Reflecting on 20 years of being MGTOW

Strawberries Tumbled

I scared a woman today. Smiling scared her. It was dark and after dinner, and I was calmly walking an overpass above a busy street—reflecting on my exercise regimen—when a wealthy blonde appeared, maybe 40, and she decided to pause after her climb, to take in the city view. Bangkok has a special feel, so she approached the railing, took in the frenetic vista, then took a step back, and was startled half to death because behind her right foot was a beggar, a quiet dignified man kneeling in the shadows. He was completely still; so still he looked frozen, in front of him was a tin can for charity.

She did not offer alms, she looked down disgusted and stepped forward and onwards, quickly realizing that this was no longer London or New York; that really, her world was just a very dark bridge with her and an extremely poor man. And then as she hurried away she noticed me ghosting her with a wide smile. She knew I knew.

Sometimes I wonder about white women, don’t they know?

MGTOW is for men. And I am pure MGTOW: never married; never cohabit; no children. My journey is pure, and purity matters. Since my journey is not a reaction to trauma and abuse it’s not haunted by bad memories and feelings. My way of life, my path, is the result of pure logical thought. I can only sympathize with my MGTOW brothers who’ve been through the meat grinder; they learnt the hard way, Mr. Black:

“My Chronology leading to MGTOW and the Red Pill – UK story  


I was married in my 20’s, my wife paid nothing I paid the mortgage for 8 years from my salary. She was having an affair with the old boyfriend. I left, she lied to the court about co-habitation with the old boyfriend now her partner. She got the house 100% I had to rent a room and left with just my car. I was parentally alienated from my son. I had to fight in court to keep my pension and my car, the police pension which I had before I married her and the car was from my money. I kept the pension and car but the costs were more than the car. I am still not sure if my son is mine, he took off with her.  


I had my own house again, smaller but safe. A female partner moved in as she had no place to stay, she stopped working and failed to pay anything. She then tried to claim half my house and I had to fight a legal battle. Thankfully she lost as I had kept a voice recording of the moving in arrangement. She lost also due to me locking off all the rooms except the bathroom and kitchen (despite the police telling me I could not) and moving out. She made a false allegation and I was arrested and released no charge. No punishment for her and 11 hours incarceration for me on a falsity. When she finally left she wrecked the house stole the cooker and smashed all the fences. I reported it to police who took no action.  


No live-in partners now but my then female partner made two false allegations against me and I was arrested both times. She probably was a vulnerable narcissist. She was never punished by police for this fraudulent complaint.

I am now RED PILL more than MGTOW and loving it and I have girlfriends for sex only. It is the only reasonable response. If they don’t like it they can walk. Not all women are like that and I love women but hate the way most of them have been programmed by society. Women financially disintegrate as they age because they are unable to generate wealth in the main (not all women but most) and unless they have fleeced a man at some point in life, then they are broke at 60. MGTOW is real reasonable and it works and is the best response to toxic feminism. Guys never get married.”

In addition to the excellent testimony of my MGTOW brother, I’d like to give some honest advice about MGTOW that isn’t colored by bad beginnings.

What’s it like to be a man without a family?

It’s quiet and simple. Every decision becomes a calculus concerning costs, benefits, advantages, pain and pleasure; and after you build up a stack of metals and liquid assets, the costs become less important and decisions can be taken calmly and after proper consultation. You’re an extremely mobile and flexible worker and your daily cost structure is a fraction of a married or divorced man’s. This is important because many men do unpleasant work because they need the additional income to support a spouse and children. For the most part, I only do work that I enjoy.

Does MGTOW lifestyle carry risks?

Yes. There are two principal risks that I’ve identified.

1) No limits. Most men have limits imposed upon them by the society: laws, taxes, power politics, etcetera. MGTOW men must impose limits upon themselves, and direct themselves. I found this very hard in my twenties because I was generally confused as to what the hell was actually going on and what society was all about, and the world. This confused state is probably because the only thing holding any society together is a bunch of lies, and those lies are pounded into your brain in its formative stages. So MGTOW in the beginning is tough and there are many pitfalls to avoid, your first girlfriend is the most dangerous because you have no prior experiences.

2) No social identity. MGTOW is not recognized as an acceptable philosophy by the authorities; and so it must be hidden and masked. You kind of ghost society, while interacting only on terms that benefit your purpose. After the Reset, this will become increasingly difficult to do. 

What are the solutions to these risks?

Generally speaking, you should never advertise yourself, get a job that has a recognized positive social role: so avoid politics, crime, military, policing. Avoid jobs where single men maybe discriminated against and accept that many power positions are only for married men.  You must understand that most men are miserable and you’re surrounded by them, they’ll take you down—avoid the assholes. The less interaction with miserable men the better. Gloating and bragging is foolish, stay focused on what you want to achieve within all timeframes. You must have a goal, or purpose, that’s independent of the natural impulse to breed. This doesn’t have to be intellectual, it could be an activity that you enjoy doing, like building or skiing.

Have a set of limits, here are mine that have worked out well:

No sex with anyone below the age of 20.

No romance with married, divorced or entangled women.

No romantic relationship with anyone above 25.

No drugs.

Go home at midnight.

Frequent and organized exercise, weight lifting is important.

Minimal to zero debt.

Spoil yourself with a rich and healthy diet. Wine, whiskey and gin are best. Avoid beer like the plague. Limit yourself to only the top quality cuisine.

After 20 years of MGTOW living, my entire adult life, I’ve had many pleasures and experiences and it’s been a rich happy varied life. That said, there is one thing that’ll kill a MGTOW more than anything else, and that’s loneliness. For whatever reason, experiences are only real if they’re shared. It’s critically important that you maintain and build a wide ranging network of cool friends. I often only work in and visit cities where a friend wants to hang out—money doesn’t matter overly much.

Can a woman go her own way?

Actually, I have female readers, and young ladies ask to hang out with me. Which is cool. Generally speaking, they are psychopaths. Psychopaths are attracted to me. It’s possible for a woman to go WGTOW as long as she’s financially savvy, smart and has a MGTOW partner. In the future, I think MGTOW guys and WGTOW gals will sign their own partnership contracts and have kids outside of the state enforced marriage license scam. The current marriage scam supports lots of debt, and so it’ll be a while before behaviors change. But I do envisage a future where financially independent adults, of the opposite sex, organize contractual partnerships whereby they have joint custody of an artificially inseminated baby.

That said, some things will never change … every lifestyle carries a cost, with built-in risks—like a nighttime crossing of an unlit bridge.

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  1. I see you have been contemplating the void lately and cast thy glance into your soul. Let me further elaborate your thesis. I think that it is not MGTOW/WGTOW you are being perplexed by, it is independent existence that you strive for and imposing sociology-cultural characteristics onto it limits the possibilities of the existence.
    Independent in all of its aspects. Independent thinking free of cultural codified taboos and stops, independent behavior towards stimuli independent of pre-formatted patterns, independent journey into the meat-grinder called world and independent realization because no power can be used before if not realized.

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  2. Had my first child at 52 after finally settling in with a good marriage. Have no regrets other than wishing I had more kids. Most of the childless women I know are miserable at this point in their lives. Life is complicated and there is no one philosophy of how to live it. I’ve even returned to some of the RCC beliefs.

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    1. Yeah,

      The ancient philosophers advised a man marry at 37 … Given that the average life expectancy was around 40 is kinda funny.

      I’d actually consider children now because… I have a feeling this materialistic dream is about to end. Raising a child would be a fun way to pass the time.

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      1. I’ve seen all of the world I’d care to see. Made tons of money, spent tons of money, lost tons of money. Nothing replaces seeing a child start to experience the world and ask a question such as, “Daddy, what is light?”. My grandfather had my father when he was 62! HA. There’s still time for us all! Be well!

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        1. Nothing beats the anger of an older father who found out the first child he ever had at an advanced age is not exactly looking like him. Andrew Carnegie married late because his mother was so obsessive. His younger wife bore him a daughter. He left her nothing. No one had to ask why.


  3. You seem to write truth well.
    My high cost life contrasts with a growing number of co-worker young men. Your post offers some guidance to them and reflections for me. I also have daughters, for whom your post also pertains.
    I’m collecting movies to watch with my daughters. I seem most interested in the movies about young males approach to young women. There is really not a lot out there that explains truth regarding how a young upstanding woman navigates her early twenties. I’m particularly interested in how to minimize the experience of abuse for her, or her living in reaction after having being abused by a guy having her as his first girlfriend.
    I’m considering arranging her marriage now with a Western man. Good luck to me!


    1. What I mean is I am gravitating to the movies featuring males who abuse young women. They are the best at telling truth it seems today.


      1. How to balance the needs of society with the welfare of the student?
        How to balance the need for optimism and the thirst for truth?
        How to balance the instinct to protect while developing risk taking skills?

        For young people, I’d only advise volume 1. It provides enough truth but not too much, movies just don’t demand intellectual exercise.


        1. I concur, movies are for the mentally lazy. I prefer to serve Putrid’s volumes to my young-ins like a coyote. I eat it all then puke up for them what they can handle…

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            1. My 2 oldest, 8 and 6, are already monopoly and stratego pros. Working on Risk now. Early life strategy development is my aim. Have to mix in the poker too, I like that idea.


  4. Great post regarding MGTOW.

    In regards to the “white women”…..they are utterly clueless and are incapable of any kind of introspection.

    I too am sharing in the MGTOW journey, which has become a rather difficult one at this juncture in time, but it also is the most freeing and liberating journey one can take.

    Appreciate your writings.


  5. Have to find a non-GMO wife. Asia is a good place. Found my Chinese wife in Tokyo. Did not think I would get married again, but am happier than ever.


    1. As an Asian, I can say this. The danger for roundeyes to marry Asian women is that the son will inherit the worse parts of both races. The daughters often turn out OK and remain fully white. The sons will be Asians for the eyes of whites and roundeyes for the eyes of Asians, getting the worst of two worlds.


  6. Pay heed to Sean , Cathal . Do not go gentle into that good night as an evolutionary dead end like some faggot . You are a good looking blond mother fucker and high IQ to boot , pass it on , the world and your race need it .

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    1. Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, David Hume, Newton, Leibnitz, Adam Smith, Voltaire, van Beethoven, van Gogh and others all went into the evolutionary dead end but their names will remain for ever.


      1. Depends on how you think the world works. If you’ve absorbed the implicit materialism in today’s (supposedly opposed) ideologies, working towards individual recognition as your life’s work sounds reasonable.

        But if, for example, you see individuals as “mere” chain links in bloodlines racing to the end, your priorities change radically. Hedonism becomes an incongruous thought, for example. Sure, you can sometimes stop and have a drink by the roadside, but when you’re rested it’s back to running. What else is there to do?

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        1. Bloodlines degenerate. ALWAYS.
          Speaking Schopenhauer, a child is an expression of primal willing to be immortal.
          But immortality is impossible. It is just Vorstellung.


            1. How often are geniuses born of two morons? Accidental, but not entirely random, so there is value in discriminating between bloodlines.

              I don’t think the lowest of animals, or plants, have any will at all, yet they have children. Perhaps for educated, end-of-civilization-cycle men, who have lost many of their urges, the only thing that can make them sacrifice precious time to care for their progeny is indeed a will to immortality. But then, that will is exactly what kulm values with his praise of long-lasting glory. I do not like random people’s admiration and I prefer the low-key kind of immortality.

              Another way to look at this, is to wonder: what made you some young prole who has to get up every morning for some shitty job, drowned in worldly worries, instead of an héritier exploring the world with actual agency? Why, it’s your ancestor’s (lack of) choices, of course. Getting anything done in this world requires a team effort, and a lineage is a team.

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              1. My family is pretty normal, with super normal people. The family is not united about most of the things and do not act in accordance normally. But this changes on the second when the family continuity is threatened. You need to see it. When a danger is identified the family pulls up all connections and act. For example I am more of the introvert members and do not come easy for me to nurture connections only because I will need them in the future but I do have such, and they are a lot. I can sibgle handedly with few calls change almost everything in the area where the chunk of the family live. And all this is because I have helped people and they remember my help. My uncle ot my father have more robust and ruthless methods but nevertheless useful. The bottom line is noone can threaten the family without consequences because although the family is disfunctional and don’t have much love between the branches it is the only line which punctures past and present and have the power to carry us in the future. Lineage is a guarantee, guarantee that even if I perish someone else will puncture the future.

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                  1. Mine could be verifiably traced only to the end of 19th century. Not much but at least a proof of century progress.


              2. Stefan Banach.
                A heavy drinker and an excellent mathematician.
                Born out of a soldier and a domestic help.
                Didn’t even speak well the literary Polish.
                Loved by the Soviets as an example of ‘peasant genius’.

                Lineages produce institutions, but institutions produce lineages too: the title of nobility (baron, count etc) being a prime example. Institutions do not produce geniuses. Just royals 😉

                When I hear ‘he is the student of Heidegger/Gadamer/x’ (widespread in the West, at least in West Europe) I do not listen anymore afterwards.

                ‘I want to marry a royal’
                ‘I want to marry Stefan Banach’


                1. A lot of lower class people are illegitimate children between the master and the servant. While the status is not inherited, the viciousness is , and he/she often outcompetes their less vicious half-siblings and often end up as the only person to leave progeny.

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  7. I have had enough with the female members of my family that I did not have to go through all these whoops with other women. What I already saw before the age of 20 was more than enough.


  8. It looks like that you are just against marriage, but not abstinent or misogynist, which is cooler than many other MGTOW:)
    Wish you have fun in this journey of life.


    1. Putrid treated me to sushi last night, recently finished 6 weeks quarantine, 4 weeks in Wuhan and 2 in Shanghai, I expected him to be harder to wear down, as an 18 year old that is.


    1. US oil benchmarks and Brent fell much more than Urals and Opec prices. There is now 20$ between Urals and Mars (Ural-similar US kind). Maybe this is just the end of financialization of oil.
      Or maybe just a joint Russian-Saudi attack on shale.


      1. Julian, in case you missed it Danielle did not. She watched in awe of the people she used to work for and has been bashing ever since she left.

        I am watching the oil shitshow to see when this ugly problem crawls out from the woodpile:

        China shipping is slow to resume because of internal logistics and port congestion (painfully aware of this). To my knowledge, API Barite comes mostly from China and is required for drilling. Domestic US barite us mostly consumed in friction products (I know this well) and Pharma and is probably too expensive for drilling as well as simply not available in the volume needed. I think that will shut in and bankrupt those on the edge, majors can scoop up the good assets for pennies on the dollar with cheap money.

        As Cathal said once: On with the Reset and associated clusterfuck.

        I think this is going to take a while.


        1. Interesting. If true, it is China’s joker.

          On the other hand, fracking wasn’t invented in China. Powder was 😉

          We will see. Waiting for Bengal fires.


  9. This certainly is an interesting financial development.

    By Charles Riley, CNN Business
    Updated 11:22 AM ET, Tue March 10, 2020

    “London (CNN Business)— Banks in Italy and the United Kingdom are preparing to postpone mortgage payments for people affected by coronavirus as the number of cases in Europe rises sharply.

    Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), a leading UK bank, said Tuesday that customers who fall into financial difficulty as a result of the coronavirus can ask for their mortgage or loan payments to be delayed for up to…”


  10. Poland more serious than Germany in countering coronavirus despite lower number of cases (22): mandatory temperature checks on W and S border, cancellation of all mass gatherings, schools soon to be closed, police daily checks on quarantined people (at the moment circa 1100), with 1500 euro fine for every breach.


      1. Polish tradition is “jakoś to będzie”/ we will manage – somehow. Improvisation on the fly.
        But this time it goes unusually fast in Poland (almost like someone is telling the government to do that): since Monday schools, universities, kindergartens and the like will be closed in Poland for 2 weeks initially. In the morning they have started to consider this, and in the evening already the decision. This is Starlight express for Poland! And still: only 27 cases.
        Maybe something is to happen during these coming 2 weeks.


    1. I find it fun that just a month ago it was Europe that was sending chirurgical masks to China, and now it is China that sends them to Europe.
      You could follow the epidemics just by following the streams of masks 😉 It must be a good business, since they are not too heavy for transport.
      BTW, the carneval just ended.
      But the Corona-carnevale still goes on 😉


    1. Why yes I do, geno mir! I was going to crack that joke on another web page, suggesting that he was hinting that one should take twice the iron to counteract the Cov, and Trump knew about it way back in 2017. I worried people might take it seriously, and regretted once again that there isn’t a sarcasm font.

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  11. Some LaRouche-like perspective:

    So it was a deadly fish, not a deadly bat…?

    Might be true since military commanders suddenly getting ill …. even in Poland, one of the main commanders just got ill immediately after returning from a NATO conference in Germany.

    One of the main hero of the story is real:

    Another one, this Plummer, recently died.


    1. The countries under stress in Europe are the traditional UK rivals: France, Spain, Germany, Italy.


    2. Who would have thought that ‘fiat cultists’ be on the ‘good side’.

      UK was one of the last bastions of gold standard. But you can’t have too many people for it to function well, especially since there is no other South Africa/South America to discover..


      1. Whom the Japanese dislike more, Koreans or the Chinese?

        Taiwan seems to have been spared, I mean all those semiconductors plant there….

        I presume Poland will be spared too, as a pawn of the British elite since the time of Lord Palmerston. Let’s say, with the fall of Bonaparte Poland left the French camp and moved to the British one.


          1. And Korea got hit.
            But the theory is credible with the outbreak in Iran/Qum: this is not a place with a lot of Chinese visitors.
            Everything else, Korea, Italy etc, was deniable.
            They really must hate Persians if they risk deniability.
            So it isn’t any “reasonable” pruning.
            It is a war.
            Trump may be on board.
            The year started with the killing of Soleimani.


            1. If there was a spread plan we are long past that, Julian. The flu hit the fan. UK is week away of what’s happening in France, Italy. Their Health minister is sick now (so britishly humorous). US is in the gutter. Thousands upon thousands are undiagnosed because US healthcare. NYC is a toast and about Monday the west coast will be flared from Seattle to San Diego. Japan will soon declare emergency as they are eating through medical supplies as they are candy and the numbers keep going up. From all big wigs only Russia is almost unscathed.


              1. Not sure. Since UK is almost as crowded as the Netherlands, they should have higher numbers already. And if Iran, than what about Turkey and Iraq and Qatar…?


                1. You are rushing things too much. The Ides are yet to come. The way I think this whole thing – the COVfefe, the reactions of the institutions and the officials, the media coverage, the social media clash, the behaviour of the Market movers and shakers, works by stacking mild non-critical yet prominent negative effects on different systems organisational levels (healthcare, suplly chains, production, transportation, administration, supply and procurement, service operations) which when amplified through media/perception/hybrid tactics synergize toward local halt of the system. Those halts reverberate across the system, it is like a sequenced demolishon explosion work, at one moment the system itself will grind to stop and collapsed over itself. It is perfect storm deliberately managed to evoke systemic level shocks through multilayered mechanisms and complex vectors with tactical, operational and strategic levels of operation. And everything is wrapped in plausible deniability, too damn good plausible deniability.
                  A weapon?
                  The Weapon!?
                  Who’s holding the weapon and who’s looking at it from the other side?


                  1. Controlled or not controlled: decide. It is a storm, and we don’t know a beach we will land on, or do we know?
                    I suppose the answer depends what are expectations as to the landing, and we don’t really know. Or do we?

                    Critical the situation will be when nuclear plants operators get ill.


  12. And the spread across civilian populations was gamed during ‘Event 201’ chaired by The Gates Foundation.
    We need to sort out who’s gonna be Casoubon, Bilbo and Diotallevi. TRES is already looking 🙂


    1. It was the British James Bond series which introduced the idea of powerful non-states actors into the collective consciousness.
      Maybe the Bond series was just a psychological projection…

      You can’t have too many people on the board for such a plan, and religion is the best bond [which money cannot buy]


      1. If Bond really existed, he would have been dead long ago. Such kind of ‘unconnected’ individual, like the Jackal (Ilich Ramirez Sanchez), is the perfect pawn to throw to the enemies.


        1. Bond wasn’t unconnected. He was a member of the Class, and he spoke Received Pronunciation.
          Like Cambridge Four. The class.

          I only understood what a class society is after my visit to UK.


  13. Did anyone of the really rich disappear into his secret hole already….?
    Where is Lord Rotschild, for example?


    1. Haven’t we seen record numbers of CEOs resigning during 2019 and early 2020? Martin Armstrong predicted 2020 to be the peak of a 4-year cycle, the next four are going to be a depression. Pretty sure this guy’s prophecies have become a little self-fulfilling, given how many people in institutions and finance are now listening to him.


  14. ZeroHedge ‘owner/creator’ Daniel (Dan) Ivandjiiski is being in the spot last few days here in Bulgaria. The prosecutor’s office declined to start process against him and the embassies are rattled like hornets nests now.


    1. The embassies don’t always support their government. US embassy did nothing when the US Justice
      Department-initiated extradition proceedings against Roman Polanski were ongoing in Poland.


  15. Explains the continuous lack of decisive action on the side of Russia:

    “What is Russia’s end game in this oil war?
    Dima Vorobiev
    Dima Vorobiev, Former Soviet propaganda executive
    Answered 20h ago

    There’s no end game in the current oil war for Russia. It’s because President Putin doesn’t think in terms of a chess game.

    I’m no expert in international petroleum trade. However, my experience with how power works in Russia allows me to make some observations.

    No start, no end

    The world of secret services that shaped Putin’s worldview as a politician has no end games. President Putin’s game is the one that never rests and never ends. It’s all about painstaking accumulation of tactical wins that sometimes result in spectacular breakthroughs—and yet never puts an end to his war.

    Because even if you annihilate one enemy, another one always pops up in his place.

    “Tactical action”

    KGB alumni always think in terms of operatívnye meropriátiya (“tactical action”). That is, a branching, deeply layered set of actions that in the end must lead to a desired outcome. This outcome can be an acquisition of assets, procurement of “information units” (pieces of actionable intel), disruption of a hostile operation, liquidation of a hostile asset etc.

    In terms of OM, the main targets of the what we observe now seem to be:

    Saudi Arabia
    The American frackers

    The objective of the operation appears to be an acquisition of a set of bargaining chips that can later be traded for some concessions on the part of the Saudis and Americans.”


        1. Bolso is positive, or at least media says so. The Canadian elf boy is sure to test positive, too. And BoJo is 3rd in the high 90% bracket. Big possibility (80% +) Donny got it during the Mar A Lago dinner.


  16. Cathal – I hope you see this – Fantastic final article you wrote today and wise to lock posts and tell us to get out and get on with it. I will. Thank you again.

    Stay safe and please stay wise – if Western relations with China deteriorate whilst you are there come home – I don’t want to see you disappeared a suspected spy. The Gullag of Connemara is vastly superior to one in China!


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