69 thoughts on “It’s Time

    1. I went all in today; exiting my Crypto USDTs. Crypto is far too risky going forward.

      Russian forces, aided by Chinese and other allies; will commence assault on stranded NATO forces in Northern Syria and the Ukraine. Any minute now.

      Flanking forces have been moved to Serbia.

      Not sure about Afghanistan yet.

      There’s other moves; in the energy markets which I’ll keep off of this site (as every side reads this site). And I would prefer no panic right now.

      USA elites have responded by increasing censorship.

      The panic can break at any moment … relocations are happening.

      That’s it I guess; I’ll relocate to China in two weeks.


  1. Agreed. The sanctions against China and Iran will not work. In fact, they will work against the United States and actually result in jobs lost in the US which could cost Trump the election in 2020. The Fed is in a bind. China has stopped buying Treasury debt and Iran has stopped selling oil in dollars as has China. With all those unwanted dollars coming home the Fed has to purchase them in the form of Treasury bonds and raise interest rates rapidly to keep the value of the dollar but tank the markets. Perhaps it’s all part of the plan. A reset of the currency with an exchange rate; one for those inside the United States and one for the rest of the world.Interesting times.


      1. Hubris or Art of deal lol? Hypersonic missle tests, a coincidence ? We all know the dollar isn’t backed by the productivity of its people. Agreed time is of the essence.


  2. If the Russians are in Serbia, that means at least Bulgaria (traditionally pro-Russian) is in cahoots as well.

    Few people think about Bulgaria but it always played a peculiar position during the world wars. Bulgaria’s German King dragged it into the Great War but it did not do too much against Russia, and during WW2 it refused to fight USSR or Turkey so its troops were mostly used to garrison Greece.


    1. Yes,

      Jacob is a very honest guy; unfortunately, the uneducated plebs and assorted new money scum can’t appreciate the System Level implications of what he’s saying.

      He’d be aware of the situation in Syria, Ukraine, Serbia etc., and the Russians have begun applying extreme pressure in the energy markets as well.

      So, yes, the new order is at risk.

      Edit: It’s interesting that he decided to give the plebs a heads up – obviously he can’t go into the details – but something is better than nothing. Quite interesting, the timing…


      1. Isn’t letting the plebs know there perception of fullfilling freewill and avoiding karma? Like saying I’m pulling the rug out, its your choice if you’re standing on it.


    1. This is going to be difficult to survive. Things should stay fairly stable until the $ is mal-effected.

      Anyone have a list of countries with a food and energy surplus?

      Edit: Perhaps the best place to hang out during the turbulence is in a historically poor place with a low standard of living, that imports nothing. Like Laos, or Nepal. Maybe Vietnam. The people in Laos probably won’t notice anything’s changed.

      Edit: What I mean is: Maybe the best place to be rich is in a place that’s always been poor?

      Your biggest risk to happiness and welfare is other humans; and formerly rich assholes are going to be really bad company.

      With precious metals; a nice lifestyle can be maintained by an agrarian economy with a surplus of food and energy.


      1. putrid, did you delete a comment? it was very interesting. gonna have to try that ouzo I got. prob low grade. but I got some absinthe, too. as always, go raibh maith agat.


          1. The u.s. no longer has any grain reserves, and it doesn’t have the oil reserves to make up for those grain reserves, unless it can bring oil production online overnight.

            Meanwhile china has enough reserves for 4 years, but only has land enough to feed 10% of its population 15% percent if they stop all exports.


      2. Once the system is broken, it takes a lot of work to reestablish it and at some point people will give up, so the luxury will be a lot more localized.

        South Korea will be hospital to white – females. Not so much for white men. Asian men have some kind of inferior complex over caucasians; although some will be spared it will be like a crapshoot.

        Major General William Dean became the only US general captured after world war 2.


        The Korans showed their true nature when Dean was isolated.

        The Japanese, ironically, might show more respect on the westerners. They did not kill the westerners ; even the US PoWs killed after the Hiroshima bombings might have been already dead and the survivors just beat the corpses to vent their anger.

        There was a famous white guy who was a baseball player during world war 2 (he was a Russian whose dad moved to Japan after the Revolution). He was actually allowed to use a Japanese name and was not imprisoned (partly for his own protection) until the war reached its last stages and everyone got crazy.


        Because he was a Russian (at that time it was impossible for a non Japanese to take a Japanese citizenship) he was subject to being sent back to the USSR but the Japanese allowed to him to stay, which he did until he died in 1957.


    1. To Billy Lone Bear:

      You can actually chart the human population growth side by side when we went onto the Petro-Dollar. What you’ll see is a massive increase upwards some would say exponential.

      Start a chart going back to around 1000 A.D. and move forward to today to see what I am talking about. Population growth used to be pretty constant and then we had small increases coming during the Industrial Revolution and then massive increases with Oil.

      I think one needs to be able to conceptualize the impact of Oil and how it powers the current civilization. What happens when it no longer can power civilization in the scope of today? The Hills Group and SRS Rocco have done good analysis of the situation. We are going back in time. I believe in The Reset Cathal stated the low end will be around 30% of people will go.

      I think a good assessment of who goes would be: the elderly, the compromised individuals (handicaps, obese, mental retards, diseased, etc.), many criminals will be killed….many will probably be left in cells to perish. Those who are unprepared for what is coming are at high risk. Several situations could develop causing wars that could kill off a significant portion of the population. There are many variables that are leading to massive declines in population no matter which way this thing goes.


      1. You are completely incorrect. The timing is right, but your reasons are wrong.
        Germ theory became known around 1920. Soap was introduced in hospitals and institutions. It became understood that simply washing your hands would prevent the spread of germs and, more importantly, disease.
        Germ theory and oil can only be related by timing, if you think oil was only used sparingly before 1920. However, I would argue that as survival rates increased in the Western world, oil demand simply went up.


        1. Jay,

          You seriously made me laugh man. I needed that.


          I am enjoying the information put out and analyzing it closely. Will continue to follow here.



  3. I think that at least some sections of world will be quite safer, as if nothing is happening. That actually happened in England during the twilight of Roman Empire – England did not enter a chaos until a century after losing contact with Rome. The Romans in England essentially instituted a self-rule which lasted till end of 5th century, and with no more Romans coming to there they were absorbed into the local population.

    The most populated areas will be very cruel, with lots of refugees. Most of them won’t survive the first month, and the longer-surviving ones would be the most nasty ones who will be not too much unlike the zombies in many movies.

    China, at least the major cities, will probably be safe for the time being. It didn’t fall into chaos immediately after the end of empire – Yuan Shikai, the military strongman who basically ran the empire’s armies even before the fall, still held power until 1916. It was after his death that all hell broke loose, but the fighting were in the countryside and the major cities of Peking and Shanghai were not really affected until the Japanese invasion of 1937.

    The French movie 317th platoon https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=la+317e+section written by a French reporter who became a prisoner of war at Dien Bien Phu (his fellow reporter tried to escape and was never heard again, probably killed by the locals somewhere in the jungle) shows what happened to the white men who were stuck in Laos after French rule collapsed in Indochina. Asians are nice and cozy for whites when things are bad for them, but if the whites show weakness, they suddenly turn hostile. Fast Eddy, a frequent commentator in Tverberg’s site, tried living at Bali but after a series of trouble with the local Balinese he moved to New Zealand.

    There are reports of some Russian soldiers who ended up in Afghanistan and restarted their lives as afghan muslims, but at least the afghans could be called whites and so could assimilate the russians. Not so in Asia.

    Africa is a different story. The blacks still fear the whites. Harry Hewitt is going to try the African routes – there are many nicer places in Africa, well away from general population , where things are still cozy. Even Mugabe could not steal all of whites farms because many of such places were only accessible by airplanes.


  4. The current civilisation lifes on the yit-surface of a big bubble. Inside the bubble there is nothing but hot air.
    When it pops humans will fall very deep. Threre is no layer of subsistence for our rescue. So very few will make into 2030. We get our food from the shelves of supermarkets not from an independent farm next door.
    What happens, when the shelves are empty?


  5. Cathal,

    Started your first book – it certainly makes for interesting reading. May I enquire how one is granted access to the password protected articles on the web-site?



    1. Hi David,

      Ehh… those articles are just extracts from Vol 3, The Reset.

      Volume 3, edition 1, was only 68 pages long or something 🙂

      And every incremental edition added a chapter as planning and the best path became clearer.

      I guess the reader comments may be interesting … I certainly like them … (I’ll unlock in the future.)

      I don’t add chapters anymore; I just publish on my website, because it’s a little unfair to the guys that read the first edition.

      I’ll add things like “Abandon Humanity” to the final edition, but I’m in no rush.

      Take Care,


      Edit: This Stockman guy is either a disinformation agent, or a Retard: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-11/david-stockman-world-economy-epochal-pivot


    1. At least Rothschild is preferring understatement:

      “Dear Plebs,

      I’ve run out of options.

      Ehh… (Putrid! I think it’s Time!)



  6. Hello Turkish Visitors,

    I’ve noticed a surge in traffic from Turkey lately, so I’ll write a short note for you guys.

    First, you’re doing well.

    Second, continue what you’re doing.

    Third, perhaps lower the rhetoric just a touch.

    The de-dollarization process can be painful in the short term. You must reject IMF entreats; and spurn experts who advise raising rates and capital controls.

    Take the Pain: The avoidance of pain is the father of suffering.

    The State should be the sole buyer of any Gold mined within the territory of the State; paid with Lira. This approach implies the Lira is backed by Gold.

    When Putin says so, default on the $ loans: I’d like the blood flow cut-off before amputation.



    Edit: Oh and … eh … this might be a little late … but

    You did take out Lira loans and buy some Bling, right?

    OK Capitalists, Let’s analyze the Lira – Gold Daily Chart: 6,400 to 8560 in the last three days. 33 percent … not bad.

    If the Turks default, which I’m assuming is their game plan: banking exposure is Spain 36, France 16, USA 8, UK 8. Am I right? Hope so.

    Now, many of you players are taking out domestic debt for Gold.

    You gotta time that shit.


  7. @ all: If you have to select 5 long-lasting and easy to stock sorts of food for survival and!!! barter – what would you choose?


    1. 1. Ruger 10/22 plus 10000 rounds 22lr
      2. Shovel
      3. Large net
      4. 100 cartons Marlborough Reds
      5. 100 lbs of Salt

      If you can fathom the value of these, you wont starve


        1. Pretty much. They have degrees of quality. That 2 oz’s of silver converts to 500 rounds which converts to maybe 150 rabbits with the help of a rifle, which converts to a whole lotta goodwill and food for a week-depending on the size of those rabbits


  8. According to the Bank for International Settlements, international banks had outstanding loans of $224 billion to Turkish borrowers, including $83 billion from banks in Spain, $35 billion from banks in France, $18 billion from banks in Italy, $17 billion each from banks in the United States and in the United Kingdom, and $13 billion from banks in Germany.

    Italian banks in for $18B??? I think we just found the mechanism to spread this Turkish collapse into Europe proper. Unless Spain and their $83B take the cake. These retards have an insolvent banking system to begin with, and they are lending that kinda money to countries with tyrant dictators? I’d love to see their risk analysis due diligence on those loans.


  9. You guys are blowing this out of proportion. This is a nothingburger event.

    I would be more concerned if the news were about some EU country. All of us have seen numbers far bigger than this in 2008 and debts never mattered. Only asset stripping. ECB can buy in whatever quantities they want.

    The panic will happen when they want it and where they want it or when China & Russia stop playing ball and inflict pain themselves rather than through a proxy. Euraisan integration is not complete. Reset if executed now will spiral out of control everywhere.


  10. The New York Times publishes an interesting report of an economist who has been warning about Turkey’s
    financial problems. He basically says that Turkey is the canary in the coal mine, that “we are going to have another crash that will be worse than 2008″ and this:

    ” The river of global cash will dry up, the dollar will spike and there will be a series of financial seizures. Investors, he thinks, will flee developing economies, then Europe and eventually the American stock and bond markets.”


  11. The deflation phase has been stretched to the limit. Look at the velocity of money. Deflation has now become visible to the sheeple. Trade wars and currency crises are accelerating deflation. As dollar rises, liquidity shrinks, more EMs will default and hyperdeflation will happen.


  12. In an earlier discussion with Putrid some months ago I recalled the time when some truck drivers blockaded a few oil refineries, see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/924574.stm and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuel_protests_in_the_United_Kingdom. Within about 3 days across the country the large grocery stores were EMPTY, no fuel at filling stations, etc. This wasn’t a real oil supply shock of course, the army were on standby to sort out the blockades if necessary, but the speed with which the systems upon which we are utterly dependent collapsed was stunning to watch. I remember walking around a grocery store and it was like a zombie apocalypse film, empty shelves, stunned-looking people shuffling around trying to find anything worth buying. Within a week, everyone had gone back to ‘normal life’, no one gave a shit and no one was talking about it. The populace have only become more dumbed-down and ignorant since then, so the reaction to any serious collapse scenario (oil or banking, or both!) will be bumpy to say the least. People are just so clueless.


  13. If you are in England, you are fucked. Otherwise, you have decent chances. Stay in the northern part of England if you are from there. London and nearby areas wlll be devastated due to refugees creating havoc. Anything priced in pound will go to infinity. So, I would go small and buy PMs if I were you.

    Develop good relationships with your community and your interactions will allow you to take note of whom to trust how much.


  14. Apart from the obvious massive over-population, in the south at least, and the general level of ignorance, what makes England particularly fucked? I used to think that London being the location of choice for more than few of the elites would give it a protected status, not to mention the City of London, but I guess they can all hop in their jets and bail when the time comes


  15. Nick, the UK has energy and food deficit; with minimal export market share.

    ?? That’s the worst possible recipe for the Reset



    1. WOW!!!

      Check out the final collapse of Crypto:


      I was picking up my free Gold today; and the dealer said he almost lost money on my transaction because I initiated the trade at BTC’s daily high.

      And by the time he was able to get into fiat the price had dropped.

      So I guess when the bullion dealers reject BTC it’s all over….


  16. Even before 1900 England had trouble feeding itself. Germany had its best chance starving UK out in 1915, but the chancellor Bethmann Hollweg, a coward, backed down a couple month before food riots would have begun in there. I have read, perhaps in one of Putrid’s writings, that half of all shipments to England during 1943 was food to feed Britain’s pop (46 mil back the) and even with such influx rationing continued until 1954, 9 years after WW2 ended.

    This time England would be totally fucked, and it is likely that feudal estates , set up by noble landowners, will return there to protect the nobles and their immediate minions.

    I wouldn’t want to be in London ..


  17. manchester, birmingham, liverpool etc. none of em – but the estate could be pleasant

    the point you make re food – there is the capability of providing plenty – just not the will, you see, the poor cant pay enough to make it worth the effort

    the price of grain is less/ton than firewood

    and is still too expensive for most of the globe, so what next? more circus’ less bread, stands to reason


  18. I was discussing the 1950s austerity/rationing era with my father recently. What stood out for him was how willing people were to roll up their sleeves and work, hard, to grow food, and generally hustle, barter and trade locally to survive and get by. Totally different reality now, as you say, the will isn’t there.


        1. Picking up what you’re putting down, but for mind exercise; a Taoist perspective is non being to being is creation, being to non-being is change.


  19. Any thoughts on what part of the US would fare best for those who can’t get out (I assume it’s somewhere away from the cities)?

    Would you ever consider relocating anywhere in Latin America (Patagonia, interior of Brazil, the pampas, etc.), or will it suffer the same/worse fate as the US (plus become hostile to outsiders)?

    Is there any city in North or South America you would consider desirable post-reset?


    1. Farmer and Arroyo,

      Another thing to think about is the actual nuclear reactors that are in the United States and their subsequent locations. If you think the likelihood of nuclear war is unlikely but the chances of total system failure are high then I would steer clear of the states where the 99 Nuclear Reactors are at. Mostly East Coast and Midwest states like Illinois are harboring lots of nuclear reactors. How many of these have built in mechanisms that can cool the spent fuel rods in order to prevent a nuclear meltdown? No idea here but it is better to not take any chances.


      Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Montana, the Dakotas, and Oregon seem to be clear of Nuclear Power Plants. Lots of wide open space out in those regions. Lots of rural farm land. I would stay away from Denver and the Airport there, it is a Masonic entity. The region is mostly demographically homogeneous and the Whites control just about all of the farmlands and productive capital out there.

      The SouthEast Ohio, East Kentucky, and West Virginia are also clear but are downwind from disaster. Mostly demographically homogeneous but a historically poor region susceptible to clannish fueds. Pretty much many of the people there are already poor so it wouldn’t be a huge change it things collapse. Plenty of timber, lakes, and Appalachian mountains. Lots of innovative living and a slower lifestyle there. Large amounts of Amish/Mennonites live there, they are about as low tech as you can get. Most of their energy comes from humans and animal labor.

      Maine is also clear but you better have been preparing for a while if you wish to survive the winters there. Better have a wood stove and be in optimal physical condition to chop wood. Short growing seasons. Close to the Atlantic for fishing. I imagine many will survive up there but it will be some of the hardest mofos out there and none of those Somalis .gov/UN dropped off in Lewiston are gonna make it.


      Get as far away from the cities as you can especially any major/metro city and even the suburbs. Get out into the countryside if you have to stay in the US. Find any local orchards and those who produce fruit and food on a yearly basis, they are out there. You will find these people at local farmers markets and other like minded events. I would make friends with these people asap.
      I would invest in a couple of good water filters and you can setup your own manual pump on a well (There are devices made of PVC pipe for cheap) or I would setup a rainwater harvest system that connects into the gutters of homes/buildings.

      I was in Costa Rica for a summer a few years ago, very interesting setup down there.
      Positives: much of their energy comes from hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass, and solar.
      They were able to run their country for over 100 days on renewables a few years back.
      Many of the people there do not rely on cars to get around, many are able to walk to and fro wherever they need to go. If not, lots of motorbikes and small vehicles. No gas guzzlers like in the USA.
      As to the water situation, everyday I was in country it rained in the afternoon for about 2 hours so there is plenty of rainwater that could be harvested for usage.
      Food: There main crops were bananas, mangos, plaintains, coffee, and maize. Lots and lots of tropical fruits all over the place.
      The country really is about the greenest place there is.
      Spanish is widely spoken but due to the influx of Western Foreigners English is understood by the majority and signage is in both spanish/english. This makes it easy to navigate the country. Lots of business cater to Westerners and idiot tourists who get scammed.
      Weather is obviously tropical so there is not worry about trying to survive in a cold-weather environment.

      Downsides: No military to speak of. Any nation with a somewhat organized military could easily take over.
      Volcanoes, not active but the risk is there.
      Risk of hurricanes.
      Mostly Castizo/Mestizo population but with growing Asian and African Carribean immigrants making for the lovely environment of diversity that we see working so well.
      Infrastructure is rather poor and the road/highway system does not work well.
      Much of their country relies on tourism and money from rich foreigners.
      Westerners are looked at to be scammed or conned by natives at an alarming rate.

      Take that for what you will.


        1. I’m a baptized Catholic, my baptismal name is ‘Scum” …

          And even though I’m a well known scumbag; my best chances are with Catholics in Eire.

          Make no mistake boys; the key to survival is Religion.

          Understand the Religion that’s forming around you; don’t fight it; and you may do well.


  20. I agree with Collapse somewhat and in fact take it a bit further. TPTB can handle absolutely whatever the global economic situations can throw at them. There is no fiscal/financial/debt situation that can not be made to go away. That doesn’t mean that they won’t use something from there as the excuse for pulling the rug out and there is no way we can predict that scenario. That said I do believe that they will pull the rug at some point when it is deemed best for their interest.

    Cathal is implying that he has some insight/intel as to when this might be so I will stay tuned.



    1. Rothschild is telling the truth: the cooperation is no longer there.

      Without cooperation; there’s no coordination. Thus, no one is in control of the System.

      It can unravel at any time going forward.

      I’m guessing we have six months of chaos in EM currencies; prices of industrial goods and metals get wrecked as we enter a Global Depression. Followed by hyperinflation as the Fed prints to fund the Gov.

      But there’s lots of wild cards that may trigger the disintegration at any time going forward; so the timeline is now anytime.

      I’m stacking ammo and food going forward.


      1. Idlib offensive has begun.

        The known forces participating are as follows:

        Syrian Arab Army

        1st Division
        3rd Armored Division
        Qalamoun Shield Forces
        4th Mechanized Division
        39th Brigade
        41st Brigade
        42nd Brigade (Ghiath Forces)
        555th Brigade
        7th Armored Division
        9th Division
        Shock Troops
        10th Division
        11th Tank Division
        47th Brigade
        60th Brigade
        87th Brigade
        15th Special Forces Division
        18th Tank Division
        67th Brigade
        Republican Guard
        105th Brigade
        106th Brigade
        Tiger Forces

        National Defense Forces (NDF)

        Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP)

        Mhardeh and Suqaylabiyah divisions

        Liwaa Al-Quds

        Al-Ba’ath Battalions

        25,000 men initially, masses of armored vehicles, lots of artillery, plenty of Syrian and Russian air support.

        Ukraine demands UNSC meeting because Ukraine Wants UN And NATO Intervention In Azov Sea. If green lighted Ukraine will go on fire.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi Jef
      Read this and the comments, they can create as many ‘claims’ as they like but they can not create more primary and secondary wealth, we are heading for hyperinflation and collapse. There is simply not enough surplus energy in the system to support the level of debt that needs to be paid back, so creating more claims will solve nothing.
      Watch some of Mike Malloney’s you tube videos ‘The hidden secrets of money’


  21. UK1 – I don’t disagree. I believe that the real trigger for reset has to be real world, physical, geological, biophysical in nature. Until then ….money doesn’t matter, they can always throw more around.


    1. In 1923, after a huge earthquake, Japanese police and community support groups launched a big hunt of Koreans. About half of all Koreans in Tokyo at that time, or half of about 15,000, plus a few natives of southern island who did not speak proper japanese were cleansed on that day, and that move might have saved Tokyo from becoming “the second city of Korea”. I think the local natives will get upset and a boiling point will be reached.

      The Japanese wanted a quick target to vent people’s anger and the Koreans were ready targets, taking poor people’s jobs away. It was quick and very efficient; they stopped people at random, asked them to pronounce some words which are pronounced a certain way by the Japanese and is not easy for non-Japanese to learn, and simply killed those who could not speak it correctly.

      Modern humans are even more angry and trained for violence thru all these games – the example of mass shooters who appear to be completely normal until the shooting starts are legion – When the power keg is lit all the emotions will be released.


  22. The goal is the same (control), though it can be a matter of degrees: destruction is a form of extreme control.

    The desired rate at which a goal is arrived at will help dictate the route.

    We can understand that economics, finance, demographics, politics, and warfare are all really just variations on competition and cooperation, a set of self-reinforcing strategies and approaches, the “x is y by other means” idea.
    For the sake of simplicity we can abstract away some notions, with the understanding that various nations/bodies/organizations/etc will collude, cooperate, and compete through various means and in various degrees.

    So a new ‘system of thinking’ would recognize Hegel isn’t the ONLY game in town, but just one approach, and the real goal would be to discover the most likely, most efficient way forward without reducing the world to ashes.

    And the key here is this: either the rate of change to arrive at some goal x is controlled, or else it is *not*. So the object of control is to control the rate of change.

    The purpose of controlling the rate of change (from one order to the next) is to maximize profit/control FROM controlling the rate of change, and *minimize* cost in the form of massive ecological disaster/collapse (as would happen via nuclear war as just one example). If there must be a ‘purge’ or ‘burn’, better it is a ‘controlled burn’ followed by allowing the ‘fields to sit fallow’ for a period.

    So The Families must pick a rate of change that aims for the aforementioned goal, and naturally, that will be the one that preserves the most options along with all the other constraints.

    That’s an important word: constraints. Constraints, such as the situation presently concerning the cost to produce a barrel of gasoline, and constraints such as the key resources remaining, dictate how much time we have left with the current system.

    A second order constraint is OTHERS realizing how much time we have left, and attempting to move or act before other powers on the international stage. It is like the old saying, “even accounting for the fact you’ll underestimate a timeline, you’ll *still* underestimate”–so it becomes a sort of situation where knowing there is a horizon of uncertainty at a particular date means that a risk emerges of that timeline rapidly shrinking and converging towards a much sooner date–a ‘panic’ as it were.

    And as it is always better to be the one controlling the rate of change, so it is better to accelerate when already accelerating. Pressing the breaks too hard when everything is sliding on thin ice, when there’s too much momentum, risks losing control. Explosions and collapses are catastrophic. Implosions are controlled and minimize damage.

    The powerful do not operate from a place of poverty. Total war, total destruction, is poverty.

    The threat of war, such as encircling Russia, is a loaded gun meant to earn concessions, not to kill. Nations are primarily robbers. There’s little to be gained from lording over smoking ruins. Which is not to say loaded guns don’t sometimes accidentally go off or backfire, only that WW3 would hardly be intentional. M.A.D. is very much an “emperor has no clothes situation”, where everyone would use them if they could, but they won’t because it would be total destruction–but they must maintain the benefit of the pretense that they are willing.

    To summarize, if you want to think about systems, go beyond Hegel.

    Think about the rate of change. Both destructive explosions and rust are oxidation processes–the only difference is in the rate of oxidation, the rate of change.

    You want fast change? War and hyperinflation to destroy standards of living and create discontent.

    You want slow change? Demographic replacement, and shifting industry.

    Of course, there are other avenues for both these, but you get the gist.


    1. James,

      Sure, there are other systems, like Schopenhauer.

      But Schopenhauer wasn’t entirely honest, was he?

      If only he had written, on the first line, of the first page, of his first book:

      “I’m Polish. And I got the incurable syphilis.”

      … If he had written that; then his bullshit would have made sense. But no, he wasn’t honest, so I didn’t know his ass was covered in lesions until some Harvard guy told me over a beer.

      Pertaining to your more important point: Yes, the timeline evaporates as more players become educated and make their move to get ahead of the chaos.

      That’s why: It’s time.


  23. Can you ask Jacob what he means by Ten 10 PhoenIX Phi (1.618)? My germatrias not too great.
    October 10 2018 Gold Backed Cryptocurrency? 11/11/2018 False Flag WW3?


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