Russia Is The New Dominant Hegemon


Russia is presently checking two strategic objectives of the Dollar Empire.

Washington’s primary plan to block the Southern Silk Road is failing severely, with Turkey and Pakistan flipping to the Competing System. This switch allows for continuous trade between China, the Middle East and South East Europe.

It also dangerously isolates NATO bases in Afghanistan.

Silk Roud Southern Route

Washington has responded by arming and supporting the Kurds (their consolidated territory is highlighted in yellow.) The U.S. needs its proxy army to block the Silk Road by advancing through Iran toward the Caspian Sea.

Alongside this kinetic vector, the Empire is aiding the Kurds by attacking the currencies of Iran, Turkey and soon Pakistan.

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Anticipating another round of kinetic escalation, Russia has deployed a squadron of MiG-31K fighters, armed with Kinzhal missiles, to the Khmeimim Base in Syria. The Kinzhal is a high-precision hypersonic aero-ballistic missile. It has a range of more than 2,000 km, Mach 10 speed, and an ability to perform evasive maneuvers at every stage of the flight. It can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads.

As things stand, the Kurds must betray their patron or suffer assaults from every direction.

Israel’s strategic objective is secondary and rarely mentioned publicly: the securing of the water resources in Southern Lebanon.

The population of Israel, not counting the West Bank and Gaza, is about 8 million Jews, about a quarter of them being pious Hasidim. Adding Gaza and West Bank it becomes 13 million. It is simply unsupportable.

Yes, Israel is dying of thirst. Not now, but not too far away.

The Israelis tried to seize the Litani River system via land invasions, of note is Operation Litani in 1978, when Israel Defense Forces invaded Lebanon up to the Litani River. This ultimately led to the creation of Hezbollah—supported politically by Syria and logistically by Iran—to check this vector.

Thus, the Litani River is the real source of animosity between Israel and Iran.

Following border clashes in 2006, Israel took the fight to Hezbollah and suffered a swift defeat. This failure to conquer Southern Lebanon forced Israel to turn her attentions to Syria. We may assume the strategy was to destroy Syria; thus cutting Hezbollah off from Iranian resupply.

Russia stepped in to thwart the Imperial plan.

And with time, Russian Aerospace Forces attained the ability to escalate and de-escalate the battle space, via advanced aerial defense systems and exotic missile technology. In the latest cycle of violence:

– Israel stepped up non-kinetic operations against Syrian and Russian technology, jamming certain air defense systems
– Israel fired one missile at an SAA target
– Israel received return fire of 55 missiles destroying their non-kinetic operational infrastructure on the Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is important, for it is a source of water:

Golan Heights Water Resource

These geopolitical power plays have created a surge in volatility, making difficult the task of managing the Reset.

The Bank for International Settlements did not anticipate the simultaneous collapse of so many currencies would put a bid under commodities, for desperate peasants began stacking necessities. (The first function of currency collapse is demand destruction, so in theory commodities should have dropped in price, but not this time.) This has caused structural supply shortages and broke down ingrained price behavior: the US Dollar is stronger alongside more costly commodities.

Capitalists in the USA and China began reporting a dangerous cost spiral; so the Global Government shelved the Trade War.

Will this be enough?

Not sure, a key difference between the 30’s is that there’s a lot more accumulated capital now. The masses can use that capital to demand commodities even though they’re in the midst of a hyper-inflationary depression.

And also, Putin may be supporting his strategic allies by supplying commodities in exchange for market access and other favors.

The old norms have broken down and as we approach the Reset proper we should witness increasing price volatility: already witnessed in Cryptos, then commodities and currencies, and soon property. The Global Government may seek to curtail demand by selecting a large isolated consumer for utter destruction—perhaps Europe, maybe India. 

The Great Game continues, the Dollar strengthens, equities surge, currencies and countries collapse; and Russia is the ascending Hegemon.


29 thoughts on “Russia Is The New Dominant Hegemon

    1. Timeline?

      First, the rebels and “ISIS/Israeli” ground forces in Southern Syria will be cleared out. That should take 2 to 3 months.

      After which or alongside this escalation, the Kurds will probably be assaulted by Turkish, SAA, Russian, and Iranian forces.

      We may also see supply routes to Afghanistan being curtailed.

      The currency crisis is spreading; Putin would be happy to see the Euro go away (see volume 3, The Reset) … so, can all this destruction happen while keeping commodities down?

      Not sure. We’re about to find out. But the Reset is no longer theoretical … the time for theory has passed, and for a lot of humans it’s very real.

      Important IMF meeting early next year concerning SDRs … maybe a big crisis before that meeting and then the solution is unveiled… to desperate and fearful populations.


  1. There were three “Silk Roads” in Antiquity.The great hubs of Medina and Mecca were taken by Mohammed, immediately. The New Rome attempted to regain this strategy during the “Crusades” but the “Frankish Kingdom” fell ,once again, to Islam.The great nautical power of the East India Company attempted to displace the land trade during the administration of the Ottoman Empire but the land routes were retaken, finally by the British…1917….since then the violence has no end.


  2. The ultimate objective is the Euphrates.

    It is the lifeline of Syria and Iraq, as well as Eastern Turkey. Euphrates and Nile, the two rivers featured in Israel’s flag, are needed to support a large population. The smaller rivers are just for stopgap measures.

    It all ends up with water problems, just like the biblical Abraham and Isaac, whose lives were dominated by fights about who would use the scant water.

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  3. Putrid,

    Your latest effort presents evidence that the Reset is not manageable. It is not more than a trial of a reset.

    Commoditiy-Prices are not developing in the desired direction. Families want a and get b. The whole Reset-process is just a self-organising collapse ruled by thermodynamics, not by Families.


  4. Your thesis; It’s compelling.

    A lot to swallow for a young man…

    It feels inevitable that I was to end up here however.

    One thing I’ve begun to understand through your words is that human “capabilities” are ridiculously sophisticated. That Realty is more unreal than fiction. And that we’re all fools to someone else. The speed of events and constant movement in the system also becomes very evident. It’s absolutely amazing. One could admire such cunning.

    God… where to begin though…

    I guess how to orient oneself in the world becomes the next issue at hand after reading such.

    With your work what do you aim to achieve, what kind of response are you hoping from your readers?

    Are you working on any new projects?


    1. Wettergreen: With your work what do you aim to achieve, what kind of response are you hoping from your readers?

      Putrid: I’m a teacher, so I produce educational content. I want the reader to organize their mind, so they can approach the Reality in a sober and organized fashion. And they can then proceed to organize their social group.

      Every reader has a different situation and circumstance; but they can all benefit by being organized and sober … (had a massive hangover yesterday, so stressing the word sober)

      Wettergreen: Are you working on any new projects?

      Putrid: Just learning about trading and investing, it’s fun. I actually like investing and trading because you look out for sources of optimism (opportunity).

      Rip Ripple Rip!!



      1. Sold Ripple, just a few % gain, bought EOS on the pullback. EOS is on the list of coins with higher highs so I like it. Praying. All in.


          1. Bitshares rolled over like a dying old man in a bathtub … so I got out at 23.1 and bought Cardano. It’s a safe bet.

            I’ll be busy drinking the next 48 hours so I don’t want to trade.


    1. Going forward,

      Stay out of the Fiat, only hold as much as you need.

      Stack Silver, Gold and Fuel.

      The Euro is on the menu, there’s been talk of this the last few weeks and now it’s on the front page. Let’s watch… the currency crisis 🙂

      About Cryptos, there’s a structural problem, which I’d like to write about but too many of my friends are in the system so I won’t. The Market Makers protected Bitcoin the last two days and let the shitcoins bleed to death. I went in 24 hours ago and I must say, what a scrap!! It was epic. I jumped into Golem a few hours ago as I think it has already consolidated and will pump first. Then I’ll go back into BTC.

      I expect further recovery and consolidation in the market, with each bear trend there are less and less coins selected for survival:

      Obviously avoid any coins with continuous lower highs.

      Love Putrid


        1. IOTA is nearing sell zone of 2$, so I’m logging in. I think I got 30-40% on IOAT and GOLEM, and I only trade all in …(Balls on the table bitches)

          Will be buying either Litecoin or Ripple. I’ll wait to see which pumps first, both look coiled up to go. Logging in.

          One thing I’m not sure about, since I’m still learning, is if I should TA priced in Bitcoin or USD?


            1. Sold Monero yesterday; volume dried up. Booked 2-3% loss.
              Putrid’s Crypto Rules:

              1) Buy things going up
              2) Sell things going down


    1. Don’t worry all you Hodlers our there, in the family home of Haus Putrid we still have Tulip bulbs in the garage.

      We being waiting 414 years for the next bull run … (Powell! Pump that shit!)


  5. Deutsche Bank on the ropes from Italian banking crisis, plus its credit rating will be released sometime in the next 36hrs. If it receives a downgrade it could cause the share price to fall below $10, triggering a derivative shitstorm.

    Does anyone else have info around this event situation?


  6. Dear Cathal aka Putrid,

    I’d like to send you a sincere thank you for your three books, they are very well done and quite illuminating. If you were to give these books to most “normies” they would probably just laugh and think this guy has some serious mental problems! Of course, these are the same people that are sipping 64oz big gulps, watching bread and circus games, and just being absolute morons worshipping the most idiotic things you can imagine. Yes I am in the USA! Please excuse me if I don’t give out a lot of personal information since you and I both know the “controllers” are capturing all traffic of the peons in the USA and storing it, I’m sure to distinguish who needs to be “reeducated”.

    Moreover, trying to have an intelligent conversation with most people nowadays is nonexistent for the most part as they keep trying to live the American dream which is nothing more than a debt loaded nightmare! Unfortunately, I have come to terms that USA is going to explode into something like a literal hell on earth once the curtain is removed if you will. Furthermore, it is extremely evident that the social engineers and propagandists have successfully divided and conquered all parts of the population (men vs. women) (black vs. white) (white vs. hispanics) (rich vs. poor). Well played on their part.

    You should know that the USA hit its lowest fertility in the last 30 years in 2017 and our life expectancy has also decreased. The social lives of the majority of the population has terminally declined because no one trusts each other anymore, especially men and women. I have to say the feminist movement really destroyed American women and I dare to say that many of them are simply no longer women, just simply men with vaginas. Once you add in the GMO’s, flouridated water, chemtrails, and all the rest of it, men have become very effeminate. Maybe the water does turn the frogs gay? It truly is an amazing spectacle to behold by anyone who actually has their senses about them and an above room temperature IQ.

    Luckily, I am located in a rural area that is about 70-80 miles from the nearest large city and I am surrounded by farms and state parks. There are a lot of “prepared” people and skilled people out in the rural areas of the USA who have realized that they need to get away from the major urban areas and change their lifestyles. Hence much of the “prepper” types are marginalized and made fun of here in the USA by the average person who expects that BAU will continue, boy do they have a wake up call coming.

    As to my questions for you, how is the timeline playing out regarding the reset? It seems at times the Fiat faction is willing to risk complete annihiliation to achieve full spectrum dominance of the globe and it is pretty obvious that the mask has come off in regards to the fake “constitution” that has not existed for a long time. For a while it looked as though they were going to remove Assad based on a false flag chemical attack but Orange Jesus (Trump) and his handlers just launched some phony missiles that supposedly knocked out some abandoned buildings. All for show and kabuki theater it seems? The distractions from all sides are becoming more and more obvious.

    Do you have any insights into a transition away from Oil and into another commodity that could provide energy for civilization? Based on all of the EROI that I have seen it looks like we are headed straight for the cliff and are just going to jump off?

    I realize the difficulty of such a question and it may not be answerable but it would be something a curious mind would want to know. I think a good idea is to make sure you can walk long distances and maybe get a couple of bicycles.


    Capitalist in Ohio


    1. Thanks for the praise,

      It was a difficult task to define the Reality, but my friends were the measure of it.

      I’m happy to hear that your social network are sober minded and not foolish.

      Your first question, as to new energy sources? No, there are none, but there is huge reserves of Natural Gas and the Competing System has invested heavily in advanced Nuclear Technology, including miniaturization of Nuclear. These are significant sources of optimism and one should not be fearful of a Mad Max scenario in advanced societies.

      Also, as you’ve read the series, you know how smart and prepared top Capitalists are concerning the protecting of Humankind. They take the task seriously and soberly.

      That said, for the Imperialists, they don’t know how to keep the provinces demoralized when the current monetary arrangement ends—-so for them, they have very little to lose with extreme risk taking. What is keeping the peace is that prominent Imperialists are being tracked by the Competing System, and if they do something foolhardy they and their families will likely be exterminated when they become vulnerable to retaliation.

      Revenge is a Right.

      As for the timeline, such things are controlled by the board of the Bank for International Settlements, but clearly the situation is progressing and control is slipping (see recent volatility in commodities). We should see pain and extreme volatility in Canada within 6-8 months. And the Euro/Italian crisis is developing alongside that timeline.

      Also, there is reports of significant inflation in Japan, so we’re approaching the end.

      Unfortunately, the System Framework can’t survive an Italian debt crisis; so if that develops phase three of the Reset will happen.

      As you know, these things are pre-planned to achieve the objective of the Families—-Which is mentioned in the last chapter of the final edition of the Volume 2.

      So sit back, enjoy your Summer months and have a cool beer. You’ve got nothing to worry about in the immediate sense, let’s see how things are looking in six months.

      I don’t read the “news” or anything like that—-people with a public profile want power and so are biased—-just enjoy your time amongst sober people and become more resilient. Perhaps lending “The Reset” to your social group is smart, because if they are prepared, even small preparations, will ensure you’ll be fine.

      Take Care,



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