Embrace Your Inner Sociopath

To be the best Sociopath; Let the Fantasy inform your perception of Reality. In the Fantasy, the perfection of self and the world can be contemplated, and such cognitions can inform your next movement and change. Your self should exist outside the Religion, it should need no labels or names or position, but it should influence the Religion: Any resource you want, any pleasure, should come to you—as the Buddha.

The buddhist looks upon the other like he looks upon the worm. If he doesn’t, he’s not enlightened. The Sociopath knows Buddha didn’t laugh with the other; he was laughing at the vanity of the other.

If a Thai monk laughs at you you know he’s the real deal; but they don’t, do they? Not much laughter in Thailand these days. They’re fake. They should laugh at the deluded ones, but they don’t, because they want something from the other.

Do you think the Buddha was a Sociopath? Maybe he was, never met the guy, though if he was, he was an enlightened one—like the Martin Armstrong’s, Julian Assange or Ted Kaczynski’s of our time. Even the Buddha tried to help other humans by teaching them, so he wasn’t a completely detached Sociopath. He was a brilliant teacher.

But the Buddha was allowed to enjoy his life; Don’t you find it strange that today we punish our enlightened Sociopaths?

If the spirit of Buddhism is contempt for the vanity of Man, then the spirit of Hinduism is annihilation. Maybe that desire for annihilation is hiding something. No one wants to talk about India. India is the birthplace of the first Religion: Hinduism. And no one wants to talk about it?

Imperialism came later; and with Imperialism Religion became a more organized affair; because the transportation of grains required clerks. And was it not Armenian clerks that organized the genocide?—Of Armenians.

What is the spirit of Imperialism? It is sadistic pleasure—pure and simple. You can study the Wars of Vietnam for years and still not get it—foreign men killed millions of young male peasants in the paddy fields during the day—and at night they had sex with the sisters of the dead boys. And the girls had sex with the foreign guys who had killed their brothers.

Might as well be chimps.

No one wants to talk about India. You want to know why there are so many dumbasses in India? 8000 years of Religion and there are over a billion retards there? The rest are mostly slimy smart scumbags. Why? Why so many? Why didn’t the smart guys, who were honest with themselves and the Reality, multiply?

Because they were killed, that’s why. And it’s not just Hinduism: Spinoza called Bullshit, and the first instinct of the Jewish Sociopaths was to kill him. The Sociopathic Leadership failed in that attempt, but he was ostracized to the point that he wasn’t able to have a wife and copy his genes. Not much has changed, you call Bullshit on 9-11 and you’d better have tenure. 

And the Species? It’s a Religious Species, and the gene sequences to catch the Reality is inactive in the Dumbass—bred out of them. They’re not conscious of the Reality; It’s just the Fantasy for them. And they never wake up:

Stalin’s true-believing psychopaths deported around 10% of Lithuania’s population; the stubborn ones, the smart ones and the ones that might protest were identified and sent to the Gulag. They were penned in, worked hard and wasted away. Their troublesome genes removed from the future pool of slaves and dumbasses. And this story is an old one that keeps repeating, it’s called husbandry by some.

The definition of husbandry: noun

  1. the cultivation and production of edible crops or of animals for food;

  2. agriculture; farming, the science of raising crops or food animals.

And if by chance you’re born with the ability to catch the Reality and dumb enough to speak out, you’re punished like Spinoza and countless others.

Each type of Religious brain has inactive sequences. For example, true-believing psychopaths have inactive gene sequences pertaining to empathy that benefit the collective survival of the Religious group—that is, they make for good killers. And the masses of dumbasses worship them. 

Now we are approaching extreme instability; and you can’t be nice enough or kind enough or generous enough. Your neighbors will turn you in and turn against you. They’ll turn you in for a pat on the head. Then you’ll be robbed or removed. 

To survive, you need to be the best Sociopath.

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  1. Epic line from Full Metal Jacket. In a helo, Pvt. Joker watches as the gunner fires down killing peasant farmers. Joker asks the gunner, “how do you kill women and children?”. Gunner replies, “You just don’t lead them as much.” Full psychopath.


      1. Says hard to know. Lack of bids, lots of phantom computer bids targeting lower pricing, and the small guy has vanished.Plus my opinion is that people know the paper markets are managed and thus just stay away.


        1. That’s Rothschild at work. Thanks buddy, Putrid loves you.

          Most people don’t know this, but the paper gold represents the gold in the ground. The gold above ground doesn’t really have an agreed upon price; though that may change after Basel 3.

          Rothschild needs to get the Gold out of the ground as cheaply as possible to compensate the oil exporters … bit by bit, so to speak: The gold in the ground matches the oil in the ground. The oil above ground is consumed, though the Gold above ground isn’t.

          That begs the question: What does the Gold above ground represent? And one possible answer is: All accumulated Capital.


          1. Saw an article last week about a Rothschild taking one of their French banks private. Maybe that one owns all the Libyan, Venezuela, Iraq, Syrian, et al gold.


            1. The oil energy isn’t consumed in any final sense; it is transferred via energy exchange into tools, real estate, machines etc. So the hypothesis is that the paper-gold represents the gold in the ground that matches the oil in the ground, and the gold-above-ground represents the capital accumulated by the oil age/consumption.

              The present paradigm is focused on keeping production continuous.

              The reason why there’s so much paper-gold is because it’s trying to match the huge glut of oil-in-the-ground that’s being pumped continuously… “Hey guys, here’s some petrodollars for ya oil and please don’t convert so much into paper-gold and PLEASE don’t convert that paper into the physical … let’s cooperate by recycling da paper-gold until we hit another huge vein of the physical, capeesh? I really hope you understand because if you don’t I’ll bomb da fuck outta ya!”

              Just kidding … Rothschild wouldn’t speak like that. But I hope you catch my drift …

              Edit: So what’s Rothschild’s job? What does Rothschild do everyday?

              He has to get on the horn continually and call up the Gold CEO prospectors, in Australia for example, and ask them what they got cooking and what they can deliver, and when, and can they accept the futures price of x to get that Bling out of the ground? If there’s an increase in secret flows out of the Eurodollar into the Physical, or production costs are inflating in Oz, then Rothschild has to let the paper price inflate (devalue the Eurodollar) because he can’t get enough bling out of the ground at x price to match the demand-for-physical from oil exporters and surplus countries.

              It’s that or he has to tap his reserve of above-ground-gold, which I doubt he’d like to do, to keep the oil flowing to the Core. I guess some unlucky countries have been attacked for their Bling because of this most pressing issue. Sad Rothschild. This nexus between Oil and Gold is also why peasants in the West have been discouraged to buy Bling.

              That’s why Basel 3 is so dangerous; it’s essentially saying the status quo is over … that the Gold-above-ground is now needed …


  2. Very nicely written. Maybe except for the last line.
    I think this might be better, but you might be meaning the same :
    “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” (Matthew 10:16)

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  3. To survive..you need to be a silent sociopath. I’m patiently waiting for the mass die-off of the boomers. I think that’s the generation that will be sacrificed at the alter. I know many will be saddened by their passing, but look at the bright side..they can’t take their toys, or their houses, and their wealth with them. Their departure will open up good paying jobs and reduce pressure on community resources like healthcare.


    1. The idea that all those boomers can have a happy retirement is a fairy tale less believable than the Santa Claus. At some point, they will face reality, one that is not adequately priced-in yet.


      1. The market can only price in what it can price in.

        There are prices where the market doesn’t exist anymore.

        And prices want to go there; Thus, the Central Planning.

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    2. I thought the future jobs would be mostly automated. And it doesn’t seem like there need to be as many social scientists are there were in the 20th century, along with a lot labor jobs. Science has been done well enough. There’s probably managerial policies set in stone that haven’t been implemented except in China. That new measurement of a social credit score should take off. Future probably won’t need many financiers even for a while. The herd (like me) could be culled but Elites would need a more reasonable way than say death rays from space. Maybe natural disasters. Fire and Water. Could be blamed on global warming, even if it’s done with death rays.


  4. The cold truth is most of the billions are meaningless. The increased population did not produce higher talented people; instead there are a lot more wretches. Plus the ridiculous notion of everyone is created equal too.

    It went on for too long, but when a trend reverses, it tends to reverse very quickly.


    1. Headcount still counts. In some countries, they are votes and/or reasons why many organizations exist in the first place. They also create demand for stuff, making the owners of stuff richer.


      1. This has been the golden age of sociopathic collusion, this is their wet dream when they can communicate globally at a split second to collude and control. Wasn’t this easy hundreds and thousands of years ago, where half the world got the message, and the other half didn’t. Now it’s total check fucking mate. There is no fucking Families, no Russia, no China. They are all, global theater for the end game of total enslavement of mind body soul of 500M people.


            1. It is only a weapon now because genocide is not cool—now.

              USA had no trouble deporting millions of Mexicans during 1930s and 1940s, and putting about 120,000 Japanese Americans (about half of them US citizens) into the concentration camps. If USA had lost at Midway, who knows what would have happened to them. In fact they had been kind of ‘protected’ that way; otherwise the locals, already burning down Japanese owned businesses, would have taken care of them.

              Putrid has said a few times that one should be with one’s own ethnicity; I agree, although, I have nothing to return to.

              The refugee problem will be solved quite easily; if it were a real problem, it would have been solved like the ways I have explained above.

              Modern ‘minority’ problems exist because a lot of such people also emigrate to the First World which uses these issues to incite trouble, or create failed states so they can extract resources from there with less trouble (example ; South Sudan, East Timor, Brunei, etc).

              Indonesia had no trouble executing 600,000 communists in 1965-66; hardly anyone knows about it. No one talks about it.

              If East Timor didn’t have oil, all Timorese would have been thrown into the sea and nobody would have paid attention.

              Indonesia is doing similar “cleansings” in Sumatra and other smaller islands but since they have nothing the First World wants; no one gives a shit.


    2. A lot of the billions are meaningless because they had their times wasted. The 1950s and part of the 1960s showed that soldiers in the GI Bill could become good managers and sometimes engineers. If you didn’t “make it” (for any generation) by 2000, you were left to suffer for the rest of your life by having your time wasted. Schooling was already bad by the 1990s and if you didn’t pick up on that, then chances of ever working in a real science lab was minimal. Even the ones who made it through PhD programs had to deal with so many politics in terms of “the actual science” is that they could only get a job if they regurgitated their stupid corrupt bosses.

      And as for the US, with offshoring factories, the best Americans who could get a job could barely survive and a lot left their fields. Teaching adjucts with no future. There was a lot of garbage and propaganda in the educations fields, enough time wasted, where no wonder the billions produced mostly meaningless crap even at all. Look at the biology journals, or the medical studies. Most papers are garbage. And some avenues in private corporations were just as bad; you do anything to keep a job, because you won’t get another one in the field.

      Upward mobility shrank severely by the 1980s. That was 40 years ago. The population control agenda meant that real science practically stopped, exactly as Orwell said in 1984.


      1. Innovation slowed down and stopped. Houses are built with nailguns because of a combination of very high construction costs, speculators maximum house size even if badly designed, and local country governments liked it that way because it was the easiest way to keep property taxes high. Young people were herded into mostly useless colleges and given little chance to buy their own houses; done so they wouldn’t breed as often or at all.

        A society-like this doesn’t innovate. Especially if you ad the constant moving without a spouse. There’s nothing to really care for. Those early fantastic American and German scientists were almost all married.


          1. You are right. Thinking of Alan Turing in particular. Early American scientists were married though I think? I don’t remember any particular one staying single through World War II.

            Times have changed, with marriage being more rare and divorce in particular more common now, so maybe it matters or don’t; relationship stability I would think would matter.

            The Great Tesla married and had 5 kids, but he was also the son of an Orthodox priest.


      2. Yes, the end of science is even more astounding if we take into account the great spread of science nowadays. Unfortunately, we definitely have run out of ideas, and of geniuses, so we are now just amassing a lot of data, hoping that ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (in reality, still based on a brute force) will conjure out of this great mass of data some ‘truth’. The idea of ’emergence out of connections’ seems to be a new paradigm of science.


  5. What about Maunder Solar Minimum, which is just starting…? (2019 will be the third year of crop failure).
    If ‘global warming’ has been a cover for peak oil, which in this way at least was acknowledged, why the coming solar minimum looks to be a true Black Swan?
    Did elite know?
    Decimation by peak oil only would at least preserve the infrastructure, but the Global Big Freeze will leave the elite only with the equator, not really a developed land as it is….?
    Gold without fuel and food is a lonely element, just like argon in our atmosphere. It may be that some things are too noble.


    1. I got a weird feeling a few days ago that Africa is being saved. The size of the content is huge. There may still be a lot of oil in the ground still, and definitely a lot of minerals. Since the 1980s it seems like there are huge reasons given in the press to stay the hell away from Africa (AIDS, ebola, starvation, war). What if that’s not the case at all.

      Sure bad things here and there, but Africa seems to be least hit by population control policies. Most regions anywhere close have been bombed. Imagine with corruption of the food supply in most of the western world there would be a reasonable concern about keeping large regions SOMEWHERE untainted.

      Africa yes, Mississippi …well keep it for the fertile regions of the Mississippi delta, but have the population clear out.


      1. Africa may be a right bet, after all. There is no single nuclear power plant there. Spent nuclear fuel won’t be manageable without oil. Europe, the smallest continent, has the highest number of reactors out of all. Density of radiation from all that spent fuel will be high. We are essentially one catastrophe in Western/Central Europe from making the continent inhabitable.
        A thought: Venezula may be destined to be an oil repository for the Carribean, not USA. The Caribbean much more pleasant place to live and the last remaining colonial area, with Dutch, French and British teritorries.


  6. The fin/stock markets are testing the ‘black friday’ waters. All those disordered events are falling into pattern.

    Re the solar minimum – noone can time it and predict it correctly. In some areas – where the land was exhausted by high yield crops and pesticodes/insecticides and the water tabs were used for industry, it is only normal that the crops fail. In other places where the agriculture is low level the crops are mighty well. For exxample my family work about 100 sq m of home garden and the the production is going only up.


  7. Africa would be a good bet, if it had at least one industrial region. But South Africa and Rhodesia aka ZImbabwe are being destroyed, which is ironic if we remember that it was Cecil Rhodes who was the first leader of globalism, so to say.
    Otherwise, Japan, China, Russia, Germany and their industry will greatly suffer during the Grand Solar Minimum. Maybe Latin America is to be saved? With liquidation of Chavism in Venezuela, and setting up Bolsonaro in Brasil, I think the entire continent may now start moving to some kind of light facism there. The another advantage of both Latin America and Africa is that their share in oil consumption is not very big: I can imagine any of them, coupled with the remains of the Middle East oil in some ‘food for oil’ scheme, going for at least century yet. But it won’t be blockchain technofascism as it is expected it in the West, even by the esteemed Cathal. The last bet would be India, a country which recently suddenly started to rise whereas China is tanking. Also, India is in much better position to import oil from Middle East, which in this case does not have to go through Malacca Strait (the place where China CAN indeed be stopped, unlike in the South China Sea). Also, India has both industry and population accustomed to great poverty, the latter being very helpful in future. Anyone here wanting to move there?!
    As for Grand Solar Minimum, I think it was foresighted for 2030-2040, so already for ‘After the Reset’ time. The concept of solar minimums was created by John Eddy in 1976, so already after globalism ‘China turn’ with 1972 Nixon visit there. As far as I understood China has been Henry Kissinger’s obession and pet project. The man, unfortuantely, is a political scientist. Political scientist and lawyers are the scourge of our century. We should have followed Plato and give goverments to philosophers and natural scientists (natural science was a part of philosophy in ancient Greece, this is why Aristotle wrote so much on zoology, for example). But probably we will just become victims of some Kissingerian schemes…
    Anyway, if Maunder Minimum is true, then the most urgent task for world govermnet is to destroy the West, Japan, and China before they catch up with the truth. Contrary to Cathal, I think that China is too big a drain on resources to be allowed to thrive.


    1. Poverty yes, but India is also a culture of vast many cults. That could be useful, but the more likely outcome is a war of cults. But sheer domination is possible with only a few thousand people with better technology and rhetoric. Britain and the East India Company showed this was possible.

      But it was a divide and conquer strategy by foreigners. Who the hell would want that as the New Enlightened Future? It would not be better than the current one. So the population would have to be largely decimated first. Then there would be the benefit of 3 growing seasons a year, relatively nearby oil, industrial plants, and a hard working population if you take out all the instinctual levels of graft in a developing country.


    2. There a end-of-the world cult in Rajasthan called Brahma Kumari. Supposedly led by 3 old Indian women who took the leadership handoff from an Indian diamond merchant. But in reality it looks like it’s a psy-op run by all white English-speaking professors. It was mostly started during the Cold War and followers were told that the US and USSR would destroy themselves and the rest of the world (except India) in nuclear war.

      The problem with this cult is that the members have no useful skills. AT ALL. Not even farming (grain is bought at market from donations). They are vegetarian (good) and celibate (ultimately bad).

      The members join because they don’t have to do any real work compared to the hard lives in the rest of India.

      They view the idea that their leaders (3 old women) have no idea how to use money as a positive.


  8. I thought that the East-West paradigm is for show, mainly. But if a new ice age is coming, then nothing simpler than the great Russia & China vs The West War to remove the stress on resources. Also, all troublemakers are in the Northern hemisphere, which means that a nuclear fallout would mostly remain here, due to air circulation patterns. The only reamining problem: how to save the Middlea East oil from radiation…?
    Is that an exercise in cynicism, or in reality?!


  9. Exercising thinking in a cynical mode further:
    Just a devious thought struck me that maybe the current mass exodus of “refugees” from Africa and Middle East to the West is conducted with a hidden rationale of ‘Make Africa and the Middle East livable and manageable again’. Trump recently demanded that West Europe takes back all “national” ISIS fighters back (!). That, of course, means that the West is not to be livable anymore. Well, not many will cry after arrogant Germania and her always-best-learn-from-us Scandinavian ilk. Down it goes haughty Numenor.

    So, here the projection for a population reduction under the peak oil and the solar minimum conditions:
    Stage I (until 2025, when the oil production is prognosed to fall between 35-50% from now; this stage will probably start after decline in fracking, USA producing now only 1,5 milion barrels per day of true [i.e. conventional] oil) ): down goes North America, West Europe and some troublesome, too populous, too resources-barren MENA lands (thinking Turkey, Egypt? Iran and Saudis need depopulation too, if they are to have some oil to sell/exchange in the future). East Europe, having Czech uranium, Polish coal, silver and copper, and Romanian oil, can stay if they join Russia. Also, the east Europe will not be affected as much as the west Europe by the disappearance of Gulf Stream which already started (20% down). Of the West, maybe Australia and New Zealand will remain (low oil consumption, too).
    The net result of Stage I: between 40 to 50 milion barrels of oil demand per day removed!

    Stage II (until 2035): the rest of Europe, Russia, China and Japan go down. Probably will play out as a war of China vs. alliance of Russia, East Europe and Japan. Stage II follows mainly because someone needs to kill too popoulos China, otherwise maybe Russia could somehow limp into the future with remnants of East and South Europe. The weak point of Russia are her declining oil and gas fields which are all in cold (soon colder) Siberia. But China has nothing, so no way China will leave Russia alone.

    After 2035: low energy future based on the last 20 mbd oil, with Africa (down from Sahara), Latin America and maybe India. All these countries are already prepared for low energy reality with low energy usage per capita: no need for windmills, batteries and electrification of society on the impossible scale needed in the West.

    It is hard to sleep with such thoughts if you live in Europe. Where to go and how fast?


    1. Julian,

      The devils are here; and we have such sweet dreams.

      Once the financial systems fail, international trade will discontinue (similar to what’s happening in Venezuela, Yemen, and now Turkey).

      Without trade, an estimated 5 billion take a dirt nap in 12 months.



      1. Putrid,
        I see your point, so let us consider following scenario:
        The Reset Day comes. The Western financial system collapses, together with its debts. The oil producing Middle East countries lose a lot of money and refuse to sell oil and gas to the West, unless their wealth be given back to them in commodities form (gold, grain etc). The West sends its ‘Last Crusade’ to the Middle East to enforce oil flow. Egypt, together with Saudis and Pakistan, which provides a nuclear shield, blocks Suez Canal (which is to Europe like Malacca Strait to China). NOW WHAT? UN jumping with ‘let’s have carbon credits, everyone, for the sake of our planet?!’
        I mean: how civilization is going to shift PEACEFULLY to the East? West will not go down with a whimper. Given its Faustian mentality (as duly noted by Spengler), I would rather expect a great fire, engulfing its foes (Russia, China) too.
        Also, neither Venezuela nor Yemen are depopulating on the scale you proposed (> 50% per year).
        And the international trade is already a shadow of its former self.


      2. Another point is that the fall of international trade will mainly bite the great industrial countries, Yemen has never been a great trading hub, and its future has never really depended on its main port, Aden.
        Otherwise, I think the trend has already started of resource-rich countries coupling with each other to trade in a sort of barter. Example: Last year was a year of the greatest drought in Germany on the scale of a century. On the other hand, Poland was cut in half by drought, with western part crops situation (under the influence of Atlantic, i.e. Gulf Stream climate) similar to Germany, but the eastern part being much better and still somehow managing to produce the crops as expected. However, Poland did not export its surplus wheat to Germany, as usually, but to Saudi Arabia, which the last year became the biggest buyer of Polish wheat export. Germany, the biggest and closest trade partner in EU, forsaken for Saudi Arabia ?! Even more tellingly, another big buyer of Polish wheat in 2018 was also a new client – Norway. I see in this exchange an early form of barter trade, namely food for fuel (gas and oil), with waning buying power of purely industrial countries like Germany or Japan.
        But such a trend also means a waning usefulness of a current form of money as a token for UNIVERSAL trade/exchange. And money which is not universally accepted, is not really money, just a commodity. The acceptance of money nowadays is secured by the state apparatus, so if a state goes, its money goes with it.
        Due to energy deflation situation and waning volume of trade, there is also no place for some supra-national entity in the form of a trading guild with its own money that could be universally enforced.


        1. Please don’t confuse currency with money.

          And yes, under peaceful and friendly conditions, trade is essentially barter.

          Then only question, to be answered by Banker Kings or War Kings, is what constitutes the unit of account?


          1. Money gets too much attention, because after all, it is only a token, a means to distribute real wealth that is available. And real ealth will shrink, and very much. But it is truly only our social structures that determine that some get more than others.
            So the question Banker Kings or War Kings must answer, is what kind of society do they want?
            Agrarian, industrial? Feudal or socialist with planned economy? if I were them, I would choose theocracy, something like ancient Egypt. But how to get there from here?
            If they choose badly, they may very well find themselves trapped in an unexpected dilemma: how to convince someone to accept gold as payment.


            1. Bro, not money but currencies get too much attention. Our world abbondoned money back in the 70s. What do you mean by ‘wealth’ and its shrinkage? Please define. Wealth is a function of the productivity of the carbon copies. A top down approach to society building is just another trap and future failure waiting to happen.

              And I don’t get your remark regarding accepting gold as payment. Who in his/her right mind won’t accept realmoney as payment?


              1. Wealth is the count of actionable claims on social and physcial infrastructure one has. Refugees come to Europe because they have those actionable claims here, which they do not have in Sudan, for example. There is wealth in Europe, for the time being. The moment social and physcial infrastructure stops functioning, there is less actionable claims to take possession of, therefore less wealth.
                Unless there be universal gold coin(s), I expect gold price to be too volatile and too useless to be money. Silver would be much better. When Spanish conquistadores came to the New World, they met there people for whom gold was not so valuable as for them. That happened because there was no global market, global gold money civilization at that time. With coming fragmentation of societies, it can happen again. Also, the destruction of infrastructure will be probably chaotic, and we may actually be left with relative gold surplus, I mean, gold value per unit of energy going down, for example. There will be less and less energy and the same, at least, amount of gold around.
                It may be safer not to trade with gold, since, without falling back at its intrinsic usefulness, the true price discovery of gold will be impossible, due to increasing, chaotic decline around. Remember – oil depletion never stops. Decline will never stop.


          2. Yes, the ultimate question, which will be answered in next years, is to what the economy output will be tied ? To oil, to gold, or to food, or to some yet unknown factor? I vote for food, or something food-related (Calories…? Calories/Joules could be the fuel money at the same time), since food is grown and needed everywhere. Gold, on the other hand, is becoming less and less probable. Gold standard era was the time of the first, expanding globalization (prior to WWI, the level of international trade pre-WWI was only reached back in 70ties), which somehow gives credibility to the idea that for gold money you need global, liquid gold market. But as globaliation winds up in coming years, this will be less and less possible.

            Bankers Kings conundrum is how to enforce bankers’ currency as trade currency. I suppose this is the real reason why they want One World Government (guarantees enforcement), and western lifestyle (guarantees liquidity) everywhere. The main problem is that with peak oil and grand solar minimum, One World government enforcement needs will become more energy intensive than ever (for example, high-energy US military, despite being the biggest oil consumer in the world, is remarkably ineffective against low-energy guerrila troops). Peak Oil and grand solar minimum together bring great problems, among else destroying the capacity of the West to be agricultural exporter even faster and thus the last remaining western carrot (food export). Peak oil limiting oil supply will naturally destroy oil ultimate usefulness (which depends on oil availability, which, in turn, depends on the presence of oil-based infrastructure) and thus the allure of carbon-based money. Example: at some point, the amount of food produced by industrial agriculture based on expensive fuels will have to go down, whereas non-oil based agriculture output will go up. I, mean, the carbon credit problem is how to make money out of something which is less and less used with time? Or, in other words, how to have a global currency without global trade or with decreasing global trade? Well, for all reasons above, I think global Gaia theocracy would be the least energy-intensive enforcement form. An energy-intensive alternative would be some form of technofeudalism, with fossil fuel output prioritized for global military.


        2. Currency is not money. In a system where there is no central currency exchange mechanism all trade is barter, one can barter one commodity for other or for a service, I. E. Stored energy/labor.

          The poles sold its wheat to KSA due to internal eu political games, the ec wants to remove polish voting rights in ec and Poland wants to stuff it to Germany. The periphery elites are not in the know imo, all peripheral elites are engaged in divide and conquer phase and don’t have expertise/energy/vision to game the reset and even maybe don’t even realize the possibility. They are just sticking to wherever they can stick and play low-level games as every satellite state has done. If the poles were at all reset-savvy they wouldn’t buy US LNG for triple the market prise, simple as that.


          1. Overpriced LNG from USA is like overpriced piped gas from Russia in Europe (Poland paid one of the highest prices in Europe). It is a protection money anyway. KSA pays it too, buying overpriced arms from USA.
            What is more worrying is the complete naivety of population which drowned itself in the mass of CHF mortgages. Poles like to think about themselves as cunning and smart but unfortunately, stupid is as stupid does. Once I had thought that Internet will spread knowledge around the planet and will usher us in the new era of enlightment, but, unfortunately, there is simply not enough demand for knowledge to turn it into any critical mass, any singularity of any kind.

            On the other hand, the system has its internal logic which sometimes works to the advantage of the fool, like in the case of the transaction between Poland and KSA. Don’t see how Germany can keep EU together much longer, since energy descent will damp the demand for products of German industry (mainly auto industry with few chemical plants) even inside EU.


            1. NordstrramII is the name of the game. Check projected German gas needs – way less than 55mbc per year /and this is only nord stream II capacity) . Fortunately Europe has robust pipe infrastructure and Germany has shown that can be kind of tough but in a way fair business partner.


              1. I just checked, the entire Nord Stream is supposed to have 110 bcm. That is more than half of the entire Russian gas export (!). Not sure how realistic it is, I suppose those capacities may be set by Europan clients wishes rather than by Russian sellers offers. Well, pipelines rarely go at max capacities.
                Anyway, unlike oil, gas can be usually replaced by coil. But EU is the biggest oil importing region in the world. But so obsessed they are with gas that they have forsaken their oil import security. And oil, not gas, moves the world.


          2. But at least Poland is producing 30% of its gas consumption on its own. The gas oversupply will end until 2030 at the latest anyway. In 10 years Norway ‘cannot guarantee’, Dutch production goes to 0, and Russia will be in decline since Russian gas depends on 3 big fields which are all in decline already ( oil production likewise, everything depends on big fields). The Russian gas production spare capacity is just ending. And Qatar? No one really knows, like Saudi oil, Qatari gas production has many secrets.


            1. I am starting to think yiu are trolling us here, or robot checking us. So Gazprom Group gas reserves stood at 1,003.8 billion cubic meters of gas, 100.8 million tons of gas condensate which is like 17% of proved russian gas reserves. The oil economy model is kaput.the oil left in the fields is going to be used for gasification of the industrial clusters. If reset hits the plan is to sacrifice large swatsh of land and people. The earth pop don’t get through this unscratched.


              1. Ekhm, hm…. Gazprom?

                ‘In 2017, Gazprom Group supplied a total of 194.4 billion cubic meters of gas to European countries, 192.2 billion cubic meters being supplied under Gazprom Export contracts. Western European countries accounted for approximately 81% of the company’s exports from Russia, while Central European states took 19%.’

                Gas flow. Gas reserves do not count unless they are being produced. Otherwise we have plenty of oil reserves, too. For example, Arctic is full of ice and oil. Where is oil flow? Just one drilling platform there.

                What do you mean by ‘the oil left in the fields is going to be used for gasification of the industrial clusters’ ? Which clusters, which oil …?!


              2. Gas cannot replace oil. Also, gas economy is essentially possible in place only. There are many, many greenhouses in Netherlands because the Dutch have their own big gas fields. Otherwise, it is easy to stop all those pipelines through some “accident”.


                1. Let’s say it together. Gas turbines. All those factories in Germany and China ( producing infrastructure which enables social infrastructure) need electricity to run. Using oil to generate electricity is meh but gas my friend is different. So matushka has the energy reserves and the raw resources and Germany and China have the producing basis and the technology. And surprise surprise Russia is smacked dab right in the middle between those two clusters. And the east have gold and payment infrastructure in place ready to roam. I am not saying I am Mr Knows It All but it seems rather likely that the big geopol actors will opt for plans which are easy to implement. The good thing is that maybe we will know the general outlines sooner rather than later.

                  Also don’t go too religious in your analysis. The religion is function of the elites and not the other way around. It is a useful tool in anyone’s arsenal but history has proved it is a bad basis for one’s thinking apparatus.


                  1. You are very right about religion; religion may be a new weapon of this century, since despair breeds faith. Already tried with ISIS/Daesh.
                    To the great Asian century I don’t say no, I just think what the Western miltary-industrial complex will do – switch to China as mercenaries?
                    As for Russia great mineral reserves, it is the great question whether they can be brought online in time. Until now, Russia wasn’t really developing new reserves, just ramping-up old fields that went down after 1989. Also, Russia is big, but does it have enough for China, Europe, and herself? 70% of Russian gas production is still for domestic consumption. Finally, Russia in in lucky (?) position of not needing anyone, actually. But Germans showed already in 1941 how they desire her immense riches. Why should Russia trust them this time…?


                    1. Russians and Germans have a lot in common. In South Germany there are 2 mil Russian Germans – descendents of the German POWs. And German industrial elites are very, very close to Russia. NordstrramII is being bridgeheaded into Europe basically only by muscle strengthening of the German industrial lobby. No one dare speaks or acts against them. Even nato and the maga team couldn’t undo it. By the way do you know who is CEO of Gazprom? good ole Gerhard. Germany seeks alliance with Russia and China, all latest optic movements point to that. Thing is that everyone is stepping very lightly and sends only ambiguous signals but the writings are on the wall and if you find yourself on a euro trip you will feel the general willingness in the massive gestalt for turning East even during the most formal conversation.


                    2. And something that was coming the last month but now is official. South Korea Innovation and Hyundai Oilbank refineries are canceling US shale oil. Basically the US shale is highly contaminated with various agents from the pipes and has very high oxygenates concentration which damage the refineries equipment. I think this provides another nail in the coffin of the shale boom. Our host Cathal can provide a lot more ample and informative analysis regarding shale but I don’t see the point since the shale boom was a known debt-laden-scam from the very beginning.


                  2. True Russo-German alliance will never happen. Russia wants Europe, not Germany. Alliance with Germany would be suicidal for Russia in terms of her European clout. Germany is not really liked outside its borders, most people understand that Germany treats other European counteries – with exception of France maybe, like colonies, namely deindustrialilzing them (both Spanish and British empire had forbidden industry in their colonies, Germany follows similar policy, just in a different way). There is absolutely no reason why Russia should have invested in German industry (you mean Russia is incapable of building gas turbines?), instead spreading its traditional divide et empira policy over Europe. Remember: with the fall of USA, Germany automatically becomes too powerful for Europe – we are back to square one. And Russia will have to rebalance Europe. Too big for Europe, too small for the world, so goes the old saying about Germany.. That is the one of the conundrum of German politics: the coveted fall of Amis will only mean the need to keep Germany in cheek in other ways. It is already being made – with Germany courting Russia all the time, Amis worked hard to sow hate between Turkey and Germany, and so to close any future Baghdahbahn projects. Where are the Middle East footsteps for Germany nowhere. Turkey managed by USA, Syria by Russia, maybe Iran would do…but Iran can now choose between Russia and China. Everybody is in the middle east already, French, British, Russian, Chinese troops. But not German – they were allowed only to Afghanistan. The only two local oil basins in Europe – North Sea (UK, Norway, Denmark) and Carpathian basin (Romania, Poland) are also aligned with Empire.
                    Also, if someone did not yet attack Germany, it does not mean, he is afraid of her. Germany is the source of problems, not the solutions. Without Euro, there would not be German export surplus. Without Euro PIIGS debts would be already inflating away.
                    Germans are very good at that, doing something very bad and then pretending it was of no importance.
                    Germany’s love for Russia is unrequited love. The story about kindred souls is told in Germany, not Russia. Never understood why, since that are two very different countries. Read Gogol or Dostoyewski – the picture of German you got from them is mostly of narrow minded people without sense of honour. Also, Germany left alone to her heart’s desire can be quite cruel – the Brest-Litovsk treaty of 1917, imposed on Russia by Germany, was more harsh than the latter Versaille treaty was on Germany. This harsh treatment also reflected the fact how much Germany needs Russian resources, and the strategic significance of Russia for Germany. But Germany for Russia has only tactical significance
                    It is of course true, that USA is hated in Germany much more than Russia. This is the ancient hate, yet from WWI. The Germany has power in EU, but EU is now slowly imploding, too much German influence anyway. Again, Germany is too big for Europe. Tacitus discovered Arcanum imperii, but Arcanum Germaniae would be that no one needs Germany, and that Germany is always a source of problems, not solutions.
                    Germany has essentially two concepts of foreign policy, either alliance with Russia (Bismarck idea), or colonial expansion (Emperor Wilhelm II). That Germany has never seriously considered other options – like developing europe, and not creating colonial area there, is a testimony to the strength of German imperialism. Prussia-Germany has always excelled in the power politics, building its own unification on pushing out Austria from its influnce zone. But it was Austria that made possible the German-Russian alliance. You also had forgotten that Russia now is different Russia than the agrar country of Romanov dynasty. The current EU and attempted UN German spread is just covert Wilhelminian option.
                    I think you may be German becuase of your german Weltaanschaung, like in specifically German cult of power/harshness („Germany has shown that can be kind of tough but in a way fair”)., have limitless faith in German industry (‘NordstrramII is being bridgeheaded into Europe basically only by muscle strengthening of the German industrial lobby. No one dare speaks or acts against them. Even nato and the maga team couldn’t undo it.’) and the native way you used word Gestalt.
                    I lived in this country and germany from inside is worse than from outside.
                    The only way to prosper for Germany is to downsize her imperial industry (here both Morgenthau & Stalin were right), stop playing the great game (which is driven, again, by its industry), and start taking into account the needs of other European nations. Germany should stay as it once was , das Land der Dichter und Denker (country of poets and thinkers).
                    The question that Germans must ask themselves: temporary profits for its industry for the price of subjugation of the rest Europe , or a long-term true conciliation and cooperation with the rest of Europe for the price of downsizing industry. The current Gestalt of europe, so profitable for Germany, is not sustainable, and is dangerous for europe. The hidden arcanum imperii in this case is that no one needs Germany. This is why Germany loves to hide under the cover of human righst and progress and EU and globalism, trying to reshape its expansion needs as universal rigths. Think for yourself: since German unfication in 1871, was isolationism ever discussed in Germany? Never, in strong identification to countries like England (Little England), or US Isolationism. German identity is imperial per se. You hear abour BREXIT, GREXIT, POLEXIT etc, but you never ever hear about GERXIT, since it is unfathomble – everybody understands that Germany IS EU.
                    As for the might of German industry, wasn’t it Volkswagen that was hit by emission scandal?
                    As for Schröder, he is just this kind of easily impressed, narrow-minded German type Nicolai Gogol talked about. There is this story that he was chosen by Russians to head NordStream because he was indeed impressed by empty lanes on the way to Kremlin during one of his journeys through Moscow with Putin. This in a country where you have jokes of a kind ‘Misha, why did you bought a new Mercedes, again? Because in the old one, the ashtrays are already full’. So much for the common Russo-German sould. Schröder is where he is because Russians know that they easily control him, not vice versa.


  10. There is always barter, Saudis must eat. Besides, carbon credits are not real money, would have to be forced upon clients, and that would cost a lot of energy, which is scarce. The reality of the situation (as ut was during hyperinflation in Europe after WWI) will be a lot of local money systems and barter agreements: how will One Currency Regime remove them?


  11. Finally, with a lot of gold in the East there is an unfortunate (for high tech blokchain) possibility, that some kind of gold solidus could be emited again, Byzantium likewise.


  12. Greece? Doesn’t rely on the gulf stream, depopulated peacefully through easy emigration (Schengen), plenty of people there have kept themselves more or less self-sustainable like the rest of the balkans. Might get gas from Israel in the future (though Israeli business is too often bad news).


    1. Greece depopulated? How many people per year? But Greece has always been a country of emmigration, like Ireland? On the other hand, I have read once a novel by some M. Karagatsis, ‘Yellow Envelope’, where there was a character dreaming about Greece full of steal and coal and industry. I think the novel was written in the 50ties; such dreams are no more.


  13. I’m in healthcare in the United States and can guarantee that they are lying to you and lying daily, without end. The care is not going to be there, it’s all used up. You are on your own to make millions (which will vanish anyway) or basically rope/dope/gun.

    If you are Gen X in U.S. and reading this, you better get yourself in tip top shape or emigrate. Look at the stats for yourselves. Already the poorer boomers are suiciding en masse.


    1. Something from the kitchen: So I am dealing with a lot of CROs and big pharma companies. Now there is a consensus regarding US health care between all of them. They are gonna milk the pop as hard as they can and won’t provide any meaningful health care to people who can’t afford it. The statistics are very, very telling that the US pop is far far away from healthy and the issue will only aggravate. So yes, gen xers and their kids are totally fucked. One can’t stop thinking of karma and boomerang effect when watching the stats.


      1. Healthcare is the only place where you pay to sodomize. Things are not much different in India. Doctors makes you do multiple tests, X rays. CT scans and MRI are mandatory. You are given more doses than necessary.

        Only the old doctors give the appropriate doses. The new ones and doctors at big hospitals are total scums.

        C-sections are mandatory. The gynae always manage to come up with some issue so that they get paid more.

        Taking second opinions has become a requirement here.

        You sometimes wish they just kill you but that doesn’t happen. I have seen this myself. Its unbelievable.


    2. Pharma is mostly a parasite, as is most of the medical profession, because they suppress real cures, like a more pre-agricultural diet and meal frequency, for profit!

      Excess fat is a significant underestimated burden because it has numerous nasty effects on health and vitality; it is extra weight to carry around, so causes more joint wear & tear, causes inflammation, causes endocrine disruption, and fat tissue competes for food in the blood with brain and brawn, thus premature fatigue.

      I suggest getting-to/maintaining a youthful body fat ratio fast, about 12% body fat for men, by regular fasting and eating one low/no carbohydrate meal per day when not fasting. Also try to only cook (no more than 140C) from base ingredients, so no processed foods, because unhelpful ingredients/additives/processing can be disguised/hidden in them. You should not just eat (part rare cooked) muscle meat, but also eat organs, offal and other tissue for balanced nutrition; this is far better and cheaper than most supplements, including Protein isolates, pure Amino acids and isolated vitamins.

      All plants contain natural pesticides, some at astonishing levels, because they don’t like being eaten, and cooking/fermenting can’t remove all of these (e.g. Oxalates and Soy Bean nasties), so eating much of them is unwise, and going Vegetarian/Vegan is insane, because Vegetarians/Vegans all eventually suffer malnutrition damage after their body reserves have finally been drained by lack of animal foods and plant pesticide attack.

      Ruminant (bacteria carnivore) farming is probably far better use of land and lower energy use than vegetable farming, because they can make quality food from grass and can be moved under their own power, with no need for pharma crap for fattening greed, or to disguise harmful grain/bean feed and crowding of food animals.


  14. I will say it in another way yet. Germans are supposed to be ancient Greeks, but since ancient Greeks are not Russians (Byzantinians), it follows that

    Germans are not Russian.


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