The Bullshit Machine – Part 1

Beutiful Millennial

Hello Putrid,

My name is Paul and I have just finished The Bullshit Machine and The Reset and I am about 4 or 5 essays into Before the Collapse.

Putrid: Hello Paul, I’ll reply to you in bold font.

A little background about me is that I live in the United States in rural mountains. I am married and my wife and I, purposefully, had only one child. I am a licensed attorney by trade and up until 3 years ago, I owned a law firm. The reason I left was because I began to discover what you wrote about in The Reset and I did not want to be stuck in an urban area with millions of other people, when the reset proper hit.

I tell people that I am on a sabbatical leave from my law practice, but, of course, that is bullshit. I do not intend to return to the practice of law. (Like most other occupations, the practice of law is a ‘pay to play’ scam built predominately upon the exploitation of the dumbasses.)

My Bullshit Machine:

You mention in one of your books that ‘contemplation is one of the highest pleasures’. I agree. For the past 3 years, I have not worked but rather I have spent that time in contemplation and preparing (if possible) for the new reality bearing down on us.

This time spent in contemplation, objective self-reflection and meditation has allowed me to see some painful and repugnant truths about the reality in which we find ourselves. Moreover, your book The Bullshit Machine provided me with the perspective for seeing these truths, not just within society at large with a few bad guys causing ‘all the ruckus’, but within and about myself directly. Truths that my bullshit machine would have preferred to have kept hidden from my consciousness.

Pain is required to define Reality.

The Buddha allegedly (I wasn’t there) said that the three causes of human suffering were craving, aversion and delusion. Or what I would call fear, greed and bullshit. The Buddha allegedly talked about seeing reality ‘as it is’ not as it should be or will be or ought to be, but ‘as it is’. No delusion, no bullshit, just reality ‘as it is’. This is what The Bullshit Machine has helped me to do, to see reality ‘as it is’, right here and now, without delusion; naked, stark and without conditions or reservations.

So now it’s just you and the Reality.

But why be lonely? No fun in that.

So welcome to the party.

I, like so many others on Zerohedge, liked to believe that the greed and exploitation of the masses by a small cabal of individuals, the Families, if you will, were the cause of all the war and malaise that we have experienced in the world. If we could just get rid of the stranglehold the Families had on international finance and returned to sound money then all of our problems could be fixed with time. Humans were basically good, with a few bad apples thrown in that tend to fuck everything up for everyone.

Simple stories for the simple minded.

The Bullshit Machine changed my thinking. The problem is us (humanity), the problem is me, not some other. Why is it that no human society evolved/survived that did not have Religion? –

The competing organisational structures couldn’t coordinate resources, including human resources, as efficiently as Religion. Those structures died out when their inhabitants’ DNA was annihilated and enslaved by Religious war.

What does it mean for human society that we humans have evolved to believe bullshit?

It means the truth can’t be used to change things in a democratic or participatory way. So the true elites, who deal with the Reality, must lie and manipulate the dumbasses. Those that have read the Philosophy of Capitalism, Understand the Reality; and those that have and continue to publicly complain about the mendacity; never mention why the lying is necessary; so they’re just trying to trick the children into giving them power.

This duplicity, by the would be priests, is a small source of entertainment for me.

What is the specific bullshit that I tell myself ‘to feel better about myself long enough to procreate’?

You’ve a daughter because of bullshit—deal with it.

When I contemplate this human addiction to bullshit, I see it everywhere. Everyone is wrapped in layers and layers of ISMs and bullshit and they only have narrow openings in that bullshit through which you are allowed to communicate with them. You have to communicate with people through their bullshit, respect their bullshit, treat their bullshit as real or they won’t talk to you. If you dare to question a person’s hope, optimism or expectations of normalcy regarding the future, there is a vehement response and near violent resistance to any challenges or questions you may bring up; How dare you question my religion/bullshit?!?

Talk is over-rated. I moved to China years ago. I can’t understand their words and even if I can, I pretend I can’t. Discipline is important; for example, I had a stunningly beautiful girlfriend, who was a professional dancer with milky white skin: she spoke no English, not a word. On our first dates my secretary translated our conversations until I realized conversation wasn’t required to make her happy: Her brain was producing a fantasy far better than any reality.

People are convinced that they have the monopoly on truth, it would be truly comical, if not for the ultimate implications for our species.

People don’t matter. They’re aware, at the level of instinct, that the Unofficial Leadership are going to deal with those “ultimate implications.”

I heard a Zen saying that said something like: ‘don’t seek the truth, just cease to cherish opinions’. Opinions being bullshit, of course. Perhaps if we can’t let go of all of our bullshit (delusion) we will never see the truth (reality).

Only the truth that’s profitable is important. Generational wealth, pay good money for the truth, as they can profit from the “implications.”

But we (humanity) are inundated with bullshit; religions, political ISMs, social/cultural stories – it is an ocean of bullshit that we are drowning in. -AND THIS IS NATURAL EVOLVED HUMAN BEHAVIOR, so how can it be wrong?

“Right” and “wrong” are notions derived from duty. Human groups appear to have evolved duties. In some groups empathy is a duty, in others, cruelty.

This naturally led me to ask: What is the bullshit that I have wrapped myself in? What is the bullshit that I use to cover up the cognitive dissonance that results when reality doesn’t match my bullshit? What are the bullshit lubricants that I use to bridge the gap between what is real (reality) and what my bullshit says is (or will be) real? This has been a personally revealing and disheartening, albeit, necessary process. Do I wish to see reality, including my personal reality, ‘as it is’ or would I like to continue to be anaesthetized by the delusion/bullshit I continually sell myself? The end result of all of this is the conclusion that we (humans) are scum, that I am scum. My fairy tale bullshit beliefs viewed humanity and myself through some fantasized future where humans aren’t ignorant assholes and I am not a self centred scumbag with sociopathic tendencies.


This has probably been the hardest for me to acknowledge; i.e., that I have sociopathic tendencies, my brother is a sociopath, my dad and uncle are sociopaths. I do not say that I have sociopathic tendencies as an egoic protective mechanism, when I was 18 years old a psychologist told me that I was ‘borderline’ sociopathic – I laughed it off at the time as ignorance, but now with years of hindsight, I am certain that the psychologist was correct. Apparently, I inherited strong sociopath traits/genes from my father’s side of the family; but my mother, on the other hand, is empathic and seemingly exists to serve others. This obvious duality has caused conflict within me, perhaps pulled me to the less sociopathic part of the spectrum.

Traits can be softened by plenty of rest, food, beer and the finer ways of living.

What is a sociopath who can feel the others’ emotions?

Only psychopaths have physical limits to feeling what the other feels. Your traditional culture was based on centuries of hard physical labour. When the jobs were off-shored the opportunities were off-shored: Now you need to be a mendacious, low-life scumbag to be successful. Sociopaths are just well adjusted Americans.

I receive a lot of pleasure from giving others, especially women, pleasure. So I tend to limit (hide) my sociopathic behavior, when possible, so that it does not detract from the pleasure I receive and to minimize the suffering that it causes to others. (Duplicity = Success)

Good man.

On the other hand, from a purely natural world point of view, why should a lion pretend it is not a lion?

Some girls don’t like lions.

If sociopaths are the naturally evolved apex predator, why should it pretend that this is not so?

You need to believe in your lies; they’re more convincing that way.

When I watch animated films with my daughter and you see a predator character that through guilt or whatever, tries not to be a predator, I want to yell in exasperation: just be what you are! But why do I not take my own advice, and embrace and enhance my predator sociopath instincts? Why don’t I just be what I am? Being a predator that preys on other humans is natural evolved human behavior, so it cannot be ‘bad’ anymore than a wolf or a lion that tears the throat out of a deer is ‘bad’, good and bad do not apply here, it just is. Why fight being what you are?

Mother Nature always wins, think about Prince Waleed. You think his money makes him feel safe? “New World Order” gets supplanted by the Natural Order:

The wolf eats protein, and protein is expensive to produce. So the ratio between predator and prey needs to be huge. 1 wolf for 200 deer is my guess. The problem for you is that the “deer” are tapped out. So the predators are eating each other. And if you want to go up against the Rothschild types, be my guest, (just let me know where I can watch). Civil war has broken out between factions at the System Level, and those predators on the losing side are going to be eaten. 

Being a sociopath is also seemingly rational on an individual basis. Here’s why: I know that I am alive and conscious within this body, I can feel it, but I do not know with absolute certainty whether you or anyone else is alive and conscious in the same manner that I am alive and conscious. I cannot feel your energy, your ‘aliveness’. I can infer that you are alive and conscious in the same manner that I am, but an inference is just that, an inference. An inference, of course, may be true or not true. I cannot ever know with absolute certainty that you, or anyone else, is alive and conscious in the same manner that I am. I can be certain about myself, but not you or anyone else. So shouldn’t I favor myself above all others? For all I know, I may be the only one ‘real’ in this reality.

You are what you believe. But many problems emerge if your belief system goes mainstream, that is, it becomes the dogma of the dominant Religion. If you start believing the other doesn’t exist, then don’t complain when homeless vagrants defecate on your doorstep. That has been the reality in India for the past 5000 years, plus present day San Fran. So when the bullshit gets real it’s already too late; and the Leadership sees another “implication” they must deal with.

Moreover, it is not like this is an unfamiliar concept; the holographic universe and the simulated universe theories are widely discussed by our mainstream sciencey priests (i.e., Elon Musk). But there is also a more personal familiarity with this concept; when I dream I have complex drama or romance occurring in curious and fascinating settings, but those persons that I just fought, killed, seduced or fucked, when I woke up, weren’t real. Those persons seemed/felt very real in the dream, but when I woke, I was forced to accept the reality that they were figments of my mind. The person I hated or the person I loved deeply, was ultimately me – a figment of my sub-conscious mind. Is waking reality any different from my dreaming reality? If it was, how would I know?

The human brain evolved to be energy efficient, so it reduces the Reality to two conflicting possibilities, or choices: yes or no, 1 or 0, good or bad, right or wrong. So the human brain says “Something can’t come from nothing; so what was the original something?”

With respect to your dreams the original something was your brain. If you die while dreaming, you wake up. If you die and don’t wake up… you were awake.

With respect to the Cosmos the original something was God. This mode of cognition breaks down when the brain can’t fathom how God came into being. This line of thinking suggests the human brain will never be able to “get it”, because it only evolved to reconcile two conflicting possibilities, or choices. Kierkegaard even wrote a popular book reducing human living to two choices, Either/Or.

Thus, it seems objectively rational, on an individual basis, to value an entity (consciousness) about which there is 100% certainty/probability of consciousness over an entity that has less than 100% certainty/probability (even if there is a 99% certainty/probability of an entity’s consciousness, this is still valued less than an entity with a 100% certainty/probability).

Not sure if it’s possible for an individual to be objectively rational. Thus, the bullshit.

On a collective level, too many sociopaths acting like sociopaths destroy the system. So while it is seemingly rational to embrace the sociopathic mindset on an individual basis, on a collective or group basis, this mindset is fucking everything up on the System Level, haha. Seems like a bit of a paradox, maybe a ‘built in’ self limiting genetic mechanism. (shrugs)

You’ve now noticed that “society” can only carry so many sociopaths. That’s good. It’s why sociopaths are always fighting each other for influence. It’s a genetic thing, you can’t change it. Just sit back and watch the scumbags fight.

A King and Queen, allegedly, went to talk to the Buddha, who they were friends with. The Queen said, ‘In meditation, I realized that I love myself more than anyone.’ The King said it was the same for him. The Buddha said: ‘Yes, this is a fact.’

-We all love ourselves more than anything or anyone else, thus aren’t we all sociopathic?

We’re all manipulative, some more so than others.

Can We All Just Stop Being Sociopathic?

I’ve often wondered: if only the Families, War Kings and the other Factions would just stop being so sociopathic we could heal this world and create a more equitable new version of reality; but the real question is: why don’t I stop my own sociopathic (hedonistic) behaviors? Why should they (Families/Factions) stop their behaviors and tell the truth – and face the consequences of doing so – when I am unwilling to do so in my personal life? 

With respect to your social circle, those that want to know you’re a scumbag just have to open their eyes, but most prefer the bullshit because they’re scumbags too.

Herein lies the rub for me, sociopaths and the bullshit believing/addicted masses are degrading the earth and destroying human society; humans are parasitic to other humans, viruses, if you will, due to what one of your website commentators called: ‘intra-species predation’. So in order to teach my daughter to be successful in this environment, perhaps I should teach her how to be the best predator, the best parasite, the best virus she can be, and in doing so, I would be teaching her to be the very thing that is destroying our civilization/society/future? How can I do this? But I can’t teach her not to be a predator right? Not if that is what she is. How do you teach a lion to not act like a lion?

Would you rather raise Cain? a killer, or Abel? who was killed.


9 thoughts on “The Bullshit Machine – Part 1

  1. Paul, thank you for your thought provoking comment. Is this reality the Self trying to wake itself up? Will the most “evolved” predators choose to preserve and protect the empaths in order to keep the game going? Could that be the next level of evolution in this physical dimension? Can other dimensions impact our future like nature has an impact? If Mother Nature partners with intelligent human consciousness, and the brain automatically rewards itself for advanced thinking behavior, can we self-stimulate the parts of our brain to get to that “better world?” Could this be the way out of the collapsing energy systems? So many possibilities to observe.

    Synthesizing information from a couple of authors I can envision new potentialities. According to Neil Slade, “Human happiness happens at the human brain. You are the Director, the camera person and the audience of your own 3D life movie. Recognizing the self-transcendent capabilities of your brain is like what is stated in the ancient proverb: ‘Cutting all bonds with one quick blow of the sword’.” Paraphrasing Ed Conklin in “Gold-Soul Theory for the 21st Century”, the subconscious learns slower than the cerebral cortex and must be trained through repetition. Habit retains knowledge longer than cerebral cortex knowledge which is often forgetful. We must reduce the psychological inflammation to become conscious, because when conscious self prevails among a group or society, creativity and peace may reign…


  2. Putrid,

    It’s not hard to be truly happy. We are at our best when we love people and use things, unfortunately most love things and use people.

    I don’t but this “we are an inherently wretched type of animal”

    You might be, I am not.

    I started with nothing, turned myself into a six figure earner and voluntarily gave it up. I went into our worst institutions and lit up the darkness, saving many lives according to the since released individuals own testimonies.

    My mother and stepfather are part of the 1pct now. Not on the level of the folks you rub elbows with, but bought houses in Carmel, Palm Springs, as well as high end vehicles one being a Ferrari, for cash. That’s as much detail as I will give in a public website but you damn well know money doesn’t make you happy. It doesn’t.

    That is the real shame of our society. We were sold in money and things equals happy. Most are never successful enough to find out it is a lie.

    I remember the night in my hotel in Coral Gavles when my money had me keeping company with women out of my physical league. I remember looking in the mirror acknowledging to myself I was happier when I was a bartender/pizza delivery guy outside of Boulder CO when I left the USMC.

    I have worn many hats, been all over the world and worked very hard at being a sinner and a saint.

    The real shame is that people don’t just enjoy the ride. I am debt free, love my wife and children and get up everyday and try to be if not nice, at least cordial to all I come across.

    People you cannot control results only process by attitude. I hope I live to be 100 but I don’t worry about the future or rue my past, if I drop dead after I hit the send button I will go without regrets.

    Happy New Years to one and all

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  3. My background is very similar to the writer’s, I always had this feeling I was being manipulated and wasn’t compatible in a competitive sociopathic culture. So a year ago I detached from the system in search of meaning. I tell people the same, “I’m on sabbatical”, the truth is I’m done and am now simply an observer… Some of my thoughts, I like your style Putrid, so I’ll emulate it:

    “What does it mean for human society that we humans have evolved to believe bullshit?”

    Water is weak, has no form and is soft, it seeks the path of least resistance, yet shapes the hardest of stone. The universe seeks efficiency, we are part of that universe. It is much more efficient to be told what to believe than it is to figure it out yourself. As the water does the stone, bullshit shapes the hardest of men.

    “Pain is required to define Reality.”

    Don’t recall where I got this is, but what I tell people in regards to their cognitive distortion with reality is, “you can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequence of ignoring that reality.”

    “But why be lonely? No fun in that.”

    Thank you, I feel a weight has lifted finding your work, Putrid.

    ” “Right” and “wrong” are notions derived from duty. Human groups appear to have evolved duties. In some groups empathy is a duty, in others, cruelty.”

    “Right and Wrong”, two sides of the same coin. We will do what was successful in the past until it is no longer successful, again it is efficiency. Evolved duties will occur when the pain of not changing is greater than the pain to change. Empathy and cruelty become subjective to that change.

    “This obvious duality has caused conflict within me, perhaps pulled me to the less sociopathic part of the spectrum.
    The universe seeks equilibrium, ignore imbalances and you will experience the cyclic acceleration of entropy and then the oblivion. Something much larger will balance you.”

    “Sociopaths are just well adjusted Americans.”

    Society consists of ritual structure, the sum of its roles, not its individuals. Those roles derive from which inclination is strengthened. In the ritual of making money, which is strengthened? The inclination of self-interest or the inclination to social conformity? Capitalism strengthens sociopathic roles.

    “If sociopaths are the naturally evolved apex predator, why should it pretend that this is not so?”

    The highest form of man uses his xing like a mirror, it grasps nothing refuses nothing, it receives but does not retain. . –Zhungzi

    “You need to believe in your lies; they’re more convincing that way.”

    I like that and will add to it, everything is in a state of decay, there is nothing to hold on. Truth is known when the mind releases the authority it keeps for itself.

    This is getting long, might do the rest in another post.

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  4. “For all I know, I may be the only one ‘real’ in this reality.”

    ha ha exactly! ….but not like ya think…maybe:

    There are not 7.5 billion separate human consciousnesses on this planet called Earth, but underneath all appearances, there is only one of us. A singular conscious awareness that inhabits all human bodies separately, and, at the same time.

    ☆ ☆ ☆

    Take away all of your thoughts, concepts, emotions, genetics and life conditioning, then all that is left is a core of conscious awareness at the center of you. The silent awareness that listens to the ‘come & go’ thoughts, watches the mental images that flash through your head and feels the temporary emotions that occasionally course through your body. This is the same for everyone.

    Independent of genetics, ego and life conditioning, these supposedly separate cores of conscious awareness at the center of all of us, look remarkably similar, identical even. When you take away your genetics, the time period and culture into which you are born and the circumstantial life conditioning that has shaped your mental-emotional responses; what exactly do you have left? Is what you have left, different from what I have left?

    The core of each of us is not different, but it is the same conscious awareness, one that exists in each of us separately and, outside of linear time, all of us, simultaneously. .’You’ are just another version of myself, covered up in a different ‘eggshell’ of genetics, ego and life conditioning, but still ‘me’ underneath it all.

    Science tells us that time is manipulated by gravity. As time can be manipulated, it is potentially feasible for one consciousness to live 7.5 billion human lives, one at a time, with the cumulative lived lives being played out together, all at the same time. If time can be manipulated or is a mental construct, then it is possible that one consciousness inhabits all of us individually and collectively; all at the same ‘time’.

    Implications are interesting …re: karma…if I hit you I am literally hitting myself, etc..Sex = ultimately fuckin yourself, etc…life = one big masturbation exercise, a video game filled only with bots of you playing different parts…kinda depressing actually…takes the fun outta the old motorcycle thumb slip ☆ gag with da old lady…


  5. Paul seems to be going through that process I see so often where they need to believe that humanity is inherently sociopathic and predetorial, aka “dog eat dog”. Sure dogs will eat dogs but only when treated very badly.

    The trouble is we are constantly allowing ourselves to be structured in was that bring out the worst behavior humanly possible then we point at that bad behavior and spin lies/BS about how thats just how we are, its in our nature. BS!

    There are great swaths of human history where we structured ourselves differently in order to specifically NOT elicit bad behavior…and it worked. Then along comes an asshole and fucks it all up. Shoot ’em in the face I say.

    I have a daughter, 20 something, can barely tolerate her “bleeding heart liberal” Dad, (thats not me at all by the way). She is into real estate and range rovers. I made the mistake of raising her with this axiom “do the right thing and good things will happen, do the wrong thing and bad things happen”. After going out into the real world and trying that for a while she now curses me for not telling her that the right thing is to get rich and the wrong thing is to be poor.


  6. Capitalism always ends with the sociopaths getting all the money.

    However, alternative systems end with other types of failure. The solution: feudalism.


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