Get Rich!

Bitcoin and Gold

Get rich before you collapse n die!

That’s my attitude this morning.

The System is truly fucked and all a Capitalist can do is buy things that are rising in price, aka, speculation. So how to do that and who speculates well?

One fact, never mentioned by our liberal media, is that you must be ugly to be a good trader. That’s my weakness, I’m just too good looking for this shit. I was trading Cryptos last year and I swear, if I wasn’t getting laid all the time, I’d be a millionaire by now. 

If you look closely at photos of traders that make billions, you’ll note they are all fucking ugly.


What’s it like to walk around your entire life with a forehead that looks like a slug? I have no idea:


I realised this correlation when uncle Dave implied it. Uncle Dave is a mega rich Capitalist and he recently invited me to his growing neo-feudal patch in South East Asia, to war game the Reset. 

He looked me in the eye one night, after a few beers, and said “Whatever happens after the Reset, there’ll be money, in some form or shape, there’ll be money and you need to have that money.  You need to take money seriously Putrid.”

He could see I was unmoved, as an unemployed philosopher should be. So he opened his hands, “When you’re 50 you won’t ever get sex for free, not from some cute 22 year old.”

And I wondered, what would life be like without these amazingly optimistic beautiful girls…


He’s right. What a shit world that would be. 

So let’s make more money 🙂

Since I’m a genetically handicapped trader I’ve set this blog page up just for trading tips and advice. I generally don’t listen to anyone under 50 though there are exceptions. I’ll be posting what I’m buying and at what price.

Here’s Putrid’s trading rules:

  1. Buy low
  2. Sell high
  3. Watch the macro trend
  4. Be mindful of potential downside losses
  5. Book profits into useful commodities
  6. Stay out of the Fiat, try to live by buying everything with Cryptos

That’s all I got. Have fun and only play with loose change. By all means, add your two cents:

4 thoughts on “Get Rich!

  1. oh golly,what a fun post
    snafu system gives the signal, oh fuck lets clambour for the prize/…
    lets go for a spin with the carnies at the last amusement park
    why not

    as for good looking. i read just recently, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beer holder’, and when i was young and pretty i didn’t have a forehead like a slug..but i;m getting closer now.
    and after more cute girls then i can remember at any one time, i figure it was a tad fruitless, yet i’m not about to give up the scent of woman, it’s automatic.

    when your 50, you will get sex for free
    but, only if you actually are an unemployed philosopher or such
    better sex too

    not saying don’t make money, but hey, if it’s not an amusement, what kind of ride is it?
    we know there is going to be a staggered disaster
    your fate is your fate, embrace it
    and glow


  2. EEyores trading rules;

    It is all rigged by the big boys bumping shit up and cashing in, then nudging things down and cashing in, so……figure out where they might strike next and jump onboard.
    SOrt of a sell the good news, buy the bad, only more buy the bad, buy the good, short both.

    P.S. buybacks ramping up Biggly.


  3. Litecoin is next. Rumour is Amazon accepting as payment. Will probably drop to near $150 near term – Then from 2nd week in March go on a 5 or 6 week run. Some are even estimating 10x by mid-April.


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