The System Is Out Of Control

Looking at a part of Elysium as shown in TriStar PIctures' ELYSIUM.

Elon Musk failed to deliver: No scalable EV and no space station either … The Bankers are trapped! with the rest of us, with a swarming mass of low IQ pissed-off chimps. 

They had their chance and they shat their pants—bunch of fucking pussies. Several wasted opportunities, including the Bitcoin berserker run in 2017 … now Basel can kicked and Brexit is indefinite. 

What happens next? Well, first thing’s first, the Empire is collapsing. You have the Russians and Chinese putting troops in Venezuela, and Washington can’t do dick to stop them. That will bleed more confidence out of the Dollar Empire, especially because domestic taxation will increase to fund a cost structure that wasn’t Reset to zero. Wasn’t that what happened when the Pound lost Reserve Currency status? Taxation on the natives went up because they were financing Imperial instruments all by themselves. So Americans, watch out for the taxman and debasement!

The markets will want to price in capitulation (aka MMT), so we may witness the DOW melt-up masking Dollar rejection and inflaming inequality and populist movements. Stocks are like Crypto now; you may witness 1% inflation per day, 1000 point jumps, huge flash crashes. The Dow at 50-to-60,000 would be where panic kicks in—the stock market in Venezuela is having a great bull run by the way—maybe we should ask them when they started panicking. 

Of course there’s also Crypto to store the incoming inflation. So perhaps it’s best to now focus on Crypto as that’s the smallest market; following the money flow as the wealthy search for vehicles to avoid the coming capital controls and allowing for continuing mobility.

Another explosive issue is the growing mass of migrations ultimately caused by the terminal phase of oil depletion—record numbers crossing into the USA via Mexico—borders will have to be closed and nations will become tribal and violent if they aren’t. Look below at Mexico’s oil chart: 

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 4.17.50 PM

Lots of oil charts look just like that by the way; so lots of nations will ultimately become death traps. Your number one job is stay out of the traps. If there’s a melt-up then we’ll see inflation hit Gold and commodities hard in early 2020 and Powell will have pressure to raise rates; but he can’t because the Shale Ponzi would collapse and the USA would become an energy desert. Powell’s fucked. Munchkin shat in his pants. Not sure if Powell matters anymore. 

Unfortunately, and aggravatingly, this bullshit can’t be timed or modeled anymore, that’s partly due to the lack of faith: and it’s not just a question of costs, it’s the increasing risk of getting trapped and murdered that’ll influence the decisions of huge numbers of people. 


Then there’s those nations on the periphery that have Dollar debts, they can choose: Default and come under financial attack or close their capital accounts. Then no trade and cross border flows. If you’re inside such a country you’re trapped, think Turkey right now. 

So what to do? 


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  1. The Reset is on when Elon Musk gets trapped in his Tesla when the electronics fail and the car is incinerated. The universe is symbolic.

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    1. Do not trust software.

      Programmers know Terminator’s hyper-competent Skynet is silly. Every useful software system, especially born from government money, is a Frankenstein, a patchwork of fashionable cretinery from different times in the industry, kept barely alive through regular aneurysms by the many little hands of sysadmins. An offering of fresh minds, a constant churn of burning out minds for the retarded little god.


  2. The situation in Mexico is severe especially since they recently became a net importer of oil. To put things in perspective Mexico has been oil independent for the previous 80 years. Now they will import oil in addition to outsourcing their refining capacity to the U.S. So..they also have to import finished products like gasoline and diesel. Fitch recently downgraded PEMEX to BBB- because of their $106 Billion in debt. Considering Mexico’s GDP is a little over a 1.1 Trillion, PEMEX is too big to bail. I follow the PEMEX story very closely..and I’d say they’re about done. The company has too many employees, too much debt, and too much internal fraud. The state is entirely dependent on PEMEX funding the system. Now PEMEX is a net drag on the system. The AMLO government plans to loan 6.6 Billion Dollars to PEMEX. Financial pundits say that’s not enough. Between fraud at all levels, pipeline thefts, and violence on an epidemic scale, Mexico is sliding quickly into something between Mad Max and a Spaghetti western. So, Why do I give a shit?

    1. Mexico produces 30% of global silver supply. Followed by Peru, Russia, and China. At some point, I believe silver won’t be available for sale. There just won’t be any coming out of Mexico and I believe China and Russia will limit their supply. Similar to what’s happening with Palladium. I guess all those electronic manufactures from places like Japan and S. Korea are screwed. Silver is in everything that is high-tech. No high tech TVs, solar panels, cars, planes, etc…

    2. Mexico is the #2 U.S. trade partner. They’re our number one fresh produce trading partner. Example Bell Peppers sell for $3.50 each. Avocados which literally grow by the hundreds on trees are $1 each on sale. No energy…no exports to U.S.A. I’m already shocked by the produce pricing. Now we’re hearing about widespread flooding in the midwest U.S. which could affect Mexico. Because of the NAFTA agreement, Mexico imports most of its corn from the U.S. The same corn used to make tortillas which is the equivalent of bread in Mexico. So, our poor Mexican friends might be in for one hell of a time. Could be the real reason Trump wants a wall.


      1. Russian and Chinese troops on the ground in Venezuela.

        I heard the Rothschilds have asked for the codes to Elon’s car. Bel Air fire department on standby,

        “Substantially Worse than Expected”: Tesla Plunges As Analysts Throw Up On Disastrous Deliveries


  3. By the way..I like the Elysium movie with Matt the Demon. Of course it was jut a movie. Any old psychopath could have taken him out with a few shots from their trusty ole AK-47, or shotgun, or Glock..Just saying.


  4. I am stupefied that someone really was expecting that Elon Musk will deliver, be it change, EV scaling or even a net cash positive flow. With the first money Elon get from PayPal he got HAIR SURGERY! Scam and a laugh. This 4th of July the fireworks could be ground based and with lithium odor.


  5. Munchkin and Powell aren’t their own masters, so it seems unlikely that they are the decision makers who shat themselves…up the ladder maybe? The families getting soft? What happened to the balls of steel that orchestrated and financed WW 1 & 2? Putin’s leverage getting to them? (I can’t imagine Putin shredding too many tears when the western fiat faction goes down, so why would he stop them?)

    Out of control seems to equal not managed, which is bad for the species…

    The Reset made the point that management was needed to avoid human extinction. This post does not suggest a well managed Reset, so has the extinction risk increased dramatically?

    I know, I know..on a long enough timeline..and all that..


    1. They are not immortals, never before they acted in an envrionment of real material scarcity. Previously (WWI, WWII), they always had the upper hand of higher resources. Now? Their attempt at electryfiying economy is not very lucky until npw, even at the basic level of Tesla, so where is this place of future they are going to circle wagons around…? And forget for a moment about oil, the power metal of electric economy, silver, is in steep decline, too, as correctly pointed by Gonzalez.


    2. Once the dogs of war are unleashed, those passions for survival and dominance are hard to throttle and will make one turn to whatever tool is in the case. And in our time now, those big tools are the nukes. It’s one thing to slaughter 20-100 million goy by stirring them to hate each other, but its another when nukes get set off and can quickly despoil the Rothschild’s various organic farms.


      1. There is always the Southern Hemisphere. No need for nukes there. But what is worse than spoiling organic farms – which can be set up in many places – is contaminating with radiation the Middle East oil. Not much oil in the Southern Hemsiphere. Maybe they just wait for solar minimum related crops destruction and CME (Carrington Event), with fracking bridge being the bridge to this calamity, to be detonated in the right moment (The Bridge on the River Kwai, in other words).
        If they want to avoid nukes, the point should be mass and quick depopulation, and that can be only provided by natural catastrophe.
        I just wonder where they are now. New Zealand maybe ? Contrary to the rest of West, immigration laws there are pretty hard.


        1. Thanks for the responses…I agree about the nukes, might get out of hand…

          Waiting for a true natural catastrophe, though, seems imprecise and unpredictable. The wrong people might get hurt..or too few people might get depopulated to make a difference…how does one predict the timing of such, etc.. No redos if it results in the wrong outcome….

          Perhaps an event disguised as a natural catastrophe such as an emp disguised as a solar flare, or an exacerbated famine disguised as climate change driven crop failure (like what Stalin did to the Ukraine) Perhaps fukushima was a trial run…

          Why not just put a little something special in the chemtrail planes and seed certain areas with some human-be-gone spray…

          Just spit balling here…


          1. Catastrophe is coming in 6 years max. Either by climate change or oil depletion (up to 50 % in 2025) or both. By catastrophe I mean either famine or grid down scenario. Anything air spread can be dangerous and uncontrollable. Natural catastrophe has an advantage of preventing war and preserving infrastructure, maybe, namely if people understand what kills them. For this reason, a likely explosion in an old nuclear power plant would be much better. In the Northern Hemisphere there are many old nuclear power plants which actually should be already retired.

            By the way, the solar EMP is different than the nuclear EMP, the former has much higher energy and feeds of long power lines we have. There was already one, in 2012, just on the other side of the Sun. But it is still high, 50% chance.


          2. Also, my impression is that the Replacement system, or ‘Arc’, is not yet in place. No one wants to live under mountains forever. Or play ‘Pirates in Carribean’ forever.


            1. 50% by 2025?

              Nah dude, look at Libya, once the fighting starts it trends toward zero. Mexico and Argentina will go the same way.



                1. IEA citation? I’m now officially worried about you. Here’s a pro tip Julian: Sociopaths lie ALL THE TIME. Take a moment, and then let that fact influence your approach to intellectual inquiry.

                  Anyway, the crude doesn’t matter as much as water-required-for-waterflooding and the fact that the bottom-of-the-barrel-sludge-unconventional-crap is requiring to be blended with light crude and other blending formulas to make it transportable by pipeline. And then there’s the Water Cut issue blah blah

                  You know when I was in the Sahara desert in Libya, the Bedouin were astonished that the water table kept dropping. They were like, “Where’s the fucking water dude?” And I was like, ehhh … we’re running outta water now?

                  And over cups of ethanol, the oil men would say they’d run out of water before oil in Libya.


                  1. That’s too bad. No margin of safety already before 2021?
                    I woke up from dogmatic slumber last year only, maybe too late. I must say I already woke up once, in 2009, but was put back to sleep by the shale oil lullaby.
                    I need yet 2 years in Europe to tie down loose ends, expand my ocean-going abilities and find some nice yacht (yachts are cheap now) to make myself a water-mobile emigree.
                    I am not a Rothschild, I don’t have the entire crew just for me.


              1. This sudden Haftar offensive is obviously the high-level anti-Western move, since they send UN Secretary General himslef to douse this fire. But Putrid, why you are so keen on Argentina, obvioulsy never a big oil producer…? Who is to fight whom there?


                1. Venezuela and Argentina and Mexico are fonts of knowledge of Collapse: at what stage of decrease from peak output does the country implode politically. morally, and financially?


              2. You may be right, Putrid. I started calculating myself…. on the basis of the 2006 peak conventional production, and we may be completely out of legacy conventional oil by 2040, if depletion rate be gentle. If not so gentle, that may be already around 2030. There won’t be any shale too, since there won’t be any diesel to drill for shale oil and gas. There won’t be any heavy oil since there won’t be any shale gas to heat up tar sands.
                From a purely sociopathic point of view, the only reasonable choice is to remove all large consumers asap. BTW, gona hurry before militaries get demoralized by decline spreading around. The last decade, granted as it was, did not generate any discoveries to save BAU. Even in Germany, BTW. Science – the greatest disappointment of the 21th century. Even the German science.
                It is astounding that both Olduvai theory and The Hill Group model arrived at 2030 as the last year of industrial civilization. It seems that they may be right, after all.


    1. Let me help you here. The Russian power elite is not a monolith entity. 2 big factions – so called siloviki (sec/mill/diplo corps) or Eurasia integrationists and the fin elite – the Atlanticists. Putin is product of the 1st faction and now when the USA is in disorderly decline the siloviki are just clearing house. Plus Vlad needs to stack some points in Russia since he enacted very unpopular pension reform.


  6. As you know the US pop consumes 5x resources than every other population. So if usa is collapsed suddenly there is a lot of resources left to distribute and so on. Just sayin’, also the destruction of usa can be swept under the religious rag, the babel whore and the numbers etc. There is also bonus Christianity gets restarted. I am sure a lot of bible heads will be extatic and drooling for decades ahead.


    1. It is not so simple. USA is the biggest wheat exporter in the world, for example. EU is the biggest oil importer in the world.
      Anyway, with the current oil depletion rate in 2040 there will be enough only for meager consumption of Latin America, Africa and maybe Australia or India. And why not give them some surplus before?


        1. Not clinically normal, but have other afflictions, somewhere on the halfway to sociopathy, perhaps, sharing some traits, some not.
          What I am missing…?!
          I tried to say that if you suddenly destroy only USA, the problem goes on, namely where will oil exporters get their food…? And if oil exporters be without grain, why Europe should be with oil?

          There is an obvious interdependence problem which cannot be solved merely with the removal of USA. At least the entire West must go, if not the entire Northern Hemisphere.
          But clearly Westerners still play their favourite game ‘I am a better Westerner than you are!’. Divide et empira by pride… That goes before the Fall.


          1. The answer is in the question.

            Interdependence is good, very good. Hitting the nexus will affect the periphery.

            Think bro, but without the feelings nuances.

            This is a zerosum game of musical chairs with artificial golems thinking they are superior human beings. We are not here to rationalise the human side of the reset, we are here to rationalise how to time it, survive it and play it in our favor. This is a lonely task, we don’t try help idiocratic pops, we help ourselves as we know that if we want to help someone else we first need to help ourselves. I feel your ‘pain’ and good samartanian motives but unfortunately the world is not governed by the holy book but quite the contrary. If you fall victim to your own BS and your own biased filters you won’t be able to rationalise and act accordingly. Open your loop and try to implement new things, even if they are contradictory to your moral paradigm. Most of the things you refer as to ‘in the know’ are possible to extrapolate even for high schooler with the proper mindset. You think Cathal is in the know? No, he is just flexible in his biases and capable of thinking outside of the frame. And keeping open mind he can see the signs.


              1. Yay. Feel excited, just found the key for a wallet containing a load of altshitcoins which I bought years ago. Now all those alts are several times repriced higher. Wondering if to sell all or wait a bit.


      1. Have you been lately to the states, outside the 5 star hotels and the centers of NY, LA etc. The country is in free fall, the socium is not functioning, this joke of a country is 3 (undelivered) meals short of a civil war.

        USA pop is the only one which cannot function without big gov intervention. Even more, this is the only people on our forsaken planet who believes and trusts in their aparatchiks, noone in Europe, Russia or China is so much delusioned as their ‘merican peers.

        Imagine if tomorrow Russia gov hit the dirt, so you know what will happen? absolutely nothing – the pop is almost out of the 90s Collapse but they have knowledge encoded in their dna how to roll and survive. This knowledge is kind of median for almost all the world minus the failed societies of usa, Canada and UK.

        Those people trust noone and take care of themselves. They do not need big gov to fund their meal cards or send them social security checks.

        USA is half way in the gutter baby, if the PTB need to remove a resource black hole I am 90% sure this will be the USA. The country would have crumbled in the 08 if it wasn’t for the concentrated push from across the CBs. Poor uncle is flatlining at least thrice a day.

        As Cathal pointed out, the Russians are in Venezuela and the empire can’t do shit about them except foaming. Let this sink in, USA is consuming way more than producing, from an economic point of view, the us economy is blight which only aggravates the economic/financial situation. Ffs the only production which generates cash positive flow is the prison labor (paid as low as 0.015 c/h) and only bc the good ole slaves, now called inmates.

        The wheat production is being geared to another places. In fact already has been. So tell me what will stop the PTB to pull the rug from under the USA? And please cut the religion bulshit, if the people in alabama or n/s Caroline are hyped on them I am not, as well as the rest of the world.

        PS. No I am not German or Russian. I am just very well educated midlevel psychopath.


        1. You are right about Russia, and probably about US, but on the other side you are very optimistic, especially about the gas bridge to future. And where is the wheat production now rising substantially….?
          By the way, Europe, except Germany, is in free fall too. France, Italy, Greece… NIRP already counted in years.


          1. Germany is Europe my friend. One ring will rule them all. All European countries are hook, line and sinker into Germany. This is why Russia speaks with Germany only (and Austria when back channels are needed). Germans are very good managers, in my field of expertise only German companies make money, all the rest are subsidising fraud, zombie companies. And I am part of the 3rd biggest industry in the world. As you say European countries are indeed in free fall but I am afraid that super Mario is bigger psychopath than little Jarome and he and Germany have the power and resolve to keep Europe together. Just try to fast forward the gestalt re Brexit. When this happened everyone was predicting frexit, italeave, grexit etc. Now Europe is on the way to gobble up western balkans and every single member is seeking further associations. This for me proves viability of the European project. The European poll elites are in agreement that they will weather the reset as a union block. And with the Brexit fiasco this is getting easier and easier.

            Now let’s talk gas and gas industry. Gas extraction and gas burning is very clean job, so the basic is more investment returns because you don’t need to run host of smaller auxiliary industries. Transportation is easier and cheaper. Have you checked how much exploration missions per year are run in order to find oil vs gas? At least the gas industry has keep alive the ‘opportunity’ image. For example it is very common for European to buy diesel/benzin car and converted it to gas. Also Europe does not need so much cars, the densest public transport network is in fact already in the continent. And the milenilas are riding through it without even thinking of buying/owning a car. Given that you are most probably American I understand why you don’t see gas as viable energy source. But trust me if you drive a car with engine volume less than 2000cc there is nothing bad in that. If gas wasn’t viable option why the Chinese are building the power of Siberia I and II and why Germany is building Northstream II. Are they gonna use them as pneumatic letter delivery systems?

            And now let’s talk bread. Do you know which industry is the easiest to set up. The so called 1st tire, basically you can have vast agro industry in the space of the time needed for the 1st crop. Russia already did it. Have you checked their exporting figures for wheat in 2017 and 2018.i am sure you haven’t (and we are talking about non GMO wheat fertilised only with plant/animal fertilezrs, no oil derivatives used) . Also most of the European countries (even Moldova) can produce enough to feed their people. Ffs even only the part of the lower danube plane which is in Bulgaria can provide wheat for almost all of europe. Europe needed usa only for security reasons and those reasons are no longer there. If donny gets reelected Europe will be the leader of the anti-usa movement.


            1. Fun Fact:

              I get nationality stats for this site — EU HQ is somehow considered a country — and it’s in the top 15 visitors. That’s quite bizarre. Another weird thing about this site is that almost no one ever comments 🙂 The percentage of visitors that ever comment is maybe less than .001%.

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              1. Maybe that are just some stranded TOR users. TOR is not entirely random, I was getting some African IP usually. Maybe someone wants to make a joke, or impress his wish. EU is not a country yet, not officialy recognized at least. Or is that just Berlaymont buidlidng pretending to be a basilica of a vast EU kingdom? If so, it must be mentioned the time of micro states is passe too, Lichtenstein poverty rate has recently greatly increased. Bankers leaving “jurisdiction”? Does anyone has poverty rates for Andorra, Monaco, San Marino (Vatican doesn’t count, it is a jurisdiction with 100%-state employed population, where we learn that communism is actually theocracy) ?
                It is interesting to notice that the alliance of banking and aristocracy in micro-states aka “jurisdictions” is European invention (brought to Asia in the form of treaty-ports) but I don’t think they will survive the future, not even Singapore. By the way, true (defensible) Swiss neutrality ended at Marignano in 1515, Switzerland being since then convolution of a real state and a jurisdiction.


            2. You are right about Germans being good managers. Or maybe not. The German government has a plan to put 1 million EV on German roads till 2020. Currently there are 28000 EV, in 2019. It starts to remind the planned economy of Soviet Union. Well, both Germans and Russians have paternalistic mentality.
              Germans are powerful, because others allowed themselves to be weak. Germany power is others weakness. This burdens Germany relationships quite a lot.
              ‘All European countries are hook, line and sinker into Germany.’ How exactly? What will keep Greece or Italy from declaring default and re-introducing drachma or lira after the Reset? By the way, Germany does not produce enough food for themselves even in good times.
              I am not American, I am European like you. I presume you are Austrian. The number of countries which love Germany AND hate USA at the same time, is rather limited (surely, you are not a Croat?). Or maybe you come from one of German minority communities, in Italy or Belgium? ‘Europe will be the leader of the anti-Usa movement.’: that’s completely outlandish. Surely not a leader. You mean Europe will ban USA from SWIFT or what…?

              By the way, just found this on Bulgaria:

     ‘A rainy summer has impacted Bulgaria’s wheat harvest, but fears that the country will fall short of the amount necessary to satisfy domestic consumption were overblown, the Agriculture Ministry said on September 11.
              A total of 5.4 million tonnes of wheat have been harvested, with only 0.09 per cent of area left to go, a drop of 6.3 per cent compared to last year, when the country had a bumper harvest, helped by favourable weather conditions, the ministry said.
              Average yield was 4.74 tonnes a hectare, down 9.9 per cent compared to 2017, but the wheat cultivated area was up 3.8 per cent year-on-year.’

              Core informations: yield down 9.9, cultivated area 3.8 up, entire crop still 6.3 down. Bulgaria can hardly feed just herself.

              My impression is more and more that you work in sales. By the way, finance, ‘the 3rd biggest industry in the world’, is not a serious industry .

              Yes, you can transform low tonnage cars into gas. But not high tonnage diesel machines, and planes. By the way, with the current rate of production, Russia has gas for 50 years, with future increase maybe just for 40 years.
              Nordstream II is mainly to bypass transit through Ukraine, not really to increase gas sales to Europe.
              Gas finds are also in decline, since usually you find gas close to oil. And USSR produced much more gas than Russia now.


              1. Bulgaria needs only 1.2 of the 5.4 million tonnes of wheat produced. I happen to be a Bulgarian so I know.
                I think geno mir is Bulgarian too.
                So, 2 things you are wrong about.

                Also, I think geno mir is definitely not in sales, although I don’t know the guy and it’s not my business.
                Is this a third thing already?

                Regarding Germany. Let’s say it that way – EU is as strong, as Germany is.


                1. Ah. Bulgaria – the hidden master of intrigue in Balkans. I have completely forgotten that you were allied with Germany both in WWI and WWII. And still you are considered to be a Russian piece, together with Serbia.
                  Alliance with Germany has never been a good choice. Bulgaria will be always traded for Turkey, which has Straits.

                  1,2 milion tonnes is pretty low consumption in comparision to others. But the rest will not suffice even to feed Germany.

                  if geno mir is a Bulgarian why he speaks about Nord Stream, instead of South Stream?

                  Coming to your tautology, it goes both ways: Germany is as weak, as EU is.


                  1. ‘Bulgaria – the hidden master of intrigue in Balkans’ … that was a good one, you really made me laugh.

                    Let’s not discuss the reasons to pick team ‘Germany’ in both WWs. Or Balkans history. Or Russia love-hate. Too complex.

                    We learned our lessons from the many self-inflicted catastrophes in the 20th century. The curse of being a small country. At least, now we have absolutely no illusions or Bullshits beliefs anymore.


                  2. I dare correct you. Tsar Boris III and his cabinet were Zurich Gnome’s pawns, as Tsar Alexander before him during WWI. Why this is important and how intersects with today’s world? Who are the Zurich Gnomes? How much they control and how? Why they didn’t terminate the 6000 year old barbarian relic? Maybe it is time to reevaluate your inputs, from a personal experience I can attest to the benefit of this process.


                    1. I like to be a contrarian.
                      Didn’t Zürich Gnomes originate in Geneva…? First protestant bankers as they are.
                      But they are not the kind to underwrite the conquest of Constantinople in 1912. Bulgaria always a bridge too far, or too close. It leaves a bitter taste.
                      Tsar Alexander – first alliance with Germany in Bulgarian history.
                      Do you know why a German dynasty was put on your throne, as on other Balkan thrones? Because Balkan alliances with German micro-kingdoms would not put into question the greater balance of power in Europe.
                      Unless, of course, Constantinopol had been taken. I see why you are useful, in a way, to Germany.
                      Stop being the German piece at the chessboard!


                2. Smaller EU countries – like Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Netherlands – can achieve some modus vivendi with Germany, being essentially in the position of German ‘Land’ (Bayern, Thüringen etc). Their interests, even if contradictory, never rise to the threshold of being a real compeition, and they can be usually somehow compensated if not really taken into account. This is what happens inside Germany itself, where the Western provinces pay so called ‘solidarity tax’ to the Eastern part of the country.
                  It is the bigger countries – UK, Italy, France, Spain, Poland – which inevitably clash with das Vaterland, since in such competition there already must be a loser and a winner, and no more pretending ‘everybody wins’ is possible. Just look at the amount of pounding Poland is currently taking, whereas in EU it is actually Hungary that went farthest on the right-wing road. This is also why EU is not really viable, since smaller countries can be always bought off by Germany, and the bigger countries (Italy, UK, Poland) in this situation have a trouble to build working coalitions of their own. I would say Poland and Italy are next in the EXIT line.


                  1. Julian, I’m worried about your brain:

                    Italy can’t exit, and they know it, because they’re running at a loss.

                    Is Julian’s brain gonna finance their Bullshit?


                    1. Putrid,
                      Brain in a vat is much more delicious than Bullshit: maybe they could.

                      Italy cannot exit NOW, but what about future? Panta rhei and there will be a lot of stranded assets anyway.


                  2. You fail to recognizer the most important thing. Americans are BS dependent, they crave BS and without any they can’t just proceed ahead. Europeans as a majority are past that stage, they are pretty aware of the kabuki theatre but are not consuming bs with a zeal as their American counterparts.


                    1. What’s wrong with knowing some history? Protestantism was one grand scheme to take over those provinces of the Habsburg Empire which were the final destination of the great river of silver and gold flowing from American colonies of Spain, and thus, to take over all that specie. Initially funded by third party – Italian bankers amd Byzantine gold, escaping Turkish conquest.
                      In our days, very similar scheme has been going on with China and USA, with Europe being put in the role of Italy/Byzantium, perhaps.
                      Modern propaganda preach novelty everywhere, but that is not true, history is cyclical as the ancients said.


                    2. I assume myself as the other blog peers quite knowledgeable in the sphere of history as a whole. Excuse me that I am not cordially responding to your attempts of education but if I wanted to relax in the facts of the past I would pull a book from my bibliothèque and read with a glass of kraft beer and a fat one.


        2. Venezuela is a distraction and posturing. Those 200 soldiers is a message – the message to USA – that this is not serious attempt at infiltration.
          You say you are a sociopath but reason in a childlish way here. Self-aggrandizement always a problem for sociopath. To be successful, besides being ruthless, sociopathas must assess reality correctly; it is the latter which often fails them, not the former.
          Cuba has been defying USA long time, why cannot Venezuela? Strategy has been moving between containment and invasion, but with Cuba always on the defence. Venezula startegy is still containment, too: cutting its oil exports etc. The siege has started. Facing Venezuela’s coast, the drug-infested Dutch ABC islands are now transforming into the watchower of Empire. So much for European independence.
          What is important now is Libya & Algieria. Algieria has been a linchpin of the French neocolonial influence in Africa. The fall of Algierian regime clearly increases pressure on Macron, already besieged by home protests.
          This is by the way typical Russian military tactics: to create distraction in one place (Venezuela), but make a move somewhere else (Libya). This is a clear attempt to shorten Europe’s leash. And it seems that this time USA is not gonna help “allies” in Libya too: in the face of Haftar’s offensive, USA is WITHDRAWING its troops from Libya. Poor soldiers are in danger, you see. Read: No money, no protection!
          I suspect that there may be even some Russian-Chinese-American collusion there. America is angry that West Europe does not want to pay NATO protection money anymore. China remembers Chinese investitions destroyed in Libya in 2011. Russia remembers the colourful yet faithful ally Ghadaffi taken down in both sneaky and cruel way. Both China and Russia lost face at that time. Europe needs a lesson of good manners. Either that or gonna feast on the Norwegian oil only, plentiful as it is (well, depletion on the Mexico level). Ghadaffi’s big problem in 2011 was the closed Algierian border; I suppose it is open now.
          Germany dilemma: her possible alliance with Russia brings her in conflict with France, or vice versa; Libya being a good example here. In Libya Russia and Germany are facing each other across the front line. Note: Russia does not appreciate Germany enough even to resign from Libya, so do not expect that Russia will help Germany to become a hegemon of Europe, in the area which is closer to Russia own borders. You control the addict by controlling the drug supply.
          This is just to show how precarious Europe position is. Much more than USA position. With control of Syria (no gas pipeline from Qatar) and Libya (no oil), Russia says “checkmate”. Europe imports more resources than USA, is much more dependent on international trade. Europe now is like UK during WWI and WWII: convoys must go, but their routes are being brought under control by enemy.
          European empires could exist only so long as their colonies were dependent. This is why the British, the Spanish, the Dutch had forbidden industry development in colonies. But that time is no more. I cannot imagine the shock which now reigns in European chancelleries. That UN Secretary General (UN being the arm of Europe-centered globalism) went to Libya says how serious the situation is. WHAT?! SO WE ARE NOT THE SMARTEST MACHIAVELLIANS IN THE WORLD?! WE WERE SUPPOSED TO RIDE BOTH USA AND RUSSIA! EU GOT NOBEL PEACE PRIZE! HOW DARE YOU TO STICK IT IN OUR EYE!
          However, it is interesting how mentality does not change. Whereas Russia, trained yet by Mongols (like China BTW) plays a fox, Western Europe still would like to deploy the old medieval tactic of frontal charge, this time against the Babylon whore of USA, as said the one here who deplores the use of religion (!). I suppose Western Europe has never really forgiven USA all those lost colonies. Sociopaths should take special interest in religion, as it is the mightest power you can achieve. Hierarchy of powers: Religion overpowers economy overpowers politics overpowers military.
          Things to watch now: Libya, Algieria, France situation (expect redux of French intervention in Libya); oil, wheat futures. Russia sells both. Europe sells neither.

          By the way, China is not a monolith. Talked with a Chinese guy recently. He was visiting Europe, from New Zealand (….surprise surprise). The social mood in China is not really good, XI not really striving for social harmony anymore but building his throne only, leaving others behind. Jokes are going around like: If China wins the trade war with USA, then China will have USA; if USA wins, China will become part of it; in both cases, it will be good for China. Much less faith in Xi leadership there now. However, that means that China (here: XI) is already in stress mode too, and may be now playing for confrontation, rather than just for containment game. The end of the year, or the next year, may, in fact, bring us the long expected showdown. What is happening now is pre-positioning. Israel is annexing Golan and Jordan. Iran is moving to Syrian port of Latakia. And so on.


        3. Well, you should be more kind: Americans sacrifice themselves for the world. By producing shale oil, they suppresed aggregate oil price down, so you can buy cheaper conventional oil, too. Without USA supervision, OPEC would go crazy, riding 100$ oil equivalent (no petrodollars in such case) as base line.
          If they had a bit of self-preservation instinct, USA would leave MENA as spoils to fight for among India, Japan, China and Europe. USA could go on with shale, tar sands in Canada, heavy oil in Venezuela, deep water, and Brasil finds, for 20-30 years maybe.
          Like Stalin, the masters are magnanimous: they could kill us already in 2008, but they left us in our sandbox. For what…?


          1. To slow the world economy enough to buy time to allow oil wells to refill? Since 9/11 really. Since the 2008 collapse funding for fracking reached ludicrous levels for what seems like national security reasons and not just graft.

            Saudis never had their IPO, because they didn’t want to be publicly accountable. But it made more and more people realize how dire the situation really is.

            What I don’t understand is with so much at stake, why the war against Yemen (it seems) was conducted so poorly? Incompetence? On purpose? Or was it just to make sure for now the oil stays in the ground in the disputed region in between the two countries.

            Sure, Yemen got support from Iran. But that doesn’t seem enough of an influence.


            1. Yes, time buying with fracking is incomprehensible from a rational point of view. The only reason I see would be that they really believed that EV can be scalled, only recently realizing it is not easy.
              The time for war with Russia is essentially already behind us (similarly Germany should have attacked France in 1905, not 1914). And now is the last moment for Iran war.
              I suppose that it was the Saudi pride behind the mismanagment of Yemen war. They are 3rd in the world by money spent on military, they go around with daggers as part of their ceremonial robes, they even have a sword on their state flag… all that obliges, if not inspires. They must have felt horribly now. All that money & daggers are unable to conquer even Yemen. They are laughing stock now. By the way, does Yemen really have a lot of oil….?


              1. Vast quantities of oil in Yemen is practically just a rumor, but the bizarre Saudi war seems to suggest as much. A guess -the war being conducted badly may suggest the fear of Yemen signing contracts with Russia and/or China.

                F. William Engdahl “Yemen Genocide About Oil Control” “The Hunt Oil Company of Texas has been sitting in the Alif Field since 1982 and discovered oil there in 1984. The Alif Field lies in the Houthi-controlled north of Yemen near the undefined border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The author had the occasion almost two decades ago during an interview with someone associated with the US Government to discuss notions of peak oil and oil geopolitics. At that point the person in discussion volunteered that the undefined desert lands between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, according to non-published US aerial and geophysical surveys, held oil reserve potential that likely exceeded that of Saudi Arabia.

                Whether that statement was accurate is not possible to independently confirm. What is clear is that the space surrounded by the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, including Yemen and Somalia is one of the most tectonically active areas on our planet, a prerequisite for hydrocarbon discovery. Presence of huge oil and gas reserves in Yemen would explain much about why the Pentagon has actively backed the Saudi brutal effort to retake control of Yemen from the Houthi.”


              2. Yemen oil is rumor, but the war suggests as much. Maybe the western fear (my guess) was that Yemen would sign development contracts with Russia and/or China. Better the oil stays in the ground instead.
                “The Hunt Oil Company of Texas has been sitting in the Alif Field since 1982 and discovered oil there in 1984. The Alif Field lies in the Houthi-controlled north of Yemen near the undefined border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The author had the occasion almost two decades ago during an interview with someone associated with the US Government to discuss notions of peak oil and oil geopolitics. At that point the person in discussion volunteered that the undefined desert lands between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, according to non-published US aerial and geophysical surveys, held oil reserve potential that likely exceeded that of Saudi Arabia.

                Whether that statement was accurate is not possible to independently confirm. What is clear is that the space surrounded by the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, including Yemen and Somalia is one of the most tectonically active areas on our planet, a prerequisite for hydrocarbon discovery. Presence of huge oil and gas reserves in Yemen would explain much about why the Pentagon has actively backed the Saudi brutal effort to retake control of Yemen from the Houthi.”


              3. Engdahl was told by some US government official decades ago that the disputed regions might have as much oil as Saudi Arabia.


                1. Iraq was also supposed to have enormous riches, but still produces just around 5 mb per day.
                  There is no reason why Yemen could not develop those alleged reserves on its own, or, precisely, without Saudis.


            2. The real winner of Yemen war is USA, having shown Saudis that they themselves are nothing more than America’s toys who buy American toys. Forget about Saudis China pivot unless USA really lies in the dust. And without Saudis pivot, the rest of GCC stays as they are, too.
              Maybe it was exactly this ‘need to instruct’ that made Yemen war so gruesome.


          2. “ANOTHER” semi-famously wrote in the late nineties that oil was always pricy, and the difference with the low public price was made up by gold transferred outside of public view.


  7. Putrid,
    One thing I am always wondering about – at what level people start to be ‘people in the know’…?
    And how many people around the world may be in the know….?

    Take, for example, this article from such a highbrow magazine like ‘The New York Review of Books’:…sil-fuels/

    Is the guy, the guy who wrote the piece, a true believer, or a skillful con-man, or what you call in German – Fachidiot…?
    Or maybe his is the mastery of doublethink?

    Not a single clue in the entire article except this suspicious sentence, one which levitates the science of economy already far above the reality.
    ‘One obvious question is why the fossil fuel companies don’t simply transform themselves into renewable energy companies and use the huge cash flows they still have to gain control of future markets.’

    Yes,why don’t they want to take upon those great solar opportunities? (wind may not be so popular any more, since necessary rare earth minerals monopolized by China). Why they don’t want to play the market’s game anymore?


    1. Are profitable sources already captured by other Sociopaths?

      If yes, then why bother?

      Who’s in the know? How many?

      I’d say 2,000 tops, a few hundred would know everything. Level is really decided by courage; most people are cowards: You can talk to zillionaire Gold mining CEOs and they have no idea what function they perform at the System Level. Can you imagine? They work everyday of their prime, not know why they do that work.

      Their brain doesn’t want to know; that’s why they’re “workers.”

      Everyone is ignorant to some degree … who flew those choppers over Vegas and shot lots of Trump people? Who gave the order to the MSM to cover it up?

      Is there a million people with security clearances in the USA? Well, those people may not have the brain or education to catch the bigger picture, but they’ll know that everyday there are flashing red lights and they must be shitting a brick. Millions of Americans must be sitting quietly at home at night, aware to some degree, and shitting a brick.

      Is KSA selling oil to China using the Petro-Yuan-Gold loop? Will the pipelines connecting Germany-Russia-China be completed this year? What will the settlement method be?

      Certainly not the Dollar.

      Is the FED doing off-balance-sheet transactions in the Crypto space? Keeping Tether liquid?


      1. Wile E. Coyote is the purest symbol of our age. Miles off the cliff and still chasing.

        Having been out of corporate endeavors for nearly twenty years now, I’ve gained the perspective of what is important and what is not. As Cathal writes, It’s Nearly All Bullshit.

        99% percent of the activities out there are pure BS.

        Part of the populace running off the cliff to finance something they don’t need while another part scrounges in the dirt to find a meal. And in between it all are the BS artists clipping the coinage.

        Imagine a more balanced world. Next to impossible to achieve without some profound spiritual awakening though. As the great philosopher Winnie the Pooh would say, “Oh bother, what to do.”

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      2. The question about crypto is what of the thousands of altcoins that have appeared. I sometimes wonder if that was the plan to avoid any trails.


  8. Don’t need security clearance to see USA is in free-fall… homeless everywhere, day-to-day interactions becoming more and more fraught, drugs rampant (all the bad ones), economy and culture collapsing on all levels (and all races). No one has any clue what to do, from the guy who lives in a cardboard box on up to the zillionaire


  9. Maybe it’s Debt Jubilee time?

    “Michael Hudson published … and forgive them their debts: Lending, Foreclosure, and Redemption From Bronze Age Finance to the Jubilee Year in November of last year. It is the first volume in what will be a trilogy on the long history of the tyranny of debt. I have interviewed him extensively as he writes the second volume, The Collapse of Antiquity.”


    1. I’ve always liked Michael Hudson. I recently purchased his book and forgive them their debts. I just received it in the mail but haven’t had the chance to read it yet. His belief that Jesus was preaching for a debt jubilee makes a lot of sense. His belief in big government as a counter-balance to the corptocracy and the fascist state is a little hard to swallow. I’m in favor of a small government, but he correctly points out that a small government can’t keep the fascist state in check. There’s just no such thing as a good government. Pick you flavor of poison. Thanks for the link to your interview. I’ll be sure to give it a read.


    2. Great interview and an immense overview of ancient history and finance. Both subjects I like the most.
      It makes you really comprehend Carl Sagan “You have to know the past to understand the present”.

      By the way, I think that this system collapse is still vastly orchestrated and well controlled, although not by the powers we assume. Evidently, it’s all set for the next big dose of catalyst to be inserted.


      1. Wasn’t it Marx who stressed the ancient struggle between debtors and creditors?

        And he surmised that philosophy (Socrates) had failed; and the only solution is Revolution:

        Which explains the determined demoralization processes and systematic violence of the Left.

        Why didn’t they just channel the conservative personality of Saint Aquinas (Catholicism)?

        He had successfully implemented a just solution: which was no debt.

        Oh well, missed opportunity, how about a Reset?


  10. Here is an interesting article on the power outages afflicting the Yucatan Peninsula. It always comes back to energy..You may want to postpone your vacation to Cancun.

    The expert states…
    “. . . It’s ridiculous [to say fire was the cause] because fires have always occurred on the Yucatán peninsula and blackouts haven’t occurred, it’s absurd,” he said.

    Ocampo, an academic at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM), told the newspaper El Financiero that residential and commercial growth in the peninsula’s two biggest cities – Mérida and Cancún – place additional pressure on electricity supplies, especially in the hottest months of the year.

    “Our calculations were that we would have blackouts in May but they came earlier. If we’re having blackouts in April, I don’t want to imagine May,” he said.

    “In reality, the problem isn’t serious . . . [but] from my point of view, the peninsula is going to suffer periodic blackouts.”

    Ocampo said that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) may be forced to resort to turn off the power as part of a “scheduled blackouts” initiative to save electricity which, he said could provide a partial solution to the problem.

    He explained that there is one pipeline that sends gas to the peninsula and that it has the capacity to transport 300 million cubic feet per day. But Pemex only sends between 60 and 80 million cubic feet, Ocampo said, which is insufficient to produce enough energy to meet demand at peak times.


  11. Does anybody have a “economic line in the sand” for collapse?

    The best I can come up with is average Global Interest Rate X Global Debt over Global GDP equals greater than 10.

    Why did I choose 10, I figure if more than half the population is living even while working paycheck to paycheck that 10 percent going purely to interest would put 50 percent on the street as well as destroy most consumer spending.

    Besides that there are a myriad of potential possibilities but because of MMT, Keynesian economics, it seems that the club is intent on bailing out micro economic branches and essential industries via their two tricks which is printing and interest rates as they seem to have demonstrated over the past decade.

    Feel free to poke holes in this, but I’m all ears for any other lines in the sand you all might have.


    1. For me the red line and the canary in the mine will be the crumble of the paper gold Market. Now that Basel III is on and being implemented by all CBs it is safe to say we cross the rubicon. What h the gold markets, both physical and paper. Most probably gold will get to about 2000$ during the summer and a price will be met where the paper market won’t be able to correct it. Once we get to this inflection point all bets are on, gold climbing to 10000, crypto back in the tulip valuations, exacerbation of conflicts etc.


      1. Gold at 2000 $ especially in the summer is not realistic. However, 1600 in September is quite certain. Just wait for it!

        From that point on, there are too many forces involved to predict correctly the price.

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        1. The declaration states gradual implementation by 2021 I think, and the bonanza in gold acquisition by certain CBs was made public so to say. Subtle as always. Brexit will be dealt in one way or another. If nothing else other happens at minimum there’s gonna be kind of gradual abandonment of dollar based treasuries/bonds in favor of gold. Basically the gnomes said that gold is back as tier 1 reserve, i won’t be surprised to see certain CBs gold reserve climbing to 50% of total reserves. I am also very curious to see how media/market news mill will try to explain all those things to the lemmings. Interesting times ahead 🙂


          1. This site is popular with EU employees so I’ll say this:

            If Hard Brexit then it’s possible we proceed to the Reset. I’d give it 66% chance, especially because the psycho in Turkey has lined up a one-two body punch.

            This may be frightening, but please consider all the risks/benefits:

            The advantage of Hard Brexit, for Europeans, is that you control the timing of the event, how it starts and how it proceeds. That’s a big advantage, it gives you a degree of control.

            The risk of kicking the can is that the real Psychos (think, the War Kings behind Mossad) will take down the US grid. They’d do that because they may desire the conditions to use the nukes (think Lebanon, Iran).

            And it is decision time.


            1. Why Hard Brexit should be a trigger strong enough for the Reset…?
              I think it may be postponed yet a year at least.
              Where will be UK after the fall of USA? That is the important question.
              Status quo rules.


  12. We will see whether Assange’s dead hand is really dead.
    Timing is so striking that it does look like Assange has been sacrificed at the Brexit altar. Will gods be appeased…?


  13. Brexit will not happen. There may be a “deal” pushed through that is called Brexit, but it will not be a real Brexit. The existing withdrawal agreement is not a real Brexit. I am of the opinion that the UK is better off to be all in or all out: take your pick.
    The EU controls the sequence of the negotiations and therefore makes sure that it gets everything it wants before the other party gets to even discuss the next step.
    From Barnier:
    ““You have our full support,” he said, looking at Varadkar. “The backstop is currently the only solution we have found to maintain the status quo on the island of Ireland … Let me be very clear. We would not discuss anything with the UK until there is an agreement for Ireland and Northern Ireland as well as for citizens’ rights and financial settlement.”
    So, the EU has to get everything it wants before the real discussion about trade starts. Where did the “nothing is settled until everything is settled” go?
    As I said, better be “all in” or “all out” and take your chances.


  14. The Elders can always pull off a last minute ‘miracle’ from their ass.


    The Great Gatsby is still read, unlike most of the books of Hemingway, Steinbeck, DH Lawrence, Luigi Pirandelo, TS Eliot (at least his April is the Cruelest month is remembered) and most of the folks popular during the 1920s-30s.

    That’s because F. Scott Fitzgerald, who wanted to become one of the Elders but couldn’t, saw how the Elders actually operated. Tom Buchanan is a real figure, real name Thomas (Tommy) Hitchcock, Jr., the best polo player of the day and he always flew from his Long Island estate to his stockbroker ‘job’ in Manhattan with his own plane. Two movies, now forgotten, were made with his actual life story. He died in 1944 testing a Mustang in England.

    The landowners and those who have a stake in civilization don[t go down easily.

    If enough people are interested, I am going to tell the tale of IU. It is a long story. Although Korean Pop is getting popular and BTS is the best known in the world, IU is the most popular in Korea; she is a singer hired by Melon, Korea’s largest digital music seller, so the major Korean music acts could fear Melon’s power. It is not easy to explain, but a good comparison might be the local racetrack is hiring its own horse and jockey to compete with others’ horses.


    1. Fitzgerald’s ultimate work on the subject was ‘The rich boy’, where he wrote:
      ‘Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we had to discover the compensations and refuges of life for ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different. ‘

      I had a similar thought about what you said in the IU context when Putrid said that FED is active in the crypto space. They create two currencies (crypto and $), and then buy one with another, and then claim it is ‘market’. Isn’t it fun, in a way? Like being on the other side of the Looking Glass with Alice.

      It may be fun (especially for them), but the miracle is not always possible. Otherwise the Roman aristocracy would still rule in the name of SPQR.

      Hemingway (‘The Sun also Rises’) and TS Elliot (‘Prufrock’) are still read to some extent, but monothematic DH Lawrence is deservedly forgotten. Huxley (the Elder) had a great caricature of him in his ‘Point Counter Point’. If you can turn someone into his own caricature, he is just that, unfortunately.


      1. The rich are really different from the rest of us. The Russian nobles, after the Revolution, lost everything. But they still acted like nothing had happened. Except for some cases where they married a lower class person to save themselves in the early days of USSR, they still kept marrying only with themselves (since they were kind of pariahs nobody really paid attention to them enough to mate), kept their old photos and heirlooms, and never really shook the attitude that they were above others , and generations later they still keep the attitude. It is , for all practical purposes, born.

        Roman Empire did exist in various forms. First in Byzantium, and then in Russia. The Papacy is also another form of Roman Empire. So SPQR never really died.

        Miracle is not always possible, but over time, the old order is going to prevail. That is because people’s attitude don’t really change. The German Reformation was just another replay of Hermann’s victory over the Romans 15 centuries ago. The irony can’t be hidden; the countries were reformation was strong lay beyond the Roman boundary. Holland became protestant because it was east of Rhine (call Waal in Dutch), while Belgium became catholic because it was west of Rhine.

        The tale of IU, which I will probably write next week, has a lot of things you have mentioned. About the Looking Glass, IU herself saw the irony and used that concept to one of her albums.

        The sudden rise of Kpop around the world is part of the plan of the Elders.


        1. The old rich are preferable to the new rich, being much more pleasant people, but they are still oligarchy. S goes before P in SPQR.
          However, they did manage to get rid of them in Soviet Russia, and I think, also in China (this was what Cultural Revolution was about, fighting ‘contamination’).
          UK is interesting example where few percent Normans still rule over 90+ % Anglo-Saxons. I remember reading that the establishment in UK is actually only around 20000 people. Only there I have really learnt what ‘class society’ means.
          No wonder they have created the concept of ‘multicultural society’ to perpetuate the distinctions.

          There were a lot of French protestants too, not sure about any cultural allegiance of the Dutch to the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. Like Luxembourg, they just happened to be part of it. And before Luther, there was Czech Hus, but Germans, of course, will never recognize it, especially after Czechs trashed the German military power time after time then.

          The irony is about the concept of an universal empire (now in the shape of global NWO or whatever): it can never be.


    1. Norway is a bullshit country, like many others on earth, created by Britain to cheat Sweden its North sea fishery and later North sea oil. If anything Sweden should be allowed to reclaim it.

      Iceland is also another bullshit country. It was stolen when Denmark had been conquered by Hitler. They are playing the same game in Greenland now.


    1. From the bio of that guy’s website:

      “He is in his early 50s, studies scripture daily, and regards the Bible as the best psychology textbook ever written.”

      …sounds like we got a true believer over here…

      Seems like he is saying stay away from doom porn websites and make more fiat, so you can have a awesome life like he does..seems hypocritical for a religious nutter to voluntarily participate in a predatory and dying system..for realz wwjd?


      1. I’m for real; he didn’t choose his brain so I can’t fault his religious wiring.

        I don’t blame Soros for his Bullshit either. Soros didn’t get to choose his brain.

        And he’s intelligent because he knows what we know: viewer participation is mandatory.

        There’s no opt out; ya gotta play. So.. hypocritical? No, he’s smart.

        Edit: The short book on hyperinflation is most important.


  15. Fire and brimstone, hm? We are entering the catholic passionate week veiled in fire. I hope that this one is cleansing.


    1. Well, we lost our chance …

      Ok, I am preferring the abstraction plane, and that plane is saying we’re in a lot of trouble and time is running out.

      Powell can bow to international pressure and lower rates and discontinue balance sheet shrinkage. But let’s be clear here, the printing has not stopped and never truly stopped; the deficits are massive and they are a form of printing. We already have MMT or whatever you want to call it.

      The debt load is increasing and the inflation can’t be exported; without continual liquidity injections cash flow seizes up and the debt is endangered (last time, we only got around 80 days, from Oct 2nd to Dec 25th before the whole thing went no-bid); thus we print and the cost of living will increase continually until discretionary buying power (demand) is wiped out; this will keep the gasoline and oil price below the maximum affordability function trend line until the gasoline price enters the danger zone and the whole System implodes.

      Game Over.

      There are other vectors, I looked at the Japan situation recently and estimated they may be able to stay in the game for another year, maybe two. Stressing the ‘may’.

      My bet?

      We have a spontaneous hyper-inflationary event in 2020, then goodnight.

      Love, Putrid

      P.S. Hey Warburg, tell Rothschild that if he inflates Crypto then I’ll go out and buy lots of gasoline (wink, wink) and that may buy more time 🙂


      1. Civil war seems to be the route they are planing in the states. They’ve got the Lakeisha’s believing that Wakanda is a real place and that whitey has kept them from finding it and their true prosperity. The black on white violence is reaching epic proportions, highlighted by a homey throwing a 5-year old child off the third floor balcony of Mall of America a few days ago. Black justice for all the perceived injustice whitey has delivered to our low-IQ bipeds. Check out for the daily dose of `crime is the new black privilege. Civil war will give the PTB cover to escape to their roosts in NZ.


        1. As a whole, race relations in America are not that bad. Most of the problems are being caused by a very small percentage of the dregs of society; these may increase, but overall violent crime has been decreasing since the 1980s.

          The Mall of America is an outlier story, and there have always been those. If the economy goes South, there may be paid protesters trying to instigate riots but they won’t catch on. There isn’t this idea of “kill whitey” that will catch on more than it has already. Integration over 50+ YEARS means that the black population doesn’t view their white neighbors they same way they would a Wall Street banker or a senator.

          Besides….most crime in the United States is not black against white. It’s Black on Black crime.


      2. Assange, who did not deliver, looks like one of ISIS fighters now. And muslisms actually like him
        Brexit starts winter 2019? Winter is war season in the Middle East, too. What war for the coming winter?
        The last days of shale oil will provide the fuel. USA like Japan in 1941. Karma is a bitch.
        Venezuela, Libya, Algieria, Sudan, Nigeria… Saudis… out of oil in 6 years in the worst case. We may be entering War Path, after all. Saudis got placet for Yemen war. But the control of Iran would quell the rebellion brewing in the Persian Gulf, Qatar already fell; petrodollar must live! Or will it be petrodollar versus gasrubel? If so, then certainly without Notre Dame. Old Europe will burn. Or will fight with Russia. Or both.


  16. The Tale of IU shows these things

    1) Even if public opinion is 99:1 or worse, the powers that be knows how to reverse it.
    2) It shows the tenacity, stubbornness and will to fight by those who already have the controls of power to hold it, regardless of the cost.

    Long story short, by end of 2010 Korean popular music was dominated by boy groups and girl groups, who all danced their way to domination around Asia, and KPop was now making big inroads to other continents.

    The traditional style of Korean Pop music was an individual singer singing slower songs good for coffee shop or other slower occasions, and the fast, dynamic style of KPop had made them obsolete.

    And since all the music was performance based, digital music had no place on it.

    On 2008, Melon, Korea’s biggest digital music seller (which used to be owned by SK, also owning a huge cell phone carrier) decided to debut a soloist when the genre was becoming passe. Lee Jieun (born 1993), who came to be known as IU, was a not-too-pretty girl whose vocal style was not suitable for girl groups so she was not selected to be one.

    When IU debuted, few people paid attention to her. However, the older singes, the vested interest of Korean pop, began to support her because she was a soloist in an ocean of groups, and probably the last singer remaining in Korea practicing the old style of Korean Pop when times had changed.

    IU failed to deliver in her first two years, but since Melon had a lot of cash, it promoted IU again and again and again when she finally had a huge hit on late 2010.

    Virtually overnight, the whole game of Korean Pop changed. Thanks to IU, digital music suddenly became relevant again. All the existing groups had to now watch out their backs. Strangely, nobody questioned the strange fact that a digital music seller owned its own singer, like a stock exchange selling its own stock or a racetrack featuring its own horse and rider.

    Instead of admitting their age was over and their vested interest in Korean Pop was dead, the older, established singers all supported that then-a-high-schooler.

    As a result Melon, the digital music seller, made a huge amount of money because IU had changed the opinion of people and singers emphasizing the digitals, and not caring too much about performance which is the backbone of KPop, began to proliferate.

    IU got into a couple of huge troubles, and a few smaller ones, subsequently after that but got away with all of them, just like the Elites who always tend to get away from all the problems they create.Even now, although BTS is well known around the world, inside Korea IU is held in a higher regard.The three major companies which dominated KPop on 2010 are largely irrelevant now.

    It also showed that those who own things make their own rules, and no matter how long the grip of the existing trend might be, in the end those who have control of the production owns the field.

    Tl, dr, to maintain their existing powers the biggest digital music seller of Korea introduced its own singer to sell more digitals, and the existing singers, supported that singer without any questions to regain their own power. It is like rigging the game blatantly, but the PTB, the Elders and you name it, does get away with it.


    1. In Kurzgesagt – what is power if one does not use it?!
      In part of Eastern Europe after the collapse of USSR a lot of countries were in a cultural uptrend or at least were invested heavily in content creation (which was not aligned with USSR). Given that those trend was not playing in favor of globalisation and liberal market opening a lot of money were poured especially in the music industry which sucked all artist and creators in the so cold pop-folk sphere, music for tables and for the down half-part of the body. The process was started around ’94 and I have observed it since then. The result is total zombification which vectored a very self-centered cultural bias which of course translated in consumer bonanza.
      As everything else in our diabolical world culture is also a double edged sword and one is advised to use it cautiously. Same as religion. If religion installs total obedience and ignorance at all system levels Culture is the vehicle which spreads it and facilitates it. .


    2. Since I happen to know people in musical business, I will unveil the mechanism of promotion: it is mainly through cooperation-and-control between labels and radio/TV presenters. If you follow label recommendations, you get all kidns of perks (early access to new records, interviews etc) which allow you to get established, and then, as a recognized personality in return you establish the label production. It is a feedback loop. If you stop, you get removed from distribution lists. Also a feedback loop. Labels themselves follows formats, which allows them establish genres (entire stables of similar singers/groups). What is interesting is that in order to control this buisness, you just have to control few people, namely DJs. So I would suspect that the late success of IU somehow coincides with either new presenters or establishment of new networks/new owners in Korea.
      You could watch the process in Central Europe after 1989. The nineties were the great age of independent radio, since then bought out by big formatted networks. Consequently, independent production and real artists have almost disappeared, as geno mir rightly noted.

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  17. Interesting analysis that needs to be shared. It was in response to a thread I opened in a particular US conspiracy forum, which is now one of the sites actively supporting Trump and the alt-right. My analysis of the situation in the US is basically the same that GENO MIR share with us a few days ago. There are some people out there really awake.

    Because the United States is am empire. Empires only care about one thing. Increasing power.

    They will chew up and spit out anything, anyone, it does not matter. Government does not exist to serve the people. It exists to serve the Empire.
    Anything done for people must first serve the purpose of increasing the power of the Empire.

    The veteran has served his purpose and is no longer useful to increasing the power of the empire so is thrown away.

    This is why Republicans are generally anti government. But they themselves turn a blind eyes to the Imperial ways of their own party.

    That’s why there’s so much anti white propaganda and the big push for immigration. Because the Empire needs more and more people to increase in strength and the American population is shrinking in numbers without it.

    The American empire is stronger when it’s consuming people and begging for more to come in.
    There is power and wealth to be gained even when destroying people.

    It will collapse.


  18. The attack in Sri Lanka is appearing geopolitical. And a billionaire landlord targeted too? Ouch.

    In addition, I suspect the Muslims are being set up to take the rage …


    1. War with Iran probably finally coming.
      Already have heard today in radio all 3 in one sentence: Sri Lanka – foreign agents – Iran.
      And no more waivers for Iranian crude.


  19. Notre Dame burning means that Europe museal value aka culture is not really appreciated anymore. The tabu has been destroyed. How could I push the button? Yes, you could, it already was. Goodbye guys, this time you are getting the same treatment as everyone else! .


  20. Wind power in Germany unprofitable after the fall of subsidies. But wasn’t the entire point of subsidies to make it profitable by scaling it up?

    I wonder why the pumped storage wasn’t scaled up together with the wind power since the installed overcapacity destroys the grid. And wouldn’t pumped storage made the wind power profitable without subsidies?
    Another point, not mentioned in the article, is that wind turbines are going kaputt due to deformations earlier than expected.
    The intermittent nature of wind power is essentially an abomination to the Wetern techno-financial spirit which values one thing above all: steady returns on capital! In other words, everything must be bottled up: no use for lightnings. And wind power is a kind of lightning.

    Besides, Richard Duncan in his “Olduvai” essay of 2000 noted:
    “Consider the following. We estimate that 42% of the world’s primary energy in 1999 was consumed to generate electricity. This compares to oil’s contribution to all non-electric end-uses of 39%; gas’ contribution of 18%; and coal’s contribution of a mere 1%. Moreover: When energy quality is accounted for, then the importance of electricity becomes very, VERY clear. For example, if you want to heat your room, then 1 joule (J) of coal is ‘equal’ to 1 J of electricity. However, if you want to power up your TV, then 1 J of electricity is ‘equal’ to 3 J of coal! ”
    This means that it is not enough to electrify transport after peak oil, it also means that we have to increase electricity production 3-5 times, up to 58% of
    the world non-electric energy . No one is doing that, and no renewables can do that. It seems that sail ships will remain the only succesful wind power application. Sails work well on water, but not really on land; one more reminder that no power source – except, yes, oil – is universal.

    The second run of “civilization” may be possible in millions years, again, if new oil be created.


  21. ‘The Strait of Hormuz is the world’s most important chokepoint, with an oil flow of 18.5 million bpd in 2016, the EIA estimates. Some 80 percent of the crude oil shipped through the Strait of Hormuz goes to Asian markets, the EIA has estimated using data from Lloyd’s List Intelligence tanker tracking service. China, Japan, India, South Korea, and Singapore are the largest destinations for oil moving through the Strait of Hormuz.’

    So the Middle East crude export already belongs almost entirely to the Far East.
    Which means that a war with Iran will be also a [proxy] war with China.
    The last gamble of the West: this is the last moment for a war, since this is the last moment when the West can yet survive without Persian Gulf exports….


  22. The final showdown comes. We are entering the very high stake game, since this is the last game, and the winner will rule the world….as long as the world lasts. I bet on war with Iran before next Eastern, and necessarily, before opening new pipelines from Russia to China. Everything falls in place: anti-Muslim hatred is re-ignited through Notre Dame and Sri Lanka (so India could sink into internal pogroms and stay on the line), Brexit is delayed, Turkey is neutralized through currency collapse, nationalists are to take over EU parlament in just a month, fresh off the boat Muslims are strategically placed en masse in Germany to make her busy, just in case, Latin America is being taken over by USA, Netanjahu has been reelected, shale production peaks, Iran crude waivers waived, ARAMCO public bond offer as the cash injection for Saudis… By the way, of course, Trump is for the war with Iran, not the war with Iran is for Trump: his re-election is irrelevant at this point, as this is a game without a real stake. Terminus ante quem for war is the decline of oil in Russia, to be expected in 2 years, as it would put on European allies too high a stress to stand firmly. Another limit is set by looming global decline in oil production which would make peak oil public (and for peak oil reason, global warming has just “increased”, but how long it will credibly go on?). In other words: war is better than depletion. So, either a war soon, or no war at all.
    China is being set up for the difficult choice: either starve inside the South China Sea perimeter, or attack. Something says to me that Russia will do exactly nothing, and will sit on the lines, except maybe taking Ukraine and the Baltics, and maybe, maybe Finland or Norway (Scandinavia would be a Russian high stake game).
    If I were China, should USA attack Iran, I would answer by securing permiter/ road to Iran with immediate capture of Taiwan and Afghanistan, and then, possibly of South Korea and Japan. But that is all what China can do without using nuclear to attack USA. Should things get really really serious (behind MAD), the loose nuclear canon of North Korea comes into play. Also, the obvious move is to install nuclear missiles in Cuba and Venezuela.
    The high stake move for China would be to take Singapore and Indochina: but can China do that? Taking Australia would be also good, since it would liquidate New Zealand as safe hideout and secure what resources Australia has. But where is China navy? Taking Australia may be not possible, after all.
    But there is another path: the joker move for China would be to attack Russia if Russia will not join Iran and China. Taking Russia (Siberia would be enough) would put China in Russian boots in the Great Game: taking Russia, China gains BOTH Middle East and Russia. Game ends! Bonus: the move can be made without navy.
    If China wins: USA and Europe demand are removed, 30 MBD more for China and allies. If USA wins: China and Europe demand are destroyed, 30MBD for America and surviving allies. This 30 MBD will buy 10 years of BAU more (or equivalent) for the winner.

    To anyone who finds himself in previously mentioned countries I suggest: move asap. By the way, South Korea and K-pop may disappear first.
    Europe better be left, too: Notre Dame is a dangerous example, after all, and it will be easier to directly strike Europe than USA. Also Europe is easier to hit from MENA than USA, and has high concentration/density of all kinds of high value targets on the relatively small area, the string of nuclear reactors from Spain to Germany above all (of big countries, only Poland and Italy are without nuclear power plants)… It was de Gaulle who consciously situated a lot of French nuclear plants close to French-German borders as “nuclear mines”: this is the way you should think about nuclear plants from now on – nuclear mines they are, nuclear mines that deny Western Europe to Russia and make Western Europe easy target at the same time. Above all, if Iran attacks Israel, that may trigger Israeli Samson plan, a plan with lotsa targets in “antisemitic” Europe. Notre Dame destruction means no pardon will be given this time. As a low-key weapon, refugees may be released upon Europe once more, if Europe starts disobeying too much: with nationalism in Europe surging, civil wars in Europe may follow. I expect Europe and India to be incapacitated this way or another.

    UK royals are just moving to Africa, for the next 2-3 years. Suddenly Commonwealth is there, not in Canada, and not in Australia. Royals must think like me: unfortunately, they have no princesses to marry. It also means that the future world is to be world with royals, courtiers and peasants. Africa seem to be a place to be in the next 2-3 years, aside from forgotten archipelagos like Azores. Africa the only truly safe place, ironic as it sounds. Anyone with a hideout in Africa…?! Which is the nicest country there?

    I must say I feel relieved after writing all that, and catching the entire picture. Waiting is tiring, especially if you are just watching…. Hopefully, with Harry Belafonte (the courtier) in the background: Shake Shake Signora! Jump in the line, readers! Calypso time!

    Isn’t it fun?!
    It is!!!


    1. The Iran attack will be very difficult. The Yachonts dotted on its shores will pulberize aircraft attack groups within seconds. This conflict will be very hard to escalate-deescalate and has major tendency of spill over, think Hizbollah and the other network outfits connected with IRGC. Also of things get really hard Iran will rocket all Saudi oil operations. A quagmire with too many variables and not enough control points/lines. The empire is really stupid lately but this would be blunder of major proportions IMHO.


      1. I think you maybe right…

        “Iran currently exports about 1 million barrels of oil per day. The current exemptions from unilateral U.S. sanctions end on April 30. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are U.S. protectorates. They will do as told. Italy and Greece are less dependent and may show signs of resistance. India’s reaction depends on the outcome of its current election. China will probably not adhere to the U.S. command. Turkey needs Iranian oil and gas. It can not without it within a reasonable time frame. Iraq is most dependent on Iranian oil and gas which it needs to generate electricity. No electricity during the hot summer would likely lead to riots.

        The U.S. Secretary of State, “we lie, we cheat, we steal” (vid) Mike Pompeo, set out 12 demands to Iran which sum up to demanding a total capitulation. Iran will of course not fulfill any of them. It is the U.S. which, without reason, again raised hostility against the country. Given its geography and capabilities Iran has no reason to fear any U.S. aggression.”


      2. There is no necessity to keep aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf. What about Gulf of Oman? No one said that there won’t be collateral damage. This is why Saudis got lotsa money now for ARAMCO oversubscribed bonds.
        The important point is that the export destruction would be mainly booked on the Chinese account.
        Any attack on Iran (through Iraq and Pakistan) probably would go only as far as oil fields are.
        No one will run to Teheran.


  23. What if oil production has really been going down because of the dramatic slowdown in world population? Oil trade has been a world of secrets for over 100 years starting with the British. But the product and the thousands of derivatives across the world exist only exist second to (seawater). With control of the human species on the line, every single aspect of compounds in the raw stuff must have been examined by American, British, and French industry.

    Germany was able to make to survive after Western fuels were shut off during World War II – but only briefly. Takes a lot of effort and energy making it from coal. And in the late 1990s at US universities it was revealed when oil was $100-$150 barrel that microalgae and seawater might be able to make a replacement.

    Maybe there’s a process – like chemical fertilizers – that was made to be found efficient. But trade secrets. The industry expanded rapidly with financing across the globe because it had to. First mover advantage. Everybody was bought out and got shares.

    Just unverified thoughts. Something so important on and such a scale one would think could have been made in a lab around 1910. As long as the right people were paid off.

    Oil is apparently drilled in the most bizarre environments in the world. Deserts, Siberia, over the oceans.


    1. sorry I should have said oil was expensive in the early 2000s, not in the 1990s. In the late 90s it dropped to $20 a barrel around 1997.


      1. Check out the abiotic oil theory. Some years ago I read a paper in Russian oil magazine about that. Basically it says oil is product of the natural forces – pressure, temperature and rocks in liquid crystal forms. The first oil site the ruskies exploited was emttied in the 60s and closed. In early 00s the oil den was reopened and find almost ful. I don’t know what is the credibility of this but inside Russia there is at least 3 programs funnelling moneybin the abiotic oil theory. As you said this is industry shredded in secrets and we can only speculate.


        1. Actions on the players do not fit this theory..if the earth “makes” oil why are we engaging in the environmentally destructive shale ponzi? Why did the US tell Assad we would leave Syria if western companies could control the seized oil fields in northern Syria? Why are we fucking with Iran and Venezuela? Why did we fuck with Libya and Iraq before this? (In other words, why does the West only fuck with countries that have oil?)

          The Reset was predicated on resource depletion, namely oil..why would a Reset be necessary if oil is infinite? (of course, the Reset should be renamed to ‘Good Riddance – the end of the stupid apes who missed the window for a proper reset because they are fucking pussies’)

          Why would the Germans and British stress about oil depletion if it is a renewable resource?

          “According to the German report, there is “some probability that peak oil will occur around the year 2010 and that the impact on security is expected to be felt 15 to 30 years later.” The Bundeswehr prediction is consistent with those of well-known scientists who assume global oil production has either already passed its peak or will do so this year.”


          1. I am not backing it. Just share it. Given that I am no factor in systemic level I just keep myself informed and look from my insulated nest the ‘game’. Even if a piece of info seems not legit I sometimes entertain the idea behind it. You know like brain gum bubble. Just for the speculation and discussion we can say that maybe process is slow and not homogeneous, and if known oil refills by itself what will be the price and so on. Just entertaining myself waiting for the next level 🙂


    2. Germany did not survive thanks to coal liquidification. This is a legend. German war machine in the last phase was powered mainly by Romanian oil. Romania was a big producer at that time. It was really a blunder not to take on Balkans first, as Churchill wanted. Instead of a useful attack on Balkans, there was gruesome hiking up the useless Italian boot, and France, of course. Someone definitely wanted to make WWII longer.


      1. Excellent comment Julian, now connect the dots …

        (here’s a little help:

        There’s also the little issue of artificially dividing (read, conquer and control) Eurasia. By splitting Eurasia into separate blocks the Western Money Powers were able to control each chess piece since WW2.

        About oil reservoirs refilling AND suddenly emptying? According to oil men, that actually happens, sometimes due to earthquakes etc. think of an earthquake as a form of mega frack.

        That said, it’s a side issue that’s not changing anything at System Scale.


        1. Thanks Cathal for appreciating my hard work on understanding the world. So few do.

          The trick with dividing the world into two parts is very old. So ancient Rome had a warring coexistence with Persia. Until Arabs came.
          Do you still believe that now comes China, and the time of USA-Russia duo is already a bygone one?

          But there is no capitalism anymore, is it? Just some form of imperialism. And, as we we we know from the history of Roman Empire, imperialism needs spoils to reliably function. But now we are just defending the spoils, Middle East, namely. With high assets prices, low returns on assets, waning technical inventions (‘The end of science’), we have already a quasi-medieval economy, in which Israel is a new Kingdom of Jerusalem, for example. The coming war with Iran will be like the last crusade, probably.

          And the end of oil threatens to turn much of that accumulated capital into stranded assets, namely scrap. Capital will get destroyed even without a war: that is a difference to WWII situation.

          WWII Italian campaign was a paragone of useless military stupidity: why to start with pincer movement on NIzza and Fume, when you can start with Sicilia and Lampedusa? Honourable Anglo-Saxons never take a shortcut through No man’s land.
          But as I said once myself: religion > economy > politics > military.
          So military doesn’t really count in the final consideration.


          1. I don’t think the public hostility the US and maybe even Israel shows towards Iran is real. Because the end result is strengthening the current Iranian government. (Similar to North Korea). Iran has done it’s part with limiting population growth. But since 2013, there have been water shortages. Long-term how the government deals with US sanctions will benefit the population. But the government needs to be strict and in control to prevent another Syria; wiki says 92% of water is used for agricultural purposes, 6% for domestic use, 2% industrial. Legacy farming families don’t like to be told “no” in any nation

            Despite the rhetoric of the US, look at the exceptions.
            “US gives exemptions to sanctions on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard”


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