Rothschild, you know what to do :)

Bitcoin and Gold

We have a few things to discuss.

Crypto is my preferred candidate for the inflation, and Tether just added a few hundred million bucks in liquidity. Don’t be dumb or stupid or naive, this is the financial Elites (Fed) trying to suck your money into asset price inflation. Instead of Putrid spending his welfare check on Gold and natural gas; they want me to park my currency into an asset class that they have accumulated.

How bad will the inflation be? We’re six months into this fiscal year, and the six-month deficit almost matches last year’s entire deficit. That’s nuts. Seattle baby!

2019 will now almost certainly surpass a Trillion Dollar federal deficit. The interest on the debt is starting to get serious, looks like interest outlays will cost 400 Billions this fiscal year. So the 2020 deficit will almost certainly be above a Trillion, maybe as high as 1.5 Trillion. And this is in normal economic times. 

Treasury Report, March, 2019After 6 months, the 2019 deficit is 90% of the 2018 deficit :)

The general economy in the USA is flat, since around 2004 it has plateaued, which we can see from the gasoline consumption charts. Looks like the peak of our oil civilization was 2005. So with a flat real economy, the additional debt is like a noose around the neck; and this will continue to impact the oil price charts btw.

Total Sales Volume of Gasoline by US Refiners (2)

US Highway Gasoline Consumption

Isn’t it amazing that the USA has increased domestic crude output from 5 to 12 million barrels per day since 2005, and still gasoline consumption continues to struggle? Living in America must be like sprinting on a treadmill. Better stay healthy 🙂

Now recall how badly burnt the dumbasses were by Crypto, they won’t be going near this stuff for a long time. So don’t fear missing out, the bull run hasn’t started yet. The metrics don’t say that; a bull run in Bitcoin has NEVER happened without a new high in transactions. 2019 is when you build a position that’s ultra cheap.

EPIC will launch as a Crypto Bull Run is Approaching, by Putrid

Yeah, Putrid has been tasked with formulating the monetary framework of a next generation crypto; I’m timing its release to dovetail with the bottom which should be in by the summer. For the rest of the year, I expect Bitcoin to bounce between 2 and 6 thousand. I’ll be accumulating when Bitcoin crashes, and using free leverage via the alt coins that survive:

What are the surviving alts? the whales say …

The crypto I’m designing is a dark financial product, called Epic. Its function is to be invisible and discrete; a monetary instrument that can get past capital controls, borders etc. without any record or trace. My readers finance its development.

Now I’m assuming all my readers have enough bling so booking profits into Gold doesn’t matter anymore; whenever the shit hits the fan it shouldn’t matter, you should just use Crypto to stay in the game and have some fun. It’s entertaining. 

I’m tempted to stay on Crypto full time, and move back to Asia and mix it up with some Sociopaths … Reader, look into those dark eyes …


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  1. I haven’t been paying too much attention to the cryptos lately. What about Etherum and litecoin? Are they still worth purchasing?


      1. I purchased a lot of adas and lumens couple of years ago. Even managed to post the drive but have found it a week or 2 ago. The ada Community has set up goal of becoming the better eth. We will see what’s down the road.


        1. It’s all up to the Fed: everyone is broke. So they gotta inflate the Cryptos and get money flowing before the oil price gets punched in the face and we all fucking die.

          It’s that or inflate Gold, or even better, both.


          1. Inflating crypto is not the same as inflating gold. Gold is kept down.
            Why do you compare crypto and gold?
            Also, without oil there will be no gold mining.


    1. Here comes the deluge:

      The court filing makes for interesting reading.

      So it’s confirmed, the recent pump was a trap … and the final wave down is imminent. This will bring Bitcoin to sub 1k prices. I’ll be buying the top alts for near zero.


      1. I’m going to follow your crypto lead. When Kyle Bass said he expects a future Yuan and Hong Kong Dollar de-peg and devaluation..I started thinking about all that Chinese money trying to rush the exits. A lot of it is going to find its way into cryptos. Once it starts the flood will be huge.


        1. Mr Bass is one very fine specimen of the financial world but he is clueless about China. He is very uninformed and I am still waiting for some of his China related statements to materialise. Regarding crypto – weren’t we all sure that the uptrend was artificial?!


          1. I was sure when Zerohedge started publishing pump pieces; that was someone big trying to exit positions before the AG went public.

            The good news is that Crypto will finally find a bottom, later this year.

            That said, how low will it go? I mean, Binance is the largest traded exchange and it holds an estimated 700 to 800 million Tether for it’s users.

            Those Tether are now worthless.


            This will be Epic bloodbath 🙂


            1. Putrid, so the point of the game is just to destroy liquidity and thus keep oil price down?
              There is nothing fundamental nor technical in all that.


                1. So?
                  White papers are useless. It is like casino now, with multitude of games. Casino always wins.
                  Any point beyond that?

                  I tend to play only simple rouge et noir. Risk-averse.
                  Any crypto with connection to Gulf oil? I think Emirates wanted to emit something.


          2. Kyle Bass only has to be right once for there to be a big payout. And to be honest…cryptos and gold aren’t bad hedges against U.S. dollars or Euros, assuming you have a good entry point into cryptos. We’re living through a fourth will be running once the STHF.


            1. Mr Bass’ function is similar to hat of Mr Gartman but the area of effect is China. I know people who have made fortunes by acting counter to bass and Gartman statements. Go figure.


              1. Really..Kyle Bass is similar to Gartman? Kyle Bass has his own hedge fund (Hayman Capital) and made a fortune for his investors during the 2008 housing crises. Bass has been early, but I don’t think his macro analysis is incorrect. Based on your previous posts I hadn’t realized you were bullish on Asia.


                1. I meant that both have a record of statements which didn’t delivered and are famous as contra indicators in the macro world. And I am bullish mostly on myself and my family. You see man can keep only as man can keep so I don’t usually overflow or spill over into the shadows of jungle.


                    1. So you know, there are sociopathic clans and families. Half of our peers are creaming all over themselves when they think about some of them and would be glad to welcomed.


                    1. Sure, that’s why primogeniture was developed and War of Roses (the original story for Game of Thrones) took place, since there were not enough land for all the gaggle of nobles so the number of nobles had to be reduced. There were no more wars like that because the nobles could now own land in the Americas.


    1. Is there a casual link between this and the incomming ASEAN summit on 2nd May? The ASEANs will include the yen and yuan in their swap currency mechanism. Is this macro event, will it affect some bilateral trade agreements and would be this event which validates further j bonds acquisition?


      1. I don’t think anything can validate the purchase of bonds which yield no real return, unless you have infinite money and no profit motive and just want to prolong the status quo.


    1. I agree with the author except for his praise of British institutions which are/were meant for serving the ruling class.

      Congress was established by AO Hume, a British Elite who felt “sympathy” for India. Annie Besant who was related to Theosophical Society which was exported to the West also played a role during the initial days.

      All the key freedom fighters of India and Pakistan were British educated chumocrats. Were they really fighting for Indian Independence? The author didn’t ask these questions.

      Empire was bankrupt at the end of WW2. India was hollowed out by the time. An economist has estimated British looted resources worth $45 Trillion. An educated guess; the Elders simply abandoned the husk and called it “independence”.

      To confuse the West, Elders recruited educated guys from our society and turned them into swamys and gurus. Vivekananda and Prabhupada (ISKCON) being popular examples. The latter, it is said, suffered 2 heart attacks during his voyage to America yet was so overcome by his love for spreading Krishna consciousness that he immediately set up shop upon landing. So goes the tale.

      They have confused and dismantled the West using these clowns.

      Gandhi—A British Agent—by retired Supreme Court Judge, Markandey Katju:

      “This post is bound to draw a lot of flak at me, but that does not matter as I am not a popularity seeker I have often said things knowing that initially that will make me very unpopular, and I will be vilified and denounced by many. Nevertheless I say such I believe they must be said in my country’s interest. I submit that Gandhi was objectively a British agent who did great harm to India. These are my reasons for saying this :

      1. India has tremendous diversity, so many religions, castes, races, languages, etc.

      Realizing this the British policy was of divide and rule ( see online ‘ History in the Service of Imperialism ‘ , which is a speech delivered by Prof. B.N. Pande in the Rajya Sabha ). By constantly injecting religion into politics continuously for several decades, Gandhi furthered the British policy of divide and rule.

      If we read Gandhi’s public speeches and writings ( e.g. in his newspapers ‘Young India’, ‘ Harijan ‘, etc ) we find that ever since Gandhi came to India from South Africa in 1915 or so till his death in 1948, in almost every speech or article he would emphasize Hindu religious ideas e.g. Ramrajya, Go Raksha ( cow protection ), brahmacharya ( celibacy ), varnashram dharma ( caste system ), etc. ( see Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi ).

      Thus Gandhi wrote in ‘ Young India ‘ on 10.6.1921 ” I am a Sanatani Hindu. I believe in the varnashram dharma. I believe in protection of the cow “.

      In his public meetings the Hindu bhajan ‘ Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram ‘ would be loudly sung.

      Now Indians are a religious people, and they were even more religious in the first half of the 20th century. A sadhu or swamiji may preach such ideas to his followers in his ashram, but when they are preached day in and day out by a political leader, what effect will these speeches and writings have on an orthodox Muslim mind ? It would surely drive him towards a Muslim organization like the Muslim League, and so it did. Was this not serving the British policy of divide and rule ?

      By constantly injecting religion into politics for several decades, was Gandhi not objectively acting as a British agent ?

      2. In India a revolutionary movement against British rule had started in the early 20th century under the Anushilan Samiti, Jugantar, and revolutionaries like Surya Sen, Ramprasad Bismil ( who wrote the song ‘ Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai ), Chandrashekhar Azad, Ashfaqulla, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, etc ( who were all hanged by the British ).

      Gandhi successfully diverted the freedom struggle from this revolutionary direction to a harmless nonsensical channel called Satyagrah. This also served British interests.

      3. Gandhi’s economic ideas were thoroughly reactionary. He advocated self sufficient village communities, though everybody knows that these communities were totally casteist and in the grip of landlords and money lenders. Gandhi was against industrialization, and preached handspinning by charkha and other such reactionary nonsense. Similarly, his ‘ trusteeship ‘ theory was all nonsense, and an act of deceiving the people

      Some people praise Gandhi’s bravery in going to Noakhali, etc to douse the communal violence at the time of Partition. But the question is why did he help setting the house on fire in the first place by preaching religious ideas in public political meetings for several decades, which were bound to divide the Indian people on religious lines? First you set the house on fire, and then you do the drama of trying to douse the flames.”

      KGB had infiltrated Indian ruling class and the Gandhi family were influenced by that. Modi and Gandhi family are corrupt and incompetent.

      There is a joke that Modi(BJP) = Gandhi(Congress) + Cow.

      Modi couldn’t be a tea seller since the station where he sold his tea wasn’t built during the time period mentioned by him. He made multiple trips to America during the 70s. Who was funding it? How did a tea seller became so rich in a short time?

      Demonetization and Good Service Tax (GST) affected the same sections of the society. Demonetization affected the poor the most since they get paid for their daily work. GST affected the Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector which employs the poor.

      The effect is Demoralization.

      Many restaurants have lost their food and service quality, a trend that began in 2015 but was commonplace by 2017. I have stopped visiting many. Some have shut down. Many processed items like biscuits have started using poor quality ingredients. Many restaurants and FMCG advertises combo deals to increase sales. Companies have started selling their premium goods at cheaper price. Bourbon biscuits are now available at Rs.10.

      You have to stay vigilant to prevent getting fucked over.

      Rape, crime, theft, fight, everything has gone up exponentially since 2013.

      The new money lacks class. They buy Harley’s and Bullets and remove the silencer, causing noise pollution. Or boast about exotic leather or gold plated iPhones. They are completely out of touch with the world.

      Same is the case with government, which taxes everything. Many goods were taxed at 5% which are now at 18% thanks to Modi. There is a significant disconnect between govt pay and private sector pay. Private pays peanuts for the same job.

      Reminds me of the Roman Empire.

      We had plenty of jobs and raises were good till 2015. Now, it’s all gone and dried up. Raises aren’t there and holding on to jobs have become harder. There is a wave of NPA defaulters who flee the country every month. Nothing good on the business side.

      Overall, not looking good.

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  2. Isak Dinesen (baroness Karen Blixen) wrote about a paradise in Kenya, where upper class europeans acted according to what they wished and the locals having no power over it, in her Out of Africa. Today’s European elders will live like that in their African refugees, when the Reset happens.


  3. Exposure to tether:

    There seems to be something happening in the Houbi exchange, they just transferred more HT than is known to circulate:

    Was looking at Binance exchange last night, looked like bots were the only buyers and sellers, could see no evidence of humanoids. Just a micro-buy-sell loop:


  4. Gold will go up for one reason:

    Russia and China are buying it, to back the ruble and yuan with precious metals.

    And the u.s. can’t allow that. So we’ll go to war.

    War means volatility.

    Volatility means potential to profit through induced panics and pump-and-dump schemes.

    Shit, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

    Maybe something you don’t know. LNG is a good long term investment. Better than solar. Look into. I’m sure if you do, the more you do, the more you will be convinced.



    1. Gold is a core position because the international debt scene is really chaotic, and anything can happen, at anytime. You think the Eurozone had a debt crisis in 2013? China is 10X that.

      But as a cynical opportunist, I see a very juicy opportunity developing in Crypto Space, and I’m going to dedicate my meaningless life to profiting from it.

      Something is afoot; and I think the Bankers are positioning to usurp/take out the competition and grasp a dominant position. Tether and Bitfinex were both ordered to stay in business, and all the exchanges are exposed to Tether insolvency.

      So the Bankers have leverage over most of the market now …. 🙂

      Let’s watch, but if Bitcoin goes to a 1000 bucks then Litecoin is going to a dollar.

      I’m saving my welfare checks so I can buy a bucket load of top alts.

      Love You,



      1. I wonder if the whole crypto coin stuff is similar to the period where all these companies were racing to go public as they built the infrastructure to allow electronic globalization to occur. Once critical mass was reached the whole industry was imploded. Could this be the case for crypto as the cowboys race to build the infrastructure for the `winning’ coins that will then be inherited by the Fed and other players to then announce their own coin?


        1. I don’t think the Reptoids have any creativity; what they do is encourage peasant creativity and then rob or buy the product. The nice ones buy.

          All of my Reptoid readers are nice, right! 🙂

          We’re seeing official institutions preparing the ground for the next phase: consolidation of ownership and centralization of value capture.

          The two stable coins, that will replace Tether, are probably protected as we see they’re audited by US accounting firms. They’ll provide the initial liquidity. Then we have official trading and investing platforms, that will offer IRS compliant documentation and won’t have legacy issues:

          The market will become increasingly regulated and tax compliant, allowing for institutional money inflows. Just like the Tech boom bust boom cycle.

          The Tether issue should crash the market and then we move in.

          The top ten projects are safe bets, but the above list is pretty good in my opinion.

          What does the future look like? Well, that’s hard to say. Official coins representing worthless fiat? Not sure about that. If you’re a really smart and educated Banker you know the present CB structure may not last or be desirable.

          Rothschild and the UK Mint may be cooking up some Ideas; which speaks to the World Spirit:

          Looks like the high IQ humanoids want to play with the idea of a localized breakaway digitized AI World.

          But they’re being held back by dangerous psychopaths and low IQ chimps that still think violence and numbers are what matters.

          And those assholes want to be Right, because without implicit threats of mass violence their DNA is redundant.

          So what is the World Spirit?

          My guess, we are witnessing a growing Desire for a split in the Species. Hegel taught us that that Desire will be settled on the slaughter bench.



          1. I somewhat disagree. I think as a species we are all getting lazier, even so lazy to cause more harm even when in power. The major fears I think by the uppers are cataclysms and not humans. The archaeological evidence seems to suggest there are major wipe-outs every few thousand years. Maybe every 5 thousand years.


          2. There is no Atlantis anymore.
            The problem is that there is no place to localize to a breakaway hightech industrial civilization, one detached from the rest of World.
            It may be the late revenge of all that folks slaughtered by conquistadores. Without Portuguese-Spanish-British-French overseas expansion, maybe Europe would be a kind of Atlantis now, a self-contained continent ready for a trek.
            Gold and crypto are finally only the claim to control, the said control being provided by a state. Should a state disappear, control largely disappears. By the way, state may be defined by its space: this is why Russia is such a tricky country for Westerners. My impression is that some on this blog believe that control in the future will be somehow exercised through a some kind of network, mediated by cryptos. However, cryptos being the artifact of hightech will be limited to the remnants of industrial world.

            And Karen Blixen in Africa was still supported by the power of European civilization. What we will get will be probably like the collapse of Roman Empire in the West. The fate of Paulinus of Pella, as every archeological gold found shows [i.e. gold never recovered by owners], implies that gold is only good if buying is still more popular than robbing. For this reason, I still expect a big die-off event, an event necessary just to reduce the number of potential robbers.


            Ugo Bardi believes in much bullshit (like that ETP model is false), but at least is capable of identyfiying a few good ideas in the past (like Seneca collapse; it is, of course, Seneca’s idea, not Bardi’s). Today, a succesful member of academia succesfully regurgitates the past.


    1. Helping him by making him more self aware? Maybe not…

      The Bullshit Machine makes the point that your bullshit is much more convincing if you believe it his religious views…dont go introducing doubt, that wont help anyone…heh..

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  5. I think that Rotschild wants to put himself as the sole liquidity provider after a probable hyperinflationary event. In a way, his positions may be like that of Fugger in the past (to understand a situation, it is useful to go back in time, as in a way we are with depleting resources). Now, what Fugger was mainly financing? He was mainly financing wars.

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      1. an estimate. I’m in the 6 to 7 or 2024-2025 camp. It’s the mother of all fourth turnings. I’m going on vacation…a bunch of them…as many as I can afford. Fuck it..sometimes you just have to enjoy the best Scotch..the best food..and just roll the dice against the odds. It’s been a good run..but all good runs eventually end. Don’t cry about it..rejoice that we’ve had it so sweet for so long.

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  6. Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
    Everybody knows that the captain lied
    Everybody got this broken feeling
    Like their father or their dog just died


    And everybody knows that it’s now or never
    Everybody knows that it’s me or you


    And everybody knows that the Plague is coming
    Everybody knows that it’s moving fast
    Everybody knows that the naked man and woman
    Are just a shining artifact of the past


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