Reset Update


We’re seeing some good progress toward a clean Reset; the war in Southern Syria should be finished up within a few weeks and then we’ll get to witness the fate of the Kurds. That’ll be interesting.

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And, turning our attentions to the diamond trade; we’re seeing big changes.

Over a century ago, our main man Cecil Rhodes was instrumental in the making of this market. And with the help of Rothschild financing and oversight De Beers enjoyed monopoly status.

Problems emerged in recent years with increased supply via Russian, African and synthetic diamond vectors.

These supply vectors negated the strategy of buying up excess supply to create the illusion of scarcity.

Thus, a new strategy was fashioned:

First, the diamond exchange in Israel was busted up by police investigations of money laundering and fraud. Then, the political elite in Israel refused bribes to make the investigations go away. Honest pols?? (Hardly, they’re order takers.)

This setback forced diamond traders to move their operations to Hong Kong. And then, around 5 weeks ago, all bank accounts of diamond traders in Hong Kong were frozen on the same day.

Only HSBC in Hong Kong is letting them stay alive, for now 🙂

And for the killer blow, in September this year, De Beers will begin marketing “conflict free” synthetic diamonds; including colored diamonds! What progress toward world peace? which is what Cecil wanted all along. 

These moves by the Elite should wipe out the middle men in Israel; eliminate mining costs and fully rationalize and remake the diamond market.

Top job Bankers! 🙂 The pain will be felt in Israel, where the trade accounts for a nice fraction of exports and thousands of jobs. 

Now there is a reason why diamonds are never mentioned in the Philosophy of Capitalism series: they are not a capitalistic instrument and should never be stacked. Going forward, prices should collapse … you have been warned.


And Brexit is deserving of a mention.

I’m really happy about this “process” toward annihilation; it is in sync (beautifully) with the strategies discussed in The Reset, volume 3 of the series.

The dumbass Brits have happily voted to limit their ability to leave their little island; so when the Reset happens they’ll be stuck with nowhere to go 🙂 

Hmmm … Should be fun.

I’ve got my surround sound 4K TV and popcorn ready: pull up a comfy couch and let’s watch! The ducks are being lined up. 

Putrid loves you. 

13 thoughts on “Reset Update

  1. As one of those “dumbass Brits” who is on the side of Brexit – after 40+ years of being bled dry by a hapless EU -perhaps you would like my view. I have always thought that Brexit was the desired outcome and the politicking we are seeing now is just for show, and is largely the preparation of excuses. Firstly we are seeing the same sort of polarisation here, over the Brexit issue, as is happening in the US over Trump, and in Europe over immigration. That tells me it’s planned. Secondly, it is in line with the plan not to have monolithic state structures (like the EU) but to fracture states into their smallest possible components so that they become dependent on supranational bodies for trade, defence and, very likely, the value of their currencies. (I’m of the view that the EU was set up only so that all 26 countries could be taken down at the same time – with, of course, the usual attendant thievery, that in this case will see Germany gutted of all its wealth, while being made to continue to work.)

    But my third point for why I think Brexit was always the plan is perhaps the most important; it provides terra firma for the banks and the assets they control. We already have our own currency so we are isolated to some extent from the implosion of the ECB/Euro. While there is a very real risk of social unrest on the Continent, the last thing the bankers want is another ‘peasants revolt’ coming to London, the real home of all their wealth. Depending on what triggers the meltdown – Italy/Deutsche Bank/Greece/France – London will emerge preeminent and is likely to appear blameless for the “terrible mistake” unfolding in Europe. Whether the blame is put on derivatives, the ECB, trade imbalance or banking sophistication, the “traditional values” and innate conservatism of British banking will be seen as its redeemer. We could see Sterling becoming very strong (perhaps as the only country to have firm trade agreements) and this could help finance the plunder taking place across the Channel. In short, this is going to be the HQ from which they direct the war, and they don’t want bombs going off around them.


    1. Christian,

      If you’ve read my book series, then I’ve done a piss poor job as a teacher. Or you really are a dumbass.

      Just kidding, (not) …

      Seriously though—-please set aside any hope or optimism–that shit will get you killed.

      Let’s analyze your sources of optimism:

      1. A strong Sterling

      How’s that possible? You mean against the other fiat currencies?

      OK, but ALL fiat currencies are going to ZERO against commodities, especially gasoline and Gold. The $ will the last standing fiat currency. But all fiat is going to ZERO under the existing System Framework.

      If you analyze the Gold price in Sterling it’s almost back to its all time high price!! Which is VERY BAD news, for you.

      This is quite serious now, because players can now bet against Sterling using Gold; or the masses panic: dumping Sterling for Gold.

      2. Terra Firma

      Your terra firma has no profitable oil left. So you’re fucked. But Germany’s not fucked, because Putin is going to supply Germany and China with inputs.

      Of course, Putin may betray Germany and China; but I see no evidence supporting such a play. Also, that would simply repeat what Stalin did and that didn’t work out so well for Russia.

      3. Stability

      Without the value captured presently from exporters, how will London and other cities remain stable? You’ll require food and energy imports. What will London exchange for these very valuable imports?

      And the unemployed, what’s the plan there? Going to kill them? … fair enough … How?

      The only source of optimism is that Rothschild has a massive stack; but that is easily moved.

      Rothschild is old enough and smart enough to know “Rome was abandoned many times.”

      And I see no evidence of planning to reconstituting an industrial and manufacturing base: that would require stockpiles of commodities; and not bullshit of the paper kind.

      Maybe I’m wrong; and I’m OK being wrong because I’m not located there; maybe there is a plan to save England; but the Reality, the evidence, doesn’t support that possibility. That said, that stack creates certain possibilities, so we must eschew the altar of certainty and watch Rothschild closely.

      I wish you well Christian Thomas, but please protect yourself and your family. If there are objects or instruments which are not easily understood; please write me privately.


  2. In my opinion, the collapse of the UK is accelerating. This is most visible on the corporate stage whereby offices and key staff are moving from London to Dublin at an accelerating pace.

    Once they’ve left; what’s to attract them back?


  3. I was instructed to buy Crypto last year, and began trading that asset accordingly. What I like about trading is the mental discipline it demands of the trader.

    First, you must look for low risk opportunities, usually at support levels.
    Then you wait for the support to be retested, and if it holds (risk is then reduced) you can buy with some confidence.

    The most important thing, though, is using targets to measure whether your model is accurate.

    If prices don’t behave the way you expected you must accept you were wrong, and book the loss. I book the loss when the support is broken, usually costing 2-3% of my capital.

    If prices go up I let it run and take profits at resistance.

    I’m a newb, so thankfully I have traders in my network with decades of experience that guide me; but the pros tell me most traders fail due to their own psychology: They run away from bad news. They fail to acknowledge, and see, that the prices aren’t behaving according to their preferred model. They refuse to look for information that may undermine their assumption. (This is why most Hedgers bought Gold in 2011 at ath prices, they were preferring to believe than study.)

    I took a bet on 0x, ETC, IOTA two days ago. I spread out my bet since this is very speculative. Overall, I’m up. But if Bitcoin goes below 6k I’ll sell everything in a heartbeat and take the kick in the nuts.

    Allot of British gentlemen read this site; and I’m not going to sugar coat the facts: I think it looks really bad and you must accept that things will probably disintegrate. The Queen will be waving from the balcony with a warm smile (at the dumbasses in the gutter) as the Bankers run out the back door (with the loot, which is what I would do, since I’m a scumbag too).

    And please remind yourself that this site (and foundational texts) is also studied by officials in Brussels and elsewhere (so they ain’t dumb.)

    My advice is Eire, set up a plan to get your ass here. My plan is China, if that bet fails, I’ll fall back to Eire.



  4. If they are running to Eire, Belfast would be a very thorny point. If all the powerfuls are relocating to there, I think that the Orange League at Ulster will have to be expelled, just like the French in Algeria back in 1962.

    Not too many people know this, but the three major cities of Algeria had been regular French Departments(provinces/shires/states). 1 million French, and a similar number of pro-French Algerians, lived there. But De Gaulle basically abandoned them to their fate, and the French fled with little more than the clothes they were wearing. Some pro-French Algerians were able to flee, and spent the rest of their lives in France under deep poverty- they were the lucky ones.

    Giving Ulster back to Eire would be a confirmation that the Elders are moving to there, and a lot of protestants in Belfast, etc would be quite unhappy.


  5. Hi Cathal,

    I immensely enjoyed reading your trilogy The Philosophy of Capitalism, as well as your articles and posts online.

    While I had previously had some vague ideas about the Reset, your works have really helped me better understand the underlying mechanism, as well as giving me a clearer sense of what to expect. Thank you so much for your work, all written from a unique perspective.

    For the last several years, I have been dividing my time between China (specifically, Kunming) and Thailand. But now because of air quality issues, it looks like I may be moving permanently (or at least, until further notice) to southern Thailand. Like you, I think China will do as well as anywhere during the Reset. How do you think Thailand will fare? My thinking is that since southeast Asia is within China’s sphere of influence (e.g., Thailand’s biggest trade partner is China) and since it is already under control by the military, Thailand will be okay. But then again, Wall Street maintains a keen interest in Thailand, precisely because it is a kind of buffer state for China. I would be very interested in any thoughts you might have.

    Best Regards,


  6. Gimlet,

    Since Thailand is a contested area; if one side is unable to have it, then they’ll be best served destroying it.

    This makes for a difficult calculation and I would avoid the risk. In addition, the Thai economy is structured around tourism, which will collapse. The foreigners are mostly retired workers from the West with pensions paid in currencies which will be severely devalued.

    So they’ll die. As will the drug and sex addicts and assorted scum.

    On a lighter note, the Thai race is violent, poor, uneducated and has a large proportion of young people (with little to lose). The Thai government is military, but they are political and economic amateurs.

    So I say China is a better bet. Especially Yunnan province, as it has a low population density. In China, the peasants will return to their familial villages, and the elites will stay in tier one cities.

    Actually, there is a purge of foreigners gathering pace in China, so I would advise a ten year business visa so you can return easily. And please avoid any law breaking.

    The timeline is becoming clearer … With a hard Brexit next May, I see phase three starting next year.

    Take Care,



  7. Putrid,

    Thanks very much for your thoughtful answer. I have some follow-up queries.

    Would you say that most of the countries participating in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (with the exception of big players, like Russia, India, and Iran) are also contested and therefore vulnerable to being destroyed?

    Is there any other place in this part of the world that you would recommend, besides China? Perhaps Malaysia? Indonesia? Some island in the Pacific? I need somewhere warm and affordable with decent air and internet service that would allow me to stay long-term. It would be better if it had a significant expat population, decent health care, little threat from diseases, and was close to the ocean (which makes clean air more likely). (I used to live in India, which almost fits the bill, but is too noisy for my taste, at least where I was staying. Singapore would of course be perfect if it were cheaper.)

    Also, if I am in a vulnerable place when phase three hits, do you think I could still always take a flight back to China? (As it happens, I do have a long-term Chinese visa and scrupulously obey the law.) Or will air travel be prohibitively difficult or expensive? Do you think things will get so dire that even bus travel will become challenging? Will phase three be gradual or sudden? (In other words, when things hit the fan, will I have time to react, possibly moving back to China if necessary?)

    I know I asked a lot of questions in this post. Any feedback would be most appreciated.

    Kind Regards,



    There you go boys; an unprecedented peacetime act.

    So the Brits (who stay) won’t have any oil to steal. Amazing to watch the edge get closer…

    International trade is shutting down and all domestic inventory is being consumed, after six months there’ll be intense inflation.

    It’s still not clear how things will end up in the USA; though I wouldn’t want to be located there to find out–the Gold Faction and Fiat Faction may come to blows (directly, or via their proxies.)


    Pertaining to your questions:

    We are still in phase two of The Reset. So nothing to worry about … have a beer …

    Phase 1: The Prepositional Phase (even the Jesuits got their man into position, the Pope!!)
    Phase 2: The Political Pretext is Written
    Phase 3: The Event itself (and associated phenomena)
    Phase 4: The Stabilization Phase

    Given your preferences; I’d choose Sanya. Nice island; might see you there.

    As to your other Qs: hard to answer: the Future is Possibility …

    The boys at the top table are playing poker; with lots and lots of wild cards.


  9. If the Brits are in a “process” toward annihilation, I see the risk, if they have nothing to loose, they wll possibly start to become aggressive (maybe with the help of the US) against Germany!?


    1. They have no resources to enable fighting.

      They could use terrorists, migrants and stuff like that; but Trump and his backers don’t appear to support such.

      My guess: the Scots break away; and Ireland supports Scotland into the EU. Then Scotland and Eire will make a decision concerning the six counties of Northern Ireland.

      England is finished; dead. The USA is doomed.


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