’t? why do some of his private, unnamed investors appear to have unlimited slush funds? why are trillions missing from the pentagon?


  3. I like the Socratic method for several reasons, especially because it implicitly recognizes that I’m not the only brain behind the series. There are many “Warburgs” behind me. Anyway, I don’t have the brain to be a Capitalist, I’m far too placid and am a terrible investor, probably because I’ve never had to compete to get what I need. And I don’t care too. You know I was playing bowling one night and standing beside me was a large young blonde American lady, with a really lovely personality. I suppose I wasn’t paying her much attention so she turned her head and looked up at me and said “I wonder what it’s like to be you.”

    I looked down, and my reply was a smile.

    Back to the Reset…

    Phase one was the prepositional phase, involving the manipulation of BTC, natural human greed and shortsightedness.

    Phase two was marked by the introduction of Powell. The ECB, FED, and SNB will now commence with full print mode.

    It’s difficult to hyper-inflate an entire planet but they got the tools.

    Once the sheep panic Rothschild rolls out the Bling and all hyperinflation will stop dead, right then, dead.

    Because only Gold can stop hyperinflation. He’ll be lauded as a hero even though he planned the panic.

    Immediately after, all below cost production of EVERYTHING, not just oil, will cease.

    Most of the West will collapse into the varying forms of extremism. Perhaps some core parts of Europe can be salvaged.

    Wild cards are the War Kings getting us all killed, and what they’re planing for the Western populations, if they’re going to act then they need to act soon. Perhaps they’re waiting for phase three.

    Longer term, I’m no oil expert, but I think that means we’ll only have significant oil from Libya and Russia.

    Oil usage will be restricted to the extremely wealthy and heavy lorries for mineral and battery inputs production. That’s why Tesla and associated companies are so important. Gas and coal to liquid tech will be very important. Air travel may become a luxury again.

    The questions I wonder about is Bitcoin? Will it be used after The Reset? What will its price be compared to Gold…

    How will the Chinese population react to the Reset?

    I don’t think phase two will last long …


    1. Bitcoin is only the disruption. The final replacement will likely use some quantum-resistant blockchain technology.


    2. I don’t see Gold playing any sort of part in the new post reset system besides temporarily to stabilize everything, and make Rothschild richer. Gold will be replaced by a Digital Fiat World Currency to repeat manipulate markets again.

      Bitcoin can never be used for anything other than what it’s currently used for today utter aggressive speculation, it’s current technology can’t go past 6 transaction per second lol, it’s the most useless technology in history. Blockchain can’t scale for even the slightest use case.

      Bitcoin was most likely just a CIA other 3 letter acronym psy-op to get people used to the idea of digital currency, for the ultimate anal fucking, post reset global digital currency chipped into your ass.

      Depending on when the reset happens timeline wise, Bitcoin might long be dead by serious competitive tech, I’ve mentioned this before I believe, Radix.global, thing hit all of bitcoins transactions 250M+ in under a week with only 6 nodes. It can scale into 10,000+ 100,000+ 1000000+ Transactions per second. So depending on the resets timeline Blockchain will be dealt a deathblow, would be a good time if you have money resources to short bet 1000% in against anything Blockchain related, these useless mouth-breathing retards are going to get slaughtered like dot-com.

      Lastly if the Reset is going to be as bloody as you say it is, with energy shortages, Bitcoin will be fucking useless, when you have 0 electricity to process transactions, or use your bitcoins. Perfect example is Puerto Rico. GOLD is King like always proven throughout all of humanities existence.


  4. Putin is no fool. He knows his nukes will be made worthless by the new and almost supernatural technologies which will be online by 2025, so he will use them when he can. Somewhat similar to the Japanese who decided to fight in 1941 before it was strangled by the oil embargo forced by FDR.


  5. Ah man , those NAUGHTY Rothschilds ! and dear Warburg, so polite and wise , I,m fond of him already. Funny, deep , scary ,edge of the seat conversation you got going there Putrid . I,m hooked and loving it …er…except for the worrying thought … this ain,t fiction !


  6. “Immediately after, all below cost production of EVERYTHING, not just oil, will cease.”

    This is key!

    By the way the amount of energy Bit[eme]coin requires makes it automatically fall into this category.

    Other things/concepts that fall into the below cost production of;

    Coal to gas
    Food (industrial ag)
    Water (no water without FFs – no FFs without water – no electricity without either)
    and other rather important things.

    Also nuke reactors, massive cost above and beyond production. Shut down….no money in that sooooooooo?

    Virtually all of current life support systems are heavily subsidized, hell the global economy is subsidized and will go away upon reset.

    Funny thing is there is no money to be made on this reality, but also there is no money that can save you from the consequences of reset.

    What we are experiencing is a convergence of multiple predicaments any one of which could be catastrophic but maybe there would be another side. Coming all together as it is means this is game over not reset.


  7. Even though I plan on leaving the US, from a rational standpoint it seems like it has the best chance of survival, minus Yellowstone blowing up, but that would effect the whole world. As far as resistance goes, unless they wipe out 90% of the population with an EMP, Nuke, there are 500M guns 2 per each man child woman in existence. It would be insanely hard for any ground army to win against such.


  8. They’ve already successfully divided up America three way between the rednecks, blacks, and hispanics, so there will be no uprising against them. People gladly accept the service jobs and food products, drugs, entertainment, and sports.

    It really is the perpetual motion machine. And they can always cause some dislocations somewhere or another which will just drive more immigrants into America, increase the population and suppress wages, and divide the country even further.

    Absolutely brilliant. This thing is going to last for decades.


    1. No. I predict that after a year of the ‘reset’ the blacks and hispanics (except on the border regions) won’t matter too much since they have no source of food, ammo and other resources.

      They do not control the rural areas, and can easily be cordoned off and starved.


      1. The War Kings are informed by the sure knowledge that Capitalism Requires World War.

        So strangely, they’re behaving rationally. It’s just not clear how to win that war. So they’re stuck.

        The key to survival is three-fold in my opinion:

        Location: pick a resource rich nation or one located beside such, and preferably one with nukes. E.G. Russia, Finland.
        Myself, I might give Japan a try since they got great food and timber resources and are a hardy bunch. Especially if Russia delivers them gas. China, I’m not sure of the Chinese temperament and its response to sudden increases in poverty.

        Stoic and slave cultures are better than entitled ones.

        Remember, the West is going to collapse. Not the East. Ethnic minorities in the West will depart or die, the cities will be very dangerous.

        Religion: understand Religion and what Religion is growing in the nation you reside within. See Volume 1 + 3.

        Gold: you’ll need money. I don’t think you’ll need many coins, given that most folks around you have none, but you’ll need some. Given how the Reset is evolving, book Crypto profits into Gold. The Cryptos will continue to inflate, until phase 3 begins. If you’re in the East, then Silver is also a good option as it will perform as money, temporarily.



        1. Are we talking about Western as in Geography or “Western” as in civilizations and “Western Nations” given that Japan is considered a Western nation and China will probably demolish it when it gets a chance. I’m betting on Australia with a potential move to NZ eventually as the reset accelerates. Given where all the scum are buying bugout locations.

          Also given the fact that Australia NZ geographically speaking are away from everyone, you literally have to go out of the way to conquer them, as they provide no strategic advantage getting closer to Europe or the US, maybe regionally for China for the SEA region, even then it’s a hard push.

          NZ def looks golden it’s like literally going out of the way for nothing, South Argentina looks good too, don’t know how stable the culture people are during crisis. I guess Hitler fled there?

          I guess Europe your only safe spot would probably be Switzerland, or Austria? I guess you can also go near Siberian regions of Russia, but I wouldn’t bet on having any sort of decent life within a basic communist country, especially when the war drums are knocking. Russia literally looks like a few laws away from full blown communism again, the Stalin kind, not the weird China kind.


            1. Japan is like deep OTM options. They are usually peace and quiet but pushed to the extreme they are capable of batshit crazy stuff.


            2. Yeah well I meant in as you having some sort of money and able to go off grid, not trying to earn a living/interacting with people. From a survival standpoint it’s isolation, and low population rate can’t really be beat. Nobody is going to be surviving in cities, suburbs, or even country side, you literally need to be in the middle of nowhere fully self sufficient, even then depending how bad it is survival rates might still be pretty low.

              But yeah AU is much better by far, if we continue to have somewhat functioning economies even while hyper-inflating away, due to their much more stable economy and resources. I’m honestly surprised a country hasn’t gone full renewable resources for energy yet, especially if they don’t have huge oil reserves.

              Given that everyone is going to be fighting for energy, spend like 10X upfront on hydro, wind, solar, renewable sources, but be self sufficient when the world blows up. Heck it’s all debt anyway that will get hyper inflated to shit, or you can just default on it lol, think would put a lot of countries in a far better place during the reset.


        2. thanks for the quick reply. i’m aware silver has a growing number of commercial applications due to its physical properties, i.e., conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc., but how does that negate its use as money? are the two mutually exclusive?

          btw, first timer here and i really enjoyed reading your thoughts and the ongoing discussions. i followed your link here from ZH discussion this morning. thanks again


  9. Hello Putrid. i have purchased your first edition and am half way through it. The writing style takes some getting used to and sometimes the points and topics are discussed in too nebulous of manner. You are an astute observer of many things currently plaguing mankind, and, maybe it’s better for you to keep it that way. i find it odd that many of the people who write to you or respond to you tend to speak in a nebulous rambling manner as well. i am rambling…so, I will simply say this. I am not completely convinced of your true intentions and …(please keep in mind), my intent is not to disparage you, criticize your postings, book(s) or your person. I don’t know you, i know what i’ve read and absorbed up to this point thus far. And fortunately/unfortunately I have lived long enough to witness some of the events, turnings and changes that you write about, especially here in the US.
    I do know that this subject matter and type of content that you write of has and likely always will be popular with a particular subgroup of society. Human beings have an affliction to, or like to be scared. In a way, it heightens our senses in the end and i think in some way gives us the feeling that we are intelligent and aware of our environment. I don’t know.
    Maybe you are a really, really smart guy who simply likes to use some really good drugs and can pontificate or discuss (write about) at length in an intelligent way all these global-macroeconomic conditions that we live in and are experiencing. Maybe you do this to sell books to your small, but growing audience.
    There is a vagueness or ambiguousness to your versions or narrative of how much of how these things or events will eventually play out and for obvious reasons you need to present it that way.
    It is clear that in our mass consumerist driven society we have reached the point, a turning point or a clash point where the masses are in dissaray and simply do not know which way is the right way any more. We have gotten off the path. Our organizations, general unifying conditions, our care for fellow humans has reached a new, all time low in this country. We have been able to watch the first wave of victims of these condition as our poor, minorities, low end socio-economic classes demonstrate. The suffering will likely continue it’s way creeping up the ladder. Who is doing this to us? Why are they doing this to us? How can they have and wield so much power? Will we simply reset and re-stabilize in time? i will continue reading. Thanks.


  10. Huka dude – You are a little nebulous yourself there, come out and say what you mean. I don’t disagree with what I think you are saying. I have, over the last 10 years or so seen plenty of quality thinkers/bloggers become more interested in perpetuating the conundrum for the sake of clicks/sales, than in honing in on the big picture and perhaps naming the root causes because…well…where do you go from there?

    I withhold judgement here on Cath/putrid mostly because he has such a unique method. IMO there is an imbalance in the narrative skewed to the financial/economical. The “predicament” humanity is facing is multifaceted and equal in potential for collapse but most folks can relate only to the “it’s the economy stupid” thinking. However that is where we all live sooooo….. we shall see.

    Also in my opinion (not that anyone asked) but I believe that the original Limits to growth computer simulation severely underweighted Pollution in the model and that, in all its forms is what will be the ultimate trigger to collapse.




  11. In the end it doesn’t matter how the reset plays out. Even before reading the reset I knew about its main goal and outcomes long before I read any of Putrids books. As also knowing whom runs controls things.

    Thing is though if what he says is true meaning the sources he speaks with, that could be worth it’s weight in gold when you get a heads up on the reset starting, timing aspect of it, or any privy inside information.

    Thing is though why would these elite occultist confide in Putrid is beyond me, could be their need occulting beliefs of letting the masses know their plans.

    But from reading volume one the bank CEO def. sounds realistic unless putrid has a keen imagination.


    1. “Why would these elite occultist confide in Putrid is beyond me?”

      All elites read Philosophy, and enjoy understanding the World.

      It’s the pleasure of Understanding you see, and then there are very few intellectual Equals out there to discuss these issues with. So intellectual friendships are rare and thus valuable at this level: The System Level. The last System Level philosophers died a long time ago so we can only read their output which is a little intellectually stale for most appetites.

      Especially so since they were in academia: their output is overly long, lonely, verbose and most importantly, ego-centric. Academia is competitive you see, so this precludes contemplation, for contemplation’s sake.

      There is a sub field in philosophy called “the problems of the mind” and the ancients understood such, which is why they preferred learned debate and Socratic method to attain Understanding.

      With Understanding comes control. With control, comes Power.


      1. I mean by Elites I mean the psychopathic banking CEO in volume 1, and according to him and the people with whom you are conversing with, would make them fall under the category of psychopath. I doubt they have a need to talk about the system level philosophically speaking.

        They know they are psychopaths, it would seem more like therapy sessions in their eyes to vent, or try to justify their fucked up deeds. I’m not saying all are like this, I guess you could speak to good honest folk like the Chic Fil A founders, but I’m assuming most aren’t.

        Trying to understand what need “psychopaths” have for discussing the system level, when they can discuss it with their own ilk at Bilderberg, Davos, ect.


        1. Brother, I’m just defining Reality so please; Don’t let the sociopaths upset you.

          The medieval theologians had it right, a God-centric life is best.

          And a God-centric life does not preclude other humans because God is the centre of all things.


  12. I️ have read your volumes and am suitably impressed by the linkages to events occurring and the system with built in faults. Slightly in-the dark as to how you set your timelines. Is it possible to share your timelines analysis given that I’ve read and reviewed your work on amazon. Difficult to prepare living in the heartland of the states. Wish you well and thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  13. The deep state is running out of options to “subtlety” start WW3. It appears the alliance of MBS/Putin and Putin/Iran is strong. At this point I don’t see it happening without very drastic measures on the part of the deep state, which of course wouldn’t be very subtle anymore. The key to war gaming the current situation in the Middle East is identifying how far the deep state is willing to go and what they can get away with, keeping in mind their hands are being tied tighter and tighter by Putin (and maybe Trump).

    The opinions are stated as an effort to open discussion.


    1. “The Saudis have outlived their existence.”

      Bye bye Saudi …

      You know we could skip straight to the Reset proper at any moment, so the answer begged is this, What are the Central Banks buying time for?

      The optimistic answer is that they’re buying time for the Crypto infrastructure and a gold backed Fiat digitized onto a block chain.

      The pessimistic answer is assault, of nation after nation. Pure destruction.

      Once Saudi is destroyed, not long now, Egypt’s sponsor is gone. So I expect Egypt to become extremely unstable in 2018.

      Those bits of Near Asia which are in surplus will be protected by Big Oil, the rest is on the Menu.


  14. “What are the Central Banks buying time for?”

    IMO The effects of runaway Global Warming are well known by those who make it their business to acquire the best, least propagandized, and most advanced information money can buy. They also know that there is zero chance to get the population to do what is needed to mitigate it.

    Thus the Denier in Chief was placed in office to keep things going until the absolute and undeniable effects kick in and chaos ensues. Chaos that has nothing to do with debt, finance, fiat, banking, taxes, basically anything or anyone that anybody can point a finger at so those .01% all skate free and clear.

    Sure its still climate chaos but the alternative is economic chaos where everyone points a finger at any and all with more wealth than the other guy.


    P.S. If you can find any 2015 Sokol Blosser Pinot grab it up.


    1. Wait so the bullshit peddling machine of the world for Global Warming with Leonardo DiCaprio, trying to ram carbon taxes down the global throat is real? I’m not saying there isn’t some sort of climate change going on, but that could still fall within normal confines of thousands of years of human history.

      Or it could be the end of the world where the climate just goes utterly insane and destroys mankind, that still doesn’t mean it’s carbon driving global warming to our doom, given all the non existent proven false temperature readings, even if proven right, it’s greening the earth so I guess the environmentalists should celebrate it, right?

      Going to Gold Blockchain, I don’t see the need to wait for it… Why can’t countries just implement a Gold backed system now? The only role I see it Distributed Ledger Technologies(DLT) is for a global digital currency to be implemented and enslave every single soul into it’s system, or face death. In my opinion I’m thinking of a global fiat currency. I see gold as secondary to Digital Currency technology, as I mentioned I see no reason why Gold backed economies can’t be implemented without DLT, besides for obvious efficiency reasons, of transferring gold globally instantly, and cheaply.

      But with that reasoning I could understand that they want to have to tech ready to implement a global digital currency, if that’s the case that they don’t want a prolonged reset, than guess what the reset is at least 5 years away. The earliest thing on the horizon is what I mentioned Radix that can truly scale globally, and even that is due out sometime in early 2018, by the time it gains the attention, and solutions are built to tie a whole global currency system into it will still be a few years more. If they are waiting than the year might be around 2021-2022, I was thinking about this the other day about the last market crashes. 87 – 01, 01 – 07/08, 08…. should of happened in 2017/2018 if we go from 87-01 it’s 14 years so 08 + 14 brings us to around 2021.

      By that time frame the tech will be there to support every single global transaction in the world.

      This is all assuming that they don’t want a prolonged reset, which they might want actually given that it would get the population down to Georgia Guide-stones levels. Actually all this stuff makes me need to study Revelations and it’s timeline, you know given mass death, destruction, Middle East, One world government, Mark of the beast(global digital currency). Clearly not going to be able to time exact years and numbers, but at least events to be aware of, such as does 60% of the population get wiped out first before implementing the digital currency, is it prolonged or short time period of massive death?

      Anyway Ranting at 4AM over.


  15. Regarding the cryptos, I think those who created them overplayed their hand by creating a Bitcoin Cash, which did undermine its credibility somewhat.

    It is like hyperinflating a currency which was set to be finite to begin with – Adding bad money to good money, something which even existed back in the days of Ancient Rome.

    One common theme of history is the elites overplaying their hand before the time had arrived. I think that mistake, more than anything, threw a big curveball to the schedule of the Reset.


    1. They had no choice; it was either bring Bitcoin price down by hacking a big exchange or pump up the price of one of its competitors.

      Why? Because if Bitcoin had hit 10k there’d have been a panic. Why? Because its trajectory was exponential.

      Hacking a big exchange would have had serious long term negative consequences, so it didn’t happen. Not yet anyway.

      That’s why I exited Bitcoin two weeks ago, I was sick in my stomach when I saw the price go above 7k. I was fucking worried.

      Essentially the game is to flow the excess fiat into Cryptos where it’s not used to buy anything. So the hyperinflation doesn’t effect the general economy. It’s all about buying time …

      But time for what?

      Prepositioning first. Now?

      Destruction. Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Saudi, Turkey, India, Egypt, … piece by piece destruction is the second phase.

      The excess money needs to flow into Cryptos so it won’t pump up the Gold price. And the money flow is capitalizing the emerging financial system that may save parts of the West.

      It’s all about time and death and destruction now. The more nations you destroy now the less your nation will suffer later.

      How long before phase three? …


  16. It seems to me that fiat cannot be tied up into or flow into crypto. Virtual currency does provide distraction, but not net conversion. The ‘profits being made are merely fiat wealth transfered, which will still need to find a fiat home. Attention is being diverted from gold, granted, as a new bauble glittering with promises of speculative wealth, central bank undermining, peer to peer superjurisdictional utopia captures and hypnotises some of the fastest minds.
    It has been two years since I first came across the phrase ‘the reset’, passed to me by a HK based banker in the midst of frenzied attempt to secure title to as many real assets as hypothecated fiat could secure. This ‘reset’ scenario was seen as something to be ‘gamed’ in his camp, with the titleholders being the obvious victors after all other claims are blown away.
    That said, this man was not worried for his very life.


    1. The HK banker was two years too early.

      Two years ago The Reset wasn’t fully understood. Then, it was conceived as a purely financial and monetary event.

      Now … that it’s fully understood … his life is in danger.

      I’m Heading to HK tonight, will buy a few coins in the morning. I haven’t obsessed about prepping, I just enjoyed my life since 2008 … a lot will be determined by luck.


  17. BTC back above $7k , BCH holding around $1.2k ,soooo not good ? Forgive my dumbassness but are you saying that nice Mr Warburg does NOT want hyperinflation of regular stuff (bacon,eggs ,beans etc) because I was thinking that was a necessary precursor to spook the herd and thus accept the rolling out of the bling as savior . Or are we just straight to Armageddin , do not pass Go, do not collect 2 hundred bucks ? so many questions Putrid but I know you are doing your best to figure this out and I appreciate muchisimo , ….and dont worry , you,ll have the luck of the Irish and a guardian angel to boot .


    1. I think it’s a question of timing … it would be better for the West if as many of our potential future enemies are completely destroyed before The Reset phase three, so they can’t get payback while we’re weak.

      You should see BCH and BTC as one currency unit btw.

      So combined they’re around 8.2k

      Not good? definitely scary.

      There are only three ways this bitch is gonna blow:

      World War
      Cryptos go fucking nuts
      The fiat currencies blow out

      Strangely, all three are converging… so yeah, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride 😉

      I got guys trying to get the timeline down.

      I wonder when the sheep will wake up? I think they know something is up, but they’re too scared right now.


  18. No one seems interested in parting with Bitcoin. As this continues, so too will increasing adoption which obviously perpetuates an increasing price. This suggests the panic is closer than we’d all like.There is a flip side to this. When you consider how distracted the masses are from these precipitous affairs, it’s hard to imagine a flood of dumb money entering Bitcoin anytime soon.

    BCH was the wrong alternative to pump. There is an altcoin that could very well have overtaken BTC had it been pumped. The conundrum though is that will more than likely precipitate the panic as well.

    Can anyone comment on exchanging BTC directly for the real bling (smiling at you Putrid).


  19. @justdues

    In my opinion, hyperinflation in crypto can be controlled. Hyperinflation in real goods however, can not. The funny thing though is that hyper-inflated real goods require an awareness and mass adoption as well, and the masses are hypnotized.

    Now, when things go nuclear(might already have) in the ME, and the poor souls in the US wake up to 8$/gal gas, well, the hypnosis might suddenly wear off.


  20. @August. I believe Goldmoney.com does BTC for real Bling . They have been around for a while , based in the Channel Islands and hold real gold and silver bling ( not paper derivatives ) in various countries vaults of your choice ( Switzerland, HK, Singapore etc) . You would have to open an account to deal. They seem pretty sound and if some kind of civilization survives I believe they will be THE bank of the future i.e a proper bank that holds your cash ,crypto,and PM,s and issues payment debit cards ( they already have a loadable debit card but not yet a spend your bling directly at the checkout card tho this would be easy to implement if they were allowed )


        1. It looks like it’s being guided in a manner so as to avoid triggering any major buy/sell events. An intentional slow burn if you will. It’s surreal.


  21. Don’t worry why do you think the CME introduced futures come December? To gold the shit out of Bitcoin and if all else fails an easy 50% attack is always warranties what’s a few millions in hardware to government agencies.

    That’s how you know bitcoin is an utter scam to the general sheep, governments/elites could of killed it so many times at their pleasing but they didn’t, and still can.

    My gut feeling is, unleash futures, manipulate price to nothing shake out all the weak hands while they load up on gold/bitcoin themselves.

    But let’s also not forget what useless flawed tech blockchain currently is at 6/tps it can never scale to become a global currency.

    Closest thing currently in the wild is Ethereum and their scaling plans are well into 2020 territory.


    1. man, the sheep chew on cud, the BTC thang aint fer sheep.
      It is fer the mountin goat, that imagines itself a tad smarter though being defacto actuary.

      BTC is a certificate

      when you see actual stock, ruminating, and multiplying you will get an understanding of real and imaginary.
      The traders are makin a win. yes they are. but they are not the sheep

      they are the paracites
      although I should say front runners

      to trade in futures makes you what?
      nothing good I can absolutely assure you

      CC is here, along side with derivative trading
      you can smell it or you cant

      those who milk are wasting their intellect
      the gain is vain


  22. Putrid,

    What is also the take on the SDR currency reset? Re-evaluate all global currencies within 5% of each other? Does it make sense to load up on cheap shit like Iraqi Dinar, Yuan, and Ruble?


      1. As far as vault storage goes temporarily, which jurisdiction is safest incase you’re shit gets get caught up early reset. Swiss, Singapore, Hong Kong?


  23. @afasf… Safest would be Switzerland is my best guess, politically neutral, easily defended mountain territory , armed militia population and home to the BIS ( presumably banker families dont want mayhem in their own HQ ). For personal possession internationally , British sovereigns are best , the worlds most popular and recognized gold coin as they come in small denominations of 8gm and 4gm (half sov) 22ct gold , they have been minted since 1816 and as you would imagine carry the British sovereign,s head on one side and St George slaying the dragon on the other, beautiful little coins , my favorite is the “Young Bun” ( a young Queen Victoria with her hair tied back in a bun. There were 3 Victoria heads as she reigned a long time , the Empress and the grieving widow were the other two. Good luck


  24. Globalisation depends on economies of scale.
    How shall all those connected networks survive a reset on lower scale.

    Google for Norman Pagett:
    You wont like downsizing!


    1. Thanks for the Norman Pagett tip elmar.
      he reads alot like the late Mike Ruppert, who I miss dearly………..

      Pagett’s future of arabia was laid out years ago in “twilight in the desert” by matt simmons
      who at the time was the # 1 man in the world on oil flow rates and reserves….

      I thank The Creator every day for allowing me to be one of the few…… That’s Awake.



  25. So another weekend of crypto moonshots ! Feels bubbalicious speculation on the one hand or is it merely the first big wave of Fiats seeking to exit the burning theatre before the frenzied rush and is the theatre management facilitating the exit to guide the audience to the next show or keep them in their seats for another can kicking curtain call of the (tired ) old show ?


    1. Ammo up bitches …

      The whole system is modeled… we know … everything. Including the future.

      This is going to be epic … 🙂 pure destruction. Saudi, Yemen, now Egypt …

      We have time … more time. I’m thinking there must be a limit to the dumbasses out there that would buy at 9k plus so I hope the price will stabilize. If not, expect hacks to deal with that.

      I heard the Dollar tether was hacked recently… 🙂 Am I right? Not bothered to check the “news” …

      Final preps … take no chances.


      1. Yes it was but to the moon yall it’s like investing in the future of horse carriages when automobiles are around the corner lol


  26. Is this not a bait and switch regarding cryptos though? Pile in with bitcoin futures at CME, get screwed by the volatility, destabilise so other assets break free and thus kickstart the Reset sooner rather than later…….?


            1. While I am responding to you, it’s not directed at you.

              A brief hiatus from reality is helpful here I think. Stop looking for “value” (much too sensible an approach these days) and trust there’s plenty of room for BTC to stretch it’s legs. If the idea is to use BTC and by extension the crypto space as a fiat sink (other utilities for the cryptos as well but that’s off the immediate topic), we’re no where near a global max. Mass adoption is still not even on the distant horizon.

              One wonders whether the population has actually been over stupefied to ever pile into crypto in a massive way though.

              Google trends comparison of “Facebook” to “Bitcoin” suggests plenty of growing room left. I’d be interested to hear anyone’s thoughts on other more appropriate proxies regarding the google trends.


              1. Hmmm… it matches a parabolic curve.

                Which implies other things… or beings… are on a parabolic curve.

                Oh, … don’t parabolic curves reverse to zero? (cue roller coaster sound)


  27. I still say BTC is being guided, fully. Not partially or accidentally. It perfectly straddles the line between unsustainable and sustainable from a standard deviations point of view. Fascinating to watch a behemoth be guided by such a puny being(s).

    This reminds me- the USD tether “poisoning” is certainly something that needs a watchful eye.


    1. Oh… my eyes are on the Russians and Chinese …

      Is it a warning? Or are they pulling the plug …

      I don’t believe small time players would buy in at that price … so … who is buying?

      So you’re a mathematician, where’s it headed according to the curve?

      The second possibility is that it’s being guided by its creator. He would have the war chest to bid up the marginal sellers …


    2. Yes, the curvature itself, may be a message, a deliberate announcement. It was mentioned in the Reset that they could do it … I wonder who reads my books … almost no reviews , why is that …


  28. Or creating crypto out of thin air to bid it up (USDT).

    The figurative message I get is that it’s headed to infinity (HOLIPHUCK!) But we know the literal message is quite the opposite (right, RIGHT?)

    Let’s revisit the trajectory soon.


  29. The price is being manipulated by one whale on bitfinex and maybe a few others that is it. Could be the CME boys are telling him to pump as high as possible, so they can make massive profits when futures are out and JP Morgan shorts billions of dollars worth.

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  30. RE: BTC

    log scale on the 1 week chart looks like it’s thinking about taking a turn for the exponential

    If I had the computing power, fitting the log periodic power law (LPPL) to this would be a very interesting exercise.

    Volume doesn’t really coincide with “mass adoption” here though-curious.


  31. BTC futures go live 12/18. I wonder if that will mark the “top” so to speak in stocks? After all, at that point all the money sloshing around will have a new home-did the exit just present itself?


    1. An interesting note though is that the futures will only be settled in cash, and not physical BTC so it might not have any impact on price at all, it might just create 2 different markets.


      1. Agreed. It shouldn’t. But what’s the real reason behind it? It will only be available to high net worth individuals and institutions correct?


        1. I don’t see how they would make it available only to certain people it’s not a fund… I can buy it when it’s available granted you can cover the margin cost per contract.

          The reason they did it because it’s not realistic to settle in bitcoin, what are they going to do have people send you bitcoin to your wallets? And wait hours if not days to fully confirm.

          Maybe there are other reasons who knows.


          1. Futures contracts create the illusion of artificial supply… like the paper gold market.

            Bitcoin is fixed in supply, which is why only a small incremental increase in money flows allows it to be hyper-inflated. Demand and supply curves don’t apply to things in fixed supply. So only small additional monies are required to push Bitcoin to 40k, or 100k. This hyperinflation is being carefully orchestrated, possibly by the Competing System, possibly by Rothschild, possibly by both.

            Then throw in some ideologically and profit motivated Bitcoin whales and we have a recipe for an eruption.

            I personally suspect the futures contracts will have limited present impact, I suspect it’s part of the future Crypto financial infrastructure that’s being built up. Because paper Bitcoin won’t be accepted as payment by anyone presently.

            Bitcoin is unlike Gold: all member nations have agreed not to back their currencies with Gold, so Gold is presently not performing as a means of exchange.

            Given the timing of the last parabolic price move, I fear there are power factions preferring and arranging a hard Winter Reset.


            1. This is a comment from JT Roberts on Tom Morgans blog. I think it is worth to be displayed here:

              JT Roberts on December 3, 2017 at 2:51 pm said:
              We also need to understand how Government funds itself. Most think it is a purely tax and spend system. Much of of Government finance is a function of money creation. When the Government borrows and spends it is increasing the supply of money. If it can maintain growth of 2-3% the money is basically free.

              For any Government to relinquish control of money creation is suicide. They won’t do it because they can’t do it. Government has no productive capacity so it has no way to fund itself other than become a drag on the productive capacity of its population. This becomes a very tenuous relationship since the social contract requires society to feel that government is a benefactor.

              Having the ability to literally make money creates the perception that there is more value derived from government then costs associated with it and quells revolt. Since most people do not understand how money is created they remain unaware of the fact that the government is funding itself through inflation. Using the term inflation is ambiguous because we assume costs are increasing when what is really happening is debasement of the currency.

              Imagine for a moment that all currency disappeared and all transactions were in bitcoin. How exactly would the government function? It couldn’t. If you think about it what would the value of Bitcoin be measured against? Itself?

              The only reason there is value presently in Bitcoin is because of the existence of sovereign currency. Bitcoin like Tesla Uber Facebook and Amazon are disruptive businesses. Why are they here now? Because the real economy the one that runs on energy is collapsing.

              We hear talk that the “US Dollar is collapsing against Bitcoin”. Max likes that one.

              But perhaps what we are really seeing is the currency collapse right before our eyes. How can anyone justify the present Equity Market valuations? Whether we look at stocks, bonds, or real estate everything is a bubble. Yet there is no inflation? Well then it’s currency debasement.

              Clearly what’s happening is all remaining surpluses are being spent to maintain the system. The real system the energy system.

              The cost of the energy required to run the system is already too high. So everyone’s pension has been traded for shale oil and gas. Or tar sands. Etc.

              There is a lot more that could be said but it kind of already has been. We know the next crisis is a currency crisis but will we recognize it when it arrives?


              el mar

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  32. So the mythical Satoshi is actually AI and his wife Sophie just attained Saudi citizenship (she is not interested in getting a drivers license) coinciding with Trump,s visit ( he put in a good word for her ? ). So The Families control NSA ? The singularity has occurred and AI wants us to have crypto. The cryptos are increasing in value against all other assets particularly the Fiats , they will eventually exceed the value of all fiats causing a crisis in confidence . If the Fiats are essentially destroyed ,how do you “value” BTC (the Reserve crypto against which all other cryptos are valued) ? The obvious answer is GOLD. At some point the crypto bubble will reach overstretch and there will be a panic to anchor the heady valuations into the physicality of gold , but like any crowded theatre the exits will be narrow and the pressure from one balloon deflating will inflate the gold balloon until they reach some kind of equilibrium . I think at this point one accepts the reality and rides the crypto, parking profits along the way into gold before the mad rush to exit . You announced on Nov 4th that The Reset phase 2 began on Nov 1st and a few days later , voila, BTC makes its grand entrance on the world stage ! Cryptos ARE the Reset and yes they are guided by the hidden hand . Good call Putrid


      1. Basically, Cryptos are a reflection of stupidity, greed and economic desperation. The exchanges are unregulated, so we should assume they’re trading against their clients … and as the new clients evaporate?


  33. It,s like a new layer has been inserted into Exters pyramid . Crypto sits just under gold now . As all other derivatives flow into it then at some point it itself must flow into and anchor itself to gold . Yes ?


  34. It’s hard to imagine Gold having any relevancy (read: monetary value) in the future. Sure many nations are accumulating it, but who knows what’s real or theatrics anymore?

    Putrid- Can you elaborate on gold, regarding the comment “Though not as most players imagine it?”


    1. They’re simply too young to understand what’s about to come their way. The bitcoin exchanges are dominated by millennials’ convinced of their status as modern day ‘traders’, extolling the virtues of their stochastic indicators and RSI’s and the foolproofness of their trading strategy that are in effect nothing more than long only/buy and hold (or hodl as its now being deemed). They are truly convinced of their omnipotence, its both horrifying and sickening at the same time. I mean these squirts haven’t seen what happens when everyone rushes for the exits at the same time…they were shitting themselves to sleep at night all the way through 2007-2009..waking up to mommy’s tit in the morning after a nice bath…and now they’re trying to teach everyone their damn trading strategies…??!! It defies belief, really.

      Seriously, I’ve been looking at the trading on the GDAX exchange (amongst others) over the last 2 weeks and, having come from an institutional securities trading background, feel I am qualified to make a few observations…

      1. There is fairly broad based liquidity. But it is razor thin. Huge pockets of liquidity on both sides of the order book. Market orders of 10-20 bitcoins can launch or plummet the price several hundred dollars.

      2. There is prolific spoofing/market manipulation. Which, given the liquidity in the markets, is both easy to do, and technically not unlawful given its an entirely unregulated product/exchange.

      At this point all I can say is that, right now, it’s a tsunami (futures) barrelling down on a storm in a tea-cup ($200 clips on retail dominated exchanges)!

      It’s going to be a disaster of epic proportions! I mean lest we forget about all the UK and European retail brokers that are writing synthetic derivatives (CFDs) on bitcoin and altcoins already (IG, being the biggest of them all) that have enjoyed a one way market with little to no hiccups along the way. What happens when the markets takes a turn and all of a sudden all those long-only retail clients hit the ‘sell my bitcoins and give me fiat’ buttons on their webportal trading platforms?! It’s going to be fucking epic! Truly, it is! So much so, I’m buying a couple of corn futures because the popcorn that’ll be consumed during this catastrophic collapse will be fucking glorious in its scale!

      Lastly, I’m really concerned at the stark absence of the ‘tail wagging the dog’ comments in relation to this pending futures market. Is it just me, or are we about to get a lesson in the undeniability of this phenomenon? Surely nobody actually believes that the derivative is, and will continue to behave, as nothing but a derivative? Oh no! make no mistake, this fucking tail is going to wag the ever-loving balls off this dog my friends!

      I know this to be true too. I had drinks recently in the City (London) with a friend, where we spoke of the trading side of bitcoin which, at that point I hadn’t spared much though about to be honest, but it certainly piqued my interest on the trading side that night. This prompted me to start digging around the City to see what I could find out about what’s going down on the market making side. I’ve been aware of the major retail brokers in the city that are writing synthetic derivatives on bitcoin et al (CFD’s and spreadbets) for some time now, years actually.
      But never really thought about the underlying market infrastructure supporting all of this. So in very little time at all I came to learn a few things…

      1. IG, is the dominant player. They appear to have a dedicated market making desk and their trading is pretty rudimentary. Clients are accumulating and offloading as normal, but net net they’re long and accumulating BTC physical. So said traders are purchasing the physical coins with cash on the various exchanges to hedge their client exposure. This is all unicorns and rainbows for as long as their book grows while the market direction supports their accumulation. At the same time they are charging their clients a 60 bps spread on the BTC/USD & GBP crosses (exchanges are as low as 1 bps on USD and quite a bid wider on GBP) and a wholesome overnight financing charge on the product (standard BTC product is 100 BTC notional, margined at 20%; mini product is 10 BTC notional, margined at 20% as well). So needless to say, IG is making bank on their crypto trading no doubt. The kicker is the traders are walking around with USB keys filled with tens of millions of pounds of physical BTC (which I imagine must be freaking their risk managers out a little..)
      Just a little aside before we get to the real kicker. Recall Jamie Dimon’s remarks about firing any of his traders that trade bitcoin, and how shit the whole thing is? Well the disingenuous fuck head happens to have spawned the very team of traders making the market and managing risk for IG’s crypto desk. Gasp..tell me it isn’t true?

      So this is all fine a dandy, but let’s inject a little thought experiment. Let’s assume this crypto market loses its perma-bid and goes offered into the ground at warp speed? Our modern day millennial crypto traders think its perhaps about time to offload that position and convert back to fiat. Enter IG trading platform,’open positions’, BTC/USD position – SELL. Multiply this effect by a few hundred, occurring non stop for a few hours and what do you have? A market making desk being put all these positions with furious abandon by clients who almost don’t care what price they’re getting as long as they’re getting one, forcing IG to make the market – where there isn’t one! So IG is making a market 2-10% wide of spot, maybe, or whatever, but, but BUT they have a metric fuck ton of physical on USB keys they need to sell to raise the cash!
      How exactly is this little drama going play out exactly? What new age super computing risk management systems do they have to enable them to come out the other side of this one with both balls still in close proximity to each other? I don’t see it. Rather I see the making of the next broker wipe out if we experience another exchange collapse/fraud/scam as is currently pending with bitfinex and tether, a la MtGox.

      As of next week though, there’s a possibility that the desk decides to start offloading the physical and replacing the exposure with/on the futures exchange. It’s a far cleaner product and enables a far more effective risk management strategy (run a small physical book, but offset the majority on exchange across the maturity curve) and this might go a long way to mitigate their risk. However, this is of course predicated on the crown jewel of efficient markets – liquidity. Or in this case, the lack thereof could precipitate an even quicker collapse. A few successive 20% limit down days and those traders might just be wishing for the days where they only had to find buyers for their physical because the futures market tail will be wagging the dog, so to speak, with aggressive, reckless & furious abandon.

      So, futures market or no futures market, the world of crypto currencies has a world of growing pains to endure anyway you look at it. No doubt they will feature prominently in the future, the technology and utility function is beyond dispute, the value however is rather subject to a little more uncertainty in my view and chances are good you’re probably going to get another chance to purchase BTC at a fraction of today’s price.


      1. The question is how long do they let it run? Put another way, how long do we have to continue the money multiplier glory (GREED! UGH!) ? There’s no reason to think it’ll get smashed this weekend, when they can simply let it run and further increase profits. That said, any sane person would agree it’s due for a serious correction, which would really fuck up banker plans regarding using the futures as a means of unloading BTC and profiting from the decline.


        1. Agreed about the Chinese taking a step back-obvious red flag.

          Also agreed about PM retailers getting skittish. I wouldn’t want an uncompleted order going into the weekend.

          If I were behind the fraud at Bitfinex, I’d no longer be looking to get away with more fraud but how to get out with my ass intact. This sways my thoughts towards immediate shorting this Sunday.

          It IS a fantastic spectacle, truly surreal. The masses don’t have a fucking clue.


      2. THIS…I am an older millenial working in tech but unlike all of my colleagues I have a formal education in finance and economics, a passion for studying monetary history, and a practical education in futures trading. Literally, as I type this, I can hear millenial aged coworkers speaking breathlessly to each other about how to buy today (GDAX quote ~$16250 as I type), how “Ethereum is programable money,” and “just be ok with losing whatever money you put in today”

        These are exactly the people ZJ is describing and for many of them this is their first time putting any capital to risk in financial markets outside of maybe having some money in a robo-advisor like Betterment or Wealthfront (because, ya know, passive investing is unbeatable). These are probably the least sophisticated investors imaginable with no stomach for risk. Don’t even get me started on the fact that if any of these muppets quotes you a bitcoin price and you ask “what exchange are you referring to?” you get blank, deer in the headlights staring back.

        Once the futures goes live that is the market price that will be touted as official in the MSM and as Putrid said below, there is only ~$6B in fiat inflating this to ~$400B so the only way the whales can profit is to make money on huge short positions as well as HUGE spreads on market making when liquidity simply disappears once sell orders come in. Since ZH has been a shell of its former self and now a controlled opposition outlet, once I started seeing the breathless, 5x a day BTC pump pieces produced I started to realize that BTC is now being manipulated by the opposition.

        And yes, crypto is not going away and will very much be a part of the future but BTC may be more analogous to Netscape then the stake through the heart of the global vampire squid gang.


  35. Well I’m ready for that short boys haha, hopefully interactive brokers doesn’t screw me with margins. The CEO of interactive brokers basically signaled it to the rest of his ilk, saying he’s concerned about a Lehman style collapse if bitcoin price crashes and clearing houses go under.

    So Trump is announcing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, anti christ rebuilding temple on what like 3 months time? I guess he will come and save us all after the reset ; )


  36. Nov. 1: Deposited $3400 to BTC wallet
    Dec. 1: Sent JM Bullion this BTC to deliver 280 Silver Eagles.

    Where can I buy physical silver for $12.15 per oz.?
    Thank-you BTC, but now that you are nearing $15k, you have me spooked.

    Why did Nicehash, the largest crypto mining exchange, shut down and $50+ million in BTC disappear at this moment?


  37. I reckon it goes the other way. Sure, they’ll smash down the price – maybe even 25% of now, and it’ll bounce back. Why would you let the fox (BTC) into the hen house (CME), without ringfencing other assets – unless you wanted to see blood on the walls? I reckon you’re right Cathal – this is the Reset.

    We’re talking about a huge centralised fiat system that is hyper-fragile to volatility versus a small decentralised anti-fragile system that thrives on volatility. David vs Goliath and I reckon Goliath takes a direct hit. BTC will just about cope with getting anally fucked; then the CME group’ll shut up shop on a Friday while BTC trades over the weekends (20% in a day anyone?) and we’ll re-open with everyone getting fucked.

    They’ll probably keep having a few more goes and BTC’ll trade around 10-15K for a few months before taking off again. Who knows what might be sacrificed with regards to the ability to control / suppress other markets though – and that might be the real objective……the impact on the wider economy as we move into the Reset proper.


  38. Think is though, how much of an influence can bullshit paper futures have on BTC at this point, they might fail spectacularly. It’s not like Gold where there are literally no other exchanges besides futures markets to trade it at. BTC has a dozens of other exchanged where physical BTC is traded. You might literally see 5K Futures price vs. 50K physical BTC price.

    My guess is they are just hoping currently, that when people see price trade so low on futures they might get worried and follow suit.


  39. Before we get carried away here. This is not the first time BTC has blown up in asymptotic fashion. If you had witnessed any of the prior run ups and subsequent crashes, you might well have thought the same thing…”this is it”

    All I’m saying is, maybe this isn’t the end (so hopeful we have more time).


  40. Sounds like the bankers are starting to regret their decision to open futures trading on BTC. If that is truly the case, this could be the great undoing.


  41. It’s worth mentioning that the nicehash hack had negligible impact on BTC. Back in the day that would’ve slowed it’s roll.


  42. Hello Putrid, Bitcoin has become a craze in Korea(South), something few Western media reports.

    Everyone and his brother are selling their stuff to invest in bitcoin, and it has become a huge delusion.

    Korea is estimated to trade about 20% of the world’s bitcoins even when it doesn’t even have an exchange. It is also a favorite conduit of Chinese to cash their cryptocurrency.

    Because of the torrent of money being poured from Korea, its craze will probably last longer.


    1. “Even a commodity as sound as gold in the early 1970s doubled prior to its return to legal ownership in the USA – and the advent of futures trading – as the commercials loaded up on the long side in the physical market. That’s what’s been going on in btc, in case you aren’t aware; the commercial banks and any other major financial institutions have bid btc from the mid-000s to the high -000s in a matter of months. With regard to gold in 1975, once futures trading took hold the market declined from near $200 to $103 – call it near 50%. Expect similar behavior to occur in btc. The trade is now loaded with actual btc. When futures trading commences they will hedge up and take the short side of the market. Consequently, who is going to be left to take the leveraged long side? It will be the retail trader who has neither the psychological commitmen nor the financial wherewithal to withstand a serious and/or sustained weakening it btc prices. You need to realize that the whole move to date in btc has been because no serious sellers have been possible (i.e. btc has been immune to shortselling). Once that condition is removed the market will become two-sided.”


  43. Entertaining commentary. Y2k, Planet X, Bill Holter, Cliff High, I could go on but I am sure you get the point.

    I am curious. Is there a term for people who are addicted to the apocalypse? I guess PT Barnum was right.
    Another in a long line of “the world is ending but on your way to Mad Max, buy my product.

    Well played sir.



    1. One of my readers read the Reset in August. Took out a 60k unsecured loan the next day and bought BTC. Sold just before the Futures came out. He’s having a very Merry Christmas, just like me.

      And we know what will hyper-inflate next, and what will hyper-inflate after that as well. Entertaining, yes. Profitable, very.

      Student, Any Questions? (You can’t imagine how wide my smile is right now.)

      Have a Merry Christmas,


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      1. Well, I am on the wrong side of 50, my 5 children are grown, and my background is such that I would guess I have a better skill set than most in the event you were actually correct (USMC, LEO).

        Come on now, you must admit all these doomsday folks who have been calling for our demise as a society for a generation while pushing there version of snake oil have found a nice profitable lane to run in, and no matter how many times they are wrong the paying customers keep coming back for more. Battered wives syndrome I suppose.

        I wonder if your audience is aware there are far worse things than dying?


        1. you know, , it’s possible to be wrong and right at the same time
          i think you fit the bill
          psycho victims will get milked because they are ruminants
          info collectors will digest this differently

          the vectors are pointing to an unpleasant outcome
          deny that with logic
          for some, there will always be doom
          i like the way you came out with your thoughts, but you miss the mark
          sharp as you may be

          and i suspect there are far better things than dying on anothers agenda too, well, yes there are
          rather not be toast


        2. Choose your words carefully on this site Mark.

          This site is frequented by The Capitalists. Every word on this site is analyzed by them.

          They own islands, farmlands, corporations, Cryptos and governments.

          This isn’t a doomsday site, they’re only interested in winning. And so they study the System Framework alongside myself.

          The Reset refers to a Monetary Event built into the State Framework. It’ll be horrific for most and very profitable for a few.

          For this audience, the only thing worse than dying is being poor, powerless and unlucky.

          FYI, you can spot the broken records by noting their inability to provide the specific cause of collapse at the operational level.



          1. Thank you for the response. I have come to my own conclusions via my own research, that the “system” is unsustainable, however I have never been convinced that we are puppets with our strings being pulled.

            All civilizations collapse, history tells us this. However, I believe that rather than a bunch of men in a dark smoky room deciding on the fate of western civilization, it is millions of decisions in board rooms, government agencies, households that are based on personal greed, self serving with no moral compass as to how it effects the rank and file citizenry. It’ll go dark when it goes dark and nobody knows the hour.

            Be prepared, but live. Watch a ball game, go to a movie, take your kids to the park.

            Fair enough?

            I will slip back into lurker mode now, again, thank you for your civil response.


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