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  1. So, I will chime in my two cents. In general, I agree with most commentators here that all things being equal one is far better off locating in the area they and their race originated. In the big picture, that means going back to the country your original passport says you are from. It means returning to your hometown where if TSHTF you can at least powerfully and credibly argue that you BELONG. No one can say different. You may still have to fight, but you will be operating from the moral high ground, and that counts for something. A lot, actually. I have lived overseas in Asia for long periods of time (China, Japan, and most recently, Thailand). My wife and I have many contacts in Thailand, more in fact, than in the USA. We have people in every field and walk of life, speak the language, and know the game. But, I would never suggest that a foreigner in Thailand would ever stand a better chance than in their Western country of origin (in my case, the midwest USA). Putrid’s point re Chinese deportations goes for Thailand as well. They will now deport you at the drop of a hat, and ALL your assets will be forfeit. You will have zero constitutional protections granted to citizens, and will be forced to basically bribe your way to freedom. After which you will be forced with the same decision: stay and face trouble again in the future, or relocate home. I say this as an American who knows full well what is coming down the pike here in the good ol’ US of A. Once you have concluded there is nowhere in the world to really flee, the question becomes where do you best reside in your home country? For me, this means returning to my small suburban town. Sure, its near a big city (50 miles). Could be detonated in a nuclear blast, and is somewhat multi-racial. But, we should concern ourselves most primarily with risks we can control. I cannot control a global nuclear exchange, and view risks of those sorts as highly speculative and impossible to really prepare for. What is more likely is a form of daily chaos where you can become involved in a civil dispute or car accident that goes bad, falsely accused of some nefarious politically incorrect crime (this is VERY likely if you are a white male living in the US), or falsely or not falsely arrested for a crime the police think you or someone you know may or may not have committed. In all of the above, you will need lawyers, people to vouch for you, proof of your longstanding residence in your small community, civic virtue, and the basic help of a variety of strangers who may view you as useful or at least of like mind, spirit and descent. Moreover, as the economic picture deteriorates and a global economy gives way to global warfare and strife, the idea that you can survive as a foreigner in a foreign land becomes completely untenable. 95% of the foreigners I know in Thailand are retired and living on pensions. When the pension checks from the UK or the USA stop arriving, it is game over. You can’t mow you own lawn in Thailand without a work permit. So, as for relocation, my strong opinion is get local, and get yourself some religion, because in this respect, Putrid is spot on!


    1. Great commentary. A few extras if I may add: Get local indeed. Join the local gun club. And, as Putrid commented, a Church. Shows your not a `heathen’ as my Irish father used to say. If in the USA, attend the local NRA events and dinners. And if so inclined, the local Masonic group, which are usually stacked with law enforcement and government types.

      The media overlords have been pushing the while-guilt narrative strongly, and all the lower IQ types who love to feel victimized will blend that into a furor when the SHTF and being white in a non-white society at that point is not wise.


    2. Some people have no place to return. For example, I was cheated of my inheritance by my so-called family back home, who ran thru everything and tried to gouge cash from me instead. I would rather die than see them again..


      1. The state o the world unfortunately. Most people who are stung or cheated are just victims of their families. Really sad.
        My personal plan is to stick to my birthplace areas where I know the people and they know me. An added bonus is that those people are ok with outsiders as long as they have skills and are not troublemakers. The place is the high mountainous area around Mt. Pirin, Mt. Rila and Mt. Rodopi. Very, very rough terrain, almost impossible to invade with big heavy force. And another added bonus – a lot of westerners (pensioners and young families) are relocating there and blending with the people. They build churches and even accept the Eastern Orthodox Christianity. IMO those are people who are extremely tired of the western way of life and are searching for some conservative values and functional humane societies. Try to find such a place, normally the houses and plots are pretty cheap in terms of dollars/euros and those places are fully independent in terms of food and some of them even in terms of energy.

        P.S. Most of the locals (men and women) are certified hunters hence gun/rifle holders so security is also addressed.


          1. I was relatively young when the commies fall In fact the commies didn’t fall because the people didn’t know any other form of governance and they were ok with the commies but the commies sold them out. As every -ism which has made it to the final. My father has a saying about the commi days: everyone had a money but nothing to buy. My personal recollections are the years when one of my grandpas was imprisoned and trailed about embezzlement. My cousin flew from Moscow (she was doing PhD in MGIMO) and took the matters in her hands and all charges were brought down and the embezzlers arrested. Now it’s turbo capitalism and half of the society has committed brain suicide. The now leaders of the country are just the kidos of the commi apparatchiks. A tale without end.

            The army is professional, non-concscriptive since 2005 I think. Will watch the video later as I need to do some things (it is working day and my gentiles clients await me to enlighten them about their shitty pill).


            1. I was damn sure that you are a ‘homie’ while reading your posts. We share the same experince with the communist disaster in this country. Believe it, or not, but it seems that we might even have the same interests and definitely the same idea about the SHTF phase here. I think we are the same age, too. Sorry, I just couldn’t withhold my surprise from the coincidence.

              I think that whatever The Reset throws at this country (it won’t be nice, but I don’t expect it to be as ugly as it will be for some other countries which have way much more to loose) it will look more like a return to the norm. This is the doubtful benefit of living through times of few economical/financial collapses; political crisis and social unrest; seeing the death of at least one big bullshit dream. People here shouldn’t be that shocked at the end.
              Of course, the lack of strong army and the lack of strong government might prove me wrong. If we also count the high levels of demoralization and pure stupidity, and things could get very ugly here as well.

              P.S.: Did you manage to get vol.3 of the book? I ordered mine from Amazon and no issues with the delivery here. If not, I might let you borrow it.


    1. This is fake. There are no Russian heavy weapons in the Donbass for the moment, except for a few 2nd hand APC’s that were donated around September of 2014. Most of his equipment is what’s been captured as war booty by the NAF, from the Ukrops, during the great encirclements the latter suffered during the action in 2014/15. Just at the Battle of Debaltsovo were captured around 400 pieces of armour and artillery. https://youtu.be/V0KRtprJqtk

      I love how the fake media is using one of the articles of the Minsk Accords, removal of heavy weapons 30kms from the contact line (which only the DPR/LPR are adhering to), as “evidence” of a Russian invasion. You see, you have to have Russians invading so you can justify the murder of women and children by Nazi battalions, otherwise they’d be killing Ukrainians, and that would look bad.


      1. Gotta get rid of my default nihilism for fatalism (Russian style).

        I’m not so confident about holding any fiat currencies, including $s, any longer. Just take one vector, Pak-Afghan-US-Chinese geopolitics:

        Washington has cut off funding for Pakistan; those monies were essentially bribes for keeping the Afghan resupply routes open.

        Now, why would Washington do that? Without those routes the troops in Afghanistan are doomed. So why cut off the bribes?

        The only scenario that makes sense is that Imra Khan told the Americans he’s going to stop the resupplies. I’m sure Chairman Xi would be happy about that.

        Imagine the panic if this scenario plays out…


      2. Elmar aka El Mar aka Al-Amir means Commander in Arabic. Mosad and CIA give that name to their shady operatives (anyone, 9/11, one of the guys was named Al Amir) and ‘dual-purpose’ agents. Just sayin’


  2. Breaking: Syrian Air Force begins attack on west Idlib

    “BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:30 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) has begun their massive aerial campaign over the Idlib Governorate this morning.

    Syrian jets flying out of the Latakia and Homs governorates began their air campaign, by heavily bombing the western part of the Idlib Governorate.

    According to a military communique, the Syrian Air Force launched several airstrikes over the Jisr Al-Shughour District, targeting a number of towns controlled by the jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and the Turkestan Islamic Party.

    The Syrian Air Force also heavily bombarded the town of Jadariya, which is believed to have a large presence of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham.

    This new aerial bombardment of the Idlib Governorate marks the first time since the ‘Eid Al-Adha holiday that the Syrian Air Force has heavily bombarded this province.

    With this new aerial bombardment, it appears that the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) offensive is bound to commence in the next few days.”


  3. Starting to get interesting here.
    I think we are in the early stages of the Costa Rica Reset.
    After a billion dollar intervention last year by the Central Bank, the colon has stayed pretty stable at about 560 to the $. Over last few weeks it has weakened to 578 today. When the CB intervened last year it was 584 and causing some stress.

    So, only 6 colones away, or about one US penny from last intervention.
    Some type of confidence survey of an internal country survey just released had very low numbers, because of the government financial situation. Now, I think 11 government agencies are threatening a national strike starting this Monday, the 10th, because of a new tax bill that is too much.

    It could go South here fast.

    About 25% of working population here works for the government, most are college educated…..
    These are people that should be starting businesses and building a solid economy.

    Things are not too bad where I live, most everyone will try and steal something from me, but they don’t have guns. I am prepared but don’t want to have to face a confrontation. I also have two big dogs, a Rottweiler and a Black Lab and the locals are scared of them.

    … time is of the essence now.
    It’s Time…….To Be Prepared.



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    1. You’ve seen nothing yet, pure pain is spreading across the planet:

      Africa seems to be getting hit particularly hard. Sweden, Canada and Norway are advancing toward their Reset.

      Just hope your country is hit near the end; that will have concrete advantages.

      Be generous and charitable. There should be no reason for hunger in Costa Rica; and that includes your immediate neighbors.


    2. Just look at EM countries. The ball is rolling and now RSA and India have joined Turkey, Argentina and Brazil. Gold and silver are in the move and cryptos just lost 30bln in a night session. Stocks are uncertain and futures are like almost ready to tell the truth. It is ominous and unreal and getting very, very interesting. And this time is fast.


      1. But it’s not just EM countries anymore; rich developed economies are being hit, e.g. Sweden.

        Which may be triggering racial tensions.



  4. Definitely interesting the last movements. I am based in Spain but in the rural area far from crowded cities or coast in the mid North. Difficult to predict but food over here should not be a problem. I am wondering what is the best strategy to protect wealth. I have always admired the permanent portfolio for difficult situations, 25% stock, 25% gold, 25%bonds, 25% cash. Any views?


    1. James,

      As portfolios go, it’s good; but for the Reset? bad.

      Not sure if you’re reading that whole Philosophy of Capitalism thingy that well 🙂

      Write me privately with your rationale.




    2. It is very simple.
      So simple many have a hard time comprehending it.
      Unless you are very wealthy,,,,,
      For the average, normal man or woman your options for the Reset are:
      Physical gold or silver.
      That is it.
      In your possession.
      Cathal has said to start averaging into gold now, hold off on silver as it will probably go lower. I agree, but be sure and have some silver.

      Another idea is useful things, they will all be much more expensive, assuming they are still available, after the Reset hits your currency….toothbrushes, soap, toilet paper, candles, batteries, shaving razors, deodorant, shampoo, vitamins, medicines, socks, underwear, some canned goods. Anything you use on a regular basis that won’t go bad or spoil quickly.

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      1. Good portfolio 🙂 I suggest you also packed some tools. Nothing fancy. Just a set of saws, screws etc. You will be surprised how much actual work and maintenance you can carry out with just small set of essential tools. In my vault i also have camping/outdoor set, set of ropes and gadgets for climbing and very good collection of books both fictional and professional.


      2. Pura,

        My thinking is to setup your own personal infrastructure at your location to be able to continue operating even once the system goes down. Obviously, the climate differs but for example, those in a colder climate would want to invest in a wood fired stove or wood fired grill to go along with a nice wood pile. Axes, wood splitter, etc. This way you can continue to heat your residence, cook food, and boil water. It helps if one is located near wooded areas.

        I think matches and lighters will be very nice and highly sought after by many. Your list is exactly what I am thinking in regards to items.

        I really enjoyed Costa Rica when I was there, beautiful country. Good luck to you.


        1. The whole tools and supplies thing is total bollocks (did I spell that right, first time using it).

          If it gets down to hammers, ploughs, supplies, etc. the world is toast and no one anywhere is OK.

          Most of the people advocating for prep hoarding have no clue about the world and how it works, that and they really like the idea of building a fort in the back yard and playing.


          1. I like the idea of stacking money. But certain things in Eire may become scarce, or difficult to get, or RATIONED!!

            Yes, baby, the bastard government will RATION out the goodies.

            Given this, I’ve just bought a safety razor and stack of razor blades, as such are not produced locally. Also, I’ll stack cooking gas. Why not? It’s presently cheap. Specialty oils, teas, and rubber products like bicycle tires etc. These things may be rationed or difficult to obtain.


            1. Having moved myself and family from big city condo living to acreage far out into the country (twenty minutes to nearest town) one gets used to having lists of necessities best to keep on hand. Generator, fuel, deep freezers (stock up when organic chicken and such go on sale), seed, batteries and loads of them in every style. Create a list of your daily, weekly, monthly needs and see what can be stocked up on at volume discounts. Even if the shite doesn’t hit the fan, your way ahead of the game by having saved time and travel expense to obtain them. Don’t even like travelling, hit up Ebay and get stuff sent from China, shipping for free. Seems that liquidation is in full swing in China and deals are a’flowin.


          2. If you and your family are in remote area and your tire get flatten how are you going to change it if not with tools? You are going to phone some guy and wait for him? Bollocks! Tools are very important, and even more important is to know how to use them.


  5. If there is a sudden surge of luxury spending, then it is time to run. The best restaurants of Saigon was full of people on April 21-29, 1975. The elites already having fled, the ordinary people of Saigon took all the loans they could (since they would be worthless very soon), and dined at the best restaurants and drank up all the wine, knowing that soon they won’t eat like that for quite a looong time. I check around the luxury malls of northern Los Angeles at least twice a month (not in peak days) to see whether there are any surge, and so far I have not seen any yet.


  6. That’s brilliant, let’s channel that idea to the present day ..

    (Wait bro, get with the times, our peasants don’t have credit anymore; they’re on food stamps.

    So…what should we look out for? ..)


    1. While picking up some lumber today at a big-box home supply store, I saw a perhaps, very prescient sign: Reset in Progress. Inventory Not Accurate.


  7. Anyone else in the states getting daily unsecured loan offers of up to 100k at 6 or 7 percent on 72 month terms?

    I get offers literally every day for these things from all sorts of companies Amex, sofi, lending club, Barclays, bofa etc

    Seems like they’re trying to flood the market with these and get ppl in debt and spending


    1. @Symsense

      Capital One and Discover are constantly trying to get me to open credit accounts with them and offer me all kinds of credit cards……..never owned one personally.


      1. There are readers here with seven figure credit lines waiting to stack PMs at the last moment. One guy has a secretary whose only job is to manage his commercial and personal credit profiles.

        The trick will be to time it; you’ll want to pull the trigger at the latest possible moment and just before the credit lines are withdrawn.

        Easiest if you have $ denominated incomes; trickier for guys in the UK and Canada, Sweden etc, because their currencies are dying before the $.


        1. Cathal,

          I hope these big guns have their basic core holdings now. I am a prepper, and preppers motto is better 5 years too early, than 5 minutes too late.
          Gold and silver are NOT trading right now based on supply and demand.
          A Sprott article on ZH a while back said gold was trading almost perfectly with the yuan, you guys with charts can check this, article said China had pegged the yuan to gold. If they have, then they must have some type of plan. Could the day that China unpegs be the Reset?

          If you don’t have your PMs before that day, will you be able to get them?
          Bad money chases out good.
          (Supply will dry up, hoarding)

          What say you?


              1. The shit is really hitting the fan here in China. The trade war is hitting home..

                Today’s news: an old lady buys a watermelon from a small street store, and returns later to say she got a stomach ache from the watermelon.

                She demands compensation from the male store clerk, and he offers 30 rmb (5 dollars), she refuses and he then offers 300rmb.

                She demands 10,000rmb compensation, which is a lot of money here.

                He refuses.

                So she declared she’d harass his store for 49 days as punishment.

                On the fifth day he knifed her to death, and then her husband, who was trolling with her.

                That’s China nowadays.

                Get hit by a car? Better get your crippled ass off the road, as they’ll reverse to finish you off.


              2. The cultural revolution destroyed the moral fiber of China and left nothing but a lust for power and money. Not a place I’d choose to ride out any chaos. At least in American small towns, there is still a relatively strong Christian ethic. Mexico would be a no go zone as they are really an Aztec culture with thin veneer of Christianity. Eire might be good too but if the Grand Solar Minimum hits, it will be frosty! 🙂


              3. There was a wave of compensation fraud, in China, a few years back. The scam was to wait in a housing community’s parking area, and wait for the driver to get into the car.

                Then, the scammer would walk behind the car and before it started reversing, lie down behind the car and call the police, claiming she was hit.

                In my old neighbourhood, a pregnant woman did this to her neighbour so she could get a free medical examination of her fetus.

                This was all the rage a few years ago; suddenly it tailed off when a driver, seeing he was being punked; waited for the scammer to call the cops and then drove over the criminal several times, until dead.

                You see, there’s less compensation for a dead person in China.

                Another example, same city, was when a woman hit a kid on a bicycle, and then reversed to finish him off.

                Chinese Culture reinforces and rewards harsh unsympathetic Sociopathic behaviours.

                The thing is, when comparing USA and China’s future prospects, we can’t forget that China has had its cultural revolution. Both Elites and peasants know, deeply, how bad it can get and how fast.

                This common knowledge may check any movement toward mass mania and extremism.

                Their governing system is designed so a nutcase can’t get into the absolute power position.

                That said, Chairman Xi has no son and is de facto Emperor; so if something happens to him there may be chaos quickly. Having no son and selected successor is a manifest error in my opinion.

                Why are they making this error? Well, because they think they need a devine Emporer during the Reset; unencumbered by any political machinations:

                If there’s a named successor; power factions and sychophants will magnet toward him. They want the efficiency of absolute power.

                Americans, on the other hand, still have to have their Cultural Nightmare.

                The USA will be a madhouse. And you guys going to ride it out therein; had better play the smartest game ever played.


              4. “Why are they making this error? Well, because they think they need a divine Emperer during the Reset; unencumbered by any political machinations:”

                Very astute observation. Both China and Russia now seem to have God-Emperors for Life in place. Is Trump lined up to be the same?

                “Chinese Culture reinforces and rewards harsh unsympathetic Sociopathic behaviours.”
                My own experience in China, and from my wife’s family’s upheaval during the CR show that the only rule in China is that there are no rules. And their system allowed the biggest aggressors to rise to the top, devoid of any checks-n-balances of a moral code. As things unravel there, the chaos will also be epic. I remember an FT article from a few years back wherein the study showed that the #1 goal of millionaires in China was to get out of China as they knew chaos could and will come again.

                In America, we had our `cultural revolution’ via the the chaos of the 1960’s when the moral code was thrown out the window through the efforts of the Cultural Marxists. Their handiwork is now easily seen in the universities which have been inculcated with Marxist thought and courses and their spawn into the current generations with the insanity of BLM, Antifa and other SJW Moveon.org funded entities. As the Reset moves in, the cities will be chaotic. My chosen place to be is rural, 200 miles from a major city. Deeply set into the Christian south where many people are believers in the coming Revelations period. They have a moral code and manners, something completely devoid in most major cities. Along with the moral code is heavy armament and ammunition. LOL. If one has never seen the CBS television series Jericho, I highly recommend it. I am still amazed that a network would reveal such a show!

                I see America having had its `Cultural Nightmare’ via the 1960’s revolution and we are living its aftereffects.. But I do see a STRONG movement back towards the classical tradition and values that made America something unique in world history. How many here will survive the coming chaos wave? 20% maybe. Just have to look around. GMO foods, sodas, drugs, pop music and culture have weakened not only the physical part but the spirit as well.

                Hope for the best and plan for the worst. Surround yourself with beauty, love and high culture. They help keep my vibration high and strong through this chaotic period!

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  8. Putrid,

    I am just curious if you know something in advance regarding Idleb. Will US and frenemies pull the plug and go ahead with the chem false flag or they already negotiated the face saving dance with Russia?


    1. No idea,

      I only care about the Reset; don’t know much about warmongery. I’m assuming NATO and Russian generals are total psychopaths who don’t care about human life; and killing a few troops or threatening to kill troops is just probing for weakness.

      Seems like both sides are trying to scare the living shit out of each other; or using the threat of violence as leverage in the financial wars.

      For team Trump; the longer this period lasts the better, as the US manufacturing base is reconstituting itself: This is also weakening China. From what I can see; confidence is bleeding out of this country.




  9. I believe a significant portion of the US population has been neutered mentally, physically and spiritually. They’re just animals now. No capacity to reason/think. I don’t see them as a threat. They’ll be a brief annoyance, but quickly fizzle out. Local law enforcement could be problematic – barely educated, thuggish. The problem in the US is longterm, our food and water supplies have been poisoned.


    1. Yep… The top recruiter of the marines says that 75% of the recruitable population (17-35) is unfit mentally physically and MORALY. The capacity /opportunity for man to redeem themselves is near culmination.

      I’ve got my front row seat… people here in the sticks are completely oblivious, they sense something is wrong but have swollowed the BS bait hook line and sinker

      It appears the show officially starts at the equinox…


    2. Regarding a reset, a couple of additions to the lists. If one does not possess weapons along with the skills and will to use them, that pile of gold and silver will not stay in your possession very long. Nor will your food. And your 11 year old daughter will not remain a virgin much longer either. The “occupy” movement demonstrates this, where rape was a daily event.

      One will not be able to count on your neighbors just because they are of like ethnicity or background. Fact is, as you mentioned earlier, there has been mass brainwashing. My probes of these neighbors and acquaintances in conversations show that they cannot conceive of any thinking that is not “approved” by the thought police, due to their information coming almost exclusively from the subverted public school systems and ABC, CBS, CNN, etc. To ask a question like “if you think diversity of race and gender is important, what do you think about diversity of ideas and speech?”, just draws blank stares from most of these people. We are living in the age of doublethink – 1984 has finally arrived.

      Most of these neighbors also expect the government to take care of them – they usually keep about 3-7 days worth of food on hand, period. When that runs out, armed or not, they are going to pose a lethal threat to your coming and going from your front door. The antifa types have already demonstrated an intent to kill, witness the baseball game and the country music concert. When the reset happens, you can only trust those who have prepared with you or who are ultraloyal family. The rest will be a crapshoot. Some will realign and wake up, some will stick with the antifa dogma to the bitter end.


  10. Guess there’s no turning back 🙂

    This screenshot is doing the rounds on Chinese social media.

    My guys in industry here; reporting constant layoffs in the consumer electronics sector.


  11. A Q to the more economically educated (I am a self educated in this sphere). When will all those EM countries which are struggling with their currency devaluation default on all those dollar denominated loans?


    1. How to tell the exact timeline? All you can know is that the System is increasingly chaotic.

      (I hear the Turks are waiting to secure funding from China.)

      But at the System Level, I see a successful Reset progressing amazingly well. (One that I doubt I’ll survive)

      For Americans, do not think, for a second, that Trump will magically reindustrialize the USA. That would take a Stalinesque effort with a 20 year timeline and 1 $ per day pay. 2$s if you’re a bureaucrat. Not possible, the workforce doesn’t exist.)

      No hope.

      If you’re staying in the USA, you must be one of those survivalist guys. If you’re staying in the UK etc.; all you’ll need is God, some warm milk (and cyanide.)

      At the System Level, no one wants the USA to disintegrate completely (for radioactive material, assets and security reasons.) So, yes, a bare bones industrial base is required by the future US military government and is being presently brought about (via the Trade War).

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; there’s a list of countries mentioned in the Reset; you’ll want to make your way to one of those. You understand the rationale. I hope you understand why Gold won’t play a part until the final phase.




  12. “So, yes, a bare bones industrial base is required by the future US military government and is being presently brought about (via the Trade War).”

    I doubt this can happen decentralized in the US, without the working interconnectedness of globalization. Where shall all the parts, raw materials and the “know how” come from, without the support from all corners of the world?
    We will not survive this. I guess, the elites will go with us.

    Fues are burning everywhere. Hard to predict the trigger. I guess we will be faced to an inplosion oft the finacial system followed by hyperinflation, triggerd by a lack of net energy and the resulting loss of confidence.
    We are just missing somebody to bell the cat!
    Collapse then will be fast and furios in the not to far future.

    Here is an interesting comment from JT Roberts on Tim Morgans blog, from 2017:

    JT Roberts on September 11, 2017 at 4:42 pm said:

    It’s difficult to separate the real and financial economies. It seems that some are completely focused on one or the other and aren’t fully aware of the interplay between the two.
    Perhaps a good way to view the two is that the financial system is basically an information system. In itself the financial system isn’t an economy at all, but rather it directs and steers the real economy. The real economy is quite simply the exchanges of energy between parties. Wealth of one party is always relative to the other and is built on the surplus of energy that one party has in relation to the other.
    The Free Market Capital system which has come to dominate global trade has created a fabric of information that expedites transfers of real goods and services internationally. Through the trading within markets, when there was true price discovery, global resources have been allocated to produce the highest yields. When we look at the manufacturing industry we see this clearly evident. We often miss the reality that labor savings isn’t the only driver in shifting manufacture from one region to another. Energy costs are also. So globalization is really a function of scarcity of resources, this includes demographics.
    In order for the present economy to persist growth is an absolute requirement. Without growth the system enters into a deflationary spiral. In some ways this happened to the Soviet Union which was truly a competitive economic system. Capitalism requires growth in order to perpetuate itself. In a real sense it acts as a dissipative system just as we witnessed recently with Irma. It is self organizing as long as the prime energy driving growth can be increased. However when the energy driving growth stagnates the natural friction within the structure causes it to disassemble.
    This is what we are witnessing presently in the economy. The information contained now in the financial system is distorted and is being directed to none productive outlets. This condition has been mistakenly attributed to poor management, or bad politics. But the real issue is the global system has hit a wall that it can’t climb, because the decline in net energy is removing the needed growth that had been driving the system.
    This happened in the 70s in the US as the country declined in recoverable resources. The solution was to expand globally. Globalization. This is the same reaction that Great Britain experienced as it’s indigenous resources became economically unproductive.
    What makes this time different is that we are now at a global maximum in net energy supply. Modern Money Theory doesn’t accept that reality as one of significance but subconsciously they actually are. This persistent capital creation through whatever means possible is the direct result of hitting the energy wall. The economic crisis of 2008-9 would not have occurred if the economy had been able to grow past it. But it couldn’t.
    As the net cost of energy increases more capital has to be directed towards its production. Either it must be created or transferred. If we hold to neutrality of money or superneutrality, we might say it is always a transfer.
    Have we witnessed this? I think we have. In what is often described as ignorant economic policy, we have watched with increasing velocity the destruction of the global economy. The transfers needed to finance in particular the “Shale Revolution” have been taken from pension systems, and increases in student debt. (Only two examples).
    What if the banks had not been bailed out? What would the consequences have been? Where would the investment capital have been drawn from to fund the basic ponzi scheme economy we now have with all the global zombie corporations? With GDP being measured with hedonics.
    The alternative would have been to stop shale and tar sands. Which means that the global oil industry would have reduced output by 8% by now. So in a way we have a role reversal taking place today. The Financial Economy is now subservient to the Real Economy. This was clearly evident when oil prices collapsed to below cost of production for a marginal barrel in late 2014.
    This time is no different than when the Roman empire fell. Rome existed as long as it maintained conquest. Why? Because with conquest came surplus energy in the form of food and gold and resources accumulated by other civilizations. The same is true today. It is the surplus energy that had been accessible to the capital market system that has built the present economic system. The present net energy now isn’t enough to function as a replacement let alone growth system. Doesn’t matter what economists do or try, they maybe ignorant, but thank them for that. The real economy is in decline and it will take the financial economy with it.


    el mar


    1. I am going to respond to your post with a different angle of perspective. I think you are right using conventional thinking about economics. Governments will try to use FEMA and things like that to enforce ownership of industrial capacity and ownership of resources. When people decide not to play along, what do you think those secret executive orders were over the past 30 years empowering FEMA to call you a “hoarder” and seize your assets? Did you know that the Mayor of New Orleans sent his police around during Katrina to collect lawfully owned weapons, door to door?

      The thing that is often overlooked is the fiat money and paper which is buried in computer hard drives, which represents a “right” of the owner to access hard materials and assets. The related point is that due to the banks and governments engaging in hyper overleveraging of paper to true assets, the system imbalance is waiting to explode. This is what leads to hyper inflation. For one reason or another, faith is lost in the system and the fiat paper starts to hit the system trying to acquire hard assets to “ride it out.”

      The best time to acquire what you will need during the Reset is right now. Once things start going badly, the small group of billionaires holding all this paper will expect to outbid the little guy and keep on living their opulent lifestyles as a result. They have also recently met with planners to develop methods of keeping people subservient to them. Now, I am not kidding you, look it up – a recent situation occurred where some billionaires called a tech savvy specialist in to see how things like exploding implants and exploding collars would work to keep their own people loyal during a Reset. These guys plan to survive and use the Reset to gain iron fisted control over EVERYONE. Right back to feudalism, but on a global scale.

      Point being, that you will have to fight to stay alive, and the best time to plan for that is *right now*. Think it over. Hiding offgrid will buy you some time, and that is a good starting strategy. But eventually you will be found. Revelations baby: there will be no place to hide on Earth. Be as ready as you can be.


  13. This will be Putrid when the Reset happens:

    And Bernanke will be on TV saying: “We need more debt, more debt!”

    Here’s George, watch the body language 🙂

    Rumors have it that Bush was threatened while on Air Force One, you can see Cheney is enjoying this moment, when Bush finally shows up at the bunker:

    And finally Mueller; this guy’s like a bad smell that won’t go away:


    1. Like father like son…

      Papa Heinrich: ”son, papa done some bad things, put an “e” in your last name so you don’t suffer your papa’s fate, no one will be the wiser.”

      Lil Bobby: “Really?!”

      Papa Heinrich: “it’s word magic, legalese… you’ll understand someday. Now go out and make your papa proud”


        1. I cracked open a cold one and sat out on the balcony, wanted to get the first blast wave face first.

          My girlfriend went online and the micro bloggers were asking “Are we getting bombed?”

          The gov came out and said it was just a test.

          I finished my beer.



  14. There’s a kind of catch 22 dilemma evolving whereby US Elites may be tempted to abandon those men in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria etc; because if they try bringing them home they’d trigger a monetary crisis.

    My co-worker’s husband is an officer in Afghanistan. She hasn’t seen him for three years.

    I wonder if he’ll make it out.


  15. The French already abandoned their people twice (not counting WW2 or the Siege of Paris in 1870), at Laos and Algeria.

    The 317th platoon, a French movie made by a reporter who had been a captive at Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam (he was captured with another reporter who tried to escape and never heard again), tells the ordeal of a group of French soldiers abandoned in their remote post in Laos. Only a former SS man (and now a member of foreign legion), Wilsdorf, gets out alive.

    And, the Pied Noir in Algeria, which was considered as a real part of France no less than Northern Ireland is considered as part of United Kingdom, left with nothing more than the clothes they wore, if they could get out. Nobody has bothered to record the fate of those who stayed.

    I wonder if the fate of the soldiers in Afghanistan will be similar. There are simply no friendly countries anywhere near they are stationed – they have to fight their way to Kuwait, 1,250 miles away.


  16. @BeholdIsrael
    Tension is rising in the #MiddleEast as #Russia is shocked and furious that #NATO participated in the Israeli attack on Iranian targets in #Latakia #Syria. Emergency meetings are held in #Moscow at the moment.


    1. If we’re going to do this; the perfect time is after Brexit.

      It’s clear that the Families have their own timeline that they’re trying to keep to. Crypto inflation, imported migrants, stock bubble, tax cuts etc are all designed to buy time to line the ducks up. That’s their primary purpose.

      The Russians are, for some reason, trying to mess with the set up.

      All we can do is watch,



  17. It seems that Russians have lost an airplane during the attack and 14 Russian servicemen might have been killed, SHTF – Russia is also blaming France for launching the attack. What is going on?


    1. Speaking on my own behalf,

      I was surprised, in a bad way, that the Russians were acting on a different timeline. Even Rothschild spoke out publicly.

      The Families may have to fight to keep their preferential timeline. Or Putin sees sense and calms down.



      1. Russian MoD officially stated that the Il-20 was downed because Israeli F-16 was using it as cover from the SAA air defenses. In fact Russia caused Israel for the lost of 15 Russian servicemen and also stated Russia has the right to response. Hmmm, you are right Russia is not happy with the timetable and has its own plans and it looks like it will fight back. China will drop the mask on 24 Sep.

        In short I can say that September is a month always associated with certain religious festivities which always coincide with wide range of ‘random’ events across the globe. Get beer and enjoy the knish.


        1. I did a little dig up re Latakia attack. So it seems the Russians are deliberately trying not to accuse the French – as per siloviki leaks it seems that the Auvergne was the platform attacking the Il-20 but Russia crafted PR response which targets Israel and does not mention France. Very interesting IMHO. It looks the axis of chaos has tried to engineer a rift between France (EU) and Russia. It looks like the Russians have learned some new tricks though and they decided to blame Israel, maybe the siloviki circles are trying to move against the 5th column in Russia (Russian’s 5th column is predominantly jewish). However all those dancing moves are devoid of context (I don’t think Syria is the only pretext here) and does not imply strategic goal for Russia. Of course the strategic move maybe is to usher some pop support for getting rid of the 5th columnist and their most powerful tools which maybe coincides with Russia’s own timeline for the Reset or the final results of the Reset.

          Maybe Cathal can shed some light as he is more in line with the different actors goals and aspirations.


          1. Ok,

            So do the Russian leadership want those million or two Israelis with Russian passports coming back to the motherland after the SHTF?

            I sincerely doubt this. So blaming Israel prepares the ground to revoke citizenship?

            Maybe, maybe not now, but maybe at some future date not far into the future.


            1. Exactly. There is something afoot in the strategy of Russia toward Israel and their Dual Citizens. Who knows. Maybe Russia has decided to go the hermit way during the SHTF phase by cutting all its obligations toward unwanted pop elements. But definitely one in a lifetime event. Historically Russian leadership is always very, very cautious toward their Israeli interlocutors and this is very strong language used now by MoD and even the Presidency. Something is being set-up in the diplomatic/political area and this will be much more aggressive ans asymmetric response than giving S-300 systems to Syria and Lebanon.


  18. From fema.gov

    Testing, testing, 123…….

    The National EAS and WEA test has been postponed to the backup date of October 3, 2018, beginning at 2:18 p.m. EDT.

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) on the backup date of October 3, 2018 due to ongoing response efforts to Hurricane Florence. The WEA portion of the test commences at 2:18 p.m. EDT, and the EAS portion follows at 2:20 p.m. EDT. The test will assess the operational readiness of the infrastructure for distribution of a national message and determine whether improvements are needed.

    The WEA test message will be sent to cell phones that are connected to wireless providers participating in WEA. This is the fourth EAS nationwide test and the first national WEA test. Previous EAS national tests were conducted in November 2011, September 2016, and September 2017 in collaboration with the FCC, broadcasters, and emergency management officials in recognition of FEMA’s National Preparedness Month.

    The EAS is a national public warning system that provides the President with the communications capability to address the nation during a national emergency. The test is made available to EAS participants (i.e., radio and television broadcasters, cable systems, satellite radio and television providers, and wireline video providers) and is scheduled to last approximately one minute. The test message will be similar to regular monthly EAS test messages with which the public is familiar. The EAS message will include a reference to the WEA test:


    1. Dude,

      The air defense sirens in Shanghai rang out yesterday morning, again 🙂

      We must just accept that the System State is now chaotic; and can no longer be war-gamed or defined.

      We’ve done our best, the only solution is World War or the Reset. I’m rooting for the Reset, as I drink a cocktail …



    1. I’m aware of it, as are others.

      The methodology is not clear; I can sympathize with some of the output, but can’t grasp it all.

      I’ve been to over 50 countries; including Iceland: I can’t grasp how that can happen in Iceland.

      The North American data looks possible.

      BTW, I requested insider feedback: the huge natural gas reserves and output is true. So hopefully no mad max outcome.

      Long term? Ten years after the Reset?

      With automation we only need 50% of the global population; and I’m referring to the smarter half that are performing alongside the machines.

      With respect to depletion; the Natural System can probably support that 50% fairly well.

      How we get to that point; we shall soon find out.


  19. not only falling water tables young man, but polluted ones as well.
    Its been said that some 70% of the wells in the Midwest are polluted with 2-4-D Monsat………
    One of the 2 key ingredients in Agent Orange, the other of coarse being Glyphosate (round-up)

    nothing like shitting in your water



    1. Cautiously.

      The most likely scenario is Powell raises rates, he’ll justify this by saying he wants to match nominal inflation at 2.5%. He’ll raise to 2.25 first, wait, and then raise again. See below:


      Powell needs to be gradual or the other board members will table a no confidence vote against him.

      Presently, I’d estimate his approach is killing 10,000 people per day; that will increase with a rate rise.

      We anticipate escalating currency carnage, and things will get interesting if a big country collapses into food and fuel riots and mass death; the list of candidates is long: INDIA, Egypt, Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Sweden, Venezuela, South Africa etc etc etc …

      So the $ gets stronger, and money flows into Nasdaq and DOW, we’re probably in the encircled area in the below chart. Nasdaq heads toward 10,000 and DOW heads toward 40,000.

      Russian leadership sees the possibility that Eurasia and emerging markets gets wrecked while USA stays standing, so curtails energy exports. Once oil breaks 80$s it’ll pop up to 100 and then aim for 115.

      We can see that the strong $ is not breaking down the oil price? So something’s up; probably supply shortages/curtailment and/or stacking is already underway.


      With respect to Silver and Gold. They’ll drop, but by how much is hard to estimate. If oil starts moving up then there’s an energy floor to the Silver price and we may see divergence between spot and retail prices.

      If you have a big account you need to hedge carefully. This is not the time for risk taking:

      If something big happens it’ll probably result in nonlinear price jumps and your broker will be overwhelmed and go under.

      What are those “big” things:

      All out war in the Ukraine
      Tactical nuke used by Russian defense forces
      Sudden energy shock due to political announcement
      Big country collapses into monetary chaos e.g. India, Pakistan etc
      $ defaults by EM countries
      Russia gets nuked
      Italy exits Eurozone
      China declares it isn’t holding any Treasuries (there are persistent rumors that the Commies pledged their trillion dollars worth of Treasuries to secure fiat loans from Western banks; so as to finance the Silk Road infrastructure)
      China defaults on those fiat loans
      Trade War escalates USA inflation and deficits
      Brexit causes UK collapse and contagion

      Other than all that; everything is looking sweet.

      Enjoy your Sunday,



          1. Honestly, I can’t care less re the property market. I have targeted several lots and some buildings which I will be happy to buy on reduced prices. I hope that after the property bubble pop I will have the time to finish those deals (one of the plots is geared with small water electric factory and is really up in the mountains).


            1. Almost forgot.RF is officially supplying Syria with S300 in 2 weeks. As far as I know from my siloviki lines the systems are in fact in Syria but are mothballed. Hedge accordingly.


              1. Yes. An old water turbine generator. It is in good shape although mothballed but can be brought ugjt back to operational mode.


  20. For those of you who have sold assets and raised cash, where/how are you protecting your cash. I am not talking about small amounts that you can keep under the mattress 🙂


    1. McBride,

      Most guys begin by buying the safest asset and working from there. So Gold comes first, then Silver etc. If you buy a tonne of Gold, please take a pic 🙂

      The big boys need to use vaults for Silver storage, which adds counterparty and travel risk: the vaults are usually in Switzerland and Singapore.

      Then you have short term treasuries, SPY ETF, Nasdaq, Dow, etc.

      Everyone of my guys have sold their real estate portfolios this year and are keeping their family home. I wouldn’t hold crypto, but at sub 1k, Bitcoin could be a side bet.

      And then there are guys with their private beaches, forests, compounds, islands ….

      Good Luck 😉



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