Abandon Humanity

Refugees Struggle To Enter Hungary

History presents three famous cases of elites abandoning their Civilization:

  • The abandonment of the Western part of the Roman Empire and salvaging the Eastern part, which survived till 1453

  • The abandonment of the Timurid Empire in about 1500 by Babur, who instead conquered India and set up the Mughal Empire

  • And recently, the abandonment of 99.5% of all of China’s people and resettling in Taiwan, in 1948. Chiang Kaishek brought a large portion of China’s elites to Taiwan and as a result Taiwan prospered. However, Chiang forgot to eliminate the native Taiwanese.

With study, common elements of a successful relocation can be distilled:

  • Make sure its smarter members make it alive.

  • Make it a secret, or at least hide the fact that elites are downsizing. Sow confusion via misdirection, so the masses are left in the dark when it takes place.

  • Never apologize—Blame the victims.

  • Like George Orwell’s perpetual war, keep a vigilant attitude against those left behind. To keep cohesion, suppress dissidents, and keep the system alive by creating a common enemy, which becomes the common rallying ground.

There is a general tendency to reduce territory. The Roman Empire became the Byzantine Empire; the Umayyad dynasty surviving in Spain after losing all of the Middle East and North Africa; and the Southern Song dynasty of China surviving in the south after losing northern China may qualify for profitable study.

Since downsizing a Civilization to a manageable level is historically rare, we can assume it is a difficult endeavor that requires excellent vision, leadership and execution. Using Taiwan as a modern example, we can contemplate the necessary elements: A visionary leader is required, Chiang Kaishek in this occasion. It has to be one leader, or otherwise different factions will fight and undermine the whole effort.

Intellectuals on Board

In modern times, the most successful downsizing occurred in 1948-1949 when the Republic of China, led by Chiang Kaishek, downsized to the island of Formosa. The country is still officially the Republic of China, although everyone calls it Taiwan now. Taiwan was not even part of China until 1945; it was under Japanese rule until the Americans awarded it to Chiang.

There are quite a lot of spectrums about being “Han”. The people in Taiwan, who could be called “Han” in a broad sense, spoke a dialect called “Minnan”, which is only spoken in a small corner of Fujian province, especially in Xiamen, which is the closest mainland city to Taiwan. It was not comprehensible to speakers of Mandarin or other major dialects. So although mostly ethnic Han, the indigenous Taiwanese were separated from the mainland long enough to be identified as a distinct ethnicity.

During late 1948, when things were not going well for Kaishek and his men, he made a plan to relocate to Taiwan if things went sour. To prepare for that contingency, he sent a trusted aide to Taipei, Taiwan’s chief city, to get rid of anyone who could cause trouble.

It did not hurt that Japan had built some infrastructure on the island, which was not damaged during World War 2, so there were enough assets to continue business as usual without starting from scratch.

However, downsizing was not easy. To make sure it was done correctly, Kaishek assembled intellectuals from all across China, especially those who had studied in the West. This was easy since most intellectuals were within a short distance of the capital, Nanking, or the chief northern city, Peiping (which the communists renamed Beijing).  Some of them refused to go and the Cultural Revolution burnt them to death 20 years later. Some others emigrated to the USA and Europe, but Kaishek was able to bring a good portion of China’s most important intellectuals to Taiwan, providing a learned and high tech edge.

Secrecy and Brutality

The relocation plan was a well-guarded secret. Only Chiang’s trusted aides were in the know, and anyone of questionable loyalty was kept in the dark. Many soldiers, for example, caught up in the relocation, were unable to bring their families.

The failure to keep the plan a secret can be detrimental. In 1975, when the North Vietnamese attacked in earnest and South Vietnam tried to build a strong line of defence around Saigon, the soldiers were eager to bring their families out and that created a general panic which South Vietnam never recovered from.

Not so in China, those with enough connections to bring their families out did so discretely. Those who could not just left them behind. Chiang ran a very brutal secret force, so those who knew him knew the consequences of spilling the beans.

Chiang confused his enemies, and potential refugees, by remaining in the mainland for as long as possible. Many people assumed that as long as Chiang was there he was going to fight to the death, so they did not make their move. When the communists finally closed on him, he and his most direct cohorts made a dangerous dash to the getaway plane, the route already cleared by his loyal men who were promised seats in the future; and some of those promises were honored.

Chiang abandoned a huge number of his own troops to the Communists when he fled, leaving behind many who assumed he was as loyal as they. Some of them made it to Thailand and Burma and remained there to become drug lords, because Chiang refused to bring them to Taiwan.

Chiang did not need these men, and simply wrote them off.

Never Apologize

China had millions of ounces of gold and silver stored physically on the mainland; which were siphoned off to Taiwan with utmost secrecy in three shipments. They became the collateral to obtain financing from the West after the relocation was over. Chiang’s men raided the banks; and the safe deposit boxes were seized, on the pretext of ‘keeping the treasures safe from the commies’. They were returned to their former owners if the latter could make it to Taiwan and remained in Chiang’s good graces—which encouraged the wealthy to move to Taiwan.

This was basically a policy of blackmailing the elites.

Chiang also moved the best of China’s treasures to Taipei, to claim cultural superiority over the mainland.


Finally, and the most important element, is continued vigilance. In addition to killing about 20,000 of the more educated Taiwanese who may have opposed his rule, Chiang’s forces also disenfranchised the Taiwanese. The mainlanders who moved to the island and the Taiwanese lived in separate neighborhoods with little interaction. Since the Taiwanese used a slightly different dialect, it was easy for the new elites to single them out. Taiwanese insurrection was considered tantamount to communist activities and treated as such. Martial law in Taiwan remained until 1987, for 38 years; and anyone suspected of aiding the communists met a quick, brutal end.

As a result, the most successful downsizing of a Civilization in the modern age seemed to stick, until 1991 when Communism mostly fell in Europe and with Chiang and his son both dead, the native Taiwanese demanded power. Although those who came with Chiang still hold most of Taiwan’s wealth, by the weight of numbers the Taiwanese now hold political power.

In total, China had a population of around 600 million people in 1948, and 2 million of them escaped to Taiwan; which had 6 million people. Those who escaped included the who’s who in Chinese intellectual circles, plus about half of China’s parliament (China had its one and only election in 1948), ensuring the political tradition would continue for a long time. A lot of wealthy Chinese had investments all over Southeast Asia, which also helped Taiwan to prosper.

In the final analysis, five elements make for a successful downsizing: One leader, the ability to select the best and smartest people, secrecy, the securing of economic resources for recapitalization and brutality against any factions which may undermine the process.

In addition, Religion and eternal vigilance may be required to continue the Civilization. After Chiang Kaishek’s son Chiang Chingkuo died in 1988, the KMT, Chiang’s political party, failed to find a suitable successor to carry on the Civilization Chiang and his people brought in.  Power eventually fell to Lee Tenghui, a Taiwanese who seemed to be loyal to the Chiangs when they were alive, but he showed his true colors once he became strong enough to wield his own power. It was during his tenure that the Taiwanese regained power. Those who came with Chiang slowly left Taiwan for the USA and other Anglophone countries, and Taiwan is now declining.

The Byzantines, the Spanish Umayyads and their successor Moor kingdoms, and the Timurids/Mughals kept their downsizing and cohesion much longer because they were religious minorities surrounded by ‘infidels’.

So after the Reset, if the Elites want to keep their Civilization and avoid being overwhelmed in the long run, they may require a new Religion, a new kind of mythology that keeps and justifies their separation from the masses of Humanity.

36 thoughts on “Abandon Humanity

  1. Mao had just lost the top 0.33% of his population; and then proceeded to kill the remaining intellectuals—Including Secretary Xi’s sister.


  2. Interesting history. Let me say that Americans can’t downsize, it’s not in their nature. So America must, in the end, either dominate everything or collapse. Since Americans are in their dominate everything phase, it follows that collapse is next.

    The question: will Americans fight a civil war with each other or not. If they do, then the elites have their way out: allow the civil war, and then transfer whatever they have left into the new local arrangements, whatever they might be. If Americans don’t fight a civil war with each other, everything will be sort of dysfunctional, terminal, bureaucratic, but no clearing out. That’s basically the Byzantine scenario, but let’s say occurring over a hundred years as industrial civilization winds down.


    1. The Civil war seems to be the option which is not a good sign.America is Very divided.Along political,racial,and religious lines.Red vs Blue.White vs Black,Christian vs Muslim.A Perfect storm.


  3. Did you read my movement plan of the Rothschild’s and their 300+ Illuminati gofers?
    I knew about it for over 5 years.
    But I never revealed it until it was time to torpedo it.
    And I did.

    Your writings are very very good!


    1. For the elites, it’s more about control rather than absolute numbers.
      For instance, they had strong control in the first half of the twentieth century, when population numbers were lower than today. This control waned through the 20th century, as the middle class built wealth, large numbers of working plass people had unions and benefits, etc. It turns out there was enough energy and materials for everyone, so people were happy.

      We can clearly see since the turn of the 21st century the elites aiming for total control and being successful. The IT revolution has not democratized the world, but in fact made it more unequal.

      So for the elites, it matters not whether the total population is 6 or 7 or 10 billion. The point is to keep on concentrating the income and power at the top. Then you have options, even as depopulation is on the table. i would say, the elites probably need a few billion people at least, for the overall system to function. Beyond that it’s hard to see. After all, the elites need substantial numbers of workers and consumers. Robots and AI require humans to design, build, and maintain, and are not self replicating.


  4. Chinese history is full of a sudden breakdown. As late as 1976, within 30 days of Mao’s death, the Gang of Four (Jiang Qing, Mao’s wife, and her three cronies) were arrested and removed from power. Xi Jinping has cut all possibility of succession, plus he has no son. So, if something happens to him, China could go berserk fairly quickly.

    Chiang’s behavior was typical for a ruler – if something happened the Emperor and his cohort fled to a more defensible region, and waited until the crisis hopefully resolved itself. Peasant rebellions usually collapsed after the leaders began fighting because the loot ran out; foreign invaders were usually satisfied after taking their loot too. Of course, sometimes that did not work, but it was an acceptable risk.

    The cities will be abandoned. Those stuck in the city will probably join the bandits to survive. Thru their long history, the Chinese know the chances of their family surviving is not that great, so they would rather live day by day than try to launch what would be futile search for their families. Many Chinese communist leaders lost their families that way – even after they became big, they never found their lost kin, and just shrugged it off.

    Lower pop means fewer mouths to feed and fewer trouble to be feared. Australia is pretty big; although the people will be treated like how Chiang treated the Taiwanese, they will be given their areas where they could do as they please. The corner where the elites will end up would be cleansed of natives and others not welcome there, and will operate like Israel now.


  5. With better and better technology the incentive and necessity to control humanity grows more and more. The individual person can do much more havoc today than 50 years ago. If you are a really smart person, you can build a nuclear bomb or create a deadly pandemic or computer virus. Just think that in a couple of decades it will be even easier to destroy the world. Maybe one smart person would rather see the world collapse sooner rather than later, because if it is later the collapse would be much worse. Working for the collapse of the world therefore becomes the morally right thing to do.

    If the world doesn’t collapse because we find something better than fossil fuels the only world I see is billions of brown mixed race low IQ people ruled over by a small high IQ asian/white elite. I would rather see collapse than that dystopian future. Maybe this world is not possible because you would need a lot of smart people to run civilization. On the other hand, because of automation, it might be possible that a smaller amount of smart people are needed to run civilization.


  6. I am from Delhi and it’s fucked up over here.

    You better not get into a confrontation even if it’s the others fault lest they beat the shit out of you.

    India as of today is a hopeless mess. Even the village where I come from has become a land of assholes.

    To support others we need brotherhood, mutual love and sacrifice which is not there in any part of the world.


  7. All the people accepted demonetization happily though I was suspicious regarding the motive since the banks had significant NPA and U.P. elections were near. All the insiders were aware of the move as early as April.

    People accepted the move initially for greater good but they kept on changing rules and bank managers were exchanging notes for a commission defeating the purpose. Then, govt. refused to release the data. When RBI published its balance sheet, we learnt that 99.9% of the notes came back so it was a flop.

    The move screwed the property market which still has come to a halt, homes are available at 20-30% discount and still have problems finding buyers. There were huge job losses in the informal economy.

    Then Modi did a haphazard role out of GST which fucked over small businesses and unorganized sector. Their accounting and compliance costs went up 6x and all had to keep a CA and buy new software.

    The SME and unorganized sector still has not recovered from the one-two punch.

    When QE stopped and FED started raising rates, funding for startups dried up and now the IT sector is suffering from layoffs. Wages have also dropped. It began with EM rollover in 2015.

    Modi is a narcissistic psychopath but a coward and a liar. With each move, resentment was building among the populace. The more it grew, the more he became desperate. He forced everyone to link Aadhar (Indian SSN) with

    Tax, Phone, Bank, Property etc. Mark of the beast style. As he fucked up the economy, he through his party started instigating communal violence British style.

    He bought most media houses under his control through his proxies, tow the line (praise him and his moves) get paid per news or ……

    The recent rape cases in Kathua, Unnao and Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya NPA have seriously damaged his reputation even among the dumbfucks.

    Now the media occasionally speaks against him for the clicks of course. This was unthinkable a year ago.

    The recent rapes has emboldened everyone to speak against him.

    Since Demo, banks are flush with cash yet there are few who want loans. While those who have taken loans can’t pay back resulting in NPAs.

    The number of people applying for govt. jobs have risen by 10x since 2008 and there is record unemployment.

    Govt. themselves are running employment scams. They invite application for job, charge huge application fees, then cancel the paper or delay the procedure for couple of years, then invite new applications for the same positions. Govts are not filling vacancies and are simply removing those positions both at the central and state level. In another scam, they complete the procedure and then delay the joining by a couple of years under various pretenses.

    Another is the pension scam, since 2004 those who have joined the govt. were made part of NPS which is a 401k style scam. When the stocks and bond implode, there will be riots. Already some are waking up and there are protests to convert them to the old pension scheme. Banker pay has not increased at all since 2012. Banking recruitment has been a third of what they used to be and they are overworked to death.

    India is a powderkeg waiting to explode.


    1. Collapse,

      Given that your boots are on the ground,

      At the System Level, what role do you see India playing in the Reset?

      And how will the event unfold over a one, three and five year timeframe?

      Thank You,



      1. India is a part of BRICS and a net energy importer but the BRICS part gave me hope. When Xi announced OBOR, I was happy that India will do OK compared to the rest. But the clown Modi, instead went sucking USA’s dick and went for a military buildup at Doklam. Also, Modi even refused to send a delegation to OBOR launch. The present show put up at Wuhan is a joke IMO. If Modi had courted Xi for significant investments in India, I think India would have fared well with a heavy currency devaluation during Reset.

        Now, I have zero hope that India will make it. It’s hard depopulation.

        When all is said and done, I see India being retaken by some country and the Indians being made slaves. All out fascism. India though lacks energy has plenty of natural resources and is a fertile zone. So, it will not be left out. It will be conquered, by whom and in what way, I don’t know.

        Modi is destroying judiciary, he has already destroyed the rest of the executive and legislature by passing bills in violation of the constitution. Modi is trying to pass FRDI bill (bail in) and electoral bonds for anonymous donations (can be tracked by govt, there’s a hidden serial number visible under UV). There was talk of conscription in the parliament. The last time conscription cropped up was in the begining of 2008.

        I think he intends to be another Xi. Some minister blurted out they wanted to change the constitution by 2024 to allow for such.

        Modi from the perspective of elites is disposable. He always surrounds himself with Yes men and practices “My way or you perish”. So no one speaks out against him. He always needs power. Money doesn’t matter to him.

        Such a man cannot be reasoned with, hence will thrown aside when its time. Even his intellectual friends are dumbfucks.

        India will be conquered.


        Part 2

        People have become total scums. You end up in an accident, they loot you and then leave you to die or share your agony via Social Media. Fight breaks out over petty issues and they bring in the local mafia.

        Police were always meant for protection of rich and politicians but under Modi it became public via various incidents.

        Some woman was being raped, one fucker took an L-shaped rod and rammed it inside her vagina. When it came out, it brought out her intestines. She was thrown and left to die at a highway. Anyway, ended up dying in the hospital few days later.

        Another fucker raped his own mom in the night. Another guy came from 1000kms away to rape an 8 year old who was kept sedated inside a temple, finally killed with stones.

        You can extrapolate how gruesome will be the murders from the rape stories.

        The new money(there are plenty) are the biggest scumbags I have ever seen. Considers themselves gods.

        I see no vision in politicians, its always scams and scams and screw others. At this point, there should be collusion for their own survival but I just don’e see that. There is heavy distraction going on these days.

        Modi is allowing his own party as well as it’s senior leaders to become the laughing stock when they blurt out useless stuff. Media laps it up and important news is buried.

        Modi is willing to throw everyone for his own sake.

        All people are power hungry cunts. They spent day and night for many years for civil services jobs just so they can have power. A magistrate can put anyone in a jail for a day with zero consequences. They also want it since it gives them huge bunglows and a couple of peons. You get the point.


        1. India wasn’t bad in the 80s. Crime was there but it was insignificant. Theft, murders were nil or very small. Then liberalization happened in 1991 and the downfall began.

          RBI went on a printing spree and money supply went exponential. Unemployment always succeeds high inflation which is what happened. Local industries were decimated. I live close to an industrial zone which is a shell of its former self. MNCs prospered and set up shops. People mistook inflation for prosperity. Lending standards were loosened resulting in the present NPA problem.

          Simultaneously, cultural deterioration happened. The aspiring population looked at West and tried to adopt the culture here. The West was falling apart during the same time. The local media and film industries portrayed women as disposable pleasures while unemployment and western aspirrations were on the rise. A disaster was brewing which is now playing out. Crime and theft also exploded as a result of ever rising unemployment.

          India became deindustrialized as a result of 1991 which also explains Modi’s push with Make in India. Local manufacturers soon shut up shop, some of them produced stuff comparable with the West.

          India is now suffering from rampant shrinkflation. Everyone implicitly understands there is a squeeze but none wants to tackle or think upon it.

          Before Modi, we had a great relationship with Russia. Under Modi, India has pivoted to West, a mistake that will be regretted.


      2. Putrid, been following along for a while via ZH. Indian but really a world citizen. Indian conditions above and below are mostly true.

        Given that the current reality is generally an industrial one, I have (was given) a key/stiletto that can bring down the beast system that is current capitalism/industrialism and now digitalism.

        A team is coming together around it, you seem to have a powerful crew around you, let me know if it sparks interest, happy to share more.

        Big as it sounds, it can be the key to a turnaround. Modern capitalism is anti-innovation for a reason.

        Don’t need much to bring the vision to life either…. look forward to your response…

        Check this out… I’ve been blacklisted and gangstalked since 2001 for good reason. The time is now…



    1. How severe? And do you exit into btc or USD/Tether? Why do you expect correction, any bad news or just people taking profit before new accumulation/bull run? Interested in hearing your opinion.


      1. Of course you’d love my opinion, who wouldn’t?

        The “why” is for my friends, as are questions 🙂

        The correction will be as severe as the Market Makers desire… but the “why” says severe right now.

        Enjoy your weekend.



      2. Wettergreen,

        My reply yesterday was just playful.

        Be very cautious with Crypto investing… the entire market is a complete and utter fraud.

        When that becomes apparent it’ll end. Write me a personal email for details.

        Take Care,



        1. I take everything back. “HODL Bitchez!!!”

          This is gonna be pumped and pumped some MORE.

          Keep pumping bitchez! (I’m aware of and support the scam)


          (Silent Whisper: “I’ve sold and I’ll buy back after the bloodbath.” (Edit: The big USA shadow government behind Tether is the Market Maker that’s holding the market together. It’s a total scam that almost unraveled several times already. Get the fuck out if you have profits.”

          P.P.S. Putrid loves you.


          1. So I’ve logged in, trying to gauge the bottom. We’ve had a month long crash pattern, and BTC just hit 7,500…it may hit 7,200

            Looking at those coins that had a higher high in late April, e.g. Eos, Bitcoin cash, Tron, Iota, Neo, Bytecoin, Golem, Verge, Maker, Digibyte, Iostoken, hshare, loopring, BAT, mixin, NAS, aelf, ae, decred, OX, Bytom, SC, BTS …

            The rest are dead.

            Safe Trading,



  8. Here’s a Canadian perspective, though be forewarned it’s a bit lengthy.

    Boots on the ground perspective: (but first some background)

    From the analysis that I’ve done, Canada has the third largest housing bubble in the world, after Australia and NZ. Toronto and Vancouver are 2 of the top 5 most inflated housing bubbles in the world.

    According to Wolf Richter of Wolf Street, Toronto single family detached homes are down 14.4% y/y as of April 2018. So if you were dumb enough to be competing in the multiple offer scenarios in Toronto in the spring of 2017, and you put down 20% to avoid CMHC insurance premiums, after realtor fees, you have nearly lost every penny of equity you put down.

    Vancouver’s prices have not started to come down yet from what I have read, but the volume of sales has slowed dramatically. I believe this to be the precursor to price reductions. A large portion of the condos in Vancouver proper are owned by foreigners and sitting vacant, hence the BC government’s tax on vacant properties. Leaving a place vacant and not subjecting yourself to the PITA of renters is a feasible strategy while prices are climbing. But when property prices start to decline and you’re eating the monthly expenses, I imagine the fun wears off pretty fast. I expect a good chunk of those condos to hit the market at the same time as the owners all try to get out of the burning theater simultaneously. Good luck with that.

    If Vancouver and Toronto’s housing bubbles pop, it is naïve to believe that that happens in a vacuum. The real estate carnage will spread right across the country. It will be Canada’s version of America’s 2008 mortgage meltdown, only much nastier since our personal debt ratios are substantially higher than those of Americans in 2008. Canadians love their debt!

    Since Canadian banks are so heavily invested in the Canadian real estate market, I believe Canada is on the verge of a major banking crisis. Once people start walking away from their underwater mortgages, like Ft. McMurray residents did in droves after the wildfire, the banks are going to be holding massive amounts of real estate, with few buyers in sight. Look at all the cranes in Toronto… who is going to buy that shit? And then the condos in Vancouver that are vacant? Anybody jonesing to jump into a falling market? What about the plethora of apartment condos that have come online in Calgary and Edmonton over the last couple years? CMHC red-flagged the prairie provinces for overbuilding. There just aren’t enough buyers to absorb all of the supply.

    And now interest rates are moving up. Awesome. The last stat I read is that something like one half of Canadian mortgage terms are up for renewal in 2018. So since the typical Canadian mortgage term is 5 years, people are now going to wave goodbye to their great 2013 rate and have to take the 2018 rate shit-sandwich that is being fed to them. That’s going to hurt their disposable income. It’s basically what happened to America in 2007 when the ARM-mortgage teaser rates reset. What did that do? Well that got Bernanke’s “contained” sub-prime crisis really rolling.

    If Canadian banks are going to be holding massive amounts of underwater real estate, it would make sense that they have solvency issues. After the world witnessed the Cypriot sheeple queuing in line for their meager allowance of Euros each day in 2013 after the banking holiday was imposed, rather than grabbing the nearest pitchfork and storming government offices and banks, Stephen Harper’s 2013 budget changed the definition of a depositor’s bank account so that it is now an unsecured liability of the bank, giving banks the legal right to bail-in their depositors should the banks experience solvency issues. I expect a banking crisis and bail-ins. And then bail-outs and then failures. Confiscation of anything valuable that is left for “safe storage” in a bank’s safety deposit box is a given.

    So what about mortgages where less than 20% was put down for the purchase a year ago? Well they are already upside down. Since Ontario and BC are export-driven economies, they are quite sensitive to the price of oil going up. If oil keeps climbing, they will struggle to keep their economies running at this speed. If job losses start, those home owners who are underwater are going to be asking themselves if they really want to keep paying the mortgage on their upside property when they could go and rent something for a fraction of the price. Same thing happened in the States in 2008. So if those homeowners start to walk, CMHC is going to have to come out of pocket to reimburse the banks for any losses incurred. Where is CMHC going to get the massive amount of funds required to do this? Well, the Canadian Gov’t of course. CMHC will have to get a bailout like Fannie and Freddie did. Fire up those printing presses.

    Given that Canada is a resource-based economy, the Loonie is obviously a resource-based currency. Resource-based currencies tend to get beat like a red-headed stepchild when recessions take hold. Due to this fact, and combined with the upcoming real estate implosion, I expect the CAD to get murdered over the next few years. The charts are set up for a 58 cent Loonie from the current 78 cent level.

    So what does this do to the average Canuck? It wrecks them, plain and simple. Canadians have a love affair with real estate. We are taught that it is by far better to be an owner rather than flush your money away as rent. But what that ridiculous mantra doesn’t factor in is that there is a time for each. Sure, it may have been a decent time to be an owner since the turn of the century, but that time has now come to an end. I’ve had friends tell me they are thinking of buying a place, and I tell them no, please don’t, stay the hell away from the real estate market. They typically are taken aback and then they ask how long they should wait. I tell them to give it 20 years or so.

    This is my analysis of what is coming for Canada. It’s not pretty. Such a good thing that our illustrious government has now succeeded in joining Canada with the distinguished ranks of Angola, Belize and Tonga as having ZERO GOLD… Instead we are holding other nations’ infinitely-printable, debt-backed currencies in our reserves. Just fucking swell.

    With that background in place now, what is the perspective of boots on the ground? Gasoline prices rising faster than at any other time I can recall. A stat I just read was something like 50% of Canadians couldn’t come up with $1000 for an emergency expense. Many people here are one or two paycheques away from being insolvent. Very few people have any gold or silver. It isn’t even on their radar. If there is any disposable income, stocks are the vehicle of choice. Have fun with that. I wouldn’t even invest other people’s money in the equities bubble, let alone mine.

    In the province in which I live, we have been in recession for 3 years now, since the price of oil fell off a cliff in late 2014. I cannot emphasize enough how devastating it has been. There was a survey just done whereby 50% of respondents said they felt the economy was either stagnating sideways or getting worse. And the media keeps pumping this bullshit narrative that we are on the upswing, “because the numbers say so”… I’ll tell you where you can shove those numbers… When renters have to decide between food and rent payments, where is the recovery? When I’ve got tenants driving Uber at $9 net per hour to simply put a roof over their family’s head, while working a full time job during the day, where is the recovery? When there are trade halls full of guys looking for work, some for more than 6 months, where is the recovery? Oh yeah, there isn’t one. And there isn’t going to be one. But most people I’ve spoken with about the economy are on the same page – most people see the disconnect between reality and what the media keeps spewing. Though very few people seem to be doing anything about it. Most people are just trudging along as best they can, trying to keep their heads above water and hoping that something changes. I learned long ago that hope is a rather poor investment strategy.

    What role does Canada play at the System level during and after the Reset? Canada is rich in resources. Abundant water, minerals, trees, agriculture, gold and oil (if you call Bitumen oil). I suspect Canada will not remain a sovereign country after the SHTF. We have no military of any significance. We are operating 1980s vintage F-18’s and cannot afford anything newer. We rely on the bully to the south to protect us, but when fascism takes a firm hold south of the border, I suspect we will succumb to annexation. I don’t see any other way. If I were America, you bet your ass that I would be taking over Canada.

    Does Canada experience a mass depopulation? Most Canadians live in cities and wouldn’t fare very well if the grocery stores had empty shelves. I don’t think the majority of them would be able to feed themselves. So from that perspective, there could be a substantial culling. I’m hopeful that a number of them will have prepared a rural setup that could feed them, but in reality I think that would comprise a very small percentage of the population. It’s actually scary how many people here tend to look to the government to fix things. I was showing some real estate apocalypse numbers to a friend of mine and he said, “But the government will do something and not let that happen.” Oh will they now? Wake the fuck up. What our very comfortable way of life has done in this country is desensitize the masses to critical thinking. Why do that when there is Facebook and Netflix to peruse?

    And finally, how do I see the Reset playing out over various time horizons? First year – bread lines and mass homelessness and tent-cities. And then given how cushy our standard of living is in this country, and how far it is about to fall, an increase in suicides as people watch their entire net worth (and hence cushy future) evaporate due to the dying dollar and collapsing real estate markets. As if that weren’t bad enough, we are going to have to survive the crazies to the south packing their AR-15’s and looking for food. I think the stat is something like 90% of Canada’s population lives within 50 miles of the US border. Count me out. My bugout place is far away from the US border.

    By year three, or probably before, I think crime will go up, even though we are not a violent society like America. I see racial tensions breaking out. As much as Canadians like to think they are so much better than Americans in accepting various ethnicities, I know for a fact that there is a thin veneer of civility over top of some pretty deep racial discrimination amongst a significant percentage of the population. I expect that to lead to violence against immigrants when things get rough.

    By year five, I think things will be looking up. It will take us a bit longer here to get to that point than I believe it will take in the East, because we have no gold above ground. But by the fifth year, those who are left should have figured out how to make this a good place to live.

    All of that aside, if you are prepping now and have a place to go to that is far from the border, I think Canada will be a decent place to ride this out. We do have one of the lowest population densities on the planet. However, I think it will be imperative to get out of the cities and form a group of like-minded people. I think survival on your own will be extremely challenging.

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  9. Thanks for some interesting on the ground perspectives.

    Here in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, there is no real collapse to speak of. People remain fed, employed, sheltered. I do see reports of murders in my area recently, and am worried myself, but it’s not crazy yet. Everything keeps getting more crowded as we get migrants from around America and the world. Rush “hour” is 4 hours, from 4 pm to 8 pm. Personally, this is a form of collapse to me. But what do I know, because surely everything is awesome and we all get along. House prices keep rising too, it’s unbelievable. Some of these are old homes and sketchy neighborhoods.
    Lots and lots of Indians, Muslims, Asians, Blacks moving in. Just saying, that’s a valid observation. If the demographics of your area completely changes, that’s a fact, not “racism”.

    But tensions are rising, you can feel it. One can sense that many people are just making ends meet rather than living the so called dream. My parents are getting older and draining a pension. Whereas, nobody who works anymore gets a pension. And of course the old live on and on, subsidized by a “healthcare” system that continually inflates premiums on healthy people, bankrupting you if you ever get sick, while spending the most on the oldest, sickest people. Completely unsustainable generational gap. Oh, and like everywhere in America, there is no middle ground, nobody is interesting in talking about anything. People are in their tv and computer worlds, nobody cares. If I tried having a conversation with anyone, they would either ignore me or bite my head off. At the apartment complex where I live, some of the girls at the front office talk to me like I’m a monster or rapist, even though I pay the rent, and their income, every single freaking month. Unbelievable.

    Personally speaking, I’ve been between jobs for some time, I’m getting more night terrors, I feel like I’m dying even though I’m still healthy. I simply can’t do this anymore, something has to give. The walls are closing in, and they are closing off the exits. Boiling frog.

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    1. F*cken hell Dolph. It’s like you’re channeling my thoughts and feelings. The same situation is more or less playing out in Australia. The city I grew up in is almost unrecognizable to me, overwhelmed by rampant immigration, over development, and the hugest property bubble you could ever imagine. It’s almost impossible to carry on an intelligent conversation with anyone for more than 2 minutes. Especially when you point out how unsustainable it all is. They either shut down, or shut you down. Nobody want to get off the gravy train of high property prices, government subsidies, cheap loans etc. If I could get out, I would. But I’m stuck in place with a family to raise through this unfolding nightmare.

      Regards, another refugee of OFW.


      1. Same here in Germany.
        Peak stupidity and brainwash on an ostensible happy blessed island and denial of all the threats from reality.
        BAU crumbles on all corenes an edges – nobody cares. It is grumbling but the surface ist still in good shape. The reset will be a rude awakening.

        I would wish for a change if it was not that terrible.


        el mar

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  10. I have 2 of your books and lots of others …the old zerohegde shes not to bad …l made soil and sail …can you sail …dirty phil ..tasmania


  11. Putrid: Can you fill us in on what you’re witnessing on the ground?

    ​Banks are following the top down lead and tightening – becoming more risk averse and reverting back to traditional risk models

    Putrid: At the System Level, what role do you see the USA playing in the Reset?

    ​The USA is a wildcard. There is growing division between the Deep State’s Anglo American Dollar Faction (AADF) and the ​international banking (BIS) directive.

    The US Military Industrial and Surveillance Complex (MISC) is a dollar creature which is being isolated. Its dollar weapon is being neutered internationally, so it must learn to nationalize its dollar economy (a la America First). There is a complex interplay between the Roth/Ross/Trump agenda and the Deep State which remains unpredictable.

    But the world rejects US interventionism, regime change, color revolution and cultural dilution though mass migration. These are all AADF policies. The global consensus to neuter the dollar neuters the effectiveness of such programs/policies.

    Putrid: And how will the event unfold over a one, three and five year timeframe?

    ​Impossible to predict, but the dollar will ​lose its status as the world’s international trade denominator and unit of account. The dollar derivative complex that creates stealth bond demand will fail to dictate pricing for all things of value in dollar terms. The dollar will inflate internationally as it struggles to retain economic viability domestically in the face of so many foreign inputs to domestic production.

    The US economy will gradually become (more) self sufficient as it replaces foreign inputs with domestic (much like other countries today) and sovereigns will no longer be dependent upon a “reserve currency” regime for economic viability. Gold will replace the “pricing” function that the dollar provides today.

    SDR and gold holdings will have a greater impact on exchange rate inputs (which today the dollar provides). SDR will allow dollar to be recommissioned over time as its relative weight is managed. The SDR is a self contained “exchange rate product” and will be recognized as such for its utility.

    The timeframes?

    That is for the Families to know and to grow their wealth from, as we are the true masters of “time” in our economic paradigm. The timing of economic change opportunity, and our ability to control it systemically is the absolute power we possess.


    1. I’m believing we live in a Matrix kind of environment; the source code of change is the secret strategic objectives of the various power groups:

      As the strategy develops the charts are influenced.

      Thus, the charts can tell you the object of the strategy and its timeline.




      1. The charts are a representation in sum of all participants engaging in buy/sell activity at a particular time; depending where you look at a chart.

        I am a trader.

        I can’t expect & believe anything. Which is why whenever I commit money to the market I ensure I cover my ass in the event of things not going to plan.

        My job as a trader is to identify & execute low risk, high probability betting opportunities whenever they present themselves based on my approach, risk attitude & trading objectives.

        The only use I have for NAKED charts to identify the participants who matter. In other words, I ask myself one single question: WHO is trading at a particular price I am interested in & WHY? To get an answer takes me less then 10 seconds. If not—I close the charts & go to bed. :-).

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        1. I am barely educated in such matters, but the charts indicate some buyers and sellers knew planes were going to fly into the Twin Towers in the days preceding such.

          Currency charts today, appear to indicate which objects are aligned against the Dollar Faction; thus marked for demand destruction.

          As “word” of deep plays gets out, the behavior of buyers and sellers changes–altering prices before the objective is achieved.

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  12. I suppose we have all come to realise that the writing has been on the wall for quite some time. enough dominoes have dropped for us to start getting nervous. yet, here in relatively safe southern Australia most are ruminating on other chaff and not really focusing on any likely future scenario other than staying overweight and entertained. Did i say most..well, I know of a handful that smell the corralling that has already started.

    Since the fun of the early seventies – embargo, Nixon, lima agreement – the world has largely been running on promises, yet, the nation states have all been quite successfully compromised through the solutions brought to the table at that time.

    In particular, the lima agreement, which has brought about international inter dependence and the removal of currency backing which has enabled the wheels of finance to generate onerous credit obligations without having to offer consideration (money). So, the gate can be slammed shut on the pigs at the trough at any time, scary.

    In this context, the blissful ignorance of fat populations is disgusting, not like a 14 yr old girl saying ‘ooh, thats disgusting’ but the real kind or disgust. however, in most circumstances it is counterproductive to reveal this.

    Given that the reset has been planned for since before ayn rand, I look to the spirits of the ancestors for guidance. Survival is number one, that includes future generations also. Then there is culture, there is the process of redefining this al a brave new world that is a few generations into the plan that has to be subverted on an individual family basis, or, your offspring will be deltas (if allowed to breed at all).

    This all is serious stuff and takes herculean efforts of planning and execution. There is a very special effort being made to ensure that you fail at this.

    All administration is currently flowcharted as a stepping stone to being fully automated. We are administered as property , once again, the fact is wasted on the fat and entertained.

    Nations are now dependent. If policy is personal, which it is, then by extension all those subject to policy are now dependent and completely vulnerable to making agreements not at all in their interests once inventories dry up as planned. It is truly sad to see the change in the psychological well being of Australians over the last 25 years, now, with the worst to come there is much doubt in my mind as to whether enough remains of their previous resilience to get through without losing what remains of their wits.

    I could go on..

    What I have done is try to establish a working garden, keep livestock, workshop, instruments, collect culturally significant books and educate myself legally. As it is by legal means that you will be robbed of whatever it is that you have.

    What I haven’t done yet is record enough family history and survival rules for the offspring to help keep them on track. If I died tomorrow the ‘state’ would get them all.

    I think it is prudent to accept that the vast majority of mankind is about to accept the bowl of lentils and forgo their birthright – best to avoid that…


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