The Trillion Dollar Question – Cryptos

Bitcoin and Gold

Putrid: It really is the Trillion $ question, isn’t it? How will Crypto pricing be effected by shorts?

The answer decides Crypto behaviour, whether it goes to a Trillion $ Total Market Capitalisation in the next 6 months or goes to 200 Billion. Everything else follows …

Crypto Capitalist: Just doesn’t feel like there’s been enough shakeout yet and the attempts to rally are super weak, repeatedly failing at points of technical resistance. I hope I’m wrong but we may be headed for a W bottom instead of a V bottom.

Putrid: Bitcoin pricing behaviour has changed since November, it’s now a two sided trade: With banks and brokers using shorts to hedge against potential losses on their retail portfolio.  Same as gold after 1974:

Scaled Bitcoin Price

Crypto Capitalist: Futures holders are taking the profit while retail holders are taking the pain. Is this permanent?

Putrid: The history of Gold would suggest otherwise. The day Gold futures went live in 1974 the gold price fell, from 200$ to $100, and it was 4 years until the price recovered. Then the gold price kept rising from 200$ to all time highs of around 1800$. The Reset was actually going to happen in 1974 with a hyperbolic gold price breakout but the futures contracts were able to control that threat, for now.

The day Bitcoin futures went live the prices dropped and market value fell 66% within 2 months. Things are faster now and the educated whales know the gold story.

The shorts are all in place, so the price can rise if the whales desire that.

Scaled BTC price with Gold

Crypto Capitalist: Who are the whales?

Putrid: They are early investors, the exchanges, the big banks, the Families and probably the Competing System. These guys decide whether Bitcoin dies on the vine or goes above 12k.

It appears the severity of the bear market was sped up by instant information flows, which bewildered a lot of players and myself. The Bitcoin price is important for psychological reasons, with alt price behaviour appearing to lag Bitcoin by 1 month.

If Total Market Capitalisation continues sideways it’ll start a slow gain, just like the Gold market. Interestingly, we seem to be exiting the Bitcoin down channel by drifting sideways, the longer this sideways price behaviour continues above 10k the more bullish I get.

Crypto Capitalist: What will happen to public sentiment and the general price level if Bitcoin collapses to sub 5k?

Putrid: That would hamper the developmental trend of Crytos, perhaps fatally. So the whales need to man up and perform their function. 

Crypto Capitalist: Which is? 

Putrid: To Make the Market. 

Crypto Capitalist: Like Rothschild? How to do that?

Putrid: Buy walls under Bitcoin and other infrastructure to ensure prices can’t go beneath a certain general level; I’d like to see Bitcoin between 13 and 17k and Total Market Capitalisation between 600 billion and 2 Trillion between now and the Reset. And sell walls at 20k to keep a lid on the Bitcoin price. An increase in volume would also help.

Crypto Capitalist: Manipulating a complex system can work until the cost of control breaks the system.

Putrid: Perhaps you should have told Alan Greenspan that, or the men he represented.

I’m only desiring a short term measure until the Reset goes super-critical. After which, the supply of precious metals should evaporate and excess fiat flows into the Crypto system.

Most whales were content to hold their strong hand. Which was fine. But in 2018 they need to actively make the market by supporting a general price level that sucks new capital into the emerging financial systemSuch manipulation would benefit the whales the most, and a collapse in the general price level would inflict the most pain on them. So it’s in their self interest to man up and manipulate. If they don’t, we could see Bitcoin hit 5k in March and then a weak recovery would begin, but why wait another month?

Crypto Capitalist: Many of the whales are Libertarians and would dislike this idea of price fixing.

Putrid: The Crypto Capitalists need to pick a side and fight their corner. Right now, and I don’t care about factional power struggles so this is just speculation, but it looks like Old Money Reset supporters + Banking Families + Trump + Powell + BIS + Military brass + Libertarian minded Capitalists versus CIA complex + FBI + Bush and Clinton gangs + Mossad + Netanyahu gang + the various Fed funded scam industries and hangers on. 

Then there’s the Xi and Putin power wells. Don’t even ask me where The City and Wall Street stand. Actually, Wall Street may prefer the War option. 

It’s a mess.

Crypto Capitalist: Cryptos are risky while Gold should rise in this unstable environment.

Putrid: That’s true. Gold is a far more solid commodity, perhaps the surest trade ever right now, alongside Silver. Precious metals prices are just above the cost of production so there’s almost no downside risk and massive upside potential. But we may have a positive window to profit and prepare the emerging financial system, which may aid our collective survival. I’d rather focus on the positives than dwell on the negatives (risk) right now.

Crypto Capitalist: You’ve been buying Bix, what’s your rationale?

Putrid: I’m guessing the executives in charge of the Bibox exchange will do the sociopathic thing and pump their coin. Like they did at Binance. 

Crypto Capitalist: No charts? No trading strategy? 

Putrid: Don’t need ’em. 

Crypto Capitalist: Amazing. What do you call this trading strategy? 

Putrid: “WWASD?” (What would a sociopath do?)

I’m assuming the exchanges are trading against their clients. Bibox exchange is new, so I guess the executives will be nice in the beginning. But I’m taking no chances, I’m buying the token which I know they own a lot of.

Crypto Capitalist: Seriously, no technical analysis?

Putrid: My buddies told me to start buying Bix, which is enough for me. Now I don’t know shit but does this look like a sell wall to you? 


Sell Wall ETH Finished


Order book Finished 2

Crypto Capitalist: Yeah, that’s quite the sell wall alright. Who do you think they’re selling to?

Putrid: I don’t think they’re selling anything, they’re just shifting the sell wall down, step by step, forcing the weak hands to panic sell into their buy orders. 

Crypto Capitalist: How confident are you?

Putrid: Fairly confident. It all hangs on whether the whales stabilize the Crypto space by supporting the Bitcoin price, they account for 70-80% of volume so it’s up to them to man up. We could see another shakeout of weak hands in March.  

Appendix: Since some guys asked about Bix last night, it appears to be a brilliant, though dirty, strategy of using sell walls to scare the crap out of holders. Then when they sell, they must sell in front of the sell wall, and into the whale’s buy orders. And this has been going on for some time. My guess is that the whale is the exchange,  and they’ll keep this up until the Cypto space stabilizes and becomes bullish. Then they’ll remove all sell orders and the price will pop. The risk for the whale is that the Crypto space will crater and no buyers show up. Or scumbags like me show up, with huge volume, and buy into their sell wall–though that wouldn’t necessarily endanger this strategy to losses.  Below are the sell walls on the Bix-Btc and Bix-Usdt pairs, above is Bix-Eth:

Sell Wall USDT Finished

Sell Wall BTC Finished

3 thoughts on “The Trillion Dollar Question – Cryptos

  1. The Crypto space is creepy!

    Are all markets creepy right now? or is it just Crypto?

    If Btc goes below 8,900 it’ll do a freefall and collapse the Crypto space, or is 8,900 the bottom?

    This could be a bloodbath. I may exit to safety and adopting a new strategy of just buying the dips.

    (I need my sleep :))



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