Before The Collapse

The Philosophy of Capitalism

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People think they’re well informed because they read the news every day—that they know what is really going on. Amazing, really … Sheep grazing in the meadow are less complacent.

This book—The Philosophy of Capitalism—is authored by the Dominant Class. It began quite informally but is improved in a methodical manner as smarter and more well informed capitalists contribute. It is not publicized or promoted but several excerpts have been published by popular media outlets, including:
Capitalism Requires World War
Why we need to beat Russia
The Panic will start with Property

The main author of the first volume runs one of the TBTF banks in the USA. He tells us how the USA is being run — the FED, the Ponzi and the psychology of their society. A very important analysis for those living in America; a ZeroHedge fan recently reviewed the latest edition on Amazon:

“This is an amazing book. It presents a candid, sometimes brutal, view of the philosophy of a global financial system based on the fundamental human trait – selfishness. If you are deeply attached to your beliefs, you will find it challenging if not impossible to read. For me, as a skeptic, it was invigorating.

The revelations come fast and furious. Sometimes after reading a passage expressing a particularly powerful concept, I would have to put the book down for a while, just to appreciate the implications of the new information. Many times I would get the sense ‘yes, this rings true, although I had never been able to express it so clearly.'”

The second volume is a complex operational analysis of Capitalism and associated systems — e.g. Imperialism. Authored by Capitalists and government officers from Russia, China, Germany, US and UK. The men running the System; it’s not academic per se though very serious, only one Nobel Laureate got into the final edition. It’s recently attracted the attention of intellectuals associated to dynastic families. Their output is quite timeless and profound, and as each contributor obviously focuses on his area of expertise they focus on Gold and Monetary System. There is a plan for the Ponzi.

Large scale problems require large scale solutions. And it is decision time. It is said the decision was made in April, 2017. Volume 2 is in its 19th edition, Volume 1 is in its 5th edition. 

Volume 1:  The Bullshit Machine

Volume 2:  Before the Collapse

Volume 3:  The Reset

The present situation has become fluid and readers are welcome to write me for updates. The concluding volume will be updated every few weeks. Please don’t contact me if you haven’t read these books, I get many poor quality questions from non-readers that are a waste of my time. 

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