38 thoughts on “Music to carry the Soul

    1. I enjoy Amon Tobin too, was at his concert in Melkweg, Amsterdam 😉
      But prefer his earlier pieces, this one sounds a bit like Aphex Twin actually.


  1. Ageing old rebel.
    Don’t you really know the score?!
    Get yourself a shrink.
    It is a dark and evil day.
    Dreams of suicide.
    So you see
    It seems that
    is gentler kind of cruelty.


  2. Some hidden classics, and on time, since they fight there ‘Red Worm’, ‘a being of pure sound’….

    Now we are pursued by ‘a being of pure fiat’, whatever it is exactly 😉


  3. When Dante said that the Gates of Future were closed …. you could say it now. So some classic from his land:

    Cruelty around refines arts, since spirit needs escape. Imagine, you start with this, and then you go on with burning heretics…

    However, to get to this piece I have been forced to look at the very long (4:33) Chinese entertainment ad, something about Shen Yun dance. It looked like any oriental dance, frankly, lots of colours and jumping around.
    I see that China wants to conquer Europe with its ‘high’ culture, even though many Chinese already find this culture boring, as I was told. Hm…


    1. BTS was better than I expected. The entire clip, both music and pictures, was pretty good, sometimes close to kitsch but never crossing this border. Not even coloured hair lookes as bad as they usually do.

      My first impression was that it is something about North Korea, so much snow and trains (favourite transport of Kim), empty trains ready for North Korean comrades, to take them into the South Korean world of colours….

      Maybe this is an idea: to demoralize North Koreans with intensive transmission of BTS on the border 😉

      The other clip was also OK, but would like here to remind about a film which inaugurated close-ups of water, flowers etc…. Zoltan Huszarik ‘Sindbad’, on the basis of Gyula Krudy stories about Sindbad.
      The first words in the trailer could be the motto : ‘I am a lost prince, and I looking for a wife’. Also, ideal for K-pop song!

      And they speak there in the language of Mihály Csíkszentmihályi !


  4. Carl Sagan made an album to be put into the Voyager I, so aliens could hear the earth’s music. One of the music is Willie Johnson’s “Dark is the Night”. A black blues musician who was blinded by his stepmother as a child, he was briefly famous around 1930 and basically died as a homeless.

    Carl Sagan chose this piece because he thought it represented the loneliness of the probe which will be flying for millions of years without seeing a thing. Quite depressing, but somewhat unforgettable.


    1. BTW, from the original trailer of Zardoz:

      I have seen the future
      And it doesn’t work
      … and then created God
      … and in the end re-created Man.

      Some more music for “the Reset and associated …”.

      (REVOLUTION – John Butler Trio – Official Video – JBT)
      [John Butler Trio, Published on Jul 20, 2010]

      (antenne 1 Unplugged: The Hooters – All You Zombies)
      [antenne 1, Published on May 26, 2011]

      (Dvorak – Romance for piano and violin, Op.11)
      [AleksandrSolzenicyn Published on Aug 12, 2011]

      (Hoist The Colours -The Full Scene (HIGH QUALITY))
      [Janne Schaffer, Published on Sep 15, 2011]

      (The Sound of Silence – 18 String Harp Guitar Cover)
      [Jamie Dupuis, Published on Sep 6, 2017]

      (Piano concert during Yellow Vest protests in France)
      [Florin Siriac – Groparul Magmatic, Published on Dec 9, 2018]


  5. That reminds me of this:

    The story of Cicada 3301 for me is emblematic of our times, strange, fascinating, gratifying and important in the sense that it highlighted the marvelous way in which extraordinary people throughout history have been known to surmount obstacles by looking at things in different ways and rising to a challenge.


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