The Bullshit Machine – Part 2

Beutiful Millennial

Paul: In the mountainous region of North Carolina where we live, there happen to be a lot of Protestant Christians, true believers – not the reasonable kind of true believers, but the more dangerous unreasonable kind. (You’re either with us or against us) Thus, I told my daughter that when she interacted with Christians it was best that she pretended she was one too; I taught her the lingo etc. Groups like this (true believers) have fences and it is better to be within the fence for as long as possible, than to be out of it. This was just pragmatic advice – you can’t reason with true believers – it is best for one to just go along (pretend) for as long as possible. This causes the least amount of suffering for the most amounts of people.

Later I realized that I was straight-up teaching my child duplicity. But thinking about it, wasn’t this necessary? Duplicity is a very necessary and encouraged social interaction at a societal level. We are encouraged to act one way in church or in court, but we act very differently at the pub or locker room. One girl thinks I am an honorable gentleman, another thinks I am a horny lowlife bastard. Which one is true? They both are, of course! Both of their realities contain the same counter-party, but their realities are diametrically opposed. People’s reality of you is what you give/present them, (strength, confidence, intelligence, etc.) This is the nature of human interaction, so duality is a necessary trait and strength for successful human interactions and something my daughter clearly needs to master.

Putrid: It’s that or you give up on Religion. And go it alone. Or you can ascend to the top of Religion and play games like the Fathers of the ancient Families do. Staying inside the fence carries costs, e.g. taxes, fines, rules. All the Religions out there want to cut costs, so you may want to teach your child discrimination.

Paul: So thinking about it:

* All people are sociopathic (-I love myself more than any other-) just some are further along the sociopath spectrum than others.

Putrid: Be careful, you may be projecting your properties onto the other. This is a common error. When defining Reality we should use conceptual labels with narrow definitions. All human brains are manipulative, and some humans use manipulation to benefit the other, which is a source of optimism. They’re the nice people.

Is Greenspan a sociopath? Sure. And Friedman? Definitely. Sociopaths have brains that can manipulate the group and the top sociopaths can manipulate at the scale of Religion. All the brains out there are performing according to their function, and if they can’t perform a Religious function they don’t exist in any meaningful way.

* All people are addicted to bullshit (delusion).

Do you think my brain is addicted to bullshit? I know I’m a scumbag … just like you … so maybe not. Some brains can mature to see the Reality; and it can’t be unseen after that moment. And that brain must then decide how to proceed and approach that Reality.

For example, planning for the Reset began decades ago, before my birth, by men who could see the Reality of where we were headed. The USA was always on the menu after that moment of clarity. It’s strange to think our very lives, our dreams and outcomes were decided before our birth.

* Duality is necessary for successful human interaction. It is built into the system framework – i.e., why judges wear robes.


So humans are fucked, we have self limiting behavior that will ensure our (most likely) cyclic destruction. Humans are fucked because I am fucked – why don’t I stop my sociopathic/hedonistic behavior? Why am I addicted to the bullshit I tell myself to justify my sociopathic behavior? Why do I practice duplicity in most, if not all, areas of my life? The world is not the problem, I’m the problem. Why am I acting out these behavioral patterns? Genetic programming, societal programming? Am I conscious? Do I have a choice? Marionette on a string?

I was having a conversation about AI with a friend who commented that AI can never be conscious, like humans’ are conscious, because AI will only ever act in accordance with its programming. My response was: how is that different from humans? Aren’t most humans just acting out their (genetic) programming? Perhaps the true test of consciousness is whether one (a human or AI) can consciously override or act in opposition to their/its programming. Can I overcome or override my sociopathic programming (genetics)? Will success in this regard mean that I am actually or truly conscious, not just the genetically programmed destruction machine that I am now?

Once the Culture becomes sociopathic, the society is fucked. Because the children assume sociopathic behaviour is normal… and then, when they grow up, it’s all over. I’ll leave it up to the reader to judge whether his or her culture is sociopathic. I guess the first step in becoming ‘truly conscious’ is to understand the dominant Culture you’re surrounded by; and see if you can act in opposition to it. Or act outside it, or see if you can have your own sub-culture with nearby friends and family units.

I think American preppers are conscious; they know, deeply, that the ‘cannibalistic spirit’ of ‘selfish consumption’ is about to die a very painful death. And American Protestants in rural areas, they may not be able to sit down with my friends and discuss the Reset using Financial language; they would use Christian language to define the Reality and I’d be very comfortable with that language and fully agree with them that a lot of people are about to be judged and found wanting.

The trial precedes the judgement, and the test shall be set by the Natural System. 

Buddhist philosophy talks about the personal discovery that there is no ‘I, me, or mine.’ So if a sociopath only (predominately) cares about himself, but there is no ‘I’, then aren’t we caring for a phantom, a figment of our self constructed illusionary identity, something that does not really exist in the true, reality sense? So ultimately, we all love ourselves more than any other, but our ‘selves’ is impossible to find and, perhaps, does not even exist. Thus, what we really love and protect is really just a figment of our imagination, the false ‘I’ pretending to be real. This collective delusion is reinforced by other sufferers of the same delusion. I think this falls under the mental illness category. But if everyone is suffering from the same mental illness, is it still considered an illness?

We are a vessel for existence. How? Why? And in what way?

You can imagine what you look like because you know what you look like. That knowledge and image may not match the Reality but it’ll be close.

It appears the self arises from knowledge and image, and is stabilized when the other confirms such. And that’s why duplicity comes at a cost, and should be eschewed, because one person in your life confirms you’re a ‘horny lowlife’ and a different person confirms you’re an ‘honorable gentleman’. This is going to lead to confusion and inner conflict. Would you rather be your self or successful in a destructive society?

Perhaps the sociopath doesn’t get to choose. 

We are what we know, and if the knowledge is useful or valuable it gets stored in the Culture. Our ratcheting Culture stores more and ever more knowledge. Humans experience Culture as social peer pressure—when you see a red light, you know you should brake, there’s significant social peer pressure to slow down and stop your vehicle. And if you don’t conform to that pressure, your peers will punish you with penalties and possibly prison.

There appears to be a universal Pressure on all living things that stores all the Knowledge of all the species—and this Pressure is constant because of Appetite and finite resources. This line of thinking puts mankind and the other creatures on the same evolutionary path. And right now, the Natural System is putting more and more Pressure on every person, family, society and civilisation. And it’s also putting Pressure on other species as well.

That Pressure is telling us to adapt or die.

And this knowledge is too painful for a lot of people, so it’s rejected and avoided. It’s this rejection of pain which is causing mental illness.

Almost all of our collective problems stem from the avoidance of pain.


14 thoughts on “The Bullshit Machine – Part 2

  1. And humanity is allowed one way, and one way only to avoid pain/death. MONEY!

    After you have done absolutely what ever it takes to get the money there are lots of secondary things that can be done to alleviate, prevent pain and death but they cost money, and the more you have the further away you can get from the threat of pain/death. Therefore “enough money” is subjective.

    Every living soul on the planet instinctively understands this and therefore, under this system any and all behavior, good or bad, done in the pursuit of money is legit as long as you can get away with it. We can not say “you damn well better get some money or you and your loved ones will live in pain and die a horrible death” then say “oh, but here is a long list of things that you shouldn’t do to get that money”. Its insanity. But that is what we do.

    In fact that is how we, I should say “they” control the world. They made it very simple really, some get to have all the money they could ever want and live like gods, others live in constant fear on not having enough or any at all and are easily manipulated into doing what ever need to be done..

    In order for this to work it “They” have to make sure everyone understands that the need for money is always increasing while at the same time the value of money is constantly decreasing and money can disappear altogether in an instant, OOOOOoooooooo! ScArY.

    With this in mind it is absolutely appropriate to be a sociopath and to be greedy.

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  2. Maybe you should go read the Protestants bible before you call bullshit. Given that it’s the number one bullshit annihilating work ever.

    Biblical truths:

    Humans are scum not one is good, even the mother Teresa’s.

    Humans will never succeed because said scumminess.

    Only way to succeed and get rid of the evil is through god the creator.

    So what took you to obscure places of the internet to finally realize what a dick you are “True Belivers” have known this true reality for 6000+ years.


        1. Then it depends on what you would regard as peaceful and harmonious.
          Take the daily scene on the Serengeti . Ungulates consuming various Gramineae: lions consuming ungulates: hyenas and vultures ensuring there is no wastage.
          Seems peaceful and harmonious to me. So it goes.
          You sure you’re not a Roman Catholic with this evil humans / Original Sin schtick?


  3. Putrid, in your final four paragraphs of rejoinder, you seem to be talking about competition for resources; survival of the fittest; natural selection and the like.
    The interesting question is which of the human abilities or propensities, rationality or superstition will prove to be the better survival strategy.
    Or will it be the combination of both?
    It will depend on the particular circumstance which arises.
    I could imagine , for example, that the Amish have a useful survival strategy, based largely (I think) on superstition/delusion, i.e. , theistic religion.
    Someone else may derive a similar strategy from a purely rational consideration of the reality.
    Or both could fail to survive because Nature has an aspect of randomness, from the individual perspective.
    You have to laugh, really. There are no sure bets in this game.


    1. Thinking some more about it, if mutualistic communitarianism is your best survival bet, it doesn’t matter (in the short term ) how you arrive at that conclusion. And you could still lose. Populations matter ; individuals don’t.
      Ol’ Mother Nature is truly “red in tooth and claw”


      1. “The interesting question is which of the human abilities or propensities, rationality or superstition will prove to be the better survival strategy.”

        Brutal rationality is your best bet in my humble opinion: Relocate to Russia or rural Canada or Australia. I know of one girl whose nearest neighbor is 165 kms away. Buy Gold, grains, fuel source and a good crossbow. Forget your family, forget your nation. When the Reset hits turn your phone and communication devices off for six months.

        The downside of this approach is loneliness and guilt, also, how to reintegrate back into society?

        People think the Reset will be short lived, but the political, intellectual and Religious results will be felt for decades.

        How to survive when surrounded by masses of pissed off poor people, including old friends and family members?


        1. Interesting. I own 600 acres of highly productive and ‘profitable” farmland in N.Z..
          The farm is reasonably self-sufficient (organic) , but can become more so as required . NZ has lots of very high-grade coal so energy should be O.K. If not , then sunflowers grow very well, and the forested land is being expanded.
          My children are selling up in town and moving to the farm (they were home-schooled here) ; one is an engineer , another is a doctor.
          I threw the cell phone away long ago (1992) and now we have an internal network of long-range digital cordless (Engenius), so no call charges.
          Loneliness and guilt? Shit no!

          Defence? The crossbow seems clever. But i suspect that many of my gun-owning friends would abandon their isolated holdings and move here for the food supply;cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, fish in the river, fruit trees. Bugger the grains : I gave up bread, rice, pasta and potatoes a while ago. Vegetable production is possible but the mixed pastures actually contain a lot of edible “weeds”. I don’t like annual crops, so more orchards is the plan.
          So I think that a slightly larger community will be as far as the re-integration goes.

          I’ve been planning for this for about 30 years now : it takes that long.
          I might re-introduce pigs at some stage to get better utilisation of what might be considered waste.

          Given that this is N.Z. it might all be unnecessary. But it has been fun , and something to think about while milking cows every day for forty years.
          The family left Ireland , the Shetlands, Prussia, and Germany a long time ago. I don’t think we will go much further.

          Anyway, you know where I am. 🙂


  4. Well, for one, Paul is way more philosophical than I am. The guy is quite a deep thinker. I agree with a good chunk of what he has said, but I don’t really take the philosophical approach like that. I spend my deep thinking on the financial aspect of the Reset and how to survive it.

    If the human species is doomed (which is quite possible actually), then sitting there trying to figure out how the human mind and all of its faults has gotten us to that position does nothing for me. Yes, the human race is broken. 100%. However, I can’t change the past and what has happened outside of my control. All I can do is get myself and my family ready for what I see is the eventuality of what is coming. As Putrid said, the knowledge is too painful for a lot of people, so it’s rejected and avoided. And he aptly states that it’s the rejection of pain which is causing mental illness. I don’t know about you, but I seem to come across more and more people who are just messed in the head. It really is stark how prevalent mental illness is in our society, and I’ve started to wonder if this isn’t because people are being pulled between the consumerist mentality that we are taught, including this utter farce that the “American Dream” is there for anybody willing to work to attain it, and the subconscious understanding that it’s all bullshit.

    And it’s literally giving them a mind-fuck.

    This is about as philosophical as I get: I’ve been wrestling with this question for some time now, as I have had to live it. Let’s say that you are a tenant of mine who is moving out of my property and you still owe me money, and naturally, I want to collect that money. It’s much easier to do it if we are on good terms than if I have to sue you. So I am nice to you. I tell you that you’re a good person, and that I see a lot of potential in you, and that you have a bright future if you make the right decisions, etc etc… Now what if the whole thing is a lie because I actually think you are a loser who will never get around that thing called Darwinism. But I want my money so I tell a lie. But it’s a lie that makes you feel good about yourself. Is that bad? It’s disingenuous and manipulative on my part, for sure. But I don’t care, I want the money that you owe me, and if I have to tell you a little white lie to boost your sense of self-worth and make you think that I respect you, is telling that lie a bad thing? I was raised to never lie but I have had to learn how to be duplicitous as Paul says. If I were to put my true thoughts on my sleeve, I would go tits-up in no time flat. Does it make me a sociopath? Well, quite possibly, but it’s what I’ve had to do to survive.

    I’ve asked this question to a good number of my friends and family, and it has made them all scratch their head. There is no simple answer it seems. At least I haven’t been able to come up with one. Perhaps Paul and his philosophical mind can shed some light on it for me.



  5. Paul’s a smart guy. He doesn’t need my input other than to say “be as sociopathic as necessary to survive (not necessarily prosper) and no more.” Beyond more is the dark side, and there is still more to be gained from the light in the medium and long term. At least that’s how I choose to be. And for those of us who are self-aware, it is a choice. Non self aware psychos will end up digging their own graves when everyone they know turns on them. International relations theory calls it “the shadow of the future”.

    Let’s make this as simple as possible. Do no evil. Smart people are or can by definition be “psycho”. Really smart people see beyond the psycho stage and CHOOSE not to be. They realize there is more at stake at a higher level. My old Chinese business partner taught me this. He always said, “I know the manipulation game. Don’t play it against me. If you play that game against me, I will play it against YOU, and win.”

    These are the kinds of people you want in your life if you can find em. Smart enough to help you, but wise enough not to hurt you.

    It’s how I choose to live my life. I don’t cheat, lie, steal, manipulate. If you attempt the same to me, I will cut you out of my life and get you the hell away from me and my family. If you refuse to leave, I will ultimately put a bullet in your head.

    Sun Tsu said of all 36 ways to get out of trouble, the best way is to just leave. Most people will/do leave once you give them the boot. Others get the chop. Professional killers don’t leave, and can’t get the chop. So, try not to know any.

    If you cannot find these types of smart non-manipulative people, then go for the peasant hard working class. They will lay it down for you in a pinch, and if you can’t trust your family, you are well and truly fucked.

    Paul should not worry so much about having been a psycho. It was good training. But, no way in hell he should teach his kids to become one out of some misguided idea it may save them. Wrong direction, champ. Plus, they won’t be kids listening to him forever, and then all he will have done is create another few psychos we must add to the world’s pile.

    See Maoist China for what happens when kids decide they aren’t gonna listen to their parents anymore…


  6. Here is a needs analysis, compliments of Mitak via chat rooms analyzing the ongoing Reset.

    I’m still not sure how to best approach the Reset, as I’ll surrounded by my number one risk: other humans.
    Another factor is that once the debt markets are impaired; there may not be any motor gasoline from one day to the next:

    How will the retards react?

    The USA appears to have turned to exporting the poor quality crude, 1.4 million barrels of crude exports per day! They can’t refine it!


  7. My guess: after the (trial of) the reset, there will be no BAU on smaller scale with much less people! There will be caesarism and darwinism as Oswald Sprengler forecasted a century ago!

    The return of basic problems, decentralized!

    No fine spirituals and technical solutions, just simple fight for day to day survival … “no labour and resources“

    I will not attend to this kind of existence.

    for me
    no final preps


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